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by Janetha on August 26, 2012

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hey, guys!

happy sunday–hope you have had a great weekend. mine was fun and filled with friends, but i am making a point to not take my camera with me everywhere i go and to blog about everything i do. you may have noticed that a lot lately–and that is probably how things will be from now on. to be honest, blogging so frequently (and including so much lifecasting) was becoming to be somewhat of a chore. this blog is my hobby, not my job, so scaling back on lifecasting makes sense for me. plus, kristen gave me this super cute little purse awhile back and there is no way my camera will fit in there… ;)

however, i still love to blog and, as you all know, i love to answer random questions. i could never get enough of those dang myspace surveys back in the day. ha. so tonight’s post is another round of answers to questions i received anonymously. you can submit your anonymous questions using the box in my sidebar to the right. i answer the questions in the order i receive them.. however there are a few questions i am skipping because i want to devote an entire post to a few of them (like ones about my gut, about protein powder, and other matters that i could ramble all day about.)

here we go!

Q: Love your name! Where is it from?

A: thank you! my dad and mom were friends with a girl named janetha hancock–my dad went to law school with her. my parents liked the name, so they named me janetha. people often ask me where it is from, but i do not know the origin.  i never had the opportunity to meet the woman i was named after, she passed away years ago. i have also never met another janetha in person before. but, thanks to google, i have had correspondence with some other janethas on the interwebs.

my name is a difficult one to have. i think i give my mom (too hard of) a hard time about it because i have complained about the need to constantly correct people on the pronunciation and/or spelling. (for the record, you pronounce it Ja-NEE-tha, not Ja-NEH-tha or JAN-eh-tha.) despite my complaints, i really do love my name. it’s hard, but i have embraced it!


haha–totally joking, mom, my name is NOT one of my imperfections. my freckles, on the other hand…

no, but seriously, back to my name, it is unique and special and i know that the name means a lot to my parents. that is what matters most. (and we won’t talk about how i was traumatized because i never was able to find a pencil or a miniature license plate with my name on it! jokes…)

my last name used to be benson.. but when i got married, it became gallegos. people try to pronounce it “gall-eg-ohs” but it’s “guy-egg-os”… so i often correct them, and i always have to spell it. that’s ok, though, i love marshall–tough last name and all! so, yes, my name is now officially the hardest name on the planet.

Q: You already have me hooked on bands like Tsunami Bomb and Metric… what else do you recommend, specifically during exercise?

A: lately i have been loving of monsters and men, cults (okay, not for working out, but i love them!), the black keys, and starfucker. <–sorry about the cuss word, it’s their band name.

but i have to tell you, i went to graywhale (the record store) the other day with marshall and bought a BUNCH of used CDs. they are all punk compilation CDs that i had when i was younger, but then they were stolen when my car got broken into back when i was 19. boooo. so i have been LOVING these old comps, enjoying the blast from the past singalongs. it’s so rad how a certain song can bring back so many memories.. i love nostalgia. 

the comps i got: fat music for fat people, cinema beer nuts, life in the fat lane, and five years on the streets. i also got a best of reggie & the full effect CD. some of the best bands on these used comp CDs include lagwagon, propagandhi, face to face, millencolin, no use for a name (p.s. the lead singer, tony sly, recently passed away.. :( ), strung out, rancid, and nofx. so, if you like old punk rock songs, you should check those bands out. 

Q: I know your family is Mormon. Why don’t you practice? And what do you believe?

A: yes, my family is mormon. i was baptized mormon at 8 years old (the minimum age allowed in the religion), but have been inactive since i was 18 years old. religion isn’t something i talk about a lot because it really is such a personal choice and i don’t think anyone is right or wrong when it comes to their religious beliefs. mormonism has some things in their religion that i do not agree with. some may say that the reason i “fell away” from the church was because i wanted to start drinking and doing drugs (which you can read more about here) but, to be honest, there are just some aspects of the religion that make it not for me. i choose to not get into those aspects.  while i do not practice any sort of organized religion, i do believe in god and pray often. i am SO grateful that i was raised in a loving mormon household that taught me the importance of things like honesty, love, good morals, integrity, and serving others. my family is very involved with the mormon church and i will still go to various church functions to support them.

Q: Your thoughts on haters? 

A: haha, umm.. haters gonna hate? i am not sure what the person who asked this question is actually asking.. but i will try to tackle this one. i have had a really horrible past with people who did not like me. i was bullied over and over in grade school to the point where i became suicidal and tried to drown myself in my bathtub. ugh, the thought of that makes me so sad.. i was such a miserable little girl back then. you can read more on that here.

anyway, since then i have grown up a lot. i have realized that people are not going to like me, and that’s okay. instead of worrying so much about getting those people to like me, as i did back in grade school, i have instead chosen to associate with people who DO like me. surrounding yourself with uplifting, likeminded individuals is so important to me. yes, i still run into people who disagree with me or think less of me, but i don’t think these people hate me. they just have a different opinion, which they are entitled to. 

let’s be honest: it is not always easy to let go of that feeling of hatred. but momma b taught me something very important back when i was struggling with friendships. she told me to always take the higher road. i have used this advice more times than i can count. sometimes i let the advice slip my mind and i will inadvertantly find myself up to my eyeballs in an argument (especially at work since i am in customer relations) but i always try to remember my mom’s advice. i will bite my tongue and take the higher road. sometimes it is a very hard thing to do, but almost always it has made the situation a million times better.


ha. so, not sure if this answers what the anonymous asker was asking.. but those are my thoughts on dealing with people who don’t like you or who disagree with you.

Q: Are you sponsored by GPP?

A: no, but after seeing this i jokingly told neil (the owner) he should start paying me since i ramble about GPP so much! no, honestly, i blog about the gym so often because that’s where i work out every day. this blog is mainly about food and fitness, so of course i will blog about where the fitness part is coming from. just as i used to frequently blog about body for life, insanity, or jamie eason’s livefit trainer–i was not sponsored by any of those programs, but i blogged about them because that’s the workout i was following at the time.

Q: How do you dye/bleach your hair?

A: i highlight my hair about every 12 weeks. i don’t know how my hairdresser does it, but i love her and she does a great job! i have been going to lisa at taylor d’shaw in salt lake city for almost a decade now. in fact, that reminds me, i have an appointment coming up!

i typically do darker highlights in the fall/winter months and over the years have tried to just stick to tones that are closer to my natural color. back in the day i went WAY blonde! looking back, i can’t believe i ever went so blonde.. i couldn’t hang with that now. lisa was the one who convinced me to get bangs back in 2008 and i am SO glad she did. i love, love, love having bangs and would never go back to not having them.

before bangs/after bangs:
(i swoop my bangs to the side now, though.. i am not sure if i miss the straight across cut or not. thoughts?)

side note: she also waxes my eyebrows (every 12 weeks) and aside from that waxing, i don’t pluck my eyebrows ever. they are really blonde so i am lucky enough that i don’t have to. and i am a big weirdo and love the feeling of getting my eyebrows waxed. anyone else? 

Q: You seem to get sick pretty often and have a fair number of health ailments. Do you think it is genetic?

A: i used to get sinus infections/colds SO often, like 7-8 times a year, but then i got my tonsils out and it fixed that problem. now days, i ALWAYS get sick after a trip or a race. i have no idea why.. but that is the pattern i see. maybe it is the germs on airplanes and the extreme exertion from races. i have no idea. OH! but i did manage to not get sick after costa rica… so maybe there’s hope for me yet!  it’s funny, marshall never gets sick and he’s the last person to care about germs. i think he has built up some tolerance to germs simply because he doesn’t mind them as much as i do. i am always sanitizing my hands and putting my hood up before resting my head on random seat backs. maybe i need to be more carefree?

as far as other health ailments go… i only have the one: my GI issues. it’s not genetic, as far as i know. nobody else in my family is dealing with this crap.. or lack thereof, haha. but maybe my long lost relatives do have GI issues. who knows. 

not sure what else the asker was referring to by “fair number of health ailments”, but those are the only two that come to mind. the other doctor trips have occurred simply because i am accident prone (broken arm, broken nose, tendonitis in my ankles, etc)–but, hey, that could be genetic, right?! my mom is pretty clumsy ;)

Q: Have you ever gone to see Ballet West perform?

A: no.. i have never been to the ballet. but you know what i do love? musicals! specifically, les miserables. BEST MUSICAL EVER. i have seen it many times–here i am in london at the age of 19.


i am so envious of my parents who just went to les mis this past friday down at the shakespeare festival in cedar city. i am trying to get marshall to go with me before it ends.. but he doesn’t sound too stoked on that idea. anyone wanna go with me? ha. i absolutely love les mis.. i remember one time, as a kid, my mom and sisters and i slept out on the street in front of capitol theater (in salt lake city) in order to buy les mis tickets right when they went on sale. yep.. pretty die hard fans.

that’s all for now! i will get to the questions that require a long, elaborate answer sometime soon.. i hope. 


1. how did you get your name? do you like it?

2. what is your favorite play/musical?

xo. janetha g.

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Neil August 28, 2012 at 11:37 pm

My baby girl’s name is Adelaide. After we named her we were in a store and an older guy (think octogenarian) was chatting us up in the line to pay. “Adelaide?” he said, “Are you going to call her Laidee (lady)?” Apparently, 10 or so, generations ago “Addie” was a stupid nickname. We (my wife hates it more than I do) were so horrified at the prospect of folks calling her “Laidee,” we considered (for weeks) changing it. WE even checked out the paperwork required to do so. 4 years later, I find myself calling her that regularly.

Stupid old man…

Janetha August 29, 2012 at 1:13 pm

I love, love, love the name Adelaide. It’s so unique–you always hear Addison instead! Haha, I like Laidee as a nickname. It’s cute :) Funny story, though!

mary @ what's cookin with mary August 31, 2012 at 2:19 pm

Today I go by Mary, but growing up I was Mary Esther. Yep, it’s bad. My Mom’s name is Mary (and 1 aunt is Mary & my step Gramma was also Mary) and so I was always called by both names. It was pretty embarrassing (kids are mean*) and I never got a pencil or key chain with my name on it. It legitimately made me sad as a kiddo. I kind of felt like I was being punished for something that was chosen by my parents (my Mom mostly – no one told her people don’t name daughter’s after their mother). lol

*I was routinely called Mary Easter because of my big “bunny” teeth. The funny thing is I get complimented all the time on my big straight teeth now. ;0) Sweet revenge!

Laura September 1, 2012 at 8:26 am

I rarely comment, but always love your blog and your honest, thoughtful posts. You are totally awesome!

I’m named after my great-grandmother. And although I’ve never seen it live, I love Oklahoma! :)

Janetha September 1, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Thank you for commenting :) And, of course, for reading!

Jacquelyn September 3, 2012 at 9:30 pm

The name question was mine! Yay! I love your name, obvi I said so, which is why I asked. My name doesn’t have a terribly interesting story… my mom liked any name that ended in lyn: Carolyn, Marilyn, Cherilyn (glad she didn’t go with that although it is Cher’s name). So I ended up with Jacquelyn. Growing up I hated it because I wanted a name that seemed cool to me: Melissa, Christine, Katie. Now I am super glad I don’t have any of those names because they are so popular! It’s very rare that I meet someone with my name, especially spelled the way I do. My only huge grievance with it these days is people calling me Jackie. Nope. Not a Jackie. It really bothers me when I introduce myself “Hi, I’m Jacquelyn” and they reply “Nice to meet you Jackie.” Sorry… did I say Jackie? I usually don’t say anything unless I plan on having a lasting relationship with that person!

Yay for fun names!

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