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by Janetha on October 8, 2015

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whew! what a whirlwind of a week it has been. between it being our busiest season at work, caring for fox, dialing in all the paperwork and negotiations for buying a home and selling ours, packing to move, starting a boot camp, and a couple birthday celebrations.. i have been one busy bee.

but, i decided i’m going to take five and give you a list of five.. because we all could use a break every once in awhile! then it will be back to busy business as usual.

so! a list of five random things, in no particular order, because organizing and getting things in order has been my main focus lately, and i am ready to let that go. also, that was the longest run on sentence.

1. we went to proper to celebrate amber’s birthday. it was fun and delicious. i had my very first order of chicken and waffles last night! can’t believe i went 32+ years without trying it. i loved it! i am into the whole sweet and savory thing, so this hit the spot.

2. like i said above, i started a boot camp. i am doing paige’s online boot camp, and i am four days in. after three workouts in a row (haven’t made it to today’s).. i am beat! haha. i actually slept through fox crying the other night. good thing that kid has two parents. so far, i’ve done an upper body workout, a lower body workout, and HIIT. guys, i can’t even move! in a good way.

i love that the majority of the workouts can be done at home with the few kettlebells and dumbbells i have. i did go to the gym for HIIT on the treadmill, simply because i went after fox’s bedtime, and running outside in the dark sounded miserable. but the upper and lower body workouts i did at home! all while fox watched. :)

and then he wandered off at the end of one of the workouts.. and i found him putting dirt from the potted house plant into his car. it needs a detail!

3. when i did go to the gym, i FINALLY had the chance to wear my soybu outfit! they were a sponsor at blend this year, and they reached out to see if i wanted to try their gear and give some away. yes! absolutely! except i wasn’t working out.. at all.. haha. but now that i am back in the saddle, i immediately tried it. super impressed with the fit and quality of the items! i will be doing a review and giveaway here in the next millennium. ;)

4. marshall and i had a date night this past weekend. we saw sicario (such a good movie! but very intense!) and went to mellow mushroom for dinner. we love mellow mushroom already, but we were invited to try their newest menu item: burgers!

the burgers (one beef, one veggie) are on the menu temporarily, but i am REALLY hoping they stay on the menu. it was such a delicious burger, the garlic aioli really made it shine.

marshall and i are big burger people, we have our few places we go, and often rate each burger against the other. the mellow mushroom carnie burger is definitely in the top three, and that’s saying a lot! thanks to mellow mushroom for having us.

5. saved the best for last! fox got his first haircut!!

his hair was out of control, all different lengths and super shaggy. the back was like a brillo pad, he had rubbed it ragged and it needed to go. my lovely hair stylist, whit, gave him a sweet new ‘do.

so handsome, and grown up!

love that little bug.

well, five is all i have! i need to get packing, we move next week and i am very, very, very underprepared.

i will be back again when i can, and more consistently when the dust settles!


1. have you had/do you like chicken & waffles?

2. do you work out at home, the gym, outside, a mix of something?

xo. janetha g.

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midweek rambles.

by Janetha on September 30, 2015

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hi! how’s it going? i thought i would pop in on this fine fall wednesday and say hey.

i am actually taking a break at work right now, enjoying this afternoon snack:

basically, an overpriced adult lunchable. it has six pieces of each item.

it’s good, but i could totally make the equivalent of five of these myself for the same price. plus, i prefer ritz crackers with my meat & cheese.. the pita chip things are too crunchy. now you know.

anyway, here are some bits & pieces in my brain today.

i just had to log that snack into my client questionnaire i am filling out for paige. she hosts an online boot camp, and i signed up to start on october 5! yipes. i also have to take measurements and pictures this weekend and send them over to her. i have not exercised regularly since november of 2013.. so this should be interesting. i decided i finally need to do something, ANYTHING, and the accountability of answering to a trainer just might kick my butt in gear. plus, the workouts will be geared toward being able to do them at home, which will be more realistic for me than going to the gym. momma b will also be doing it with me, so that’s fun! it’s an 8 week boot camp, hoping i make it through.

it’s a busy time right now, so i probably shouldn’t sign up for such a thing. but i did and it’s done, so that’s that. i will manage to do my best in the midst of this move. we are still in the middle of figuring out the closing of selling our house and buying our new one, but we will likely move mid-october. we have had a real hard time finding the motivation to pack our house up! we have plenty of time to do so after fox goes to bed, but usually rummikub trumps packing.

one of these days, we need to bite the bullet and get it done. i did pack up one big box last night, so there’s that! plus, a lot of things we can’t pack until the last minute.. like bathroom gear and kitchen stuff. like the toaster.

speaking of the toaster… on saturday, marshall saw a snake under the toaster! yep. a little snake dude, just hanging out there on the kitchen counter!

how did he get in the house? and up on the counter? and does he like to eat toast? what was he planning to do if marshall hadn’t found him? so many questions. too bad snakes can’t talk.

i am not too freaked out by it. i love snakes. if it was a spider or mouse, that would be another story!

anyway, i can’t wait to have the move over and done with! it will be fun to have a new place, and a lot more space. we will have to hop to unpacking, so we are settled for the holidays. we have already started planning our white elephant party! it’s an annual tradition, one that we missed last year due to having a newborn, so it will be nice to bring it back. we are going to let the party double as a house warming party, too! should be fun. like my awesome graphic i made on my phone whilst bored one evening? hahaha.. nerd alert.

anyway. i’ve been texting with my lash gal this morning, because i decided to quit my lashes. i have been getting extensions for close to three years (!!!) and i think it’s time to give them a break. i was surprised how good of shape my real lashes are in, once all the extensions were off. but i do want something to strengthen them, so i will probably snag some revitalash. have you guys used any lash growing serums? i had a bunch of recommendations on my facebook page. there were so many good recommendations! my lash gal sells revitalash, though, so i will probably try that one, first.

last week i had an appointment to see how much it would be to remove my tattoo.

i have one tattoo, and it’s the name of my dog that died, mable. i got it in the heat of the moment, the day after she was hit by a car. i had never wanted a tattoo before that, and never have wanted one after that. and.. as it turns out.. i don’t even want the one i have. tattoos are great for other people, but they just aren’t my thing. i think it’s a dumb tattoo, especially now. i loved that dog like something fierce, but having her name tattooed on me just seems dumb to me.

anyway, it will probably take 5 or 6 treatments. a treatment consists of a $20 numbing agent and 3 minutes of laser, at $50 a minute. yikes. and ouch. so, to remove this tiny tattoo, it’ll be near a grand! what the heck do people do when they want to remove a big tattoo?! that must be so, so expensive. the treatments will be 6-8 weeks apart, so i can actually budget for it and it’ll be fine. it will just be a pain—both literally and metaphorically (financially.)

and, finally.. something funny about fox. because there hasn’t been anything about him this whole post. i keep trying to take his binky away from him, wean him off of it. well, he showed me on monday! he found an outlet cover (not one that was plugged in, just an extra in his room) and decided to use that instead! what a goon. so cute.

well, i better get back to the grind! that was a fun little snack break ramble. i also took the time to buy movie tickets for saturday night. marshall and i used to go to movies weekly, but i think we have only been to one or two, since fox was born. my amazing former nanny is going to be in town, and she texted me out of the blue asking if she could babysit. of course you can!! so it all worked out, and we are going to see sicario on saturday night. we are going to a newly renovated theater that has recliner seating.. can’t wait!

mmmmk. that’s all for now. hope the rest of your week is fabulous!


1. what was the last movie you saw in theaters?

2. do you hate snakes? or what creature(s) freak you out?

3. do you have any tattoos? do you still love them as much as the day you got them?

xo. janetha g.

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