eight months old.

by Janetha on April 21, 2015

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dear fox,

another month has whizzed by! i can’t believe you are two-thirds of the way to your first birthday. time is flying by.

we have had such a fun month with you! your spunky personality shines through more and more each day, as you learn and grow.

this month you have had so many firsts.

you celebrated your first easter up at papa randall & nana sue’s. you got dressed up in the most handsome plaid button up and you looked about 25 years old. we had fun helping you hunt for eggs with your cousins.

you went to the aquarium for your first time with aunt linds and your cousins. she said you loved looking at the fishies, which i don’t doubt. you love to be out and about, checking out all the action around you. you are very observant and we can tell you are just soaking everything in.

you had your first restaurant experience in a high chair! we went to the canyons (where you also had your first lift ride! aside from when you were in my belly, haha) and sat on the patio. you ate your favorite, avocado, but you really wanted to eat my nachos instead!

you seriously just love, love, love to eat! anything you can get your hands on goes straight into your mouth—it actually doesn’t really matter if it is food or not. we let you try a lemon and i totally expected you to pucker up and make a sour face. not the case. you gobbled that lemon down to the rind, then tried to gnaw through the rind with your cute two bottom teeth.

you also went to sunshine cafe with us and we ordered you your very own pancake. you love pancakes! i make them for you on the weekends and you definitely prefer having those over your weekday oatmeal.. probably because you can grab the pancake pieces and feed yourself. you like to do that.

you also tried peas, oranges, waffles, and your latest favorite snack: mum mums. you love to hold them and feed them to yourself. any time people are eating around you, you will scream and squeal if you don’t get to join in.. so i always make sure to have some mum mums in tow to keep you content.

you are still nursing when i am with you. you like that, but you seem to get super distracted while you eat. you will have a few swallows and then try to sit up and look around, especially if penny and randy are in the room. you don’t want to miss a thing! you started this really not so cute thing where you chomp down on my nipples. it hurts! i tell you “no!” and that makes you get a sad, shaky bottom lip.. but you have to learn not to bite me! you have cooled off on the biting for now, and i hope you don’t start up again!

you drink pumped milk when you are with dad, nana sue, or lindsey the nanny. we try to give you formula here and there to make up for the amount of milk i can’t pump while i am at work, but you turn your nose up at it more often than not. i don’t blame you, bud. i bet that stuff doesn’t taste so great.

speaking of nana sue and the nanny.. you love hanging out with them! you are with lindsey on thursday and nana sue on friday. you are an absolute angel for them and, for that, i am grateful. you nap like a champ (still in your rock’n’play.. your dad is hoping they come out with a toddler-sized version ASAP) and you love to play with your cousins while you are being babysat.

when you are at home, we try to get you to nap in your crib. it’s a struggle. you sleep in your crib at night, but you definitely aren’t a big fan. we made you a makeshift “nest” in your crib. we rolled towels up and put them under the fitted sheet of your crib to make it cozy cozy like your rock’n’play. that seemed to help quite a bit!

your night time sleep has been all over the board! one night you will sleep for a six to eight hour stretch, and the next night you will be up every couple of hours. one thing that is consistent is you are an early riser! this past week, you have been up for the day at 5 AM. we aren’t sure where you got that habit from, because your dad and i love to sleep in. but at least you take great naps for us all day long, despite your refusal to sleep in in the mornings.

like i said, you have two cute bottom teeth. we are pretty sure the top ones are thinking about coming in, because there have been some really sleepless nights, cranky days, and lots of drool.. all signs of teething. i can’t imagine how much it hurts to have teeth cutting through those little gums of yours. luckily you won’t remember how brutal teething is. i am sure by next month you will have one or two top teeth for me to tell you all about!

we actually took you to get some professional photos taken last week, and it happened to be the morning after the very worst night of your life! you were up every 45 minutes to an hour in agony from the teething pain. you were a sad little man. it made the photo session a little hard, but we still got some really cute shots in the short time you were happy. and even the shots taken when you were sad are so cute, you just can’t take a bad photo.

you are trying so hard to move around, and you are doing really well with figuring it out! we put you on your belly and you will scoot towards your toys with a little help from us putting resistance on the bottoms of your feet. you still haven’t figured out how to crawl, but just yesterday you were up on your hands and knees for a solid minute, just frozen in that position.. so i bet you figure out that crawling thing sooner than later.

you still won’t roll from your back to your belly, mainly because you simply hate being on your belly. you either want to be on your back, sitting up, or.. your very favorite.. standing! you will stand whenever you get the chance. you use the couch, a chair, the bed, a person, whatever is nearby to help you stand. if you are standing, you will also be jumping. you really know how to work those cubby legs of yours!

once you are standing, we will try to plop you down on your bum.. but you insist on stiffening your legs super straight and refuse to sit. it’s so cute and funny. you love to walk with your dad’s help, he puts your feet on top of his and you just walk around the room. we are certain you will just skip crawling and go straight to walking at this rate.

you are extra grabby lately and that means we have to keep an extra close eye on you. if it’s within your reach, you are diving for it and trying your hardest to grab it. you really love grabbing penny’s tail and also love to try to eat her paws. you are also a big fan of grabbing noses—and pinching them! we have to make sure your nails are trimmed regularly, or those nose-grabs can really hurt!

you have developed a bit of separation anxiety and you want to be held all the time. you look for your dad when he is not around, and when he does get home you freak OUT about it. it’s my favorite. you laugh and squeal and get really excited to see him. i love it.

you are super chatty and talkative. you like to say “babababa” and “mamamama” and you’re always sticking your tongue out. you do the motorboat sound all the time, especially when we are driving in the car. you also smack your lips together over and over and make this quiet little noise that i can’t really put into words.. but it’s so funny to watch you do it.

you mimic us all the time. you make noises we make to you back at us. if we laugh, you laugh. if we shake our head back and forth, you do the same. you even mimic randy dog when he shakes his head! you are quite the little copycat and it’s hilarious.

some of your other favorite things are taking long walks in your stroller, swinging in the bucket swings at the park, and sitting in the grass. you love to feel new textures and, of course, like to try to put grass and wood chips in your mouth. you are much more interested in toys these days, so it has been fun to see which ones you like the most. your thor hammer, your wooden truck, your xylophone, and any sort of ball are all things that make you happy.

you really are just the happiest guy! you are so smiley, with the chubbiest chipmunk cheeks.  you are rarely sad or cranky, and if you are it’s usually just because you are hungry.. which i can totally relate to. your big, gummy grin brings a smile to my face every single day, and i am so grateful for you!

i always manage to say way too much in these letters to you! but i have a feeling my tendency to ramble is a good thing, because we always want to remember these fun milestones and our experience with watching you grow up into the sweetest little boy.

that’s all for this letter, fox man. can’t wait to see what’s in store in the month ahead. i love you so, so much!

love, your momma

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