wedding plans wednesday.

by Janetha on June 9, 2010

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i have mentioned that i’ve been busy with wedding plans a lot lately but i haven’t really talked about what the plans are! so i thought i would take some time to show/tell you guys about some wedding details. mixed in with my meals & moves, of course.

OH. before i get into all that, i have to tell you about my nervous breakdown i had last night! so, i hit “publish” on last night’s post.. and i get this screen from wordpress that says my blog has been suspended and archived due to violation of terms! WHAT?!?! my posts were all gone, i couldn’t access any of my blog, i burst into tears. it was dramatic. i emailed wordpress, frantically, and anxiously awaited resolution.  i think that this was just the icing on the cake to my bad day yesterday. work was rough as it was and marshall and i had gotten into an argument about work (which can happen when you work with your fiancé, not awesome) and i hadn’t mentioned it here.. but i was already feeling down and out. when my blog malfunctioned i totally lost it. the up side? at 12:30 AM marshall threw the pups in his car and drove down to my house to be with me. dog kisses and a fiancé by my side? instantly felt better. and when i woke up today i had an email from wordpress letting me know that the suspension was a mistake and they restored everything! PHEW. but now i need to figure out how to back everything up. i know i can export my content in the wordpress dashboard but that doesn’t back up the photos. if anyone has advice on how i can easily back everything up, please let me know!

okay.. so now that i’ve got that off my chest. let’s ramble!


meal 1: waffle! + PB2 & egg whites + ketchup @ 9:00 AM


i love waffle wednesday :) today i had an organic flax toaster waffle topped ith 1 TB of PB2~ special thanks to the bestie for replenishing my PB2 supply for my birthday!


i microwaved 3 egg whites and topped them with heinz reduced sugar ketchup. i am sure you are all sick of seeing egg whites around here, but i am not sorry. i just love eggs!


and coffee in my favorite mug!


wedding plans: clothes for the dudes.

today marshall took care of his tux and the groomsmen’s suits! for his tux, he will be wearing this super sweet paisley vest:


it is hard to see, but there is a muted paisley pattern. he will also wear a black jacket, black slacks and his custom made pumas:


the groomsmen will be wearing the same paisley vest except it will be black. they will be wearing yellow neck ties, white collared shirts and black slacks. they won’t be wearing suit jackets.. just the vests. they also will be wearing custom made pumas:



meal 2: salad+cottage cheese @ 12:00 PM


look, i found a fork! i didn’t have to eat my salad with a spoon like the other day. 


this salad was simply a bunch of veggies/greens, 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese, a mixture of oikos+ranch seasoning+water drizzled on top as well as a mixture of hot & sweet mustard+water drizzled on top and then a few baby bell peppers. delicious.

wedding plans: clothes for the ladies.

i think i have already showed you guys my bridesmaid dresses, but i honestly can’t remember for sure. the ladies will be wearing this dress:


and these flip flops:


i obviously can’t show you my dress on the blog because marshall reads it (hi babe!) but i will tell you that it is a maggie sottero dress. i still have to find some shoes to wear for the wedding.. you can bet all your money that i will be wearing flip flops. i don’t do heels.

i can, however, show you the dress i am getting for my bachelorette party! it is so dang cute. my wedding colors are purple, yellow and houndstooth. no, houndstooth is not a color but it is my favorite pattern.. so i had to incorporate it into the wedding. this dress has a muted houndstooth pattern and i love it:


side note: doesn’t that model remind you of kailey?

plus it has pockets. pockets on dresses make the world go round. it’s true.

meal 3: cold protein mocha & cranbran vitatop + mighty maple peanut butter @ 3:30 PM


the mocha was 30g EAS chocolate protein powder, 1/2 cup silk almond milk, 1/2 cup cold coffee and ice.


i am slowly eating my way through my vitatop stash! i slathered this one with 2 tsp mighty maple. my fave.


wedding plans: engagement photos.

well.. the engagement photos turned out awesome. i thought i would show you a few of the shots. we have one picked out for the wedding announcements.. can you guess which one we are using?

(all photos copyright brody dezember photography


sorry for the overkill. there are like 247 more where that came from.. so consider this a snippet!

we will be using a bunch of the engagement photos as centerpieces! i got this idea from my friend summer’s wedding. we will get cute frames to match the wedding decor and throw an engagement shot in each frame and then adorn each table with a photo and maybe some cute knickknack and then an orchid. orchids are where it’s at.


it was an upper body workout day! thank you to those of you who chimed in on upper body workout tips! great ideas in the comments section of my last post. special thanks to naomi for sending me so expert advice! homegirl knows her moves :)

i wanted to focus on back, shoulders and triceps. i feel like my biceps and chest don’t need a lot of work. also, i read something interesting on melissa’s blog (one of my favorite bloggers EVER.) the other day. she said: “My chest is the strongest muscle in my upper body and is causing my shoulders to hunch forward and give me bad posture. I need to back off the chest exercises and concentrate more on the upper back and shoulder area.” WOW. that makes a lot of sense. i don’t feel like i need to strengthen my chest any more right now, so i am focusing on other upper body parts but i will still do some chest work to keep me balanced. just not as much as i was doing.

anyway, the deets:

  • 10 minute elliptical warmup @ resistance level 10

BFL set:

move reps weight
wide grip lat pulldown 12
bent over barbell row 12 50#

*i did 30 seconds of butt kicks between the first 4 sets for a total of 2 minutes.

straight set:

move reps weight sets
the move that is at the 2:30 mark of this video
15 50# 3

*i did 30 seconds of the heisman between sets for a total of 1 min 30 seconds.


move reps weight sets
the first exercise in this video 15 30# 3
the same position as the above move, but with cables set high for triceps kickbacks 15 30# 3



move reps weight sets
dumbbell YTWLs 4 of each
(consecutively, for each set)
2.5# each hand 5



move reps sets
assisted pullup 15 3
assisted dip 15 3

straight set:

move reps weight sets
dumbbell shoulder press (seated) 15 15# each hand 3

*i did 30 seconds of high knees between sets for a total of 1 min 30 seconds.


move reps weight sets
dumbbell front raise 10 5# ea 3
dumbbell side raise 10 5# ea 3
reverse flyes 10 5# ea 3


the end! solid workout. my arms feel like noodles. total time: 55 minutes, max HR: 160, ave HR: 121, calories burned: 341<—great calorie burn for a lifting sesh. for me, anyway.

wedding plans: the registry.

something i forgot to mention! i was REALLY excited the other day when we received our very first wedding gift!  i was definitely taken by surprise as i didn’t think anyone had even looked at our registry let alone purchased something from it. but, wouldn’t you know it, hayley (one of my best bloggie friends) purchased some awesome grilling stuff we were registered for. hayley, you are too good to be true! thank you times a trillion. i just want to scream my adoration for you from the rooftops :)

ok, i know i showed you when we registered at bed, bath & beyond. we also decided to do a couple other registries and i thought i would talk about that! my favorite kitchen store is, ironically, one that is not in utah. crate & barrel. so we did register on crate & barrel online because their stuff is awesome. and a lot of people do online shopping so i am secretly hoping a lot of our guests opt to choose a gift off the crate & barrel registry over the bed, bath & beyond registry. i know you’re all obsessed with dishes and kitchen stuff (right?!) so i thought it would be fun to show you a few of the cool items we picked:

table in a bag:


kai serving bowls:


spice rack: (i have wanted a spice rack my WHOLE life! i am so stoked i finally will have my own kitchen so i can have one!)


ona pitcher: (isn’t this funky?)


man, i could hang out on the crate & barrel website all day!

the other place we registered with isn’t a kitchen store at all.. it is actually a website! i wanted to mention it because i know it is not well known and i thought some of you blogger  brides-to-be would be interested in the website! i actually heard about it from my friend summer who just got married. yeah, i talk about her a lot because she is like my only friend who was planning a wedding at the same time as me!

it is called honeyfund and you can actually register for things to do on your honeymoon! we are going to cabo so i registered for parasailing, a sunset cruise, horseback riding.. things like that. then guests can purchase activities for you and honeyfund supplies a certificate that guests print out and give to you as their gift.  the bride & groom don’t HAVE to use the money for that specific item, but it gives them the money to do so and it is a little more fun than just giving cash. i think this is an awesome idea.. i actually purchased dinner for my friend summer’s honeymoon~ i think that this is something totally fun and different when it comes to gift giving, so if you are in the wedding registry market you should check it out!


meal 4: tofu masala @ 8:00 PM


WOOOO! finally, nice, firm tofu.


i can’t believe i ever lived without this bad boy:




i was sent this tofu press from the folks at tofuXpress to try out and review.  i have always wondered how to get nice, firm squares of tofu (like the amazing sweet chile tofu at the whole foods salad bar!) and now the mystery is solved.

i placed a block of extra firm tofu in the press last night:


pushed the press down:


and popped it in the fridge until i got home to make dinner.  check out how much water was extracted!


the press can also be used for cheese or other foods you need to press water from, like frozen and then thawed spinach. you can read more about tofuXpress here and here. the developer is marie kraft, you can read her story here. you can also check out their blog!


special thanks to the people at tofuXpress for sending me this handy kitchen gadget for review. i will be using this every time i make tofu from now on!

let’s talk about how i made the masala, shall we?

first i chopped up a bunch of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots and red bell pepper) and steamed them just slightly.


IMG_4918IMG_4917 IMG_4924

next, i diced an onion and sautéed it with olive oil, curry powder, cumin and tumeric.


in a separate pan (i actually used a wok) i combined a can of diced tomatoes, a jar of trader joe’s masala simmer sauce and the same spices you see above.


i let the flavors meld together and then i added the veggies to the sauce.


i stirred this together and let it begin to simmer.

meanwhile, i diced the tofu and added it to the now caramelizing onions. i also put a bit more seasoning on the diced tofu.

 IMG_4951 IMG_4958 IMG_4965

patience is a virtue.. i kept stirring, flipping and admiring the pups as everything cooked. the sauce had to simmer down and thicken and the tofu had to crisp up. it took quite some time.


once each element was done cooking, i combined them and then it was finally time to eat!  marshall served his over rice, i just ate mine as-is.




that was quite the long process, wasn’t it? it was definitely worth the wait :)

well i am all out of wedding planning rambles and i am also all out of meals & moves details, so i guess that worked out perfect! i will be eating something here in a minute for meal 5, probably a protein frosty.

i have a great guest post lined up for tomorrow~ make sure you check back for that. i will be getting everything ready for our camping trip! woohoo!

Bites, Licks, Tastes, etc for today:

  • 1 calcium chew
  • multivitamin
  • 1 gallon water
  • lots of raw veggies while cooking


1. favorite clean eats to take camping? i have my own list of must-have camping eats, but i would love to hear your ideas so i can incorporate them into my meal planning for the trip!

2. do you like tofu? what is your favorite way to eat tofu? the sweet chile tofu at whole foods is by far my favorite tofu ever. i have to learn to re-create it!

xo. janetha b.

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lo June 10, 2010 at 9:20 am

omg i LOVE purple for a wedding :) I also love that you knew Special Blend!! Its my boy’s hat :) ur engagement photos are gorgey!


hundredtenpounds June 10, 2010 at 10:19 am

Love the purple for the wedding!!! :)

Melanie June 10, 2010 at 10:20 am

I love your wedding ideas! My wedding colors are dark purple (the same as the vest), black, and ivory. :)
I had never cooked egg whites in the microwave before I found your blog and now I am obsessed – it’s so easy ! Thank you for that :)

julie June 10, 2010 at 10:20 am

dude big hug right here.

i would like to do that move in the video as well as date that guy in the video. i think i’ll bring him to my plus 1 to your wedding ;) hahaha

*Andrea* June 10, 2010 at 10:57 am

love the photos! such a cute couple :) love that you’re incorporating your favorites into the wedding

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) June 10, 2010 at 11:12 am

ugh I miss wedding planning!!!! I love your colors. (Obviously! My colors were purple, green and light brown sounds weird but it worked!)

I love that dark purple vest that Marshall is going to wear. LOVE. The pumas…also love. Why didn’t I think of this? I wanted Andy and his groomsmen to wear converse but they wouldn’t have it. LAME!

My wedding dress was a Maggie Sottero too! It’s called Harriet. I loved it. Love her dresses!

Annie June 10, 2010 at 11:43 am

I love houndstooth! That dress is super-cute. Thanks for all the tips on registering. I just got engaged about two weeks ago, so I’m a bit wedding obsessed right now. :)

runningaroundnormal June 10, 2010 at 12:44 pm

So many things to comment on in this post!!!
1. I am SO sorry about the Wordpress issue. That sucks major balls.
2. How nice is Marshall?!
3. Your pictures…simply beautiful. You will be one gorgeous bride.

Katrina June 10, 2010 at 12:47 pm

I absolutely LOVE maggie sottero wedding gowns!!!! If and when I ever tie the knot….I will definitely buying a Maggie. They are GORGEOUS!!!! Ahhhh….I can’t WAIT to see your dress girl!! The photos are ADORABLE!

Love you to pieces!!

Kara @ MyWellnest June 10, 2010 at 1:03 pm

I love the custom made Pumas, purple flip flops, and that houndstooth is one of your wedding colors!!! That is awesome!!!

Karina June 10, 2010 at 1:22 pm

fav tofu: marinated in soy sauce, lemon juice and dill weed and then baked omg so good!! hmmm possibly what my dinner will be tonight!

Nicole Gentilini June 10, 2010 at 2:52 pm

Your wedding clothes pics are so cute! I adore the houndstooth dress! What brand is it?

I love tofu! But, my husband does not. I will eat it fried, tossed in a salad, etc. Love it!

Can’t wait to see what your wedding dress will look like! You guys are too cute!

Lisa June 10, 2010 at 4:48 pm

I love your bridesmaid dresses! So pretty!! I wanted to tell you that your post yesterday about your HIIT on the tread, was so timely. It was a run day for me but was pouring so I headed to the gym and tried to complete it. It was tough! Loved it though – thanks for sharing it!

hayleycepeda June 10, 2010 at 7:12 pm

I am SOOOO loving the guys’ and girls’ outfits for your wedding!!! It is totally you and everyone is going to look fabulous. Your bachelorette party dress is adorable!!! And since I’m on a roll here, LOVE LOVE LOVE the engagement pictures!! You guys look so cute and relaxed. I didn’t mind the way ours turned out, but I remember feeling kind of awkward a lot of the time.

I didn’t know those tofu thingies existed, but now that I do I HAVE to get one!! I love tofu but don’t make it often enough because I hate the pressing/drying part (can we say lazy??)

I’m so excited for your wedding and I’m relieved your blog is back up and running!

Morgan June 10, 2010 at 7:52 pm

your engagement pics are great. you two are so cute. and so sweet that Marshall came over last night, I’m glad your blog is back up again!
LOVE the bachelorette party dress, it’s fantastic!
C & B is the best. I registered there, and still love to go in and drool over all of the fun stuff. The Ona pitcher is one of my favorite things I got…but I use it as a decanter!

Andrea June 11, 2010 at 4:12 am

Oh my gosh. You guys are adorable!!!! You both look SO happy, I am jealous. <3

kalin June 11, 2010 at 8:41 am

we were thissss close to going to cabo! we would’ve been honemoon twins.

but then pdx to hawaii flights got magically cheap for a few days. so no cabo.

Holly at Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices June 11, 2010 at 10:24 am

I have a lot to say- I even took notes during your post so I wouldn’t forget ;) hahaaha!
I had Wordpress issues yesterday too- I couldn’t log on @ all last night. Thankfully I got my post in early, but then I tried to go on & read some blogs & couldn’t!! Thankfully I was able to get back on this morning.
I LOVE the choice of vests- paisley patterns are awesome. And the purple color you have ni the shoes/ vests is the SAME color I want in my wedding (eventually) I have ALWAYS loved that deep purple color & I think it looks great on almost anyone. Beautiful picks!!
& your bachelorette dress- LOVE IT! You are going to look GREAT! Can’t wait to see your actual dress.
Girllll your arms in your engagement pics look sooooo toned & cut. I’m jealous ;)I’m trying your arm workout! (as always) that calorie burn is great for just doing weights- can’t wait to try it.
So funny you mentioned the spice rack – I always wanted one & I finally got one for Valentine’s day from Craig. It was the biggest annoyance to sort thru all of my spices to find the one I wanted. Now it’s sooo much better.
Hope you have a fantastic weekend full of camping :)

Susan June 17, 2010 at 11:34 am

I’m way behind the times, but just know I love you to pieces and hope your days are looking sunnier now!! :D Lovelovelove that compound row move. I am so doing that. You should also check out this new and improved YTWL:

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