two years old.

by Janetha on August 23, 2016

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dear fox,

you are two years old! you made it two full orbits around the sun! it is crazy how quickly those two years zoomed by, and also crazy to see how much you have changed, even in just the past six months, since my last letter to you. let’s be honest.. it’s crazy to see how much you change each DAY. you are constantly learning new things and surprising us with your words and actions. you are one smart little man.

let’s start out with the numbers, because you know i am a numbers nerd. at your two year checkup, you clocked in at 32 pounds, 10 ounces. this is the 90th percentile for weight. you are 35.5 inches tall, which is the 70th percentile for height. how you managed to be above average on height, considering how short your dad and i are, is beyond me. your head, which has consistently been too big to even make it on the charts for nearly your whole life, has actually slowed down a tad and is in the 95th percentile at 50 cm. you had to get just one shot at the doctor, and it didn’t even phase you. you are right on track with all your expected milestones, and are healthy as can be. for that, we are grateful.
you are a chatterbox, and are always eager to have a conversation with everyone you see. you always have to point to everyone in the room, and either ask us their name or tell us their name, depending on who it is. “who dat?” is something we hear from you often. while you know who lots of people are, you will only say a handful of names: mama, dada, nana, paw, papa, jordynn (jew), dax, molly (bebe), peepee (penny), max, luke (yewk), and every little girl is “nono” to you–whether it be nora, oakley, or stevie.. or any other little girl. they’re all nono.
your favorite things, in no particular order, are: the pool (dat poo), pizza (pee), daniel tiger (dada), popsicles (also pee), ice cream (ayeskeem), hot dogs, your binky (B) which you only get at naps and some car rides, mega blocks, going boom (jumping on the tramp), “pocket” (ring around the rosies), spraying us (me, dad, dogs) with your water gun, 1 mo’ (one peanut butter m&m, you hold your hand up to your face and ask for one mo’), playing with the hose, going next door to the church to see beep beep (the little bulldozer that’s there right now, not sure what we will do when it is gone!), the colors blue (boo) and green (ghee), and playing with your friends.
you love your crib and are great at sleeping, which we really never expected to happen. you go right to sleep after your bedtime routine, and sleep for 10-11 hours. every once in awhile you will cry out in the night for B, but once your dad gets up and gives it to you, you’re good to go back down. you take one nap a day, usually around 11 or noon, and it lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours! if you are at nana sue’s, you nap for longer, because she’s got a nice, cold basement that you love to sleep in. one funny thing you do is take a “B break”, as we call it. when you are feeling like you need your binky, you go to your crib and tell us you need a nap. you hop in there and get B for a few minutes, then once you’ve had your fix, you put it back up on the windowsill and ask to get out of your crib. funny guy.
we are preparing you to become a big brother! your little sis is due to arrive in five weeks, give or take, and we are hoping you love her as much as you love everything else in life. you give my belly kisses every night, and when we ask where the baby is, you know just where to point. hopefully once she is on the outside, you can handle sharing the spotlight. you are really great at sharing and at giving loves, so i think you will do just fine.
 you are constantly surprising us with how observant, thoughtful, and smart you are. sometimes we wonder how on earth you know things.. but then we realize you probably soaked it up by watching one of us. (yep, we better be careful in setting good examples!) you are great at communicating and letting us know what you want. you make my heart burst every day, you are the sweetest little guy and are such a charmer. you give the best hugs, are always happy to give out kisses, and are seriously a tender little soul. i love you so, so, SO much. thanks for making life so amazing. you’re the very best.
love, your momma
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life is busy. eat snacks.

by Janetha on August 19, 2016

in product review

this post is sponsored by fiber one via acorn influence. 

oh, hey, hi! are we legit two thirds of the way through august? i can’t believe summer is winding down and fall is just around the corner. which also means a newborn is just around the corner.. eeeep! i am just five weeks from my due date, and if this baby is anything like the first, i will have her early. only time will tell. 

so, since i last checked in, we have been having a fun and busy summer. i thought last summer was fun with fox as a baby, but let me tell you.. having a toddler is loads more fun than having a baby! it’s busy and nonstop, but it is so exciting and fulfilling to see my little dude have a ball doing whatever it is that’s on the agenda that day. 

yesterday we went to the zoo with our BFFs. he’d been a few times in the past, and the zoo used to not be ultra exciting for the boy, but he absolutely loved it this time around!


we also go to the pool a couple times a week, which is probably his very favorite thing to do. 


and if we can’t make it out of the house, playing with the hose usually suffices for a good time.


since i am busy as can be between playing with this little rascal, working the weekdays away at my office, squeezing in third trimester doctor appointments, and trying to have somewhat of a social life… i do a lot of eating on the go. like, probably 35% of my food consumption is on the go. and probably too much of that consumption includes french fries and dr. pepper… because, drive through. (i have decided there are not enough drive through things in my life. can i please get a drive through pizza slice?)

anyway, i eat a lot of snacks. i was always a big snacker, but now that i have a toddler that basically thrives solely off snacks, i am an even bigger snacker. long time readers know i am a big fan of fiber one, especially their bars. they are just such a convenience that fit right into my lifestyle right now.


individually packaged? check.
easy to grab and go, or keep in the car? check.
a healthy choice? check.
my kid will eat it? check.
tastes delicious? check. <–this one is most important, FYI
my taste buds have decided that their oats & chocolate bar tastes just as good (if not better) than a snickers bar.. and considering how much better the fiber one bars are for me, this is a total win. in fact, fiber one’s campaign tagline happens to be, “so delicious, it should have another name.” which, yeah, i totally agree.. because fiber one just sounds like ultra super health food. but whatever you want to call it, we can all agree it tastes fantastic. 
and one more HUGE selling point for me? they are now available at costco–both the oats & chocolate ones and the lemon bars. (while i love both varieties, the oats & chocolate takes first place.)
yay for the big bulk box ‘o’ bars.  i am a costco junkie. we go twice a month, on average. i always go up and down every aisle to see what new products they might have. when i spot something that i buy at the regular grocery store at costco, i get so excited! that means it’s cheaper and i have to buy it less often. double win. from baby wipes to fruit snacks to hard boiled eggs.. i am really a big into the business of bulk buying. and alliteration, as you know. so i am jazzed to add these bars to my bulk buying list.
also, the fiber one bars have been improved–they now have 25% less sugar and are free of artificial flavors and colors. sooo you can eat them and give them to your kids and feel good about it. and ignore the fact that your kid also eats a few peanut butter m&m’s each and every day. especially the blue and green ones. shhhh. it’s fine. a healthy snack like fiber one balances that out, didn’t you know? 

i will be the first to admit that i am not the model parent when it comes to feeding my kid. sure, you have big plans for them to like vegetables and the like.. but then when you are in the trenches.. well.. no. that’s not always the case. if your kid likes broccoli and asparagus, i salute you. i can only get mine to eat the occasional ear of corn and some peas if i am real lucky. so at least he is getting some fiber in with this snack! and so am i.. since french fries and dr. pepper don’t have much (if any? haha. yeah probably not any.)
to learn more about the current fiber one campaign, check out this youtube and feel free to peruse this great pinterest board for more snacking-on-the-go ideas!
well, BIG weekend ahead. fox turns TWO on sunday (can you believe it?!) so we will be celebrating all weekend long! i will be sure to pop in and share how the festivities went. can’t wait to celebrate with that little boy.
enjoy your weekend, whatever you have in store!

1. do you pay attention to how much fiber you eat? 

2. what are some of your go to on the go snacks?
xo. janetha g.
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