ask me anything answers (part 4).

by Janetha on September 11, 2012

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hello! time for another round of answers to the questions that i have received through my “ask me anything” question box (found in my sidebar to the right.)

before i get started, i wanted to link back to the past installments of answers because some of the questions i have received recently are ones that i have already answered—or at least are very similar to ones i have answered. instead of repeating myself, you can just click on the past installments to check my answers out.

let’s get crackin.

Q: It would be fun to have a description of some of Marshall’s tattoos and meanings behind them.

A: you may be surprised to hear this, but marshall doesn’t like talking about his tattoos. i think that, very often, the assumption is made that people who are covered in tattoos want to discuss them. not in his case! he usually brushes off any tattoo questions that come his way.

while i am not huge on tattoos on myself (i do have one, more on that below), i do think they are beautiful on other people. i have several friends who are tattoo artists and their talent simply amazes me! marshall has lots and lots (and lots) of tattoos.. they all have meaning to him, but like i said, he doesn’t prefer to talk about them. however,there are a few of them that are MY absolute favorite, so i will share those with you today.

randy. because how could i not love this portrait of the best basset hound ever?! this was done by his friend, josh petty. amazing artist.


coffee love. i love this mug of coffee on his palm because I LOVE COFFEE! the only photo i had of it was him holding my ring, i’m not tryin’ to be flashy. ha.

charles. he has a shark on his hand. i named it charles. it just felt right.



Q: Hi Janetha! As a male blog reader, I’m actually really admiring marshall’s transformation! Any advice on how he did it and also his typical diet? You both are inspiring!

A: haha.. my shy husband is going to absolutely hate this post. two questions about him in a row! but as far as his “transformation” goes, i am not sure what this refers to. marshall has always been in great shape! he’s only been worried about gaining weight, never losing it, so he eats as much as he possibly can. some of his staples: fruit & veggie juice each morning, chobani or fage greek yogurt, bagels, oatmeal, PRO BARs, sandwiches, ready to drink protein shakes (premier protein and core power are the two brands), cereal, annie’s brand organic spaghettio’s, and whatever i make for dinner.  i am glad he prefers to eat healthfully—it makes things easy in the kitchen!

as far as workouts go, he lifts about 5 days a week and devotes about an hour to each workout: chest, bis/tris, back, shoulders, and legs. he has been working more on his core lately, too. he also loves using kettlebells at home. we have a pullup bar at our house, too, and he will do pullups whenever the mood strikes! he’s not big on cardio, but if you ask him to race you he will win any day of the week. in addition to working out, marshall is on his feet all day at work. he does heavy lifting and other manly tasks on the job that require strength. that alone could count as a workout, if you ask me! (and you did.)

Q: How many tattoos do you have and what are they of/for?

A: like i said above, i am not big on tattoos for myself. but i do have one:


my dog, mable, almost exactly five years ago on september 1, 2007. it was sudden and unexpected (she was hit by a car.) when she died, i felt a strong urge to get her name tattooed on myself.. so i did. my friend, nick, is a tattoo artist and he zapped it on my wrist in under five minutes. i do like my tattoo because i LOVE mable to bits, but looking back… i probably would not have gotten the tattoo if i thought about it for awhile. it’s not that i regret the tattoo, i love it and the meaning behind it. they just aren’t for me.

Q: Have you heard of the website/message board that criticizes/critiques bloggers?

A: yep, i used to read it all the time. there was a thread about my blog and sometimes the things written were offensive and/or not true, while other times the anonymous posters had a good point. i got caught up in replying to the posts that were about me—both good and bad. at the end of the day i realized that reading and replying to things about myself that are better left behind my back was not doing anything for me in the long run. this website became a time suck for me, so i stopped visiting the site all together. i do get google alerts or traffic hits from the website when my name or blog name is mentioned, but i have decided to refrain from reading anything on the site.

as i mentioned before, i was raised mormon. one of their mottos is “choose the right”. even though i am no longer active in the church, i still stick to this motto. i try to be my best at all things in life—including this blog—and some people aren’t going to like it. some people are going to talk about it. that’s normal.. it would be weird if everyone agreed with everything that i do or don’t do! and that’s perfectly fine with me.

via pinterest)

Q: How did you meet Marshall?

A: oh. man. another question about my shy husband. he is shaking his head if he is reading this… anyway, marshall and i met at work. we worked together for two years before we started dating. he worked in the shop building windows and i worked in the office. we saw a lot of each other and became great friends… then more than friends! we still work together, except he has since been promoted and works out in the field while i work in my office. this arrangement is much better for our relationship!

i will say that working at the same company as your spouse can be a slippery slope at times. it has caused some hiccups for us. we definitely have a harder time separating work and home since we share the same work and the same home. i try to refrain from talking about work too much when we are home.. but it is inevitable! that said, it is something that can work. many spouses work at the same company—shoot, several couples even START their own company together. and if it wasn’t for the company we work for, we’d never have met.

Q: What breed is Penny?



she will be so flattered that a question was asked about her.  penny, also known as penelope jane, penny bean, little head, or penalee, is half entlebucher half cavalier. here’s the story. after mable died (see above) i wanted another dog.. but i didn’t know what kind. then i saw an entlebucher on animal planet. i fell in LOVE!


an entlebucher is the smallest of the four types of swiss mountain dogs, the other three being greater swiss, bernese, and appenzeller. i was a big lab lover, but i also fell in love with swissys when i was in switzerland in 2001. i figured the entlebucher was the best of both worlds! the only downside was that purebred entles were a whopping $1200 and nowhere to be found. THEN my roommate at the time (thanks, jessiker!) found a litter of mixed breed puppies. the mom was an entlebucher and the dad was a cavalier. the breeder breeds entlebuchers and their house pet is a cavalier. i guess they got busy one night!

anyway, these pups were $450, which was way better than $1200, so i decided to purchase one. i didn’t even know what a cavalier was, i’d seen them before, but wasn’t familiar with the breed. i figured half entlebucher was good. the breeder was in pennsylvania, so penny had to fly here. coincidentally, one of her brothers was purchased by someone who also lives here in salt lake city! WHAT THE WHAT? so random. this was the best because the pups were able to travel together in the same crate. here we are at the airport picking them up, kramer on the left, penny on the right:


awwwee. fun fact: kramer’s owner and i have connected through facebook and we will be reuniting the pups sometime soon! i can’t wait.

anyway, i thought penny was going to get pretty big—maybe 50 pounds or so. i bought a large collar, a big crate, and got this pint-sized little bean of a dog. hilarious. and amazing! penny is 30 lbs full grown and she actually still looks like a puppy. i love that she has the stature of a large dog but is just shrunken down to a smaller size. it’s like someone left her in the dryer too long.


i love penny so much and wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world… but i do think that our next pup will come from a shelter rather than a breeder. i was hell bent on getting a specific breed of puppy, but i should have been more concerned with giving a home to a pup that needed one. many people ask where they can get a breed like penny, but the truth is that she was a mistake and you can’t just go buy an entlebucher cavalier.

so, yep, there’s the long answer—penny is an entlebucher cavalier. except sometimes she is a bat.


that’s all for today! remember, you can use the box in my sidebar to the right to ask me anything.


1. do you have any tattoos? why/why not?

2. what kind of pets do you have? or want to own? (type of animal and breed)

xo. janetha g.

p.s. protein giveaway winners have been notified! thanks to all who entered.

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Kelsey September 12, 2012 at 10:08 pm

I want an ampersand tattoo…I love writing and have always loved ampersands, but I can never figure out where to put it.

RainStorm September 12, 2012 at 11:39 pm

What a great tattoo idea :)

Neil September 13, 2012 at 9:07 pm

+1 here!

Neil September 13, 2012 at 9:06 pm

I love when you do posts like this.
My tattoo is old. It’s on my back. I forget about it a lot. I keep intending to get Nick to update it. Then I forget again.

Nicole G September 16, 2012 at 6:25 am

Great post! It’s always cool to get to know you favorite bloggers a bit better! I have one tattoo. I am a police officer and have my badge number on my arm. Since it’s just the numbers (not a tattoo of an actual badge) people ask me constantly what it means. I don’t prefer to tell strangers that I am a police officer (for obvious safety reasons-you never know who you are talking to!) I like to make up silly answers, such as: 1) that’s the number of ex-boyfriends I’ve killed and buried in my yard, 2) that’s the number of the cell block I was in while doing time in prison. Ridiculous stuff…..BTW, I totally understand the issues that can come up when you and your spouse work for the same company. My husband and I are both officers on the same department. It has caused us hiccups in the past as well. We usually don’t talk much at work and keep it professional. I find the best way to keep work from meddling in your marriage is to try and separate the two as much as possible.

We are looking into getting a pup, my kiddos want one terribly! It will be something small for sure. I used to have a shih tzu and loved her to pieces! Love Penny and Randy! Your pups are too cute and have so much personality!

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