four months old.

by Janetha on December 21, 2014

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dear fox,

FOUR months old?! how did that happen? you are one third of the way to your first birthday.. that is crazy! you have had a great month and i fall more and more in love with you each day–is that possible? i guess it is, because i do.

this month you have actually deliberately rolled from your tummy to your back. you have probably done it about a dozen times. the first time you did it five times in a row, but now you are a little stubborn and will only do it once in a blue moon. it’s that darn arm that gets in the way! don’t worry, you will figure it out. you love tummy time and looking around while laying on your belly. you have a very strong neck! and the cutest, roundest head.

you have really found your voice this past month. you coo and chatter and it’s music to my ears. you think it is hilarious when we blow raspberries at you, and you have started blowing them back.. with a whole lot of drool. it’s adorable and hilarious. you scream the greatest high-pitched squeal when we squeeze your cheeks together. your dad loves to do that to you.. he gets a kick out of your reaction. you giggle the cutest giggle and you love to laugh at me, especially when we play peek-a-boo with a blanky.

speaking of blankies.. you are a gigantic fan of having a blanket over your face when you nap. it is kind of a bad thing for you to love, because it’s not very safe! but when i put you down for a nap you love a swaddle blanky around your face to snuggle with. it puts you right to sleep, and then i move it away. it’s a surefire way to get you to take a nap.

oh.. naps. they aren’t your favorite.. you are a fighter. but once we get you to take one, you will doze for over an hour. you usually take at least one long nap a day, sometimes two, and the cat naps in the early evening.

you still nap in your rock’n’play, but you moved to your crib at night! such a big boy. you have to be swaddled or else you aren’t happy in that big, open space.  you have been quite the stinker in the night time sleep department. it’s typical for how old you are, so we aren’t worried. but we are very, very sleepy. you used to sleep so well at night, but lately you have been waking up more and more, even right after having your middle of the night snack. you want to be held and cuddled and rocked and loved. your daddy is really great about soothing you in the night and making you a happy man.

you decided that you hate getting put in your car seat! you squirm and wiggle and arch your back and throw the cutest little fit. you aren’t fooling anyone, bud. once i get you in that seat, you are a happy camper and love riding in the car and going to the store to look around. target is our favorite.

you have started noticing the TV and you like to watch the action. it’s mainly sports and game shows in our house, but lately your daddy has been turning on cartoons for you to check out. you like to look in the mirror (i can’t blame you, your face is the best) and you also follow the camera around when it’s turned toward you for a selfie.

we are both losing our hair! mine started falling out this past month. yours has gotten super sparse all over, but especially in the back where you rub your noggin on the floor. it’s okay, it will grow back, and you don’t even need hair to look good.

man, you have chunked up a lot lately. your thighs are so dang roly poly and amazing. we had to take you into the doc because your belly and reflux were giving you issues. they weighed you and you were up to 12 pounds 7 ounces… five weeks prior to that you were 10 pounds 1 ounce, so that’s a half a pound a week! i can’t wait to see what you are at your four month appointment next week. but i am not too excited for your shots, poor guy.

like i said, you have been having some issues with your belly and reflux. i hope you grow out of it soon, because it hurts my heart to see you in pain and hear you cry. you are still on zantac and we have also been trying out a few different essential oils to see if they help. hopefully we can figure out the best way to keep you happy and pain-free!

it has been a fun month for holidays and traditions! you had your first thanksgiving up at papa randall’s and nana sue’s. you also sat on santas lap and love to stare at the lights on your very first christmas tree. holidays are already way more fun with you around. i am so excited to celebrate with you year after year. christmas is super special to us because we found out about you just six days before christmas day!

fox, i love you so much! being your mom is such an adventure. i am here for you through all the ups and downs, the thick and thin, and i love you to the moon and back. you are my favorite, bud.

love, your momma

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