california dreamin’.

by Janetha on June 30, 2015

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i went to san diego last thursday. it was dreamy. i am ready to pack my bags and move there. the more i travel, the more i realize i am over living in utah. but, family. and friends. and jobs. so.. we live in utah.

anyway! let me tell you about my trip. there was no real reason for me to go, only that my BFF, jessica, was going to visit her sister.. and my sister just so happens to also live in san diego. that’s a good enough reason for me.

luckily, my sister was able to round up a pack’n’play and a car seat, so all i had to take along with me was my luggage (which i checked) and fox’s stroller. well, and fox, of course!

it was fox’s first flight, and i was slightly terrified about how it would go. luckily, jessica and stevie were with us. they are seasoned vets since they flew to england and spain last month.

i always thought airplane seats were not that bad in terms of space. i mean, no, it’s not like i could ever sprawl out or anything.. but it was never super squishy. until i had a baby on my lap. cue claustrophobia.

he was super wiggly while we were waiting to take off. i got real nervous and expected the whole flight to be this way. but, lucky for me, fox fell asleep right when we took off. i guess it was something about the movement, the sound that replicated his white noise we play during naps, and the fact that it was, in fact, his nap time.

he woke up just before we landed, and was happy as a clam. success!

our sisters picked us up from the airport, and we parted ways. marisa (that’s my sister), fox, and i went to kono’s in mission beach for brunch. the line was long, but the food was well worth it! we shared the big breakfast (scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, pancakes, english muffin, and cheesy potatoes) and a breakfast burrito (sausage, eggs, avocado, pico, and cheese.) so good!

after eating, we had a little bit of time to kill before picking up my nieces from sports camp. we decided to let fox get his phalanges in the ocean!

i forgot to mention that i happened to go to san diego the same week marisa and her family were moving. oops. bad timing on my part, and i was totally interrupting their busy weekend, but i am glad they still were happy to have us! anyway, that meant lots of hanging around the house, playing games with my nieces, and “supervising” the packing and moving. (haha! but i did help move a couple couches.) i was perfectly content with this arrangement, since fox does much better without an agenda to stick to.

my nieces are such great helpers. i should move to san diego for that reason alone. they helped with fox’s bath and bedtime routine. it was so fun to have them help out, and they loved it.

thursday night, after i put fox to bed, marisa, eric (my bro in law) and i broke away to eat dinner at my sister’s favorite place: brother’s provisions. it’s a wine/cheese/meat store, but they have a full menu and IT IS GOOD.

we split three items: the mediterranean chopped salad, the triple-decker grilled cheese sandwich, and the most delicious charcuterie board.

friday morning i snagged bagels, and fox wanted that much more than his avocado. he got a few bagel bites. oh.. and the photo below reminds me.. i did pack his collapsible high chair in my suitcase. that thing came in handy!

we hung around the house, and then headed to get some delicious, authentic mexican food for lunch. we went to yesenia’s and, of course, i had to get a california burrito! french fries inside a burrito is brilliant.

i also tried the ceviche, which was really good!

later in the day, we met up with jessica and her family at the san diego fair. i LOVE the utah state fair, so i knew i would love this one. here are a few photos from the adventure.

saturday morning, fox was up bright and early as usual. he wakes up at 6 AM at home, so every day in california, he was up at 5 AM. joy. i went to the coffee bean & tea leaf for an iced coffee. i got a selection of pastries to share with everyone at the house when they woke up. i had a blueberry cream cheese danish.

since we were in the new house and there weren’t blinds yet, i had the task of putting fox down for a nap in broad daylight. it was a struggle, but i powered through it and was successful in the end!

after his nap, we headed to a nearby sub shop, jersey mike’s, for lunch. i couldn’t decide what to get, so my sister and i split two subs: the california club & the cheesesteak. when you eat at a table with a baby, taking photos of your food falls by the wayside. instead, i found myself shoveling avocado into fox’s face. it’s his favorite. and food on the face photos aren’t my favorite.. but, whatever.

later in the day, we were going to go to the beach. however, it was rainy and overcast.. boo! so my niece, fox, and i went to the mall to check out the local zara. i love their baby clothes and can usually only buy them online. there was also a cotton on next door, and the utah cotton on doesn’t have baby clothes. holy cow.. cotton on has AMAZING baby clothes! i wish my store carried them!

after our trip to the mall, we stopped for ice cream. this little piggy couldn’t get his hands in there quick enough!

for dinner that night, we went to the kebab shop. it was SO dang good! i had a basket or bowl or box or i don’t know what it was called.. but it had lamb, chicken, beef, french fries, feta, lettuce, veggies, and a tzatziki sauce. so good. fox had a kid’s plate of rice, chicken, and hummus.. all the rice ended up on the floor and he loved the hummus!

fox passed out after such a fun day. i love how well he slept the whole trip!

sunday came too quickly and it was already time to go home. sigh. the flight home was not as great as the flight there, but it wasn’t bad. fox was awake the whole time, and i just entertained him with lots of snacks and toys.

luckily, the lady sitting next to me was SO nice. she chatted with fox the whole time and even held him for a minute. the lady across the aisle was also super nice. it makes a big difference to sit next to nice folks when flying with a baby! he had a few shrieking outbursts, but they didn’t last. and it was only because he was tired (he ended up being awake for seven hours straight! ugh.) and couldn’t get comfy for a nap. he fell fast asleep the SECOND he hit his car seat on the way home.

the trip was short and sweet, and i already want to go back! i came home to 100+ degree temps and hate it. i am so happy everything went well, and i am no longer terrified of flying with fox. it definitely went way better than expected. special thanks to my sis and her fam for having us. and i realized i didn’t get photos of all of them! darn it. we will have to visit again soon, next time with marshall.. we definitely missed him!

and now.. back to reality! at least it’s a short work week and a holiday weekend. hope you are having a good one! check ya later, alligators.


1. where did you last travel on an airplane?

2. if you could up and move your family, friends, job, etc. to anywhere, where would you move?

xo. janetha g.

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weekend warrior.

by Janetha on June 22, 2015

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hey! one more monday down, 47,823 to go.

let’s rewind to the weekend, because it was wonderful!

as i mentioned, i was celebrating jessica’s birthday with her on saturday. we headed up big cottonwood canyon to do the donut falls hike.

mom brain is a thing, and jess forgot her baby carrier. luckily, i had my ring sling in my car, so she was able to use that!

i wore fox in my ergo 360 and had him on my back for his first time. he wasn’t super stoked on the position, but he got used to it. it was super comfy for me and i prefer it to the front carry!

turns out, it was a long walk just to the trail head. like, at least 20 minutes! because of that, and cranky babies, we decided to only do a little bit of the hike. the walk to the trail head was so pretty, though, so it was a nice little nature walk!

once we were done, we headed back to the car. both babies needed a nap, so we decided to drive down the canyon and find somewhere to eat. we figured they could nap in the car and then be good to go. we felt kind of bad about how short the drive back to the valley was, so we decided to drive up a different canyon! haha.. we headed to park city to get some lunch.

jessica’s husband, simon, works at the canyons, so he snagged us some tickets to take the gondola up to midmountain. fox thought it was pretty cool!

there was an outdoor grill right at the top of the gondola, so we had burgers & chips for lunch. super tasty! thanks for lunch, simon!

the kiddos had puffs and food pouches.

after lunch, we headed back down the mountain in the gondola and then trekked back to the car… and that’s when i realized i didn’t have my phone! doh. like i said before.. mom brain is a thing!! we walked back to where simon was and had him radio the crew. they DID find an iphone on the gondola. i had left it in there sitting on the bench. hooray! so we waited around for 20 minutes to get the phone down the mountain. but.. guess what.. it wasn’t my phone! so then we did find my iphone, which i had no idea i even had on my phone, but luckily i did. it showed us that my phone was heading on up the mountain in the gondola, haha! just having a little adventure! so that led to lots more waiting, but i finally did get my phone back. phew!

anyway, after the canyon birthday shenanigans, i got home and hurried to get ready and head right back out the door. we had a BBQ to go to! the menu was burgers and hot dogs, but i don’t love hot dogs. so that means i had two burgers on saturday. i love them, so i am not complaining! i actually failed at photos at the BBQ, but here are a couple.


sunday was father’s day! i was so excited to give marshall his gifts. i had to wait awhile, because we let him sleep in. fox and i were up at 6, so i fed him some pancakes and an egg. once marshall was up, he opened his gifts.. what i was so excited about was fox’s first art project!

last week, jessica and i had a fingerpainting sesh with our babes! it was their very first craft and it was so much fun. we taped painter’s tape on canvas to spell out “DAD”….

…and then let the kiddos go to town with finger painting.

it was a riot. they kept trying to eat the paint and most of it ended up on the windows and walls instead of the canvas.. but in the end, it was a huge success!

we let the canvases dry overnight, and then peeled the tape off.

tada! awesome artwork for father’s day!

another gift we gave to marshall was a facial.. so we sent him on his way to go do that while fox and i grocery shopped.

later on, we headed to my parents’ place to celebrate father’s day with my dad and the rest of our fam. it was a nice day so we played outside while my dad grilled steaks and chicken.

food photo failure again, but we had steak, chicken, corn on the cob, green salad, fruit, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. it was all so good! fox wasn’t sure what to do with the corn on the cob, haha.

afterward, my dad opened gifts from us kids and from my mom. it’s always so fun to see his reaction to whatever we get him. love that man!

and i love this man, he’s such an awesome dad to fox.

i loved him a whole lot before, but seeing how amazing he is at being a father has made my love for him grow so, so much! he’s so patient and loving, and i know staying home with fox part time is not always the easiest job, but he is great at it. and fox loves him so much.

the weekend ended with some netflix and relaxing. such a fun, busy weekend! i love spending time with family and friends, and spending time outdoors. i am so happy it’s summer! and i am heading to san diego this week.. even better!

hopefully i will check in again before i go. i’ll try!


1. what is your favorite summer activity?

2. do you prefer burgers or hot dogs? or neither?

xo. janetha g.

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ten months old.

June 21, 2015
10 months old

dear fox, ten months old! we are in double digits, buddy. and it happened in the blink of an eye. man.. you have had quite the adventurous month, i don’t even know where to start. how about with food? because we all know food is the best. nobody knows it more than you, actually. your […]

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[currently] june.

June 19, 2015

i am by no means consistent with these currently surveys that circulate each month.. but when i do have a chance to fill them out, i love them. and today is one of those days! (can i get a hooray for friday?!) Current Celebration: this weekend is my BFF jessica’s birthday AND marshall’s first father’s […]

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midweek rambles.

June 17, 2015

hello and happy wednesday to you! here we are, over halfway to june.. the month is flying by (as well as the year!).. but the week is dragging. how is it that it always feels that way? so strange. anyway, i thought i would pop in and share a bunch of odds and ends! nothing […]

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June 14, 2015

yoohoo! happy sunday morning! i am on mug of coffee number two and just put fox down for nap number one. we’ve been up since 6 AM since he isn’t sure what the weekend is.. but i should not complain, because it’s better than his usual 5 AM wakeup time! i thought i would pop […]

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zipadee-zip [review & giveaway!]

June 11, 2015

hey! so, i have been promising you all an update on fox’s sleep. it’s still a work in progress, i feel like it always will be, but we are making leaps and bounds from where we once were! as you may recall, fox had been sleeping and napping in his rock’n’play. we were trying really […]

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june goals.. a week late.

June 9, 2015

i used to be an avid goal setter. each month, i’d set a laundry list of goals, declare them here on the blog, and work towards reaching those goals. at the end of the month, i’d report back. and then i became a mom. and all spare time flew out the window along with any […]

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