eleven months old.

by Janetha on July 21, 2015

in fox

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dear fox,

writing out “eleven” kind of brought tears to my eyes. you are just one teeny, tiny, short month away from being a one year old. what??? how? you were just barely the size of a burrito. and now, well, now.. you are most definitely not. you could eat a burrito, though. easily. you could probably eat six burritos, no problem.

i always see a pattern when i sit down to write these letters. i notice that each month ends up being more fun than the last, and this past month has been no different. your dad and i absolutely adore you and we are having the time of our lives watching you learn and grow.

so much to share about this past month! forgive me if it’s all over the place—that’s kind of how we operate these days. one big, jumbled mess, always all over the place, but always happy and having fun.

can we start out with talking about food? because it’s your favorite. you love, love, love to eat! it’s always been that way, and nothing has changed. you still have just the two bottom teeth, but that doesn’t stop you from eating anything you can. you have tried lots of new things, including hummus, salami, yogurt drops, nectarines, ravioli, pulled pork, coleslaw, cantaloupe, and arugula. you loved it all, except the arugula. you spit that out. you also spit spinach out. i guess greens just aren’t your thing. oh, you also tried popsicles.. they were a HUGE hit, obviously.

you basically eat whatever we eat. even if you have just eaten, you squawk at us for a bite of our food if we are eating in front of you. you eat three good sized meals a day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner. you are still nursing or having a bottle five or six times a day. it’s so funny when you nurse—you insist on sitting upright instead of laying like a baby. it’s hilarious. you are nursing for shorter periods of time, though, and i have a feeling you will be dropping some of those sessions soon. you do still have one middle of the night session, right around 3:30 or 4 in the morning, and it helps you sleep in a little longer.

by “sleep in” i mean until 6, haha. on a really lucky day, you will make it to 7. but you are just an early riser! it makes for some sleepy parents, but you are always in good spirits every morning, laughing and cuddling, so it’s hard to not be happy right there with you, early or not.

as far as night time sleep goes, you have several good nights and then will have a bad one. your bedtime is right around 8 PM and you will usually sleep until that feeding i just mentioned. but, sometimes you will wake up around 1, and we have to pat your bum or rub your back until you fall asleep.

you sleep in all sorts of positions; you are all over the place! i would say your preferred sleeping position is the stink bug, with your little bum sticking straight up in the air. it never gets old, we love to creep in and peek at you to see what position you’ve picked for the night. we have realized you sleep a lot better when your bed is cozy, so your dad has given up his beloved soft star wars blanket and it is now lining your crib. you also go to sleep with a little cozy blanket over you.

naps are hit and miss. you have actually taken LOTS and LOTS of car naps lately. it’s summer, and there are lots of fun things to do, so we are out and about quite often. since you are resistant to take naps at home, you will typically fall asleep the second we start driving. i end up driving around for about 45 minutes, just so you can get a good nap in before we arrive at our destination. it works pretty well, because you love to sleep in the car!

speaking of the car.. you just graduated from your infant car seat to a convertible car seat! you are getting so big. you love the seat so far. you can see your surroundings better and love to look out the window.

you love the outdoors. we try to get outside a couple times a day, at least once no matter what. you love playing in the grass. you love swinging at the park by our house (they finally got a bucket swing!) and you are always happy going on walks in your stroller. you are always on the lookout for airplanes or helicopters, and you wave at them every chance you get.

speaking of airplanes, you had your first flight! well, two flights, i guess. we went to san diego with jess and stevie, and we visited the bills family. you touched the ocean for your first time, but you were skeptical. you absolutely love your cousins! we spent a lot of the trip playing cards and helping the bills family move.

other adventures this past month include your first fourth of july, where you went to a parade and ate a popsicle. you LOVED waving at everyone in the parade! you were in heaven!

you have gone to the pool several more times, and are liking it lots better than the first time. you like to splash around and play with toys in the water. it’s like a big bathtub. you are also getting a super nice suntan! you have great skin, you get that from your dad.

we have gone to lots of summer parties and BBQs! you do really well at staying up a little past your bedtime to party with the big kids. you love being around people and are always grinning from ear to ear.

your personality is the very best. you have so many things that just make you YOU. you are always waving hello and goodbye. you give us this sloppy open mouth kiss when we ask for a kiss. you constantly make the motorboat noise. and, probably the best of all, is your courtesy laugh. any time people are laughing around you, you let out this fake sounding laugh.. almost like you are saying, “oh, yeah, guys.. real funny!” it’s my favorite noise you make at the moment. i can’t get enough of it. 

you are so smart! you know your name and you will come from the other room when we call you to come here. you know exactly what you want, and you point to whatever it may be. you are actually real good at pointing.. i think it may be your new hobby.

you recently discovered light switches and are obsessed with them. you insist on us picking you up so you can push the switch on, point at the light, then push the switch off, and point at the light. it’s a fun game for you.. but it gets kinda old after 25 times or so…

you know the sign for “all gone” and will do it when we tell you there is no more food. something else you do when the food is gone is crawl away, because you have no business left there if the food is gone!

your crawl is so cute.. it is just a regular crawl, unless you have to pick up the pace.. then you get your right foot going and use it to crawl super fast. you have places to be!

you aren’t walking yet, but we think you are getting close. you pull to stand on everything and anything. you can walk with the assistance of just one finger from a helper. you won’t stand on your own just yet.

you love getting into drawers and pulling out every last thing in the drawer, and then putting it back. you love standing on the big bed and pulling things off the head board and putting them back on. you love credit cards, and if we give you one, you are perfectly content playing with it and carrying it all over the house.

fox, you are the light of our lives. you make every day so much better than the last. watching you learn and grow is the best. we really never knew what we were missing before you were here—but now we can see that you are exactly who we needed to make life complete.

it’s hard to believe that the next letter i will be writing will be your ONE YEAR letter. time is flying by. i hope i can always keep up with you, and i hope you will always let me. thank you for being the best little guy ever.. i love you so very much!

love, your momma

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hey, hi, hello!

by Janetha on July 17, 2015

in love life

man, oh, man. i have been a busy bee. how do people with full time jobs and kids manage to blog? or exercise? or shower? it’s beyond me.

another week has flown by! how is july already more than halfway over?!

today is a special day! it’s my fifth wedding anniversary! here are a few fun wedding photos, i love taking a trip down memory lane.

Wedding Photography In Utah Wedding Photography In Utah Wedding Photography In Utah fun fact: today is also national peach ice cream day, so we served vanilla bean ice cream (my favorite dessert) with fresh peaches (my favorite fruit) at the wedding!

looking back, it seems like i have been married forever.. but, at the same time, these five years have flown. SO much has changed in the past half-decade. first of all.. how different do we look now compared to those photos?! marshall’s hair is like 237 feet longer, now. marshall and i have learned and grown a lot. our relationship is happy and healthy and awesome. and, well, the most obvious change.. our little dude!

it’s safe to say this is the best anniversary yet. we usually go on a trip for our anniversary, but not this year. we are sticking close to home and will celebrate with dinner out tomorrow.

speaking of dinner out, i tried a new salt lake city restaurant the other night! we were out celebrating mands’ 21st birthday. ;)

current fish & oyster is an upscale restaurant located in the heart of downtown salt lake city, on broadway and third.

we started with tasty crab cakes. i loved the asparagus salad and the lemon aioli.

i had a salmon burger for my entree, mainly because i wanted french fries. i am sad to say that the burger was on the salty side, but the fries were excellent.

we also shared some oyster shooters, which i really loved!

happy birthday to my mands! love you.

some other fun i had this week was yesterday with jess & stevie! we headed to liberty park’s little stream & pond area to splash around.

let me tell you, this was WAY better than going to the pool! for lots of reasons. for one, the area is super shaded. so much cooler to be in the shade rather than the scorching sun. second, we didn’t have to go to the trouble of getting our suits on.. just the babies did. then we could stand in the pools and watch them while they played. and third, it’s free.. so that’s always nice!

after splashing around, we played in the grass. it was such a nice day!

other happenings of the week include this salad, almost every day…

romaine, cucumbers, goat cheese, garbanzo beans (do you call them chickpeas? i never do!), grilled chicken, and a hard boiled egg. drizzles with creamy balsamic dressing. so good!

i got my lashes filled.. the best. if you need eyelash extensions, go to jackee at the beauty bar!

side note.. i really want to get my tattoo removed. it needs to happen.

hmm.. what else?

i got these fun, breezy pants that have snakes on them. they are rebel8 brand. i love that they are dressy-ish, but feel like pajamas. i am also wearing them in the dinner photo above.

speaking of clothes.. i scheduled 1 year photos for fox (and we will get some family pics, as well) and i just ordered him this cute outfit from h&m for the photos!

here are the links for the shirt, shorts, and shoes. hoping the shoes fit on his chubby feet! i am not sure if it’s a little too preppy or matchy matchy, haha, but i think it’s cute and he will obviously make it look good. ;) now to figure out what marshall and i will wear. family photos aren’t my favorite thing to plan!

i am also working on planning fox’s first birthday. WHAT?! how is that already upon us?? crazy, crazy. i have decided to not follow any theme or anything.. just get some decorations, balloons, and yummy food. those pinterest-inspired birthday parties are sooo cute, but a little too much for this mama. i don’t have time for that.

i also don’t have time for the gym, apparently, because i haven’t been once this week. actually, i have been a total of two times in july. i am failing miserably at my fitness. i get off work and i just want to hang with my kid! i don’t know how to do it all. but i think we will go for a family hike tomorrow to celebrate our anniversary, since that’s something we can do all together. it should be fun.

that’s all the updates i have for today! i hope your weekend is super awesome. chat soon.. or later.. who knows, with me!


1. do you call them garbanzo beans or chickpeas?

2. weekend plans?

xo. janetha g.

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10 months old

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