by Janetha on April 19, 2011

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looks like i am on day 12. never mind that i started this “30 day” challenge on january 21st… i WILL get to the end.


  • alarm went off at 4:45, 4:46 and 4:47. yes, i set three.
  • i pressed snooze until 6 AM. i had good intentions to wake up and work out at 5, but it just didn’t happen. not sure why it didn’t.. since i went to bed at NINE THIRTY the night before.. but it didn’t. i am a snooze monster.
  • threw on my workout attire and did two insanity dvds:
    • pure cardio
    • cardio abs
    • yes i just bulleted within a bulleted list. do i get bonus points for this?
  • showered, did my makeup, got dressed.
  • turned on the electric kettle and grinded the coffee for a pot of french press.
  • put oats on the stove to cook.
  • dried my hair.
  • poured the boiling water in the french press, finished up cooking my oats (stirred the protein powder in.)
  • poured my oats into a bowl and topped them with mighty maple peanut butter and four fruit jam.


  • audibly said “mmmmmm!” the whole time i was eating my oats. they were that good.


  • took my vitamins & supplements, filled my water bottle, filled my coffee mug.
  • gave the husband, the basset hound and the entlebucher cavalier a kiss goodbye.
  • drove to work.
  • made my to do list for the day on the notepad i got from allie.


  • worked.. a lot.


  • drank my coffee.. wished i had more..


  • admired my favorite shoes and thought “i need to wear these to work every day.”


  • drank water.


  • worked more. sent some faxes. who even uses fax machines anymore? i hate it when people need a fax rather than an email.


  • lunch time!  went to the kitchen and fixed my lunch.
  • took my lunch into the conference room for its photo shoot. totally normal.


  • thought about how delicious this spinach, cottage cheese and three grain medeterranean salad would be as soon as it hit my mouth.


  • got harassed by my boss as i was exiting the photo studio conference room. he told me i better hurry and get my lunch up on the internet. all in due time, boss man.
  • opened my google reader to read some blogs while eating lunch. do you know whose this one was?


  • how about this one?


  • so many blogs.. so little time.. didn’t get to you all today.


  • finished my lunch, took more supplements and vitamins.


  • debated taking all my dishes down to the kitchen to wash them, then decided against it and added my lunch bowl to the growing pile. what?


  • drank more water.
  • worked some more.
  • took a break to play words with friends.


  • took a photo of my iPhone cover because i realized i never showed it to you guys. isn’t it dope? i got it off society6.com


  • worked some more.
  • grabbed my snack!


  • thought about how long it’s been since i had a caramel simply snack bar.


  • yum.


  • ate my banana.. drank more water.. worked some more.


  • quitting time! drove to the fish market.
  • purchased some fresh blue nose sea bass from my friend CJ.
  • drove home. thought i was FOR SURE going to run out of gas.
  • got real nervous.
  • passed a dead skunk in the road Sad smile
  • passed another subaru driver who gave me “the two finger wave”. did i miss the secret initiation meeting when i bought my subaru? every time i pass another subaru driver, they do this secret little wave. and i am never quite sure how to react…sure wish i had been invited to the initiation meeting.
  • made it home. didn’t run out of gas. made a mental note to leave early tomorrow so i can get gas.
  • walked inside, kissed the husband, the basset hound and the entlebucher cavalier.
  • filmed a super sweet video that is going up wednesday morning!!!! get excited.
  • made dinner.. fish sticks + sweet potato chips + broccoli was on the menu.
  • looked up jessica’s method for breading fish in salt + vinegar chips.. genius.


  • prepped the sweet potatoes and threw them in the oven.


  • prepped the fish sticks.


  • put the fish in the oven.
  • made a sauce using greek yogurt, fresh lemon juice, dried dill and old bay seasoning.


  • watched the ovens and waited.. patiently.. oh, and steamed the broccoli.


  • ate dinner!


  • got really excited that marshall likes fish so much.. third time in a row he’s requested it and third time in the row he has liked it.
  • admired my perfecty baked fish sticks. vandekamp’s has nothin’ on me.


  • cleaned up the kitchen.
  • took the dogs on a walk with the mister.
  • realized it was still a little too cold for our nightly walks.
  • decided i can’t wait for summer.
  • got home, opened the mail.
  • did some more cleaning and straightening up.
  • uploaded the video for tomorrow’s post.
  • folded a teeny tiny bit of laundry.. marshall did the rest.
  • photographed some items that i have to review.
  • typed this bulleted list.
  • realized bulleting my whole day is a lot more tedious and time consuming than i expected.
  • um.. wait.. now i am current.. what do i say now????
  • realized there are no real questions to ask regarding this ridiculous post.
  • thought of a couple anyway, just for fun..


1. do you like fish? favorite kind? favorite recipe? <—more for me than anything else. now that i can make fish for dinner it’s a whole new world for me!

2. when it comes to filling the gas tank.. are you a procrastinator or are you a never-have-to-worry-about-running-out type? i am always almost out. story of my life. i am so lazy.

see you tomorrow for a VERY important day and giveaway!

xo. janetha g.

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Mary (What's Cookin' with Mary) April 20, 2011 at 9:01 am

Fish is probably one of my favorite proteins. My fav’s are mahi, halibut, sea bass, salmon & ahi tuna. But I’ll try (and usually like) any type of fish. Never had one a I didn’t like. A few links to recipes….

My OCD makes me one of those “never-have-to-worry-about-running-out type” HAHA. I think it all started that one time I was driving my brother’s car and it was low (and not even like ON the E)… I started down this really big hill right by our house and it made all the gas in the car go forward in the tank, which make the car think it was out of gas (sorry for the lame description – I know nothing about cars) and it TURNED OFF going 45 down a steep hill ?! The wheel locked up… the breaks weren’t working right and I had to coast into a parking lot and call AAA. It was not fun. I never let any car I drove be that low again.

Errign April 20, 2011 at 9:06 am

I do like fish – I dig on salmon, swordfish and mahi mahi. No standard white fish for me! Blegh!

My gas gauge is broken so I don’t get to procrastinate on getting gas. Once (when I didn’t know the gas gauge was broken – I had just gotten the car), I ran out of gas on a one way street. Awesome-sauce.

Healthy Coconut April 20, 2011 at 9:10 am

Once, I took my cupcake into the conference room for its photo shoot too. it’s totally normal for me, don’t care what others think (but nobody was around though).

I love baking fish too. I have sort of unlimited supply of fish because the fiance likes to dive/fishing as his hobby. I”m in need of fish recipes too.

The one I have been using lately is baking them with egg wash + panko + garlic seasoning + taco seasoning. Loving it.

But I would like to try the way you prepared your fish though.

Chelsea Raynes April 20, 2011 at 9:21 am

I love bullet points. I cant start my day till have a bullet list full of to-dos and if I something extra I add it just so I can cross it off! LOL! That dinner looks good :)

Emily April 20, 2011 at 9:21 am

It doesn’t stipulate 30 days in a row, does it?

1. Vegan, so no fish. Although fish was my final holdout, years ago. My family’s amazing Feast of the Seven Fishes dinner on Christmas Eve was the one and only thing that kept me from being completely vegan at one point. The octopus is tomato sauce was always my favorite.

2. I don’t drive! I don’t eat fish, I don’t drive. I’m wasting comment space here!

Amy April 20, 2011 at 11:01 am

I always tell myself I need to fill up my tank when it gets to 3/4 of a tank because it seems like gas goes quicker under the halfway mark, but I never fill up until my light comes on. Plus, little fill ups don’t seem to hurt as much as big ones…

marissa April 20, 2011 at 1:31 pm

* you used the word dope. awesome sauce.

*what a neat idea for fish breading.

*i <3 lists!

Susan April 20, 2011 at 4:47 pm

Baaaaahahaha at the Subaru wave. People on motorcycles do that too and I always got a kick out of it when I was on the back of Chris’ Harley.

Also, I hate fax machines. I still get asked to send faxes all the time and it drives me nuts. Stupid antiquated technology.

Also also, smoked salmon is my all-time favourite. Not the pink strips, but real flaky smoked filets. Wait. Does shellfish count? If yes, then mussels cooked in beer are my favourite.

Sara April 20, 2011 at 4:55 pm

You cracked me up with the “I am current… what do I do now?” :P

I love letting my gas light come on. I’m a dare devil like that! HAH.

AJ April 21, 2011 at 5:58 am

Subaru 2 finger wave? LOL!! I’m on my 2nd Suby and lots of people around here (Northeast) drive Subys… but never have I seen/heard of this. =)

kissmybroccoli April 24, 2011 at 8:14 pm

So behind…but I know you can relate! ;)

Girl you totally cracked me up when you caught up with yourself! And I’m still laughing about the Secret Subaru wave! Haha!

I love making salmon for dinner (which reminds me I totally need to buy some)! You can do just about anything to it: top it in bbq sauce, sprinkle with whatever seasonings, or sometimes I just keep it simple with a little S&P and serve it in a salad. Yeah, I’m full of creativity tonight, aren’t I??

I am such a procrastinator with filling up! And usually I say that I’ll fill up in the morning, but then I forget to leave early before I have to be at work…thus the cycle continues until I’m running on fumes! Whoops!

Nicole G August 11, 2011 at 9:48 am

Random question, janetha, but how do you like your subaru?

Planning on getting a larger family ride and the GMC Arcadia and Subaru Tribeca are in the running. I know nothing of Subaru’s though nor do I know anyone (but you ;) that has one. Just curious how it’s treating you.

Love the bullet post! And fish! My favorite! Love all of it, shellfish included. I need to make it more…I am the only one who will eat fish left-overs though. The husband thinks leftover fish is gross!

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