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by Janetha on June 10, 2010

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hello, friends! thanks for all the kind words regarding my wedding plans and engagement photos. i am getting real excited about the wedding. and i am also getting real excited about camping tomorrow! i am probably off packing things up or prepping food for the trip (most likely) so i have recruited one of my favorite girls to post tonight!

kristin writes over on cook, bake & nibble and she & i have been blog friends since the beginning of time! or, the beginning of meals & moves, at least. she recently got engaged and her wedding is just right after mine, so we have a lot we can relate to each other about. i am sure she will mention all this in her post below, but i wanted to chime in, introduce her, and let you all know how amazing she really is!!

so without further ado, here’s kris :)


Greetings, Meal & Moves readers!

I’m Kristin, from the blog Cook, Bake and Nibble where I chronicle my life as I try to stay healthy going to culinary school in Toronto, Ontario. I am so excited Janetha is letting me do a guest post on her blog- I love it, and have been reading it since the beginning!


A little about me. I grew up on the coast of little Rhode Island, and went to the University of Rhode Island for three years, studying Nutrition before moving to Canada with my Canadian boyfriend (now fiancé). My weight has had many ups and downs (check out my story here ). And currently I am trying to drop a few pounds for my wedding, which is less than a month after Janetha’s! Fun fact: We are favorite color twins, and we both have our bridesmaids wearing purple J


The boy and I

Now my fiancé Nick and I eat very differently. In fact, I started packing on the extra pounds when I started dating him. I had recently begun eating meat again after 3 years as a vegetarian and somehow, with all my nutrition knowledge, it didn’t click that the extra fat and calories that came along with a lot of the meat I was eating would add up. Nick happens to have an amazing body (he is a professional sailor, and a certified personal trainer) and he also happens to be able to eat ANYTHING he wants without gaining weight (Yes, I am incredibly jealous). So it wasn’t long before I realized that when we moved in together, we were going to have to figure something else out.

I recently reduced my meat intake drastically (I still eat fish), and because I do most of the cooking in the house, Nick’s intake has reduced as well- and surprise, surprise – we both feel much better physically. But even so, my darling carnivore still needs his meat. So I thought I’d share with you a few of my tips about creating meals for a carnivore and a veg-head, without becoming a short-order cook.

· Increase those portions! I think girls sometimes undersestimate how much those boys really can eat. Or at least I did. So if I up the portion 50-75% from what I am eating, usually it is enough for him.

· Focus on protein- protein packed dishes are not only filling for a vegetarian, but can also seem more satisfying for a meat eater. Try using lentils, beans, edamame, quinoa, eggs, cheese, even tofu or tempeh… anything that is packed with healthy meat-free protein.  


· Make it a side- If Nick is really craving meat, I’ll cook him up a small chicken breast, while focusing on the “side”- a vegetarian dish that will become my entrée.

· Create interchangeable meals- Meals like personal pizzas (with homemade whole wheat crust), tacos/enchiladas, baked potatoes, frozen burgers (for a quick fix) are easily interchangeable with vegetarian and meat options. For instance, I will make veggie tacos with beans for myself, and add a little ground beef for Nick. Or he’ll have cheese and pepperoni on his pizza and I’ll have goat cheese and veggies.


· Try a meat substitute- I don’t eat these very often because they can be highly processed, but it can be really easy to fool a meat-eater with some fabulous meat substitutes. I only recently told Nick I have been feeding him vegan sausages for a while now- and he enjoys them! I think he was a  bit shocked, but he admitted he did like them, and had no idea they were meatless!

· Make “naturally” vegetarian dishes more often- It seems to me that boys are more afraid of things like tofu (luckily except my boy) and tempeh than they are eating a big pile of pasta with marinara sauce or home made cheese & veggie pizza- both of which are “naturally” vegetarian in form, but don’t automatically signal the hippie lights to start flashing.


· Compromise- Nick happens to like tofu, which I recently found out, so I compromise and make dishes that I know he will like- such as baked tofu, over tempeh, which he doesn’t really enjoy- and save that for when I am making dinner for just myself.


These tips may also be beneficial to all you meat-lovers out there who want a vegetarian option every once in a while, for a little healthy twist- whether or not your partner thinks it’s a good idea or not!

For meals pictured above and more of my meat-free and meaty recipes, check out my recipe page!


wow, thanks kristin! i loved this post. as someone who eats quite different from my S.O. aka marshall, these suggestions sure come in handy.  luckily my boy likes the healthy food i make (most of the time!) nick is a lucky guy to have you making delicious eats for him on the regular!  my favorite meat free meal has to be eggs. i am obsessed.

hope you all enjoyed kristin’s post. check back tomorrow for flashback friday :)


1. Do you and your significant other eat differently? How do you cope?

2. What is your favorite meat-free meal? Any favorite fool-‘em meat substitutes?

Thanks so much Janetha for letting me do a guest post!

xo. Kristin R. (Soon to be Kristin D.!) & janetha b. (soon to be g.!)

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