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by Janetha on March 7, 2010

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you guys! that last post with the flashback friday photo was just that.. A FLASHBACK! i was cracking up at how many of you thought i just barely broke my arm. a lot of you got the whole flashback friday coming soon thing… sorry to those of you who didn’t~ that was never my intention. but it made for a good laugh! hah.

more on that in a moment.

okay, wow! so, i haven’t legitimately blogged since last monday and even then it was pretty half assed. it feels good to be blogging today. i woke up, put my contacts in, brushed my teeth and put my rambling shoes on. so hold on and enjoy the ride.

i have a LOT of photos on my camera card.

instead of a day by day play by play, let’s just break it down into a week summary, shall we? let’s go.



lots of yoatgurt which i have seen lots of you ladies enjoying as well!


i’ve had a few greek yogurt messes with vitatops & nature’s path flakes & mighty mapes~




random snack plate lunches.. this one had leftover chicken fingers, veggies & hummus~

IMG_7276 IMG_7277 IMG_7278 

chicken finger wrap with veggies + hummus on the side.. yes i made good use of those leftover chicken fingers!


leftovers~ see the dinners section below for details!




tried this luna bar for the first time:


it was good!




one night this week, we enlisted my favorite bunny bearing boxes~


along with some turkey burger~


and some broccoli on top for good measure!


one night my mom and i had our old, long time friends over for dinner. it was awesome to see them!


i made my sun dried tomato basil hummus + laughing cow + basil stuffed chicken coated in panko bread crumbs~ 


along with asparagus, steamed zucchini + squash coated in laughing cow sauce and a delicious green salad that our friends brought~




i have ran 9 miles this week, which keeps me right on track with my mileage goal~ you can check out my progress here.

one of my favorite cardio workouts this week was yesterday’s:


minute # speed (MPH) incline
0-1 6.0 1.0
1-2 6.5 1.0
2-3 7.0 1.0
3-4 7.5 1.0
4-5 8.0 1.0
5-10 repeat min 0-5 1.0
10-15 repeat min 0-5 1.0
15-20 repeat min 0-5 1.0
20-25 repeat min 0-5 1.0
25-26 4.0 walking 0.0


total time: 26 minutes, total distance: 3.0 miles

i think this can go in the “moves” section.. i signed up for a 5k the other day! i will be doing it with my bestee kristen, who has never run a race, so that will be super fun to do that with her. my knee hasn’t been giving me grief these days, so i think i want to try to run a half marathon sometime this year.

i had a REALLY killer upper body workout on tuesday but i can’t remember the details. dang. sorry kids.

wedding planning.

things have been going good! let’s check in on the to-do list:

  • venue
  • photographer
  • wedding gown
  • bridesmaid attire
  • photo booth
  • caterer
  • cake
  • groom’s cake
  • drinks
  • dessert
  • invitations
  • groom + groomsmen attire
  • flower girl dresses
  • florist
  • save the date cards
  • officiant
  • registry
  • dj/music

so, things are getting crossed off the list! slowly but surely. my main focus right now is trying to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses.. i am actually not going with the original plan of having four colors of dresses.. instead, i am going to have them all in purple dresses. the real task at hand right now is finding the perfect purple dresses.. harder than you’d think. when i have a specific shade of purple in mind (to match the guy’s pumas) along with something that is fancy enough for a wedding but casual enough for flip flops.. well, it takes a lot of searching. i am still on the hunt. if anyone comes across a super cute purple dress, send me the link!

a few other random tid bits..

first off, blog reading? haha, what is that?!

i opened my reader this morning..


bwahaha. sorry, i probs will have to mark all as read. let me know if there is something going on in your life that you want to share with me, because i definitely genuinely miss all my bloggie friends, but i also realize that it is humanly impossible to catch up with you all. you get it, right? <3

second, we went to the dog park yesterday! i thought you would enjoy seeing a ridiculous amount of photos from the occasion. it was muddy, but SO fun. we had 7 dogs and 4 humans.

IMG_7314IMG_7320IMG_7332 IMG_7334IMG_7335 IMG_7338IMG_7345 IMG_7347IMG_7348 IMG_7354IMG_7316 IMG_7318

so cute.

third, my LOVELY friend from norway arrived! tonje, along with her brother magnus, got here on friday. tonje used to live here a few seasons ago and she has not been here for TWO whole years! it has been great to catch up with her~ she is here until the 23rd so i am sure you will be hearing lots about our adventures.

we went out last night~


FYI, the viking is on the right.


OKAY! so now that you are all up to speed, how about my flashback friday sunday!

so, like i said earlier, i broke my arm three years ago TODAY.  march 7, 2007 was a bad, bad day.

if memory serves, it was a wednesday and i was playing hookie from work and headed up to the canyons for some much needed snow shredding. that’s snowboarding, for those of you who are not familiar with my lingo.

SO. went to the canyons. it was a sunny day, great snow, fun times, good friends, the whole ball of wax. (what does that phrase even mean anyway? i don’t think i’ve ever come across a ball of wax…)

i was doing really well at jumps that season. i’d been riding with some super good dudes and had overcome my fear of big jumps. i was real stoked because i had been stomping a 65 foot jump that day, by far the biggest jump i had ever, ever tried in my life.

i am trying to find a photo of a jump that big, just to give you guys who don’t snowboard an idea of what it was like.. hold on please..

okay so here is what it looks like from above, the last jump is the one i am talking about, but at the time there were only two jumps, not three.


anyway, i can’t find a legit photo of what the landing looks like.. but all you need to know is that the snow got super icy at the end of the day, i got way too much speed, and instead of sticking the landing, i flew 75 feet through the air and landed on to flat, hard, icy ground.. and my humerus broke my fall.. literally.

i remember everything like it was yesterday (and thank goodness it was not just yesterday!) and the ski patrol paramedics thought i had dislocated my shoulder and kept asking if they could pop it back into place. i told them NO WAY and to just get me to the hospital.

they carried me down the rest of the run on a stretcher sled thing like this:



and i recall they wanted to zip the plastic all the way up over my face.. but i am EXTREMELY claustro and made them leave my face out in the open.

my arm felt like it was floating in the air, but it was actually hanging very low on my leg and i had lost all feeling to the lower half of my arm. i want to throw up a little bit just thinking about it.

my friend ben rode in the ambulance with me and called my mom, who i am sure went into a huge panic, and i am sure she will be commenting on it below, and i was rushed to LDS hospital.

long story short, i got to the hospital and got an xray.. thank goodness they didn’t try to pop my shoulder back into place SINCE IT WAS MY ARM that was broken.


clean break. it wasn’t a compound fracture.

they told me they would have to cut me open and put a rod+screws in me to piece me back together. i laid in the hospital for over a day before they operated on me. i can’t remember exactly how long it was but i do remember that i went a VERY long time without surgery. it was miserable.

i eventually got surgery and this is what the inside of my arm looks like now:


don’t mind how hideous i am in this one…i just want to give you an idea of how awesome i looked the day it happened.


i was in the hospital for 8 days i think? i had lots of visits from family and friends which was awesome. my parents were SUPER helpful and my friends came and shaved my legs for me :)

my dad helping me put my hair up~


and my friends kept me sane.


and eventually i got to come home with lots of stitches and bruising~

image image

best part about it all? my sister made me a houndstooth sling :) (dont mind the wet spots, dont know what those are all about)


once i got home, my mom took care of me like there was no end! she showered me, made me food, hung out with me. she was the best ever. thank you mom!!

my sweet dog, mable, kept me company through it all. miss her <3



well i think that is enough flashback action for now. i’ve got lots to do today!


oh, make sure you enjoy a bowl of CEREAL today~ it is national cereal day! i started my morning off with a bowl of mixed cereal (chocolate cheerios, nature’s path flakes and kashi go lean)~



1. have you ever broken a bone? what was it and how did it happen? i have had a broken arm one other time, in 6th grade, it was not nearly as bad as my humerus!

2. happy national cereal day! what is your favorite cereal?? i can’t pick. i love them all.

xo. janetha b.

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