Stars, Stripes, Space 11×17 Print


This design is printed on 11×17″ 80# cardstock paper (frame not included).  We opted to limit the design to shades of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black because we thought it might give the design a patriotic feel. In addition, we’ve always loved the images of Astronauts in their spacesuits so we wanted to use such an image as the focal point of the design.

Our design features a bold black image of Astronaut Buzz Aldrin [walking on the moon in 1969] set against a vintage paper background filled with cyan, magenta, and yellow stars and stripes. While Aldrin is shown in black we decided to add some cyan and magenta to the American flag patch on the left arm of his spacesuit. The lower right corner of the design features the text ‘More than 50 years of Stars, Stripes, & Space.’ while the bottom left corner of the design includes the NASA logo in shades of cyan and magenta along with NASA’s motto: ‘For the benefit of all.’

Our Stars, Stripes, Space design pays tribute to NASA and was a finalist in the Etsy x NASA Spacecraft contest.  We had a blast working on this design and hope you enjoy it as well. Thanks for checking it out & happy bidding!

Will ship to USA in a poly bag inside a stay flat mailer.

Contributor: Senioritis

Bidding starts at $10 USD. Bidding closes at 8pm EST.

If you would like to bid, leave a comment with the US $ amount below.

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