four months old.

by Janetha on January 22, 2017

in stella

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dear stella,

stop growing! this past month has zoomed on by, and you are getting too, too big. it’s just one growth spurt after the next with you. it seems to be going faster than it did with your brother. maybe that’s because we know what to expect.. but I don’t like it one bit. I would like you to stay tiny for quite a bit longer, thanks. a year ago yesterday is the day I found out I was pregnant with you. and now here you are, 1/3 of the way to your first birthday! I better not blink, or you’ll be asking for the car keys.

this past month you have definitely left all trace of newbornhood behind. I keep trying to find that newborn lady, but you are full on wiggly, squealy, cute cute baby. you love to wave your arms and kick your legs, you are always moving a mile a minute. you have started to grasp your toys and hang on tight when you do get ahold of one. you love your bouncy seat and have discovered that you can really get bouncing in it if you kick your legs over and over. that gets you all sorts of excited, it’s the best.

you rolled! from your tummy to your back. it really surprised me, since you hadn’t tried at all before. you were having tummy time a week ago, and all of a sudden there you went! you rolled over to the right twice, and to the left once. and you actually haven’t done it at all since. tummy time is getting a little better, but it is still not your favorite. you will chill on your tummy for about two minutes until you start grumbling at us. we will keep trying.

you have really become quite the chatter bug! you babble and coo, and have starting making the loudest little velociraptor shriek. it’s fun to hear you find your voice, it’s like music to my ears when you go on and on. your laugh is even better. you giggle when we play peek a boo, and you really crack up when your dad gobbles your neck with his scratchy beard. it’s hilarious.

you discovered your hands quite awhile ago, but you have just recently become obsessed with having them in your mouth as often as possible. the binky has nothing on those yummy little fists! I wonder if you will be a thumb/finger sucker in the future? maybe. you have also recently become very intrigued with your feet. it’s like you just discovered that they are there at the end of your legs, and you have the ability to move them wherever you want… it’s very interesting to you. and funny and cute to watch your face when looking at them. I wonder what you’re thinking.

you are still super chill. you rarely cry, and when you do it’s not for too long. although you have been crying more than what’s normal for you lately. your growth app says you’re in a stormy period, and because you are learning and growing, you are likely to be a bit more fussy. it must be overwhelming for your brain to be experiencing all these new sensations. it’s been harder for you to fall asleep, which I think is due to so much stimulation and you have a hard time settling down and zonking out.

your naps are all over the map. I think it depends on where you are and who is taking care of you. when you are at work with me, you will take a few very short naps. you are a big snacker when it comes to nursing, so I don’t think you get full enough and wake up hungry quite often. but when you are home with your dad, you get a bottle and will take a nap for hours on end. you tend to have a little nap in the morning, a longer nap mid-day, and another little cat nap in the evening, about an hour and a half before bedtime. you aren’t grumpy ever, so I assume you are getting enough nap time in. oh- but last saturday, you took a 5.5 hour nap! it was crazy. fox took a 4 hour one, which is equally as crazy. it was a sleepy day in the house. that was the day before you rolled, so I imagine you were just gearing up for that.

night time has been great for the most part. the first three weeks of the month were the same as it’s been in months past.. down to bed around 6:30 and only waking once to eat before morning comes. but this past week, that has all changed. I think that four month sleep regression has hit. you don’t cry in the night, but you wake up many, many times to eat. first it was twice, then it was three times… and I think we were up to five times last night. it’s all a blur, I kind of lost count! but you will nurse for a few minutes and go back to sleep. since you are sleeping in our bed in your dock a tot, I don’t mind the wake ups. you are very happy and cozy in that thing, so I am not sure when we will end up moving you to your crib. we will see.

all that sleeping and eating has really made you get so big! you are all roly-poly and I love it. your thighs, especially. edible. you are filling out all your 3-6 month (gap) and 6 month (carter’s) clothes all too well. your feet are gigantic in proportion to the rest of your body. you have a doc appointment on tuesday, I can’t wait to see how much you weigh and how tall you are! I can wait for the shots, though. that is never fun. hopefully they are not too bad.

you haven’t had any issues with tummy aches or reflux like fox had. we are grateful you aren’t struggling with those issues. you are still spitting up here and there, but it’s less and less as the days go by. and when you do, you aren’t mad about it, so that’s a good sign. you really aren’t ever mad at anything.. super happy for the most part. you still don’t like getting buckled into your car seat, but once you are in and snuggled with a blanket, you’re good to go and happy again.

you love tubby time, and are always happy to chill in the bath for quite awhile. you like the water poured over your head, but not on your face. you don’t like getting your neck rolls washed, haha, but it has to be done! lots of gunk gets stuck in those cute little neck rolls of yours. you usually have a bath every other night, but we may switch to nightly like your brother. you like to have story time and looking at pictures in books. I read that your vision has now developed to the point where you can see as well and as far as I can (well, when I have my contacts in..) and I can definitely tell that you’re enjoying looking at things and watching things more. you also will turn your head to someone when they say your name or talk to you. you are a very alert little lady and you love when people chat with you. we set up your exersaucer yesterday, and you sat in there for quite awhile, just staring at all the different objects. I think you’ll love it even more in a few weeks, as you get a little bigger.

fox is so in love with you. he always makes sure to kiss you goodnight, and he comes to say good morning to you each day. he tells me, “mama, I love dat bb!” quite often. he likes to stroke your (thinning) hair and he comments on how soft you are. he also likes to sniff you and says, “mmm! bb smells good!” you do. you always smell good. the other day you were fussing, over tired from being up too long, and I was holding you on the bed. fox brought you two binkys, a blanky, and a toy to try to make you happy. when you still were fussing, he sat next to me and said, “mama, wanna hold. wan hold bb.” so he held you, kissed your head, and asked you not to cry. it was sweet. he loves you so much.

you celebrated your first christmas! it was a fun time. we all dressed in christmas jammies and hung with the fam on christmas eve. you got lots of fun toys and clothes, most of which you are already growing out of, ha! christmas day was super snowy, so we mainly hung around home and played the day away. you also celebrated your first new year’s eve. we went to our friends’ in eden and spent the night. you made it to about 7 o’clock before it was lights out. but I did sneak down and give you a new year’s kiss!

other than that, we haven’t had a super eventful month. we have been staying in most days. it’s a nice break after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. it also has been snowing TONS this past month, so we don’t want to take you out into that nonsense too often. (although you do look extra adorable when bundled up in your bear suit.) I started going to GPP (my gym) a little bit, and you’ve come along with me. you’re happy to sit and kick to the music and wait for me to work out. we also went to an indoor bouncy house place called kangaroo zoo. your buddy molly was tickling your feet, and that cracked you up. you also went to paint nite with me, nana sue, and aunt suni. you were an angel the whole time.. as expected!

oh, stelly belly. you really are a dream baby. I keep saying that, because it’s the best way to describe you. you have us all wrapped around your finger, and we couldn’t be happier about it. I have a feeling this next month will be exciting. you get to try some foods for the first time, and you will also have your first plane ride. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! (but, really.. I can wait. time needs to slow down.) I love, love, love you, stella bug!

love, your momma




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life, lately.

by Janetha on January 14, 2017

in random rambles

hey! so, it’s a new year. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season! things over here have been great. super, duper busy.. but awesome and fun. I cannot even believe that it’s been almost four months since I had my baby. it legit feels like yesterday! I am sure that is partially because the holidays are always a whirlwind and fly by.

I wanted to pop in and say hey.. and I really think I may start blogging somewhat regularly again, soon! I miss it, and now that life is getting a little more back to normal—or, a new normal, I guess—I have felt that tug that I get when I really want to blog again. I do love rambling, even though I don’t have much time for it! but I do have time tonight, because stella took a 5.5 HOUR NAP today and fox took a 4 HOUR NAP. (guys, this is not normal.) so I got a ton done during the day.. and have time to kill now!


sleepy sleepers.

so of course I should just start back at it with a post of complete randomness, right? obviously.

if you follow me on instagram, you know my life is no longer full of meals & moves, but instead full of kids! I seriously just post about fox and stella and basically nothing else. but they consume me, for the most part, so that’s expected.


I kind of want to do a post about the holidays, just so I have it to look back on. that will be my next post, ha. but for now.. here is what we’ve been up to.

it’s been snowing like crazy, crazy in the 84010. it’s cold and gloomy with the inversion, so we have been trying to find ways to entertain ourselves indoors. we headed to kangaroo zoo, which is basically a giant room with tons of blow up bouncy contraptions.


it was a good way to relieve some cabin fever. fox bounced around with his friends, stella got her feet tickled, and I was able to have semi-social time with jessica and amber. I say semi because whenever kids are involved, you don’t manage to have much adult conversation, ha!

some other ways to entertain ourselves in the winter.. lots of painting with water colors…


playing with christmas toys…


washing our hands with soap for literally hours at a time…


and marshall made this fun drum necklace from a coffee can, some speaker wire, and a couple of those hard plastic straws.


we have been sick, unfortunately. I am finally over it.. but it was rough for a minute there. fox had a fever for a couple days, and I had a cold which I passed along to marsh and stell. it was a huge bummer. we stayed in for over a week solid (aside from going to work… I don’t take sick days.) but the humidifier was great entertainment!


I had great intentions to start eating better for the new year, but I got sick and that idea went out the window for a bit. instead I had lots of soup… and yummy ramen from tosh’s.


I am really trying to meal plan and make vegetables and get back in the swing of eating healthy. but it’s been a couple years since I actually did that… so it’s going to take time to get back to it. baby steps, right? I know I am doing my kids a disservice by not fixing vegetables or super healthy meals, ha, so I need to hop on board so they learn to love the good stuff.

this week we are having steak, baked potatoes and roasted carrots on sunday, spinach linguine with bolognese and a salad on monday, tacos on tuesday (always), and then trying to use the freezer stash up the rest of the week, with lasagna, cuban picadillo, and chicken pot pies. so, that seems pretty healthy, right? better than eating pizza and burgers every night like we are used to. ;)

for christmas, I gave my mom a voucher for a paint nite. she cashed it in and we invited my sister to tag along as well.


have you guys done paint nite? this was my second one and it was a lot of fun! my painting is not the best, but I am still amazed that I was able to make my artwork look remotely like the example, haha.


stella joined us and was sweet as ever. she’s a dream baby.. I lucked out with her. she sleeps a ton, hardly ever cries, and is always smiling at everything. does this mean she is going to be a hard teenager? ha.


let’s see, what else? oh, we were supposed to drive to boise the other weekend for my cousin’s daughter’s wedding. but it was legit the worst storm ever.. so we canceled the trip. we didn’t want to brave the icy and snowy roads with the kids. I was super sad not to be able to go. I was also sad fox would not be able to wear his getup I got for the wedidng, haha. he never gets dressed up. luckily (well, not luckily-funerals are sad-but you know) he had a funeral to go to with his nanny the following week. (isn’t she the best, to take him with her? he’s part of their fam, for sure.) so long story short, he was able to wear his dress clothes and she took a ton of pics and now I am posting a few of them here, because he’s adorable. doesn’t he look 17?!


I told myself I would start working out again this year. I didn’t make resolutions or anything, but I did decide I want to eat better and move more. I haven’t worked out regularly since before my first pregnancy. I know, that’s crazy. but it’s true. and I haven’t worked out at all since maybe june or july. so I really need to get back in the saddle. but then I got sick.. so.. yeah haha. but I am better now. so I went to GPP!


this workout was fun, it had a little of everything. I only used 10lb dumbbells and I skipped some reps.. but it was a great workout nonetheless. I have definitely lost a ton of muscle and endurance. I need to get that back.. I guess I have to start somewhere!

oh and because she’s cute, here is my gym partner. she kicked and smiled the whole time.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

I wasn’t able to get back there again like I meant to.. so I did half a workout from home today. I did this one and only made it through the first round before stella woke up. I figure something is better than nothing, though. hopefully I will get better and better at fitting workouts in here and there, and eventually it will become a regular habit again. I am just away from fox so much as it is with work, the last thing I want to do after work is leave to the gym. he’s too much fun to hang out with, and he won’t be little forever! luckily I get to have stella at work with me 3 days a week, so I get to spend more time with her. but I know that will fly by all too quickly.

anyway, I think I will call it good for my first rambling post back on the blogging wagon! short and sweet, for me at least, I used to ramble on for hours.. haha. hope you are all having a great weekend! we don’t have a ton planned for tomorrow.. just watching the packers play – go pack go!



1. did you make any resolutions for 2017?

2. what is your favorite way to get your veggies in? I need ideas!

xo. janetha g.

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three months old.

December 22, 2016

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how-o-ween 2016.

November 4, 2016

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apple berry chicken pasta salad. [+a giveaway!]

October 26, 2016
Thumb IMG 9989 1024

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one month old.

October 22, 2016
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newborn photos.

October 21, 2016

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