three months old.

by Janetha on November 22, 2014

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dear fox,

i can’t believe you have been here for three whole months! the best three months ever, that’s for sure. this past month has been exciting.. you have learned and grown so much. it pains me a little to tell you that you have grown out of that newborn stage.. and now you are a full-blown baby. my baby. my favorite little man. 

this past month started with a checkup.. you are in the 25th percentile, which means you are a pretty little guy. it’s no surprise, since your daddy and i aren’t exactly giants. you had to get some shots and it was probably more sad for me than it was for you. you hardly winced at them… but later that night you were mad at the world. i bet those shots made your little legs sore. i shouldn’t say little legs.. those things are getting pretty portly. we are thinking of gobbling them up. better watch out. actually, those cute, chunky thighs are the reason we had to move you up to size one diapers. no more newborn diapers for you. we have also had to retire lots of your cute, teeny clothes.. it’s sad every single time.

you have SO many faces, ranging from happy to sad to mad to glad. i love them all. your smile makes my heart burst.. and you have even squeaked out a few giggles! you have these adorable dimples in your chubby cheeks and they are basically amazing. while you are super smily, you have proven to be a little cranky and whiny at times. your sad faces are still pretty cute, though. even when you are in full-on meltdown mode, your beet-red bawling face brings me so much love. and so many tears, too. when you are sad, it makes me cry. i have never been so emotional in all my life. 

you have the prettiest eyes, we think they will be blue. it’s tough to say this early on, though. your eyebrows are still expressive as ever.. but they always make people comment that you look worried. i like to think you are just in deep though and are very concerned with the world around you. there is so much for you to discover!

this month has been full of lots of wondering–probably for you, and for sure for me and your daddy. just when we thought you were into a groove, you changed! that’s what they say, though, so i guess we should have known. every day is a mystery to us. we do a lot of worrying. some days you are real happy all day, and other days you cry, cry, cry. we try not to freak out too much on those sad days.. but it is hard not to worry and wonder if something serious is wrong. 

it seems like our biggest concern is your sleep habits. you don’t love naps as much as you used to, so we have had to focus more on making sure you get enough sleep during the day so you can then sleep well at night. at the beginning of the month you were 7 to 8 hours at night, and then you suddenly decided that wasn’t a great idea anymore, and you started waking up once or twice in the night to eat. it all started with the time change, which i expected, but you never went back to your sleepy self. we had a rocky patch of lots of crying and waking in the night, and a few of those nights you were up more than five times. it was tough. but i think that is starting to pass. right now you are waking up once around 2 or 3 to eat, and then again around 5 or 6. on work days you will stay up after that, but on weekends you usually will go back to bed (thank you, mister.)

you just barely started sleeping in your own room. it took us a long time to make that decision, but i guess we needed to move you in there sooner or later, right? you have been in there two nights so far. the first night i was a little bit too worried and set up not one, but two baby monitors. i turned the volume way up to make sure i would hear you if you cried. guess what? i didn’t need the monitors. you’ve got a healthy set of lungs. :) you wake up quite a bit, but after a little bit of soothing, rocking, and binky action.. you eventually fall back to sleep. hopefully you get better and better at sleeping at night time. right now you are still in your rock’n’play, but we are going to try to move you to the crib… one of these days. one thing at a time.

you are still a big fan of your bedtime routine! we start that around 8:30 every night, but sometimes you are a little cranky, so we will move it earlier. you love bathtime (but hate it when we try to clean your neck rolls!) and you especially love when we shower you off with the faucet. you love water on your face and especially over your hair. you also love getting cozy cozy in your warm towel afterward–we still microwave it for you and i have a feeling we will be doing that for years and years to come.

you have started to hold your head up so high and look around all over the place during tummy time. such a strong neck! we are proud of you, fox man. speaking of your neck, you have this tendency to look left. it’s your favorite direction to look. we have had to make you look right more often so both sides of your neck can get strong. at first you really hated looking right, but you have gotten lots better with practice. 

you have become a little picky when it comes to eating. daddy gives you bottles on monday when you stay home with him, and that makes you spoiled and putting in the work to nurse isn’t your idea of a good time. earlier this month you went on a nursing strike for three days and it was real hard on me. i am sure it was hard on you, too. i am glad we got through that rough patch! sometimes after you have bottles, i have to trick you with a nipple shield.. but for the most part you have gotten past putting up a fight when it’s time to eat. actually, one of my favorite things is your “excited to eat” face.. you do this little head banging move and get a big grin… oh, man. it’s so cute, bud. 

you started going to the gym with me sometimes, and you actually love it there! i think you really like to be out and about. you kick your legs to the music at the gym and are all smiles. you are always happier when there is music playing. you must get that from your daddy. my two music men. you love it when i sing to you. i think you are the only one in this world that appreciates my excellent singing voice. i love to make up silly songs, and i like to think you love them just as much as i do. 

oh! let’s talk about your HANDS. you LOVE YOUR HANDS. they are the most amazing things on your planet and it’s pretty clear that if we don’t let you have access to your hands, life cannot go on. we have stopped swaddling your arms when you sleep, simply because you want to suck on your sweet little hands. sometimes you get frustrated because you can’t quite figure out how to get both hands in your mouth at the same time. silly man. you have also discovered how to grasp things. you like to grab on to your favorite toy bird’s legs when you are in your bouncer. and just today you grasped onto my finger during your nap, and we held hands the entire time. it was my favorite part of today. please hold my hand for ever and always. 

oh, fox, you make life worth living. i am so excited for another month of adventures. you are the very best, my baby boy.

love, your momma

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hi! this is my first baby gear review and i hope you mommas or mommas-to-be find this informative and useful!

for the first month of fox’s life (give or take) he was one of those babies that would only nap in our arms. that was all fine and good, i was on maternity leave and snuggling him was the only thing on my to do list! pretty soon it dawned on me that this boy needed to take naps elsewhere–i would eventually need my arms for other items of business.

so, we started putting fox down for naps. wait, let me rephrase that.. we started trying to put fox down for naps. at first it was impossible.. and, yes, i googled “how to put your baby down for a nap without him flipping out on you” more than nine times. but, as it turns out, he gets better and better at it as the days go by!

he has been sleeping and napping in his rock’n’play for the majority of his life. it’s nice because it’s a portable bed and we can move it from room to room with ease. however, not every room of our house is nap-friendly.. especially not during the daytime with two loud dogs. so we have started to either have him nap in the rock’n’play in our bedroom or in his crib in the nursery. we are going to try the crib more and more, because we really want him to start sleeping there by the time he hits four months. but that’s beside the point. when he sleeps (at night or at nap time), it has been in the two separate rooms.. and we have had to move his baby monitor camera to wherever he may be at the time so we could get other things done around the house or watch him from the couch if it’s bedtime for him and not yet bedtime for us. as you might guess, that’s kind of a pain.. but we made it work.

well.. then i was contacted by levana last month and was asked to be one of ten bloggers to join in their “do more knowing your child is safe” campaign. this campaign included trying out and reviewing a baby monitor with.. wait for it.. TWO cameras. yep. sign me up! as silly as it sounds, i was super excited to get a baby monitor with TWO cameras–a permanent one for the nursery and a semi-permanent one for our bedroom. i say semi-permanent because we will keep that camera unmounted so we can move it to another room, such as the living room, with ease should we ever need to. you can also add more cameras, the monitor accommodates up to four! so if you had more kiddos or more rooms, you could watch them all from one handy monitor.

i had personally never heard of levana prior to this campaign. i thought that was strange, because when i registered for my baby monitor, i feel like i did a ton of research on many monitors on the market. of course, i was pregnant and my brain wasn’t all there.. so i am not surprised i missed this brand. so, a little bit about the company– levana is a company that is devoted solely to manufacturing baby monitors. that is really cool considering many of the other popular brands on the market make all sorts of electronics, not JUST baby monitors. levana works with real moms and dads to develop their products in order to make the product with features that are important to parents. they are dedicated to baby safety, making it their number one priority. because of this priority, they are able to deliver a product that gives parents peace of mind, knowing their child is safe through the eye of the monitor, allowing them to do more while their baby sleeps. in 2002 they launched the first-ever wireless monitor. this is crucial to child safety because it eliminates the risk of cord strangulation. (the cameras still have cords and they are to be positioned/mounted at least three feet from where the baby is laying.)

the keera monitor system came last week.

i liked the sleek design of the cameras and the 3.5″ wireless monitor.

of course the first thing i did (after opening the box) was read the manual. i am a BIG manual reader (and review reader! love it! i read the reviews on this monitor right away! oh and the first thing i do when i get to a hotel is read all the little books and manuals on the desk.) i thought it was strange the manual didn’t come with the monitor–it was found online. this is great for me as i have lots of internet access on multiple devices, but it may be tricky for those who don’t have home access to the online manual. that was a bit of a downer. there is a quick start guide, but i found it necessary to read the manual to know all the ins and outs and features of this awesome system. it really does so much! (i LOVE gadgets.)

both cameras pan–horizontally (300 degrees) and vertically (110 degrees.) the cameras also zoom, record videos, and take photos. there is a mini SD card that lives in the monitor and the system comes with an SD card adapter for you to plug into your computer. while the photo and video capability is a cool feature, i really don’t think it’s something that is important to me when choosing a monitor. who knows, though, i might capture some really awesome shots of my little guy using this feature.

there is a super user-friendly home screen on the monitor that lets you access all the features. the monitor is also a touch screen and has a locking mechanism so you don’t accidentally push things when you don’t intend to.

the LEDs are invisible, which is nice for nighttime as to not distract your baby. the wireless technology is called “ClearVu” and it is secure–apparently other monitors can be hacked and this one can’t. (who goes around hacking baby monitor recording?! that is sad that it’s a thing! crazy!) anyway–this feed is safe and secure. the battery life is awesome, lasting 24 hours in PEEP mode (which stands for power-on/off energy efficient picture.. i love acronyms) which is basically “sleep mode” and then it kicks back on with any sound or movement picked up by one of the cameras.

one feature i was really jazzed about was that you can press a button and TALK TO YOUR BABY. like a little walkie talkie or intercom system! the lazy lady in me loves that feature! you can sooth your baby with your voice without going into the room.. that’s pretty rad. it also plays three different lullabies, also a pretty cool feature. (even though i already have 723 devices that play music.. #lifewithababy.)

so, initially i set the camera up on the side of fox’s crib.

but then i read the bit about positioning it 3 feet or more away from him. i mean, i am sure it is fine on the side of the crib for now since the kid can’t even roll let alone get up and grab.. but he will be doing all that before we know it! (sad!) so i mounted it on the wall near his crib, but high enough to be out of his reach.

i have a hard time committing, so i used mounting tape instead of screws. but the mounting screws DID come with the monitor system, FYI.

for the other camera, we will just move it to wherever it is needed. it will hang out in our bedroom for the most part. but fox’s bed alternates from my side of the bed to marshall’s side of the bed.. we take turns playing binky patrol, as we call it. ;) so we won’t mount this second camera.

i messed around with all the features and so far i am really impressed with the monitor. it has great picture quality and the battery life really is so much better than what i was using before. i like the lullaby feature, but kind of wish there was a white noise feature because fox LOVES white noise.. haha.. but he also loves lullabies, so that’s good. i haven’t used the intercom feature yet, nor have i taken photos or video.. so i can’t report back on those features.

the horizontal panning is AWESOME and i can’t stress enough how much i like that feature. having a full 300 degrees comes in handy. the vertical panning is kind of a let down because it doesn’t pan super low–so if the camera is set up high, it’s not going to view down low very well. does that make sense? but it will pan up high–all the way to the ceiling! but i don’t have a need for that. and setting the camera down low and then panning upward isn’t very useful since the crib obstructs the view of the baby. that was kind of a weird way to explain my opinion on the panning, so i hope it made sense. the zoom is a great feature, it’s nice to pan right to the area you need to look and then zoom right in. it’s great!

the price of the monitor is comparable to others, especially since this comes with two cameras. i feel like it’s worth the price tag, especially since it’s on sale this month (see below.) it is hard to give a more thorough review on the monitor system since i have only had it just over a week, but from what i can tell.. i really think it is a high quality, reliable product that we will use and love. oh! i almost forgot to mention they have LIFETIME LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. working in the customer service industry myself, this is HUGE. they also offer a free extended warranty, which is important to me.

i am confident it will be useful in allowing us to get more done around the house while fox naps and sleeps–as you may know, every spare minute is important to utilize! so instead of holding our little baby while he naps, we can do things like make dinner, do his laundry (it legit never ends!), play with the poor, poor neglected dogs (i kid!), tidy up the house, write blog posts ;), or even just have a little one-on-one time, just marshall and i. that’s rare these days. but the more fox is able to nap and sleep on his own, the more we can accomplish during his downtime!

all in all, i would recommend this monitor system over the other one i was using.. hands down. i don’t think i can mention the brand of the other one i have.. and, no, i am no expert on the matter since i have only used the two monitors. but there’s my opinion, for what it’s worth!

giveaway time! levana is generously giving away THREE keera video monitor systems! enter below. and if you would like to purchase the keera monitor, you can snag it for $50 off in november–$179.99 instead of the usual $219.99. be sure to take advantage of the deal before the end of this month. you can do so by clicking the buy now button below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

that wraps up my first ever baby gear review! i hope to share more of my thoughts on baby gear in the future, if i get time, only because i know i personally loved reading blog reviews on products over reading information directly from brand websites. there’s something about hearing from real folks that just makes me feel better about the situation.

xo. janetha g.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

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