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by Janetha on February 16, 2010

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YOU GUYS! dude. your comments in my last post took my breath away. y’all are such sweeties. and what i really enjoyed was reading all the super cute engagement stories!  seriously, if you haven’t checked them out yet, go back and take a look. there are some sweetie husbands in blog land, that is for sure. but i think we already knew that!

well, instead of posting another jamaica recap, i decided to post this and that and the other regarding things since i got home from my trip.  i figure i better do it now before my memory fails me ;)

so this will be a regular post, but it will also be all over the place.. hmm.. so i guess not so regular after all. enjoy!

valentine’s day <3

i started the day with a long lost love.. YOATS!


ohh how i missed the gloriousness of hot oats, cold greek yogurt and bulgarian peanut butter. delicious.


since marshall and i had just spent over a week together in jamaica, we decided that hanging out all day on sunday (valentine’s day) wouldn’t be a big deal.  i ended up going snowboard with one of my bestees and that was quite romantic! love you j5.


i came home from snowboarding and marshall was planning on making me dinner for valentine’s day.  marshall makes two things: tacos and spaghetti.  last valentine’s day he made me tacos. he made me spaghetti the night before we left for jamaica.  he decided that tacos were the best option and when i told him that i hoped he would have something different NEXT year he declared, “tacos will be the valentine’s day tradition!”

haha, ok. that is fine by me. i’ve never met a taco made by marshall that i didn’t like.

i hung out in the kitchen while watching him prepare dinner. the kids helped.

 IMG_6804  IMG_6807 IMG_6808

these were marshall’s five tacos.


and he made me a hugh jass taco salad!


after he fixed my salad, he gave it to me along with a little stuffed dog who he named “sylvio”… hahahaha


i let sylvio hang out while i took photos.



this was so delicious! maybe the boyf the fiance can only make two things.. but damn he is good at making those two things.

awhile after dinner, we decided to have dessert.  vanilla bean ice cream with diced red pears.



can you tell which one was his and which one was hers?


this was before he added his pears, obv.

and that was that! a sweet ending to a mellow valentine’s day.  i don’t like to get wrapped up in the fuss of the holiday.. plus, we had quite the fun time in jamaica so we weren’t too worried about celebrating the day of love.

birthday dinner!

for my friend rory’s birthday last night, we went to the dodo..


we had two appetizers that were both AMAZING!

first, the tricked out red pepper hummus~


blended chickpeas, tahini, red pepper, garlic, onion and spices. topped with feta, kalamata olves, tomatoes and green onions. served with warm pita wedges.

and second, the baked cream cheese~


baked cream cheese, marinated in soy sauce, breaded with toasted sesame seeds. served with apple and asian pear slices and crackers.

for my entree, i went with the blackened chicken salad:


the birthday boy had some peanut butter pie for dessert!


happy birthday, roro!



i have received not one, not two but three valentine’s day packages since returning home from my trip.

blog friends rock my face off.

package #1:


haha.. ummm.. yeah, a little beat up!  this one is from lauren and apparently the dogs got to it before i could :(

i was able to read the sweet card!

 IMG_6850 IMG_6851

and some of the goods were salvaged.. i am so stoked to try the barney butter! never have!


the amazing meal and trader joe’s fig bar, on the other hand.. they had to go in the garbage :( along with whatever other goodies were in the package before the dogs got a hold of it! shoot!

THANK YOU lauren!! you are such a sweet pea and are so kind and generous.

package #2:


at first i thought this one was from my secret bloggie valentine, but then i opened it and was super surprised to see that it was from shannon!! are you kidding me?! shannon you are such a babe!


so much fun stuff, and there was a peach theme going on. this made me so happy because peaches are my favorite fruit!

peach salsa, peach tea, peach chapstick! a cute care, my FAVORITE flavor of kind bar, some PJ pants and the best part~


check out this awesome bracelet she made herself! i love the cute lemon on the end. so awesome :)

THANK YOU shannon! you are such a fantastic friend and a PEACH and also thanks for the wedding advice you emailed me today! so stoked!

package #3:


last but not least!

this one was from my secret bloggie valentine! my secret bloggie valentine was mel from a taste of life!

it came today and i was so excited when i saw what was inside.


COFFEE!! i love coffee so much~ i can’t wait to try this blend. she said it was roasted locally where she is from.


also.. super cute mini container of hot chocolate, you all know how i love little things~


changes color to pink?! hot dog! can’t wait to try it.

also in the package was a way cute mug and some awesome cookie cutters. i will have to do some baking soon :)

THANK YOU mel! you are such a sweetheart and i am so grateful for this awesome vday gift!!

dang! rad mail. love it.

i have been having such a great time seeing all the secret bloggie valentine packages that everyone has been receiving! if you haven’t sent me a photo of your gift you received yet, please do! i will be doing a recap post with all the goodies next week :) thanks to everyone who participated! this was so fun!  also, if you don’t see your package in the next few days, email me and i will try to sort it out.

random eats!

here are a few note-worthy meals in the past few days..

mighty maple chia protein oats:

IMG_6843 IMG_6844IMG_6842

chicken, artichoke & sun dried tomato pizza from squatters brewery:


not sure why they didn’t spread out the artichokes and tomatoes! i took care of that after the photo. this was epic.

greek yog+vita mess:


yes.. that is the NEW dannon greek yogurt.  i saw that my grocery store had this dannon greek yogurt as well as the yoplait greek yogurt. i am pretty surprised that these mainstream brands have come out with a greek yogurt!


i didn’t buy the yoplait one because the fat free plain had 10g carbs and 14g protein as well as a bunch of added ingredients including gelatin. not necessary.

the dannon had more impressive statistics~ 15g protein with only 6g carbs and the only ingredient is cultured grade A nonfat milk. the way yogurt should be.

IMG_6867 IMG_6868

my thoughts on the dannon greek yogurt? 

well, it is definitely creamy. and thick. TWSS. passed the test!


and the flavor passed the test too! i liked it a lot, actually. no, it is no oikos, chobani or voskos, but it was tasty.  and it was only $1.19 for the container. not bad.  the biggest upside to this yogurt being delicious is that the regular grocery stores carry it. before, the only yogurt they had was regular and the greek gods greek yogurt which has horrible stats in the protein department.  i am stoked that i can just go down the road to get greek yogurt if i am in a bind.. and i don’t have to make a special trip to whole foods or somewhere that has the greek goodness! yessss. thanks, dannon.

WELL. this was long! but i hope you enjoyed the randomness of it all. i have REALLY missed regular posting~ i have two more jamaica recaps and then life will be back to normal here on meals & moves.

well.. not normal.. i am sure there will be a whole slew of wedding talk. don’t worry, i will get to that soon enough ;)

three BIG things that are on my to-do list FYI.. so you know i haven’t forgotten you:

  • reply to your questions you have left in comments
  • reply to your individual emails several of you have sent me
  • catch up on my reader! ack. it was up past 1,000 but i have skimmed through a lot of posts, still have a lot to go…

please bear with me while i get caught up at work/in life and i PROMISE i will be replying ASAP. if anything is urgent.. let me know :)

okay~ thanks for listening to me ramble! love you all!

have a GREAT wednesday and don’t forget to eat your waffles. that’s an order.


1. what did you do on valentine’s day? single or taken, i want to know what you did! do you go all out? or treat it like any other day of the year? or somewhere in between?

2. what is your latest note-worthy meal that you ate? mine are up there, in case you missed it ;)

xo. janetha b.

p.s. today (the 16th) was national almond day! hope you celebrated! i did :)

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sarahdbelle February 21, 2010 at 4:26 pm

Congrats sweet Janetha! I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait for the wedding talk. Check out 100 layer cake blog for some beautiful and inspirational weddings ; )

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