hey! happy sunday. how has your weekend been? good i hope. i have had a mix of good and bad.


my dear friend, jenn, is in town! jenn has been traveling the country for years with her family–you may recall when i saw her in 2013. since then, they have welcomed a new baby to their family (yes, while RVing!! she’s supermom!) and their travels have brought them back to utah. marshall and i headed up to park city to have lunch and catch up on saturday afternoon.


i stole the photo from jenn’s instagram, because that photo of her babe pulling off fox’s sock was too cute not to share.

it was such a lovely afternoon! jenn & her husband are amazing cooks, and made me and marshall our very first cuban meal. it was INCREDIBLE. i immediately asked for the recipe so we can make it at home ASAP.

cuban food!


so fun!


my brother, doug, had a BAD accident on friday night. he was night snowboarding and came up over a roller and a kid was sitting in the middle of the run (duh…) and doug collided with him. his femur hit the kid’s helmet and, well, the helmet won. his femur is shattered. ugh. he was lifeflighted to the hospital and had a rod put in his leg. he is still there. his road to recovery is going to be long, i know that for sure.. i broke my humerus snowboarding in 2007, and the recovery SUCKED. my arm was bad enough, i can’t even imagine it being my leg.

Screen Shot 2015 01 25 at 3 55 28 PM

anyway, he is obviously going to be unable to work (let alone walk) for quite some time. i started up a fundraiser because i know how hard it’s going to be for them to deal with medical bills and being injured and out of work. it is http://gofund.me/dougbenson. no pressure, but i wanted to spread the word about it in case you do feel inclined to donate. regardless, please send prayers and thoughts and whatever good things you believe in to him and his family at this time. thank you!


i was surprised with a delivery from general mills. i had no idea it was even coming! it was definitely a nice package to unexpectedly come home to.


do you SEE that? CHEX GRANOLA?! i am obsessed with chex, what a great idea to put it in granola! i tore into the honey nut one right away and it is flipping fantastic. i also immediately had a bowl of the ancient grains cheerios. my favorite cheerios are honey nut, but this new variety may be replacing them as my new favorite. the package came with a bunch of recipe cards that use all the items in the package. i plan to make some of them.. that is, if i can bear to part with the most adorable little bottle of syrup! gah.

mini syrup


weekends used to be for sleeping. not anymore! haha. i knew i would lose sleep when fox came into the picture, but his sleeping is actually worse than it’s ever been. :( even worse than the four month sleep regression. it sucks! i feel so bad for the little dude. you see, he goes down for the night really well, but his extreme gas wakes him up and he just wails the night away. last night he slept from 7:30 – 12:30 (which is an awesome stretch!) and then was up crying uncontrollably, screaming, and farting with a rumbly belly from 12:30-1:50, then again from 3:15 to 4:30, then up for the day at 5:45. poor guy is in pain and super confused about it i am sure. and the nightly rigamarole makes him tired.. we are all pretty sleepy around here.


luckily he has had some great naps today. he is actually taking his third one right now as i type this. i am hoping he grows out of this, we have literally tried it all.. elimination diet for me, gas drops, gripe water, zantac, the windi, gaviscon, massage, bicycling his legs, the list really does go on! i spoke to a breastfeeding specialist and she doesn’t really think it’s what i am eating. she did mention that it may be his latch, he is taking in too much air, because it’s not quite as bad when he has pumped bottles (but it’s still bad.) so i have the number for a lactation consultant to check that out. his pediatrician is hoping his insides just need to mature. in the meantime… no sleep ’til brooklyn. or something like that.


these SOCKS.


freaking so cute, huh? i picked them up at babinski’s yesterday. i love baby socks. and look at their cool program if you lose one:


that is legit!


i totally failed at my goals these past few days. i am not beating myself up over it because, well, life with a baby is hard work. but i haven’t made it to the gym and i haven’t hit my daily gallon of water goal, which are my two goals for the 12 week thing my family is doing. whoops! better luck tomorrow, right? on the upside, i have kept in line with my advocare nursing challenge, so that’s good. my digestion is better than ever and i know that eating well is helping combat the whole tired thing.


all the grocery shopping is done for the week! we had a little family outing earlier today to costco, trader joe’s, and smith’s. isn’t fox the cutest little shopping buddy??

Screen Shot 2015 01 25 at 4 16 30 PM

if you are interested, here is the meal plan for the week!

breakfasts: since i am doing the advocare thing, breakfasts every day this week are the nondairy meal replacement shake. i LOVE it and actually look forward to it. i ix it with ice and almond milk, and sometimes a banana.

lunches:  i picked up a couple salads from trader joe’s as well as some of their precooked lemon chicken. i have never tried that, so i hope it’s good. i will also be making turkey avocado sandwiches on sprouted wheat bread.

snacks: apples, oranges, rice cakes, toast with almond butter & banana, cucumbers, celery, hummus, and hard boiled eggs. i also picked up a few KIND bars. should be set in the snack category!


  • sunday – dinner at my parents’ place tonight, yay!
  • monday – jessica’s buffalo chicken soup
  • tuesday – pot roast
  • wednesday – making shredded beef tacos with the leftover pot roast, using soft corn tortillas & guacamole
  • thursday – meatball subs.. a weekly staple. we use fresh buns from smith’s bakery and marinara & meatballs from trader joe’s
  • friday – dinner out
  • saturday – who knows? not me
so that’s the plan! should be a tasty week.
i think it’s best to end on a good note, don’t you? i am off to finish making randy’s food. we are still making his food from scratch every other week, in two-week batches. his liver disease has gotten worse, but we seem to think that the homemade diet at least slows the damage down. wishful thinking. :)
i hope you all have a wonderful week!
1. share one good & one bad from your weekend.
2. what’s on your menu this week? links welcome!
xo. janetha g.
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500 rep (at home!) kettlebell workout.

by Janetha on January 22, 2015

in moves

hi, guys! almost friday! yay. actually, it probably is friday by the time you read this. hooray. 

my week has been pretty busy! busy with work, even busier with fox. he’s in the “hold-me-at-all-times-and-gimme-all-the-attention” phase, so there hasn’t been much time to focus on things other than this cute little nugget.


so, in an effort to keep my goal to work out three days a week, i had to get an at home workout in tonight. it’s already thursday and i’ve only made it to GPP once (for one sided revenge.. i loathe that workout!) and so i decided i better get to it so i can have the weekend to relax. 

marshall strapped fox on to his chest and cooked dinner…

IMG 7316

…and i headed to my bedroom for a kettlebell workout. i made this one up and enjoyed it so much, i decided to share it with you guys! 


you actually don’t need a kettlebell to do this. a dumbbell would work just fine! i personally prefer kettlebells and i used my 26# one.


there are five different moves and you complete 20 reps of each for five rounds. do the simple math and that adds up to 500 reps! it should take right around 20 minutes. 

i have broken down each move below in my extra-professional bedroom fitness photo shoot. ;)

upright row. this one is great for your shoulders!

you want to stand shoulder-width apart, gripping the kettlebell with both hands.

IMG 7320

then, pull the kettlebell up toward your chin. 

IMG 7321

repeat for a total of 20 reps.

front squat. this is also sometimes referred to as a goblet squat. you want to make sure to squat deep so you engage your glutes! 

hold the kettlebell high against your chest (you can hold it however is most comfortable, i prefer upside-down.)

IMG 7323

stand with your toes and knees out, feet just slightly wider than your hips, and squat to parallel or below.

IMG 7324

side view.

IMG 7325

IMG 7326

repeat for a total of 20 reps.

kettlebell swing. i had to put this classic move in the workout!

the kettlebell swing can vary, but i prefer to swing it just above eye level. make sure you engage your core throughout the movement.

IMG 7332

repeat for a total of 20 reps.

single arm bent row. this is a great way to work on those lats. 

bent over, keeping your back flat, and grip the kettlebell in your right hand. lean your left elbow on your left leg, like shown.

IMG 7335

pull the kettlebell upward so the top part of your arm is slightly above parallel with your back.

IMG 7334

repeat for a total of 10 times. switch sides and complete 10 reps with the other arm.

tick-tocks. this one hits those obliques. it also serves as a little break to catch your breath!

start with your legs together and the kettlebell in one hand, hanging to your side.

IMG 7337

lean a llll the way to one side. this is the “tick”!

IMG 7338

and then alllll the way to the other side. this is the “tock”!

IMG 7339

complete 10 reps on one side, then switch hands and complete 10 more reps on the other side.

now…. do that whole thing four more times for a total of 5 rounds, or 500 reps!

like i said, this took about 20 minutes. you want to go fast enough to make it challenging, but rest where needed. i would do a round and rest for about 15-30 seconds before starting the next one. it got my heart pumping, made me breathe heavy, and hit lots of different muscles! i definitely felt the burn. 

afterward i had a delicious & nutritious meal waiting for me.. thanks marshall! best dude.


meatball subs with mushrooms (sans cheese because i’m off dairy) and a spinach salad. hit the spot!

well, we are in the midst of watching fargo. super good series so far. gotta go! 


1. where do you work out? 

2. do you like using kettlebells? what’s your favorite kettlebell exercise?

xo. janetha g.

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five months old.

January 21, 2015
Screen Shot 2015 01 21 at 8 07 06 PM

dear fox, holy moly, five months old already? weren’t we just bringing you home from the hospital? the time has really flown. let me tell you about this past month. things started out with your checkup. everything went well and you are a healthy little boy! they weighed and measured you. you are 13 lbs […]

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how to make your whole body sore in two days.

January 18, 2015
Screen Shot 2015 01 18 at 8 10 12 AM

hi! happy sunday. it’s 7:45 AM and fox and marshall are watching cartoons, so i thought i would pop in to say hello. so, first off, about my title! i don’t think i have been so sore in ages.. i mean, it’s for sure been since 2013, before i was pregnant. like i mentioned, i […]

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my whole day.

January 14, 2015

hi! how about a little old school meals & moves action? i think yes. except life is different with a baby thrown into the mix.. my whole day seems a lot longer than it used to! 4 am. fox woke up and i fed him (he had slept really well since his previous feeding at […]

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five healthy dinner ideas.

January 13, 2015

now that i am back on the better-eating wagon, i checked my blog archives for simple, tasty meals to make. since i love to cook and create recipes, my passion is to think up recipes that are not only healthy, but delicious and different! i haven’t been able to make up NEW recipes lately, but it’s been […]

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planning my plan.

January 11, 2015

hi! how was your weekend? mine was rather uneventful, but i actually SLEPT, so i think that’s a pretty big deal. yesterday morning we went on some errands, hoping fox would sleep in the car. i had a birthday party to go to, but fox refused to catch some ZZZs.. so i decided heading home […]

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friday lists of four.

January 9, 2015

hi! how about some nonsense today? linz tagged me in a Q&A post (a LONG time ago!) and i can’t resist a good survey. that was the best part about myspace, amiright? the survey had a play on words title using the word moustache and it so happens to be one of my irrational pet […]

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