nursery ideas.

by Janetha on April 23, 2014

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hi! how was your wednesday? mine was soooo sleepy because we went to the chvrches show last night and concerts+pregnancy+early morning wake up calls for work DO NOT MIX. but it was worth it, the show was super good!

oh, man, i MUST be pregnant. i just titled a blog post “nursery ideas”… yikes. who knew this day would come?!

but, as you know, i always just blog about what ever is on my mind and.. yep.. THAT’S what i am thinking about! probably over-thinking it, but i guess that’s the fun part? getting a whole bunch of ideas and then finally nailing it down.

so, initially i wasn’t even going to go to the trouble of a nursery because, as i had mentioned, we were planning to move before my due date. well, long story short, it makes more sense for us to wait a year to move because we can’t claim marshall’s income until he’s owned his LLC for two years. which happens to be in august. which happens to be the month i am due. haha—NOPE, won’t be moving then. so we are going to stay put for awhile, use the extra money to pay down our car loans, save a little more, and deal with our little house. it’s not a bad house, we love it, we just hate the area. we can grin and bear it for awhile!

so that means either i was giving up my office slash clothes room (haha—i wish i was kidding..a closet and two dressers in there with all my clothes) or marshall was giving up his TV room slash CD room slash hang out room. well, i am in that room of his just as much as he is (that’s where we watch netflix and hbo go and whatnot) and i am rarely in my office—it’s more of a room to store all my stuff—so naturally i am the one to give up my room.

it will take awhile to get all my furniture and STUFF out of there and stored away.. but luckily we have found a place to store everything until we do move. my goal is to get it all out of there by the end of the month so we can get going on the nursery and have it ready by june. seems like a legit timeline.

marshall and i aren’t really into baby-looking stuff.. like feminine decor but just blue–or baby blue decor in general.. and, please, can chevron be a thing of the past already? these two photos are no and no in our book.

This baby #blue #nursery is so sweet!This is opposite of the other one I like- could do accents of pink or lavender instead of blue/teal

what we do love are bears! seriously we call each other bear, we call randy “brother bear”, we call penny “baby bear”.. bears are our jam, haha. so i ordered this bear print. it’s the only thing i have purchased so far for the nursery.. i know, really getting a head start, folks.

Bear family- could be a cool illustration for adoption. They're all bears, even if they look different!

we haven’t selected any furniture, and this was something i have been agonizing over for quite awhile. initially i wanted a black crib because we already have a black book shelf to keep in the nursery. i was then going to get a white dresser/changing table combo with black knobs to tie it all together.

then i found it really hard to find a good crib in black that matched the style i am after—which is all level on all four sides rather than the popular high back (see the photo of the black crib above in the chevron monstrosity.) i did find one or two black cribs in this style, but they didn’t have awesome reviews, and i am not going to buy a crappy crib just because i like the way it looks. SO, then i looked into white cribs. my sister pointed out that once the baby has teeth, there will more than likely be bite marks on the crib (definitely didn’t cross my mind lol) and a white one would not show them as much as a black. my SIL mentioned white is better for dusting purposes. glad i have these veteran moms in my corner!

so i have found a couple white cribs i really like. there’s this pottery barn one, but who is paying a grand for a crib?

Harper Crib, Simply White

then there is this much more affordable babyletto one. it’s practically identical.

i will most likely go with it and then find a dresser/changer combo like this one. except i would prefer to find one with knobs.. gotta keep looking.

the only other furniture we will need is a chair/glider, which i will probably get in gray.

i initially wasn’t planning on any painting, but my super crafty sister just painted some awesome stripes in her living room and i am floored at how great it looks. check it out:


she has graciously offered to help paint a wall in stripes, so i really couldn’t decline that offer! so i will likely paint one wall with horizontal white stripes over the existing beige paint.  it will definitely lighten up the room—which is tiny, so it can’t hurt.

as far as other decor, we will probably have a color scheme of black, white, cream, gray, dusty blue, and forest green.


i want to stick to things like bears, trees, (realistic) owls (i don’t love cartoon owls!) and other birds and things like that. marshall and i love twin peaks (a show from the 90s) and plan to tie in some twin peaks decor somehow.

Welcome to Twin Peaks Poster Art PrintTwin Peaks Characters  - Cooper Art Print

i also think this is pretty dang adorable…

Be Brave Little One - Teepee and Arrows - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Multiple Sizes for One Low Price

i love the mishmash of artwork hung on the walls like these examples. i will DEFINITELY be printing some photos of penny and randy to hang on the walls. obviously.

Love the mismatched "gallery wall"cute art above dresser  i love these deep muted colors for a boys room.  dark and light grays, blues, navy

i really love the bedding from the etsy shop iviebaby. some of the items that caught my eye…

fitted crib sheet in geometric cream bearfitted crib sheet in charcoal arrowsblack triangles contoured changing pad coverfitted crib sheet in black forest

and i absolutely LOVE this blanket.. but it is not in stock right now.. grrrr.

GRAN CHILD BLANKET, BLACK/GREYFlynn's Modern Toddler Upgrade My Room | Apartment Therapy

so.. that’s what i have going through my head right now. if only i could hire an interior designer to just do it all for me… i am so not the type that is good at this sort of thing! but i am sure we will end up making his space super cute.

mmmk.. i am off to eat (again…) momma b is the sweetest ever and made us scones! we are eating them alongside beef stew. it’s the perfect dinner, since it’s chilly here in utah this week.

hope you are well! check ya later!


1. do you like home decorating/design? are you good at it? (liking it and being good at it are definitely different things, haha, as i like it but suck at it!)

2. what was the last piece of ANYTHING you purchased for the interior of your home?

xo. janetha g.


easter sunday.

by Janetha on April 21, 2014

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hey! i am really on a roll with posting, huh? hopefully i keep up my momentum.

before i tell you about yesterday, i want to wish my blog a happy five years! i started this blog five years ago yesterday—crazy! i usually do some big to-do giveaway or celebration, but… pregnant.

so! yesterday was easter! i am far from religious, but we do always celebrate easter. i grew up LDS and easter was always a big deal. dresses, egg hunts, church, baskets.. lots of fun.


i have to say that the glorification of holidays these days kinda bugs me. okay, sitting on santa’s lap i get, but do we really need to have photos with the creepy easter bunny?? a little over the top, if you ask me. and it seems like so many kids get LOADS of easter loot. what happened to a little bit of candy, a toy or a book, and some hard boiled eggs cleverly hidden? i dunno.. call me old fashioned.. but easter is way too hyped up for me these days.

okay, rant over.. and now i will tell you about easter, haha. whatever.

i woke up and the baby wanted french toast. he’s pretty demanding. we didn’t have any white bread (french toast just isn’t the same with wheat bread, folks) so marshall, aka husband of the year, headed to the store to get some.

while he was out, i rolled out of bed and, to my surprise, saw that my gem of a husband got me an easter basket! he doesn’t even celebrate easter, so i was floored at the gesture (and, of course, felt bad that i didn’t do anything for him…) but look! he’s so sweet.

very thoughtful. thanks, babe.

i whipped up breakfast—cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, and french toast.

afterward we decided to get a little exercise with the pups at the park. it was a beautiful day!

that park excursion was the extent of my exercise all weekend. see these pull up bars?

i did exactly .75 of a pull up. i am not what i once was.. i used to be able to do 5-6 strict pull ups in a row. whomp whomp. oh well, i am heavier and weaker these days! i am actually pretty damn proud of the fact that i made it to gold’s three times last week for a 20 minute session on the elliptical (each time.) sure, my hips have DOMS from the experience, but at least it’s better than being parked on my butt.

anyway.. a few pics from the park:


the rest of the afternoon was spent working on boxing up my office. we have decided not to move for awhile and so i have to turn my office into a nursery. it’s going to be a task, but it’s nice to know where we will be when the baby comes. that takes a bit of stress off my shoulders.

i headed up to my parents’ place around 4 to help my mom finish up with dinner prep. we had all our traditional easter staples like ham, funeral potatoes, and deviled eggs.

we also had the infamous carrot cake for dessert.. this is the fifth year in a row i have made it! it never disappoints.

my sister brought these incredible homemade peanut butter cups. they put reese’s to shame!

before eating, there was an egg hunt for the little kiddos. they had a lot of fun looking for all the hidden colorful eggs.

marshall found a stink bug.

we also each received a basket from the easter bunny AKA momma b. (who, i promise was in attendance.. but i realized i don’t have any pics of her or my dad from yesterday! fail.)

love these little shoes in our basket for the little man!

p.s. nora is so cute.

after the festivities we ate dinner, it was delicious!

the rest of the evening was spent chatting and digesting. it was a great family celebration.

i headed home in time to catch the newest episode of game of thrones.. eep, love that show! any one else?

well, that was my easter in a nutshell. hope you had a fun one if you celebrated!

xo. janetha g.


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