seven months old.

by Janetha on March 21, 2015

in fox

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dear fox,

seven months?! you are closer to being a year old than you are to the day you were born.. and that, my baby boy, is a trip.

this past month has been a great one. you are learning and growing (lots!) each day. it’s exciting to see your little brain hard at work, getting smarter and more aware of what’s going on in your world.

let’s talk numbers. you know i love numbers. at your six month appointment, you clocked in at 16 pounds 12 ounces. that’s the 50th percentile for weight. you were 26 inches tall—also the 50th percentile for height. your noggin is on the large side.. it’s in the 90th percentile. it’s also perfectly round, and perfectly cute. you are growing out of your clothes so fast, and we get a little sad every time we put some of our favorite jammies into your storage bin.

at that same doctor appointment, we had dr. ronda check you out because you had a little cough. as it turned out, you had a mild case of RSV. that’s a virus that makes you feel yucky. it was the saddest thing ever! you handled it SO well. you were generally happy, just stuffy and sneezy and coughing and sick, sick, sick. your dad and i took good care of you so you could get over it quickly. you lots of steam showers up at nana sue’s and papa randall’s, you loved those. you didn’t love getting your nose sucked out, but it had to be done. you will realize that sometimes there are things you just have to put up with. sorry, bud!

some things you have been loving lately…

peek a boo. you love it when we throw a blanket over your head and quickly pull it off. the excitement and joy in your face when we pull it off cracks me up every time.

bouncing on the bed. i lay you on your back and bounce the bed with my hands on either side of you. you laugh SO HARD. it’s awesome.

the dogs. you have become super aware of penny and randy and we can always find you looking around for them. you tug on penny’s tail and you pet randy’s ears. you love it when randy gives you kisses. penny is stingy with the kisses, but she likes to lay down by you after your bath. i am so glad you guys are all such good pals. they love to sit under your high chair when you are eating dinner.. of course.. and i have a feeling they will love you even more once you start dropping more food on the floor!

bath time. always. you are so happy splashing in the water. you love holding your hand under the running faucet water. you stare at it and can’t quite figure out what’s going on there.. but you like it. you also learned how to turn the faucet on on the sink all by yourself.

paper. toys are just okay.. but you are perfectly happy if you can just get your hands on some paper. you, of course, always try to eat it.. you always try to eat everything! especially your feet.

speaking of your feet.. you laugh HYSTERICALLY when we gobble them. you think it’s just the funniest thing ever. it will be sad when the day comes that i can’t fit your entire foot in my mouth. that shouldn’t be for awhile.. your feet are tiny and my mouth is huge.

you are just a lot louder in general these days. you shout and squeal and laugh and yell. any time i hear your not-so-little voice, i love it. you are such a fun and funny man.

another funny thing you do is shake your head back and forth and back and forth super vigorously when you get sleepy. at first i thought it was something bothering in your ears while you were sick.. but it turns out, it’s just a new quirk!

some things you haven’t been loving lately…

tummy time. now that you are sitting up so well, that’s all you want to do. you still won’t roll from your back to your tummy, probably because you just don’t like being on your tummy. you need to learn to move around for yourself, so we keep putting you on your tummy. it’s like you forgot how to roll over to your back for awhile there, and you would just scream and cry and get mad, mad, mad. the past week or so you’ve been doing better on your tummy and don’t get quite as upset. one of these days you will figure out how to crawl, and then we are in lots of trouble!

sleep. you somehow are able to function on very little sleep. as long as you are happy, that’s fine.. but you do need to figure out how to sleep longer at night! your dad and i have been coaching you through it each night, and you are getting better. we take turns sleeping on your floor so we can help you out. you will get there, we are being patient.

your crib. you are getting too big for the rock n play and we realized we NEED to get you sleeping in your crib. for now, you still take naps in the rocker, but bedtime has been the crib for weeks now. you do really well for the first five or six hours of the night.. but then you fuss and cry and want to get out of that dumb crib. one of these days you will learn to love it. i hope.

you have had lots of firsts this month!

you face front in the stroller now. you love it. we have taken lots of walks with you and you are much happier looking around at the world around you rather than being stuck in the infant seat. you went to the dog park for your first time last sunday and it was a lot of fun! you also tried out the swing set at the park for the first time. that was a fast favorite. you got your first pair of sunglasses and, i gotta say, you are pretty dang cute in them.

you have tried a lot of new foods. you have tried green beans, spinach mixed with potato, a few different fruit & veggie pouch purees, itty bitty baby ginger cookies, carrots, and asparagus. you didn’t like the spinach potato mix or the carrots. you gobbled the pouches and cookies right up. but your all time favorite is still avocado. you LOVE it!

you love to eat food and you scream a high pitched squeal if anyone is eating in front of you. when it’s your turn to eat, you pound your hands on the highchair tray in order to ask for more. you definitely love to eat!

when it comes to formula, however, you hate it. i am pumping so you can have something to eat while you aren’t with me.. and i can’t keep up with how much you are eating. so we have tried to give you formula a few times in order to keep up with your eating habits and.. well.. you are a stinker. you flat out won’t eat it. that will be interesting when your freezer stash runs out…

i mentioned you eating when you aren’t with me. you stopped going to work with me this past month, and it sucks. it’s fun for you, but it’s sad for me. you are still coming to work with me on wednesdays until the end of april, so that’s fun. dad has you monday and tuesday, nana sue has you friday, and you just started going to your new nanny, lindsey, on thursdays. lindsey is watching you along with grey, nora, and izzy. you were a star student for her and you loved playing with your cousins! i am so glad you have good people to look after you when i have to be at work.

i get sad about missing a lot of time away from you. i feel like i am missing out on a lot. but it just makes me treasure the time i do have with you even more. you are an absolute joy to be around and i am so, so lucky to have you in my life. thanks for being the best, bugarug.

love, your momma

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