two months old.

by Janetha on October 21, 2014

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dear fox,

you are two months old! can you even believe it? you are the light of my life and this past month has been the best ever.

so much has happened this month! where should i even start…

first of all, you started working this month. i had to go back to the office when you were just over six weeks. you go to work tuesday through friday and i love having you with me. you sleep most of the morning and you eat three times while we are at work. you have already peed on me twice at the office.. i need to start bringing myself a change of clothes. ;) you stay home on mondays with daddy, and it’s so great that you guys have that time to hang out together one on one!

so many developments have happened with you this month…

you found your smile. it’s the cutest smile in town and it makes me and daddy so happy when you respond to us with that big, gummy grin. something that makes you smile (and even laugh, once or twice!) is when we play “ski jump” off your little nose with our finger. i have a feeling that’s something we will do with you for your whole life.. so i sure hope you continue to love it.

your eyebrows are the talk of the town. you are so expressive and always moving those eyebrows around like two fuzzy caterpillars. pretty sure you get that from your daddy.

you have become so responsive and get really excited about some things—namely your play mat and your changing pad. you love these two places. the play mat is fun because there is a mobile that turns and plays music. we aren’t quite sure why you love your changing pad so much, though. but you do. you get SO happy and could lay there for ages, just staring at the wall. it’s pretty cute.

you still have reflux that gives your tummy a hard time, but doctor rhonda put you on zantac and it’s been helping SO much. we can tell it has made you feel lots better and your reflux fits occur much less often.

you have finally come around to bath time! we started putting a warm rag over you in the tubby and that keeps you warm and comfy. we also started warming up your towel this past week, so when you get out you don’t make a peep. you are just clean and happy and snuggly.

you love your bedtime routine MOST nights. after bath time, you have naked tummy time. penny sits in your chair and watches. one time you rolled from your tummy to your back! i am fairly certain it wasn’t on purpose, but it was still very exciting.

after tummy time, we put you in your jams and daddy reads you a story. some nights you are just cranky and want nothing to do with a story. after story time daddy puts you in your sleep sack (we call it jail, and he sings you the “jail song”) and then i feed you before bed.

the night before we had to go back to work, you started going eight hours between feedings. i was super scared the first time it happened, but now i know it’s normal. sometimes you will still wake up around 3, but for the most part you wake up at 5:30 for breakfast and to get ready for work.

even though you sleep pretty well at night, you are a binky monster! me and daddy take turns on binky patrol. one night you sleep on my side, the next you sleep on his. you go to bed without your bink, but then you cry for it around 1 AM. the rest of the night is spent putting it back in your mouth when you spit it out and then cry for it. it’s not our favorite game, but we know you will be able to do it yourself one day… so we don’t mind helping you out for now.

you are growing much too fast. you are one tall fellow! you don’t fill out the width of your clothes, but the length keeps getting tighter and tighter. i have had to put so many of your newborn clothes into storage, and it makes me sad. but i am happy to see you are growing! we have your 2 month check up next week to see how much you have grown.

you love to be outside. we have been trying to take you out more and more before winter hits. this past month you went to snowbird for oktoberfest and you also went to the pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins for the porch. it is so fun to create these traditions with you.

fox man, i love you more than anything ever. seeing you grow and learn and change fills my heart so full that it might burst. i am the luckiest. i am excited to see what next month’s letter will say. but, until then, keep being the sweet little man that i love so much.

love, your momma


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