six months old.

by Janetha on February 21, 2015

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dear fox,

happy half birthday, bug! it blows me away that you are already six months old. i say this every month, but time really does fly. another thing i say every month is you had a whole lot of growing and changing going on, and this month is no different. in fact, i think this past month has brought the most changes thus far!

you are chattering so much lately. you say a lot of consonants and like to babble lots of gibberish to us. your giggle is music to my ears–and when you laugh your dimples are in full effect. you are SO cute. you laugh hysterically when dad takes off his glasses–not sure why you find it so funny, but you do and it is awesome to watch you laugh every time. you love it when i sing to you, for some strange reason, because i am a real bad singer. your favorite song is “ten in the bed” and that song in particular ALWAYS makes you smile and laugh and talk to me. it’s fun to see that you have favorites and you have quite the little personality.

in the past, it’s been hard for us to leave the room without you getting mad. but lately, you’ve been content to chatter and play on your own on a mat or in your play pen. it’s encouraging to see you learn to play independently and discover things for yourself. you absolutely LOVE your exersaucer that your cousin izzy gave you. you will stay busy “working” in there for quite awhile. we also got you a door jumper and you have a pretty good time in there. basically any time you are upright and playing, you are happy.

you will learn that my memory is bad, and so i keep notes all month long so i can write you these letters each month. at the beginning of the month, i jotted down that you want to sit up SO bad, but you can’t yet. well, on valentine’s day, that all changed! you started sitting up all by yourself, and each day you’ve gotten better and better at it. you think it’s the best thing. you love sitting anywhere, being upright, and playing with your toys. you have even played your dad’s guitar.

you love to kick! your legs are so, so busy kicking away with your short, chubby legs, especially in the tub. the tub is still your favorite place. you like it when we leave the faucet running a bit so you can put your hand under the stream. i can tell you are thinking really hard about what is going on there. you also love getting water showered over your head and face. you love reading stories at bedtime with your dad, and you are starting to pay more attention to the books and pictures in them. we got you a book for valentine’s day–if you give a dog a donut. please don’t give randy any donuts, though, he would probably chomp off your hand.

we won’t be taking you to your six month check up (and shots!) until the first week in march, so i’m not sure what your stats are. but i did plop you on the scale the other day and you were 16 pounds! you are almost grown out of your 3-6 month pajamas, but we can still squeeze you into them. your 3-6 onesies fit great, but we are moving you up to the 6-9 month pants. ya see, it’s your legs that is the issue. they are just soooo roly poly. you have these little rolls above your knees, oh man, they’re cute. you got those short legs from me, that’s for sure.

you are having no trouble in the growing department. you started eating a few solid foods and you love, love, love it. first you tried a little rice cereal, but then we decided to give you avocado and you fell in love with it. i don’t blame you, it’s my favorite! and i probably ate five avocados a week when i was pregnant with you. you have also tried pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, and mashed russet potatoes. you love it all and you bang your hand down when you want us to give you more. you also get mad at us when we eat in front of you. it’s pretty hilarious.

your body isn’t the only thing that is growing. you are finally starting to get more hair, and that bald spot in the back is getting filled in with soft brown fuzz. i can’t wait to see if your hair will be straight, like mine, or curly, like your dad’s. you also have a tooth coming in! you were a different type of cranky earlier this week and, sure enough, a little tooth is poking through on the bottom front left. it makes you extra drooly, but other than that you have really been a champ about it.

you have some funny quirks and these quirks make me so happy. you LOVE looking at your hands. you hold them in front of your face and just stare at them. they are very interesting. when we put our finger up to your mouth, you start talking so when we move our finger up and down it makes a funny noise. it’s hard to explain, i just realized, now that i am trying to type it out. but you do it every time and it’s awesome. you also do this thing where when you are nursing, you will unlatch and put your binky in your mouth. i take it out, latch you back on, and you do it over and over again. it’s like a game for you. you are a funny guy.

it hasn’t all been fun and games, unfortunately.

we are still working through your GI issues. earlier in the month you were waking yourself up with your belly gas and just screaming all night long. we visited the doctor and had some drops prescribed. i think they help a little. you are off the zantac, so that’s good! your doc told us to try a hypoallergenic formula to see if maybe that would help, since i had eliminated every food under the sun from my diet and you still had issues. it made me sad to see that it actually did make things better… i like nursing you. i LOVE nursing you. but i also want you to feel good. we have alternated the formula with breast milk, and you have a lot less gas. i also found out that i was making too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk.. this made you gassier and also made you get hungry faster. with the help of a lactation consultant, i am fixing this issue and i’ve been able to nurse you the majority of the time. i am so happy about that. i am sure this is way too much information, and you will roll your eyes at me one day for rambling on about it, but like i said earlier.. i have a hard time remembering, and i want to remember how we helped you.

we also decided to start taking you to a chiropractor. you aren’t too sure about him while we are there, but after every visit, you are much happier.. and it makes you poop. so that’s awesome. you have gone maybe five times. he said your atlas nerve is out of whack and it’s messing with your guts. it’s amazing what a few little taps of pressure can do to help you out!

you are sleeping a little better at night compared to last month. you still wake up quite a bit, whether it be to eat or to cry or just because you want to party. sleep is a never ending mystery with you. you are really hating going down for naps lately, but we have found if we hold our hand on your belly and stroke your face, you fall asleep much quicker. staying a sleep can be a challenge for you, and if we aren’t there to catch you from waking up, your naps will be pretty short. it’s a wonder you need so little sleep, considering how much your parents love it.

i have to say, these past six months have been the best ones of my life. i never knew my heart could be so full–my love for you grows stronger each and every day. i’m so glad you’re here and that i get to be your mom. it’s the best. you’re the best.

i can’t wait to see what this next month brings!

love, your momma

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