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by Janetha on October 4, 2011

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it was SO fun to see all of the better breakfast submissions roll in for the last ten days of september, which was better breakfast month.

i want to showcase the 29 entries here, and have created a poll at the end of the post. voting will be open until next monday and the entry with the most votes will win the better breakfast prize pack. that’ll make it a bit more interesting than just picking a random number, right? of course, right.

like i said, there are 29 entries.. so let’s get to it! if the person has a blog or post related to their entry, their name will be hyperlinked. click away!


Name: Nicole

My better breakfast is: 1/2 cup quinoa with some almond butter, shelled hemp, cacao nibs, goji berries and freeze dried blueberries.

This is a better breakfast for me because: I’m breaking out of my “oats every day” breakfast rut.



Name: Sami

My better breakfast is: Katie’s Blueberry Pie Pancakes (recipe)

This is a better breakfast for me because: you make them with WHOLESOME ingredients. I actually used oat bran in the picture. They’re carby, giving me lots of energy to power through the morning. The recipe is totally versatile, and you can use different kinds of fruit to switch things up. With a necessary side of crack coffee. They keep me full for hours and taste like dessert, which I think is most important.  Who doesn’t want to start their day with dessert? Top ‘em with peanut butter or greek yogurt, and you’ve got yourself a great balance of healthy carbs & protein.



Name: Elyssa

My better breakfast is: Frozen Trader Joes Steel Cut Oats, Juice Sweetened Strawberry Jelly (from farmers market), Raisins and Slivered Almonds

This is a better breakfast for me because: it has everything you need to get you going for the day! It is also sweet and I have a HUGE sweet tooth!



Name: Cara

My better breakfast is: amped up steel cut oats.

This is a better breakfast for me because: lots of people have heard of cooking steel cut oats in the slow cooker overnight, but I took it up a notch and combined barley and TVP for a more nutritionally-balanced and protein-packed hot cereal that still has plenty of fiber. I cooked the barley and TVP with finely diced butternut squash, almond milk, water, liquid vanilla stevia, and pumpkin pie spice. The results? I’m lovin’ it! Can’t wait to experiment with this idea for more great flavor combos.



Name: Debbie

My better breakfast is: a tofu scramble bagel sandwich, with a nice big red slice of tomato!  I had just gotten a fresh farmers market tomato and it has the best fresh flavor.

This is a better breakfast for me because: it allows me to get more protein into my breakfast.  Normally when I have my oatmeal I will add some peanut butter to get my fats and protein, but it just wasn’t filling me up.  This sandwich really hit the spot. I added a side of a fresh peach and some strawberries and it really hit the spot.  Although my oatmeal sounded good in the morning and I knew it was a safe breakfast I am glad I ventured out and tried something different.  The addition of fresh produce also was a nice boost.  Over a very fresh and filling breakfast.



Name: Carly

My better breakfast is: my bowl of protein oats! 3 T oats, 2 T oat bran, flax, chias, applesauce, protein powder, almond milk and water. Topped with maple syrup, peanut butter and granola.

This is a better breakfast for me because: Fiber filled, protein powder for satiety, natural sweeteners, and PB for healthy fat.



Name: Matthew

My better breakfast is: Breakfast Quinoa

This is a better breakfast for me because: I love that quinoa is a complete protein source, which helps to keep me satiated all morning. For an added protein boost, I like to add some peanut butter as well. To top it all off, I include apples and bananas for added flavor and fiber. I make a big batch over the weekend and then will reheat a jar at work in the mornings. This is better than so many other breakfast options out there as it is fat free and has only natural sugars.



Name: Lauren

My better breakfast is: my spin on the classic “egg in a hole” except in a wrap! I call in egg in a wrap….creative, I know.

This is a better breakfast for me because: breakfast does not have to be fancy or typical “breakfast” foods. This egg in a wrap is simple, tasty and easy to sneak in your veggies too!



Name: Tiffany

My better breakfast is: Inspired by okonomiyaki, a “Japanese pizza” that is really more of a pancake.  Mine is made of shredded zucchini, cabbage, and carrots mixed with egg whites and a little bit of flour!  Cooked in a skillet and topped with a ketchup/worschestire sauce mix.

This is a better breakfast for me because: any breakfast containing vegetables is better in my book.  (Can you say alliteration?)  I like savory food in the morning on occasion…sweet stuff often leaves me craving more sweets.  Plus, this has plenty of satisfying protein!  Delicious.



Name: Haley

My better breakfast is: coconut, banana, almond butter oats.

This is a better breakfast for me because: it has good whole grains, lots of protein and healthy fats, and has no added sugars. The ingredients in here are: oatmeal, skim milk, a banana, cinnamon, coconut and vanilla extract then topped with natural no salt added almond butter.



Name: Lyndsey

My better breakfast is: quinoa oatmeal (quinoameal?!)

This is a better breakfast for me because: It was a welcome change from my usual breakfast, keeping the amount of protein high, and removing the cholesterol from the eggs, something I’ve been contemplating for a while now.



Name: Ariel

My better breakfast is: Blueberry banana softserve (blended frozen blueberries and banana together in a food processor) layered with chobani plain greek yogurk, Hungry Hungry Hippies Quinoa granola, Justins honey almond butter, and crofters apricot jam between layers.  Topped with more honey almond butter, ground flax seed, and a sprinkle of locally made muesli for beautification purposes.  All layer in a wine glass.

This is a better breakfast for me because:  Mixing the soft serve with yogurt and other goodies gives it an amazing richness and added protein.  And the wine glass parfait is just awesome to look at while you eat…unless youre like me and mix everything up right off the bat. The Reason its my better breakfast?  The only bad part about this breakfast is that my finger is not long enough to get all the good stuff left at the bottom of the glass.



Name: Meghan

My better breakfast is: Strawberry Egg White Oats: strawberries, oats and egg whites topped with a crumbled chocolate chip brownie Larabar.

This is a better breakfast for me because: it’s delicious, filling, protein packed and it involves chocolate for breakfast.



Name: Sarah

My better breakfast is: yogurt, granola & fruit.

This is a better breakfast for me because: it is a major change from the oats that i have eaten almost ever single morning all summer. i mixed some love grown granola with a lemon chobani and had a bag of grapes to go with it. unpictured is a home-brewed kombucha and a mug of coffee! it’s important that most of my breakfasts are easy to grab on the go because i usually have to eat at my desk at work and i don’t want to spend much time making it & packing it up!



Name: Lindsay

My better breakfast is: Leaves and Trees Egg Scramble: 1 Egg + 2 Egg Whites + Broccoli + Spinach + Roasted Red Pepper Hummus + Plain Greek Yogurt (Chobani)

This is a better breakfast for me because: One of my goals lately has been to GET MORE GREENS into my diet.  Major fail lately!  I typically eat an egg scramble (with cheese) for breakfast.  For your challenge, I switched things up and added broccoli, spinach AND R.R. Pepper hummus as sources of vegetables.  Healthy, savory, protein packed!  Coupled with a Tree Hugger K-cup and my vitamins, a great start to the day!



Name: Lauren

My better breakfast is: Morning Power Bowl (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it)

-1.5 cups cooked spaghetti squash
-.25 cup peanut flour
-.5 scoop protein powder
-Walden’s sugar free maple syrup to taste
-water/almond milk to desired consistency
Mix and nuke this baby up and add whatever else you want (bananas,
granola, nuts, pb, etc). This pasta-esque, sweet bowl is packed with
lots of vitamins from the veggies and of course high protein and very
low in carbs. Delicious!

This is a better breakfast for me because: it is a veggie-filled, protein-packed, satisfyingly sweet breakfast.



Name: Eleah

My better breakfast is: Pumpkin Pancakes

This is a better breakfast for me because: two reasons: 1) I usually feel lazy in the morning and eat yogurt or cereal 2) If I hadn’t made these, that extra pumpkin that was sitting in a tupper ware in my fridge would likely have molded. Economic + Delicious = Better Breakfast.



Name: Carrie

My better breakfast is: Mini Egg White Frittatas.
18 Egg Whites
Chopped Jalepeno
Chopped Green and Red Peppers
Chopped Spinach
Chopped Steamed Broccoli
Salt and Pepper
(Can use any desired veggies.  I sometimes use shredded zucchini as well)
Spray muffin tin with non-stick spray. Fill 12 muffin cups with egg white mixture.  This may may make more depending on how many veggies you put in the mix. Bake for 18-20 minutes at 350. Can keep leftovers in fridge for about 3 days.

This is a better breakfast for me because: its low carb and it starts your day off with protein and veggies! i agree totally that oatmeal can be high in carbs and calories can add up too fast if you arent careful what you put in it!



Name: Bonnie

My better breakfast is: Scrambled Eggs w/Broccoli Slaw, Chickpeas, & Cayenne

This is a better breakfast for me because: I’ve noticed that I’m only getting vegetables into my day after noon or later, and I’ve decided I need to have vegetables in some form or fashion before lunch. I didn’t have many veggies on hand, so I threw some green onions and broccoli slaw into the mix with some chickpeas – guess this one was heavy on the protein! The eggs were from happy chickens and eating the bright yellow yolks and veggies in the a.m. left me feeling good about my choice and ready to continue making good choices throughout the day. Thanks for hosting this challenge to get me off my sweet breakfasts and into the goodness of eggs & vegetables in the morning!



Name: Melaina

My better breakfast is: Toasted english muffin, 1/4 cup Egg Beaters (microwave for 30 seconds, flip and nuke another 30 seconds), 4 slices super lean black forest ham,  1 oz goat cheese spread on the muffin, cracked black pepper and a little sea salt and enjoy!

This is a better breakfast for me because: I took a break from my crazy range of smoothies to try some new things.



Name: Jenna

My better breakfast is: Peanut Butter Chocolate Cream of Oat Pudding (recipe and variations)

This is a better breakfast for me because: I have always loved Cream of Wheat and Cream of Rice cereal.  And I love oatmeal, just like everyone else in blogland!  So to recreate the hot oat bran based smoothies of the past, I came up with Cream of Oat pudding.  It’s high in fiber, protein-rich (original version uses tofu, one of the variations uses egg whites), flavorful, easy for on the go (sip with a straw) or it makes a comforting mug on a cold morning.



Name: Maren

My better breakfast is: This is a pumpkin oatmeal cake! I took two egg whites, a huge spoonful of pumpkin, 1/2 cup oatmeal, tsp of baking powder, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice. Mixed it all up and cooked it on the skillet! Then, I topped with peanut butter.

This is a better breakfast for me because: It’s seems like I have been eating protein powder every morning for two years, so when I ran out and there wasn’t a Costco within 300 miles, I decided to change it up! This meal is super easy, delicious, and perfect for fall!



Name: Mary

My better breakfast is: Peanut Butter + Oats + Yogurt + Fruit Par(yay)  <—get it? It’s not a parfait. It’s a par(yay)– or better yet, a par(tay)! I know, I know, I’ll give it a rest… (recipe/method here)

This is a better breakfast for me because: It’s easy, convenient, and I fun. This breakfast is fun to eat, it’s really pretty in a jar, and it is super satisfying. I use peanut flour as opposed to peanut butter, so this meal isn’t heavy on oil or fat. The peanut flour and yogurt pack a huge protein punch, the oats add texture and fiber, and the fruit adds both color and natural sweetness–plus all the benefits of fruit! It usually takes me a long time to eat it. Since it’s in a jar…and because there are 3 amazing layers of awesomeness.



Name: Kat

My better breakfast is: Flaxified Granola Topped Yogurt: vanilla bean greek yogurt, bear naked fruit & nut granola and a tbsp of flax meal

This is a better breakfast for me because: A couple months ago I almost never ate breakfast, or when I did it was a… nutrigrain bar of sorts (gasp!) I started working out more and now I need more protein filled, better (or just plain existent) breakfasts in my life. And I’m addicted to yummy flax now too!!



Name: Lindsay

My better breakfast is: Carrot Cake Pancakes

This is a better breakfast for me because: My biggest challenge at breakfast is including veggies. This was my inspiration for the carrot cake pancakes. I also replaced some of the flour with crushed Attune Foods Uncle Sam’s cereal for some added fiber. I love the crunch from the walnuts and raisins mixed in. I enjoyed these with a mixture of applesauce and maple syrup on top. They may be better with cream cheese frosting.



Name: Lindsay

My better breakfast is: Gluten Free toast with homemade spread (melted cashew butter mixed with goats milk yogurt and cinnamon). Top toast with fresh fig and honey.

This is a better breakfast for me because: IT’S GOOD STUFF!



Name: Eden

My better breakfast is: Microwaved Oatmeal Over-Easy

This is a better breakfast for me because: Because I get into breakfast ruts. I tend to have the usual “sweet” breakfast of yogurt, some sort of fruit, and cereal. Its boring by now. So I thought I’d switch things up and pretend take the usual oatmeal (which reminds me of jizz) and make it savory. Savory and made quickly thanks to the microwave. Cause when I’m hungry, I have no patience. That’s a lie. I always have no patience.



Name: Heather

My better breakfast is: Yogurt Multigrain Pancakes

This is a better breakfast for me because: they’re filled with yogurt + egg for my morning protein power. Then add in whole wheat flour + freshly ground buckwheat flour + oats for wholesome whole grain goodness.  PLUS  a huge serving of multi nut/seed butter for extra healthy fats + staying power.



Name: Christin

My better breakfast is: Protein oatmeal: instant oatmeal, vanilla protein powder, apple, almond butter, dash of cinnamon.

This is a better breakfast for me because: I had been stuck in a greek yogurt plus cheerios in a baggie plus an apple since spring…I do oatmeal during fall and winter, but was hesitant to go back to it because it doesn’t keep me full as long. So I ended up trying different twists on your protein oatmeal idea and found a new favorite!



so there are all the great entries! i hope you guys got some new ideas for breakfast. now, the fun part.. the voting. you can get your family & friends to vote—i will have the poll open until early next week when i remember to close it on or around october 10th.

please don’t leave your vote in the comments section, just use the poll can, however, leave a comment about any of these great breakfasts and your thoughts on them if you want!

i have a LOT to do before i leave for my trip on thursday.. but i’ll try to stop in for some regular blogging before i go.

xo. janetha g.

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