it’s insane.

me and the mister are going to complete the full insanity program.

i want to document everything i am eating and how i am feeling for the whole 9 weeks.. so that’s what this page is all about.  it is totally journal-style, talking to myself, but if you guys want to read, be my guest! it’s not like a “i am blogging to my readers” format. FYI.

day 1: sunday, april 3.

i woke up and ate:

  • 2 toasted bagel thins + 2TB mighty maple peanut butter + 1 TB jam
  • 1 medium banana
  • 1/2 cup berries
  • coffee w/ splash whole milk

we took the dreaded “before” photos for documentation purposes. those won’t be going up.. although they aren’t as bad as i thought they would be. i also took all my measurements. i won’t be weighing myself because i gave up the scale over a year ago.

we did the fit test at 11 AM and it was about 25 minutes long including the warmup and cooldown.

here are my scores (marshall doesn’t want his posted.)

switch kicks: 100, power jacks: 44, power knees (left leg stable): 85, power jumps: 28, globe jumps: 12, suicide jumps (burpees): 14, jack pushups: 25, plank oblique knee tucks: 50.

i popped two thermoCLAs and we went to craft sabbath where i had a small coffee with soy milk, then it was off to target. i ate a simply bar (lemon coconut).  then we went to costco and i had a popchips sample (4 chips).

when we got home i had an adora calcium disc.

at 5 PM we went to dinner at moms and i had:

  • whole wheat roll
  • asparagus
  • ham
  • scalloped potatoes
  • salad with annie’s light dressing

right before bed, i had a protein cake made with:

  • 1/2 scoop BSN lean dessert cinnamon roll protein powder
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 T unsweetened apple sauce
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • shake of cinnamon

mixed it and nuked it for 90 seconds. delicious and nutritious!

went to bed at 11 PM oops. drank close to a gallon of water.

day 2: monday, april 4.

woke up at 4:45 (!!!!) AM and did the plyometric cardio circuit. it was hard! just after the warmup we were dripping in sweat. we pushed through and it felt good to finish strong. we slipped around on the tile floors a lot, so we need to use mats for this specific workout during the pushups and plank work.

breakfast was @ 8 AM: original pancake house egg whites+mushrooms+onions+salsa, small fruit and a coffee with skim.

i took a super B vitamin and multivitamin after breakfast.

lunch was at 11:45 AM, i was RAVENOUS by this time. i guess working out in the morning makes me hungry earlier!  i had a big salad with 1/2c cottage cheese, 3oz tuna and ken’s lite italian plus a toasted bagel thin.

i had fiber choice and thermoCLA after lunch.

at 2:30 i had a lemon coconut simply bar and an adora calcium disc.

at 4:30 i went to bikram yoga and it was HARD! i was so beat from 9 hours of work and insanity and plus i was so sore from yoga saturday, the fit test sunday and the workout this morning. but i pushed through and am proud of myself.

i got home at 6:30 and dinner was ready because i made it the night before and marshall popped it in the oven and steamed some broccoli. dinner was a serving of chicken cordon bleu casserole and about 1.5 cups steamed broccoli. i also had two dark chocolate salted almonds.

i am typing this at 7:30 and have already hit my gallon of water for the day, but i am sure i sweat about a gallon at bikram, so i am going to drink more. will update later!

and i’m back. after dinner, i made some lemon chiaseed yogurt protein muffin things and they were flipping delicious. i ate two. they are 160 calories each, so it worked out to be a 320 calorie dessert with 25 grams of protein and 34 grams of carbs. not bad! i can’t wait to eat another one.  i also had two more dark chocolate covered salted almonds because i am an addict. they just need to be gone already…

day 3: tuesday, april 4.

marshall had to work in evanston today which meant he had to be at the shop at 7.. which meant we had to be working out by 5:30. we had some trouble with the insanity DVD this morning, so it took a few minutes to get going. it wouldn’t play on the xbox so we had to try it on the playstation. luckily it worked.. i guess that’s what you get when you buy insanity DVDs off craig’s list.  meh, oh well, at least it worked!

we did the cardio power & resistance workout and it was 40 minutes long including warmup and cooldown. i reallllly liked this workout! the warmup and cooldown is always basically the same, but this workout was a lot of fun. it involved power jumps, globe jumps, V pushups and tricep dips.. among other strength-building exercises.

after the workout i did some foam hurt suuuper bad, especially on my back. i am way sore from bikram. oh, and i drank at least 48 oz of water before 7 AM. thirsty. and i was so hungry, so i ate one of those delicious lemon protein puffins before taking a shower.

after the workout i had a ton of time to kill… i could get used to this morning stuff. it was pretty nice. i made protein oats with 1/3 cup oats and a scoop of EAS protein powder.. i put 2 TB of PB2 on top and sprinkled it with erin baker’s granola.. only to find out the PB2 was rancid. ugh. so gross. i scraped off the top layer and ate the oatmeal and also had a big spoon of crunchy peanut butter to make it all better. i had a multiV and super B vitamin with breakfast. breakfast was at 7:30, by the way.

because i ate breakfast so early, i was STARVING by 11 so i went ahead and made lunch. i had leftover chicken cordon bleu casserole and asparagus for lunch along with 2 fiber choice discs, an adora calcium disc and two thermoCLA caps. oh and a probiotic. did i mention i had a probiotic yesterday? because i did. it’s called renew and i got it to review.. i am waiting to see if i can notice a difference before i blog about it.

wow here i am on thursday morning and realizing i never finished tuesday and still need to do wednesday. here we go.

tuesday snack was cereal and a yogurt muffin–it was going to be yogurt and granola but my yogurt was expired and that’s not gonna fly.  sooo, tuesday after work i had a lot of time on my hands, so i got to work on dinner which was garlic tofu (baked) with rotini, spinach, roasted garlic, onion and cannellini beans with a side of broccoli.  pretty sure i ate 4 or 5 chocolate covered almonds. OH and i ate some terra chips that marshall had out while i was cooking dinner.

dessert was another protein muffin, these things are amazing, and a small glass (8 oz) chocolate skim milk.

day 4: wednesday, april 6.

we woke up and did cardio recovery. meh–this was boring. it was 33 minutes and had a lot of stretching and slow squats and lunges and i didn’t even break a sweat. i had heard that it was still a tough workout but no. not the case. it was easy and boring and i KNOW it is meant for recovery.. but i wanted to sweat. on the upside, i didn’t have to wash my hair.

breakfast was a green monster with strawberries, banana, almond milk, EAS premium protein, ice, chia seeds and the gums. oh, and spinach to make it green. vitamin B and multi with breakfast. this was all at 8 AM.

i had 75 oz of water before lunch time! lunch was at noon and was leftover rotini tofu pasta with broccoli. i wanted something sweet so bad, so almost immediately after lunch–around 1 PM–i had another protein muffin with a little mighty maple on top. i also had an adora disc, 2 fiber choice discs and my renew probiotic. oh and two thermoCLAs. and more water.

it is good that i had my snack (the muffin) early because i went to bikram at 4:30 and you are supposed to have an empty stomach. this is probably TMI for those reading but i was super gassy yesterday and my belly hurt SO bad and i was worried that i would toot in yoga. luckily i didn’t and it was a great class. better than monday’s, for sure.

i got home and my belly only felt worse. i think maybe too much fiber between the beans, broccoli, fiber choice? who knows. but i went ahead and made matters worse by eating taco soup for dinner–which has two kinds of beans in it. i had 3 chocolate covered salted almonds with my soup.

after dinner i lounged around with marshall and the pups and marshall went to get me lemons so i could bake more muffins. i am trying to get them to rise so i tried more b. soda and b. powder, but they still had flat tops. what gives? while i was baking i ended up eating a handful of protein pb granola (erin baker’s) and three dried peaches.  i must be starting my period soon because i wanted sweet stuff all night long.

i did have a legit dessert of one protein muffin along with an 8 oz glass of skim milk before hitting the hay at 11 PM. need to get to bed earlier!

day 5: thursday, april 7.

this morning was no joke. we did the pure cardio circuit at 6:30 AM and it was 39 minutes of hell. i loved it! it was the typical 15 minute warm up and stretch followed by 15 minutes of 15 exercises–each move you did for a solid minute. i liked this style because you just did the move ONE time for a minute then moved on and never went back to it. it was a lot of fun. the cool down part was five minutes.. so i guess those extra minutes in there must have been breaks to make it the full 39? who knows, who cares.

i showered and got ready before breakfast, so that had me eating breakfast at 8 AM again. i had 4 egg whites with 1 TB mexican cheese and a cinnamon bagel thin toasted with 1 TB mighty maple and 1/2 (50 grams) banana. i weighed and measured everything out of curiosity and it turns out 1 TB of peanut butter is MORE than i thought! for fun i weighed out a whole 2 TB serving and it was a shitload of peanut butter. i usually only use 2 teaspoons. today i used the whole tablespoon on the bagel thin and wonder why you would need 2 tablespoons for such a little amount of bread. i wouldn’t.. but that’s just me i guess. oh i had my super B vitamin and multi with breakfast again and had 48 oz of water before leaving to work.

i went pee at work around 9 AM and realized my shirt was on inside out. these mornings are getting to me.

annnyway, now it is 11:30 AM and i am about to eat lunch. check ya later!

OKAY–so now it is actually 4/12/11 and i am going to (try to) catch up with all the shenanigans that have happened since i left off.

i had taco soup for lunch and then a starbucks americano around 2 PM along with a simply bar as my snack.  it was michael’s birthday, so we went to sugarhouse BBQ for dinner. i tried to keep it clean and had a chicken breast with some indian spiced chickpeas and cauliflower. i also got collard greens but didn’t eat them. i drank my weight in water and peed like 3 times while there.

i came home and i am pretty sure i had a protein muffin for dessert, but who’s to say for sure? i could go back and look at my blog post but i am too lazy.

day 6: friday, april 8.

today’s workout was the plyometric cardio circuit again–same as monday. i know i made it through the workout but can’t remember how i felt because it was so long ago! woops!

i also don’t have any recollection of what i had for breakfast, lunch or my snack. shoot. i need to update this more regularly so i don’t lose track!

i know that i went out with mom and suni for dinner at blue lemon. i took it as my free meal and had the seafood tacos and some hummus with pita. DELICIOUS! we went to the what a woman wants show and then got fro yo. i probably had 2 whole cups of froyo. no shame.

day 7: saturday, april 9.

saturday was rest day from insanity! no workout. but i did wake up, have a toasted bagel thin with peanut butter and then went to bikram with mom. she loved it! it was great. i got home around noon and fixed a strawberry pomegranate protein shake topped with about a cup of love crunch granola. i would add a little granola and eat it and then add more, totaling to about a cup.

i probably had some peanut butter filled pretzels in the afternoon because i can’t help myself. wish i had documented it because i KNOW i had some. anyway..

went to paradise bakery in american fork because the bills were in town for a funeral. it was great to see them! ahh! i wish they lived here!! i had a greek salad with no cheese, dressing on the side, and a half chicken artichoke panini on wheat, no cheese. it was all just “meh”.  i DIDN’T EAT THE FREE COOKIE. it’s the small victories, people, and i am trying to eat BFL style with only one free day, and that was friday, so yeah.

when i got home saturday night i baked banana protein muffins. i really liked them! i had one for dessert and marshall slept his face off. i am going to perfect the muffins before i post them on the blog because i think they could stand to be a little less dry. still, i love them and have been eating them every day.

day 8: sunday, april 10.

woke up around 10:15 and had a banana muffin before the workout. workout was cardio power & resistance. this one is fun and not too difficult.

i got ready before having a protein shake along with a toasted bagel thin with peanut butter for lunch. i headed out to the stores–went to cali’s market, sunflower market, costco and whole foods. i had a venti americano because we were out of coffee at home.

when i got home i want to say i had a snack but i can’t really remember. hmmm.. oh yeah! i did! i had half of the coconut luna bar and it was fan freaking tastic! so good. but i think it should be more of a treat, not a legit snack. too high of sugar and low protein. i will stick to the simply bars as my snacks.

i made taco salad for dinner and it was super good! made it with ground beef. it had spinach, beef, black beans, greek yogurt, salsa, avocado and a skiff of cheese.

we went to the movies and saw “your highnesS”-i took my water bottle and some cinnamon vanilla tea (i was cold!) marshall got a popcorn and i did have a few handfuls. when we got home from the movie i made a protein cake with vanilla protein powder, applesauce, baking powder, an egg white and cocoa powder. i topped it with just a skiff of pb.

day 9: monday, april 11.

another EARLY morning–got up at 5 to do pure cardio. this one is my favorite so far! i like it because after the warmup, you do 15 moves for 1 minute each and don’t go back to the moves. i love love love this one. marshall did not love this one. he hated the early morning and his high knees didn’t even get higher than randy is tall. he wasn’t trying at all and it made me frustrated and unmotivated! still, i pushed through and this workout was easier this time than the time before. good job, me.

after the workout i had a banana protein muffin because i knew breakfast wouldn’t be until 8 AM. at 8 AM i had an egg white scramble with spinach, mushrooms and onions topped with salsa and a small fruit–at the original pancake house.

for lunch i had leftover taco salad. and vitamins+supplements.

for a snack i had a cup of plan greek yogurt, a banana and about 2 T peanut butter topped with a handful of uncooked oats and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

i went to american fork with mom and saw the bills again one more time before they go home. i had a clementine while there.. oh and a few carrots.

i got home at 7:30 and was hungry! i had some cottage cheese and mary’s gone crackers while i made dinner. dinner was calzones filled with peppers, onions, olives and faux pepperoni. i had one and broccoli on the side. since we ate dinner at 8:30 PM i was full and just had 5 peanut butter filled pretzels as a dessert. didn’t need them, but wanted something sweet.. blah, need to get out of that habit.

oh, i did have 72 OZ of water before 7 AM! yesss.

day 10: tuesday, april 12.

today’s workout was the plyo cardio circuit. i do like this one but i hate how during the warm up, shaun T forgets to do the leg kickbacks on the left side stretch! so annoying.

marshall DIDN’T do the workout with me today.

i am copying/pasting this excerpt from my blog post from today where i talked about marshall’s determination and morning workouts: “today was day #10 and i am still going strong with my morning insanity workouts! that is not as much as i can say for my workout partner.. because i did the workout alone this morning. he said he doesn’t have enough energy in the mornings to properly complete the intense workouts. well.. i am the laziest person on the planet and i have managed to complete the workouts with more and more energy as the mornings go on.. so i know it is POSSIBLE. you just have to want it bad enough. i want fat loss. bad. if you work out in the mornings, it jump starts your metabolism for optimal, all-day fat burnage. marshall is looking for muscle gain and cardiovascular endurance. SO, with that in mind, i can understand why he prefers to do the workouts in the afternoon, when he has more energy, and can do the workouts properly. it sucks that i don’t have him there to motivate me, but at least he is still doing the workouts and he is doing them to his own advantage. as far as i am concerned we are still in this together!”

anyway.. i did the workout and actually found it easier than the last time.  i am getting better at this! i had a banana protein muffin before the workout because i felt like i needed something in my stomach. i need to make these muffins in mini-version because i could have done with a mini one, which is about 1/3 of a whole one. next time i will make a mini muffin batch.

after the workout i cleaned up and then made breakfast. i ate it at 8:15 AM and it was protein oats made with 1/3 c oats, a serving of EAS premium vanilla protein, 2 tsp flax seed and 1 TB cinnamon raisin PB. yum. and coffee with almond milk, that’s a daily thing.

i had a multi V, super B, glutamine, thermoCLA and fish oil with breakfast. had 48 oz of water down before leaving the house.

lunch came and since i didn’t have leftovers, i had a PB+banana+strawberry jam sandwich along with 3/4 cup cottage cheese. random but it did the trick. that was at 12:45.

i had an apple pie larabar before bikram. bikram was awesome as usual and i think i am getting better!

when i got home it was pretty late and marshall was at the gym. i started making dinner and ate a few mary’s gone crackers to tide me over because i knew i would have to wait awhile for dinner. i also slammed a coconut water upon walking in the door.

i made salmon with capers, roasted tomatoes, spaghetti squash and white asparagus for dinner. it was aweeeesome! i am so glad marshall has agreed to eat fish. he really liked it, actually! while i cooked dinner, marshall did insanity. i am glad he is still doing it.

we watched my friend lynn’s movie and then at 10:30 it was over and i was legitimately hungry again, so i had meal #5 aka a bowl of kashi golean+kamut puffs with almond milk. probably about 175 calories.

got to bed at 11. i need to go to sleep earlier!

oh and i took ALL my vitamins and supplements today. yay for remembering!

day 11: wednesday, april 13.

woke up at 6:30 and got a late start on the cardio recovery DVD. marshall woke up and did this one with me. it is easy and relaxing, a nice way to break up the week.

got read and had breakfast: 5 egg whites with SF ketchup, a toasted bagel thin w/ cinnamon raisin PB, coffee and my vitamins/supplements.

48 oz of water down before work!

okay. sometimes i am real bad at tracking things. here we are on day 16.. i will try my best to recap the past few days.

let’s see, wednesday’s lunch was spaghetti squash with roasted tomatoes and cottage cheese and a kombucha. then i went home and made a tuna fish sandwich and an apple with PB to go, because we went to the jazz game. when i got home i had some sort of dessert i am sure. who really knows? not me. moving on.

day 12: thursday, april 14.

too bad i don’t remember my meals.. um.. i know i woke up and did the cardio power & resistance. OH! then i went to the doctor with marshall! i blended up a protein shake before we left and popped it in the freezer. i stopped back by home before heading to work and was SO cold (it was snowing) so i opted out of my shake and made protein oatmeal instead.

lunch was a PBJ+banana sandwich on sunflower market oat bran bread and 3/4 cup cottage cheese and a kombucha.

i want to say i had a larabar on the way to yoga but i really don’t remember if i did or not. who knows? anyway, i went to bikram from 5:30 to 7 with my mom, pixar and emily. it was a grand old time. i held camel pose for 2 minutes and almost puked. lovely.

when i got home i made tofu scrambles with sweet potatoes and black beans and OMG the best dinner ever! it’s my new favorite!  not sure if i had something sweet before bed.. i kind of want to say i had some kashi golean but i can’t remember…

day 13: friday, april 15.

tax day! woke up and did pure cardio and cardio abs. first time doing the cardio abs. i liked it! and of course i liked pure cardio, it is my favorite.

breakfast was an egg white pillow and the last of my kashi golean with added kamut puffs for volume. lunch was cottage cheese, black beans, corn salsa, avocado and a kombucha.  snack was greek yogurt, oats, pb and chia seeds.

friday night was my free meal and we had friends over. i had lots of falafel chips, hummus, veggies, salsa, sweet potato fries, mahi, salad and homemade ice cream with strawberries and brownies. sugar overload.

day 14: saturday, april 16.

day off from insanity! i got up and had a bagel thin with PB and went to bikram. i was starving the whole time, it was crazy! after class i grabbed a venti americano with soy milk and ate a larabar. i got home and had a bowl of cereal and egg whites with tofu scramble seasoning.  i then proceeded to pass out on the couch for 2.5 hours. i woke up and had a pear. i went back to the couch and watched a movie.. did basically nothing.. for a few more hours.. definitely did NOT get my gallon of water in or take a single vitamin or supplement. i wonder if my habits from the night before were the reason i was so sluggish saturday? i didn’t drink alcohol but i ate a lot of sugar and felt like crap.

we were hungry so i made tuna melts, tomato soup and spinach salad for dinner.  deeelish.  marshall passed out and i was bored so i made protein banana muffins and ate two of them. what? they were good. then i went to bed.

day 15: sunday, april 17.

today was the fit test! i woke up at 10:30 and made banana protein pancakes. i may or may not have also had a protein muffin. i went to the couch and watched a movie with marshall and then around 1:30 we decided to do the fit test.

here are my results:

move day 1 day 15 difference
switch kicks 100 109 +9
power jacks 44 50 +6
power knees 85 107 +22
power jumps 28 38 +10
globe jumps 12 13 +1
burpees 14 17 +3
pushup jacks 25 30 +5
plank obliques 50 60 +10

hip hip hooray for improvement! i went to the grocery store and costco.. i had a pb larabar while i was out and about. i cant remember what else i ate. i came home and made a 3 grain mediterranean salad for a guest post and we grilled some chicken to pair with it for dinner.

we went to doug & lindsays for shakes for izzy’s birthday and i didn’t have one. on track. came home and i had a toasted bagel thin with PB and jam for dessert, hit the hay around 10:30!

day 16: monday, april 18.

as much as i didn’t want to do it, i got out of bed at 5 AM to do my plyometric cardio circuit. i had laid out my clothes the night before and after the warmup i had woken up enough to really get into. i finished strong and feeling good and made it to work with 5 minutes to spare!

i ate a 40 calories fruit leather on the way to work. i knew it would be awhile before breakfast.

my boss wanted to try a new spot for breakfast–we ALWAYS go to the original pancake house but he wanted to go to some bear paw cafe all the way in sandy.  sure, whatever. i got an egg white veggie omelet and a cup of fruit. the omelet was greasy and the fruit wasn’t ripe. bad experience for me. the coffee was REALLY good though. i drank 3-4 cups, black.

lunch came and i had my supplements and leftover 3 grain mediterranean salad, chicken and cottage cheese.

snack was a simply bar on the way to bikram. after being so hungry during bikram on saturday, i knew i needed to fuel. they say don’t eat before, but that’s a load of crap. i could eat before anything and not get sick–well, so far that’s what i have found at least. so i ate the simply bar and then went to bikram. it was a GREAT session and i held a bunch of the poses for the whole time–some of the ones that i usually fall out of. so happy about that.

got home and was suuuper hungry, go figure, i made dinner: quinoa, chicken, cream of chicken soup, greek yogurt and broccoli casserole. topped it with garlic gold and cholula. it was amazing and i ate way too much of it and was ridiculously full.

we went to target and i got a bunch of things i didn’t need, and a few things i did need. we got 3 new flavors of ben & jerry’s–i know. three. but we aren’t opening them until free day.

i got home and literally fell asleep at 9:30. nine thirty! on the couch. marshall woke me up at 10 and took me to bed. he even offered to carry me but i told him i could walk. i can’t believe i went to bed so early. before dessert! i had a peach protein shake planned out. guess i will have to have it tomorrow.

day 17: tuesday, april 19.

woke up at 4:45 today because i was going to go to work early so i could leave early for bikram, but then i pressed snooze until 6. can’t win them all. i got up out of bed at 6 and did the pure cardio workout and the cardio abs workout. love pure cardio, but cardio abs is pretty hard on my lower back. i need to strengthen my core and i am hoping yoga helps me with that.

i had protein oats with mighty maple and jam for breakfast and i “mmmmed” through the whole thing.  it was so good! i also had a handful of cali’s market trail mix on my way out the door. i had my supplements, too.

lunch was a salad with spinach, leftover 3 grain med salad and cottage cheese with low fat italian dressing. super good.

snack was a 100 cal simply snack bar and a banana. and my supplements and an adora disc.


looks like i only managed to track things for 17 days.. WOOPS! you can check out my full recap of insanity here.

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Donna April 4, 2011 at 7:04 pm

I’m totally intrigued by Insanity so i’m SUPER excited to follow along with you as you “get insane” hahahaa lame i know :)


EmilyInProgress April 4, 2011 at 8:16 pm

How fun! I am currently doing p90x (I have plyometrics in the morning and get up at 4:45 too), and am definitely curious about Insanity! Good luck!


Cathy April 5, 2011 at 5:51 am

I ordered Insanity on Saturday!!! I’m excited and scared. LOL I’ve become a slave to the scale and I want to to stop! I’m hoping getting toned will get my weight off my mind. Good luck I know you and Marshall will rock it!


brenda April 5, 2011 at 7:27 am

This is fun to read! I’m a runner but I’m terrified of Insanity, even though the ads are so intriguing. Thanks for writing it all up!


ashley hutton April 5, 2011 at 8:31 am

i have done insanity before and am currently doing it again! it definitely takes dedication!


Megan April 5, 2011 at 9:25 am

My husband and I finished the entire Insanity program about a month ago. It was somewhat difficult to stick with the workouts 6 days a week as well as the eating program, but it was a great accomplishment when we finished. I ended up gaining, not losing weight and my before and after pictures showed a slight increase in muscle, but that’s about it. I feel a lot stronger now though and the plyometrics helped my Volleyball game a ton! Enjoy the insanity! Oh…and get used to those mummy kicks :P


christine April 5, 2011 at 10:11 am

I’m doing Insanity right now. It’s ridiculous. But you feel awesome afterwards. I’ve noticed my jeans fit differently than when I was doing my other workouts. It is by far, the hardest cardio I’ve ever done when I push myself to the max. Good luck!


kgirl April 8, 2011 at 6:25 am

ahaha I love that you shared “my shirt was on inside out”
Love that honesty.


christine April 8, 2011 at 6:56 am

Love Pure Cardio, the 1st time i was like “15 min, piece of cake…” ha. also, the dvd that is tough is the dvd done during the recovery week “Core Cardio and Balance”, not the “Cardio Recovery”. Just thought I might clarify! And I can’t wait to see that lemon muffin recipe! yummm


Jess April 8, 2011 at 7:40 am

On the tummy issues–it could definitely be too much fiber. For a while, I was eating a TON of veggies, especially leafy green ones, plus fiber heavy grains (oats, Kashi cereals and other stuff fortified with extra fiber) and started noticing I was bloated/gassy a lot. I tracked my food for a couple weeks and realized I was getting WAY more fiber than the recommended amount, sometimes 2x as much. I made some dietary changes (partly to deal with that, partly for other reasons), moving to a higher-fat diet as well as cutting out the “fiber added” type foods (I clearly don’t need them!) and the problems have generally gone away….and I can immediately tell any day where my fiber intake has creeped back up again (like days when I increase carbs for long runs).

My guess is that, with your regular diet, you probably don’t need a fiber supplement.

[BTW–I’m a SLC local :)]


Devi April 13, 2011 at 3:14 am

Wow, you are crazy motivated! Just watching the Insanity infomercial makes me tired. I’m in awe of your commitment and motivation.


Jaapna Dhillon May 10, 2011 at 3:24 am

I’m curious about how you would compare your insanity progress with your body for life progress in terms of body composition. You said it is one of the hardest workouts you’ve ever done but how does it compare with a traditional cardio + weightlifting routine? I would love your inputs since you’ve experienced both.


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