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by Janetha on September 22, 2014

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my sister in law writes letters to her kiddos on her blog each month (and then each year once they are older.) it is something i admire and love, and i want to do myself. however, it’s more of a thing for me rather than for you. but i don’t want to start a personal blog in addition to this blog.. so i am going to do my letters to fox here. they will be a bit different than your average blog post.. which is why i am posting this little intro thingamajig.

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dear fox,

you are one month old!!

you sure are a lot better on the outside than on the inside. it’s awesome having you here.

i cannot believe how fast this month has flown! it has been the best month of my life, full of so much love and excitement! but it has also been the most challenging, you have definitely lived up to the hype of newborns being a lot of work. but it’s different than the work i do at my job. it’s much more fulfilling.. i sure like this job. every single day is a new, amazing adventure and i never know what to expect!

you are gaining weight pretty quick, and after three weeks you were already up to 8 pounds after being 6 pounds a few days after you were born. you are in the 25th percentile for weight, 40th percentile for head circumference, and 50th percentile for height. you don’t fit in most newborn clothes, but luckily we do have some tiny duds that you fill out quite nicely.

you have mommy’s big eyes and nose. you have daddy’s legs, ears, hair, and beautiful skin. sadly, you have mommy’s dumb toe nails and daddy’s weird pinky toes. sorry about that. it’s so fun to watch your features change each day as you grow. we can’t wait for your gassy smiles to turn into real, actual smiles!

you love your hands. you won’t let me swaddle them, you fight it with all your might. even when i do manage to wrangle you into a swaddle, you pull a houdini and bust out somehow. 

your eyes are so bright and curious. you are starting to follow things around with your eyes and it’s so fun to see the sparkle in them. they are still a steely blue gray color.. but the word on the street is they could still change. 

your hair is so, so dark like your daddy’s. it has a slight curl to it when it’s wet, and that is so adorable. i hope it’s super curly when it grows.

you still hate bath time.. ever since day one. you cry a little bit less with each bath, and we are hoping that you love it a whole lot real soon.

you love love love tummy time. you work so hard at trying with all your might to roll.. but that darn right arm is always in the way. your neck is so strong and you love to turn your head back and forth during tummy time. you kind of look like a turtle when you do that, and it makes us smile.

you do this really cute cry that we can’t help but laugh at.. you sound EXACTLY like a baby billy goat. you usually do it when you are getting your diaper changed. it’s the cutest little cry ever and we love our little billy goat.

you love to pee on us. we have started to get the hang of warding off accidents, but every once in awhile you pull out the firehose trick and pee everywhere. it makes us laugh every time. those peepee teepees were probably a waste of money. 

you love to suck. you suck whatever you can get your cute little mouth on! a binky, a boob, your fingers, you even love to suck daddy’s nose. that one time you spit up on his nose was pretty hilarious. good job, little man.

you have pretty bad reflux and it’s been hard to see you suffer. we had to take you to the doctor because you were shrieking the saddest shriek in the whole wide world. she put you on some medicine and it seems to be helping, but you still show signs of being in pain and it breaks my heart into a million pieces, i hate to see you hurting. i hope your little baby intestines mature and the reflux quickly becomes a thing of the past.

you hate to sleep. we are having a hard time with this one. we knew we would be missing out on sleep, but the fact that you do not love to go to sleep has made it kind of harder than it should be. 

when you do sleep, it has to be on mine or daddy’s chest. you love to be close to us. you will fall asleep in our arms, but the second we put you in your crib/swing/bassinet/bouncer/our bed/YOU NAME IT.. you wake right back up and scream like there’s no tomorrow. (there’s always a tomorrow. phew.) you also won’t let us put you to sleep while you are drowsy but still awake.. so that’s out of the question for now. we are getting lots of input from your aunts, they are great, and we will just be patient with you and love you and eventually we know you will learn to sleep without being glued to me or daddy.

it’s okay with us, we love to cuddle you. but we realize there will come a time where we need to get you to sleep on your own. for now.. we are loving your cuddles.

actually.. because you hate independence and sleep, but love to cuddle, i am wondering if you are, in fact, my kiddo! ;) 

i can’t wait to see what your second month brings.. but i also can wait, because i love how little you are right now. i could just put you in my pocket, you’re so teeny tiny. i am trying to soak up every day with you, because i know you will be a big boy in the blink of an eye.

fox, you are the very best little man and i am so lucky to be your mom. i love you times infinity plus seventeen.

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love, your momma 

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