tuesday’s entirety, take two.

by Janetha on April 24, 2012

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you guys have been asking for full day posts. who am i to not give the people what they ask for? here you go—my whole day! this could be long. just a warning.


5:41: wake up to the peaceful alarm of my new sleep cycle app which was recommended by teri.

5:42: roll over and decide to sleep more instead of going to GPP’s morning workout. sleep sounded way more appealing than weighted pushups.

6:30: wake up for real thanks to marshall getting up. i checked my email and my instagram.. morning rituals.

6:48: roll out of bed. literally. our bed is close to the ground and i usually just roll over onto the floor each morning.

6:49 – 7:38: take a really, really long time to get ready for work. i zoned out a few times and kept petting the pups.


first makeup (which takes me under 3 minutes, total) and then hair. i didn’t have to shower because i did last night after water aerobics, but that actually made getting ready take longer. this is due to the fact that i went to bed with wet hair and had to straighten out all the kinks that developed overnight. usually i wash my hair in the morning and it’s so stick-straight that i just blow dry it and am good to go. i feel bad for people who actually have to straighten their hair daily. well—not have to—but choose to.

7:39: throw clothes from the washer into the dryer.

7:40: make breakfast. i decided to try a new-to-me protein powder that was sent from neocell. i had been putting off trying it since i’ve been loving my other brands of protein powder. my friend jill swears it is her favorite, so i decided i better try it!


i blended a scoop of the collagen sport with a cup of almond milk, some dark cocoa powder, some PB2, a bit of coconut extract and ice. to be completely honest, the collagen sport protein powder didn’t really taste like much. i think it would be better for baking, in pancakes, or with some fruit blended into a shake. it was just a tad bland, unfortunately. but it has amazing stats and contains a lot of great stuff like BCAAs, L-glutamine, and 30 grams of protein. i look forward to experimenting with the powder in the future!

oh yeah, i ate a handful of cinnamon roasted almonds while my shake was blending.


7:49: get dressed. new blue dress, got it at marshall’s. the store, not the husband. cute chain bracelet was a gift from jess.


7:55: packed up my shake along with an orange vanilla chobani and a cup of whole foods generic brand cheerios and grabbed my leftovers (for lunch) from the fridge.


7:59: rallied the pups into the back of my car (i have to lift randy up and always get his fur all over my clothes, i love him and so it is okay!) don’t they look stoked for day care?


8:00-8:25: drive to day care, drop off the kids, swing by the coffee shop for iced coffee. it’s been so warm out lately, i am trying not to drink coffee as much but i really love iced coffee. sometimes ya gotta.

8:26: get to work.. and work, work, work for two hours.


10:30: take a time out and impulse buy some gold sandals and purple pants from myhabit.com, which was recommended by katy. hey, shipping AND return shipping is free! how could i say no to these bargains?


please ignore the hat, shoes, and shirt on the model in the above photo. the purple pants are super cute!

10:31: back to work!

11:47: realize i had not consumed a drop of water all morning. BAD JANETHA. filled up my contigo twice and successfully drank 48 ounces of water before 12:17.

12:18: pat myself on the back for catching up on my water consumption.

12:45: lunch time! i had leftover chicken piccata, broccoli, and spaghetti squash. i won’t show you because 1- leftovers eaten out of tupperware is not worth photographing and 2- you saw it in yesterday’s post. i will show you my lunch dessert, though!


i usually have a couple rice cakes with sunbutter after lunch, but this week i bought these corn thins from whole foods. i really like them! it’s a tasty change.

12:46: eat and catch up on some blogs, reply to some emails about blend retreat, and google things about costa rica since i can’t wait to go.

1:20: lindsay calls me! it was fun to hear her voice. she’s the cutest and i can’t wait to see her NEXT WEEK.

1:24: back to work! quickbooks hell. reconciling. payroll. accounting. FUN.

3:24: get the afternoon blahs and decide to get out of my windowless office and visit amanda and kerryne down in the front office. plus, i had a new treat to try! yay, adventurous april!


i picked this chocolate bar up at GNC yesterday. not just any chocolate bar.. a protein one. guess what? tasted exactly like a crunch bar. the stats on the bar are great. 15 grams of protein for the whole bar–we split it three ways.


4:30: quitting time! by the time i left work, i’d downed another 48 ounces of water leaving me at 96 so for the day.

4:35: swing by day care to get the pups, call momma b and chat with her on my drive home.

4:47: get a text from marshall informing me he ran out of gas for the first time in his life!

5:01: drive past marshall’s work truck on the side of the highway.

5:02: drive past marshall and his partner–who are walking on the side of the highway–heading toward the gas station.

5:03: flip around and pick them up, take them to the gas station to get gas, and then back to marshall’s truck.

5:15: pull into my garage, unload the kiddos, change for the gym, and fill my contigo with fitmixer aminos. SUPER SPEEDY!

5:21: shove a rice cake and a handful of trail mix in my mouth en route to the gym.

5:30: participate in the advanced crosstraining class. here’s what was on today’s slate:

five tabata rounds (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 8 times through, move to the next):

  • box jumps
  • weighted alternating lunges
  • burpees without the jump (so just in and out)
  • running up and down the stairs (4 minutes solid, no rest)
  • dumbbell biceps curls standing on one leg
followed by five MORE tabata rounds:
  • dumbbell shoulder press
  • weighted squat-below parallel
  • mountain climbers
  • running up and down the stairs (4 minutes solid, no rest)
  • triceps bench dips
the workout ended with 100 sit-ups and 50 girl pushups. whew!

6:31: talk to jenn (blog friend that i finally met in real life today!) for a solid hour! time flew by, i am not sure how that happened! she’s rad.

7:32: zip to the store to get cocoa powder, almond milk, marinara sauce, and chicken.

8:01: get to work on a semi-homemade dinner.. start typing this post while it cooks.

IMG 0920

i say semi-homemade because i did season and pan-fry some chicken breasts. OH, and steamed some asparagus. hard work!

8:27: EAT!

IMG 0925

there is chicken under there somewhere. and i went back for seconds of ravioli.. this ravioli is so dang good.

8:54: shower. yes, i made and ate dinner before showering. priorities, folks.

9:18: hitting publish now.. and then heading to the kitchen to clean up the dinner mess and grab some cookies & cream arctic zero.

honestly, i have no idea how you people with human kids do it. i barely manage to fit everything in on my own… i salute you mommas out there.

anyway, hope you all had a great day!

xo. janetha g.

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Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats April 26, 2012 at 9:25 am

I totally agree with the whole not having kids thing. I feel so busy as it is–especially on the days that I have to work. In a way it makes me not ever want kids just because I am too selfish I think. lol.

holly (yo soul sista from another much taller curly haired mista) April 26, 2012 at 10:11 am

thank you for introducing me to myhabit! i may say thank you but my wallet does not. it officially hates you now.

but again, I LOVE YOU.

and that’s all that matters.

p.s. LOVE the purple jeans!

jenn April 26, 2012 at 10:26 am

umm..i’m rad? i think YOU’RE rad!

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