five months old.

by Janetha on January 21, 2015

in fox

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dear fox,

holy moly, five months old already? weren’t we just bringing you home from the hospital? the time has really flown. let me tell you about this past month.

things started out with your checkup. everything went well and you are a healthy little boy! they weighed and measured you. you are 13 lbs 14 oz, the 40th percentile for weight. you are 24.25” tall, the 25th percentile for height. and your head is in the 70th percentile.. it must mean you have a big brain.

you got some immunizations at the appointment. they didn’t bother you at the time, but you came down with a fever that night and it kept up for two whole days. you were moaning a lot and very achy. you just wanted to be cuddled, so we cuddled nonstop. we ended up taking you into the doc on new year’s eve just to make sure everything was okay. it was.

we celebrated your first christmas with you this past month. that was exciting! your cousins love to hold you and play with you. you got a lot of fun presents, but the most important one was your constellation blanket. we hope that you will hold it near and dear to you as long as you live.

some things you love include getting fresh air outside, listening to nursery songs, petting penny and randy (you love randy’s big, soft ears), having daddy hold you in the ergo 360, and playing peek-a-boo. you also tried your first bite of food the other day, just for fun. it was rice cereal. you loved it! we won’t feed you regularly until you are six months, but it was fun to try. you always watch me and your dad with such curiosity when we eat, so we decided to see how you liked it. huge success.

if you are ever in a bad mood, a surefire way to cheer you up is to take you on an adventure. you love going places and running errands with me. you are one smiley guy, and everyone always comments on how cute you are when we are at the store. they’re right. you’re the cutest, bud.

you are always doing cute and funny things. you put EVERYTHING in your mouth. everything. it’s a good way for you to learn. it also proves to be very drooly.

you make the best sound after your sneezes, an adorable sigh of relief. you usually sneeze a few times in a row.. you get that from your nana sue.

oh, you have officially found your voice. you do this super duper loud shriek. actually, super duper loud does not do it justice. we have taken lots of videos so we can show you when you are older. it’s very cute when you are happy. it is not so cute when you are sad or mad. but, you always do it, regardless of your mood.

you love to grab your feet. you hold onto them whenever you get the chance. during diaper changes you just cling onto your toes. oh.. except the other day.. you found your weenie. so, there’s that. 

one more thing you do (that i love!!) is you scratch your head when you wake up or when you are getting tired. it’s the cutest little quirk.

your hair has been growing a lot! it’s getting longer, especially on top. it is dark like your daddy’s. you don’t have any teeth yet, but the way you chew on everything and suck on your lower lip makes us think you may be getting them soon.

you have become a professional roller from tummy to back. you usually will roll to your right, but the other day you did roll to your left. you still aren’t sure how to get from your back to your tummy. you are liking tummy time these days, but will roll to your back pretty quickly. it’s probably hard for you to hold up that noggin!

you have developed separation anxiety and really, really want to be held. all the time. it’s okay when we are home, but it gets a little tricky when we are at work! and you never want to be left in a room by yourself. no way, no how. you are very vocal about your needs (wants?) and so i will almost always scoop you up and hold you tight. it’s okay with me. one day you won’t be little enough for me to scoop you up!

this past month has definitely been the most trying month yet. we were expecting it, because we had heard all about the “four month sleep regression.” you hit it hard.. you are back in your rock’n’play and refuse to sleep in your crib. actually, most nights you refuse to sleep at all. i think the fact that you are learning and growing so much makes it hard for you to sleep well. you still like to be swaddled and self-soothing isn’t your forte, so we are still relying on nursing and rocking to get you to drift off to sleep. you are a pretty good napper, and we are grateful for that. we know you will eventually come around to the whole sleeping at night thing. we are just being patient with you.

something is going on with your itty bitty insides and it keeps waking you up. and, sadly, it seems like you are in some pain. you are also in pain during the day sometimes, but there is no real rhyme or reason to it all. no consistency, no pattern. your dad and i are trying to get to the bottom of it and you actually went in to see the doctor again today. we will get it sorted out, bug.. we just want you healthy and happy.

oh, yeah, my new name for you is bug. i hope you like it, because i can’t stop calling you that.

well, bug.. that’s all for this letter. i love writing these to you.. but i don’t love to think about the day you will be old enough to actually read them. stay little. at least for awhile…

i love you so much.

love, your momma

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