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by Janetha on October 25, 2009

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i enjoyed reading about all of your weekends so much that i almost forgot i still had to write about my own!  but because nothing too epic occurred this probably won’t be all that exciting.  the fact that is was just a ho-hum weekend is not going to stop me from rambling though.. sorry guys, you can’t get rid of me that easy!

i left off on friday where i did a fun flashback friday post about penelope.. you should all probably check out susan’s, tay’s, deb’s, averie’s and elizabeth’s flashback friday posts.  did i miss anyone?

my last post also had some talk about the scale and it generated a LOT of feedback.  i think the very last comment, left by my favorite snackface, said it best: “I wish everyone who commented would read over this comment section again. It is clear that an overwhelming majority of women feel nothing but dislike for the scale. Which makes me wonder: why are we still stepping on them? There is no point.” so if you have time.. and are interested.. go have a read. there are some awesome replies and i want to thank you for all sharing your point of view on the issue.  it seems to be one we all have strong opinions about! good stuff.

allll right, onto friday shenanigans!

like i said, my brother and sister in law had their annual halloween party.  i was in charge of the desserts.

first i whipped up a batch of mini white chocolate cheesecakes but i subbed oreos instead of graham crackers so the crust would be black, then i colored the filling orange so they ended up festive for halloween! i know, hold your applause, i am a genius.

10-23-09 001 10-23-09 002 10-23-09 003

10-23-09 030

the only gaggy part was scraping all the cream off the oreos so i could use the cookie wafer parts. ugh, i loathe the cream part of the oreo. so nasty!

10-23-09 005

the finished product did get the izzy seal of approval!!

10-23-09 011

next up was a batch of my go-to dessert, peanut butter bars!  everyone loves these. i make them for basically every social function i go to.

10-23-09 007

10-23-09 013

i could easily eat the whole pan.

10-23-09 016

when my mini cheesecakes were done.. i decided to have a photoshoot. what, isn’t it perfectly normal to pose your baked goods and photograph them??  i thought so.

10-23-09 017 10-23-09 018 10-23-09 02010-23-09 019

after the baking extravaganza i changed into my costume which you all got a sneak peek of in my last post.  no, this was not some elaborate, expensive costume.. but hey, i am broke. and if i did have money i wouldn’t spend it on a halloween costume, true story.  the only thing i had to buy for this was a set of ears!

10-23-09 067

and what does a mouse love most?

10-23-09 066


yes. my boyfriend was cheddar cheese. :) i obviously had to give him a few nibbles.

10-23-09 035 10-23-09 037


the food for the party was brought to us by lorena’s.. i really delicious mexican restaurant i grew up with.  it was by no means healthy.. but it was fantastic!  fresh homemade chips, spicy salsa, warm tortillas, refried beans and the star of the show: the best chile verde around!

10-23-09 044 10-23-09 045 10-23-09 042 10-23-09 043

my plate~

10-23-09 046

after eating we played some games including catch phrase and apples to apples.. two of my favorites!  it was really fun to dress up but by the end of the night everyone had somehow managed to take their costumes off.. halloween fail!  oh wait, that kind of sounded like everyone got naked. not the case.. just so you know.

saturday i did something i hadn’t done in over a week.  any guesses?

WENT. TO. THE. GYM! i was so happy to finally get to the gym.  i am now totally over my sickness and it felt so great to get a workout in.


i did my 20-15-10 HIIT routine that can be found here.  yes, the only move i have listed on my moves page.. i am a total failure.

i didn’t really take photos at all on saturday.. after the gym i worked on packing things up for the big move and then that evening marshall & i went to dinner with his dad & step family for a belated birthday celebration. speaking of birthdays, it was also my nephew’s 3rd birthday. happy birthday to luke!


we went to the old spaghetti factory which is pretty tasty when it comes to eating italian on the cheap.

weekend meals 003

i started out with hot bread and a salad with pesto dressing on the side..

weekend meals 004 weekend meals 005

for my entree i chose the baked chicken with whole wheat pasta+marinara+mizithra cheese

weekend meals 006

sorry about the horrible lighting. what can ya do?  hmm. the chicken was a tad on the oily side but the pasta was delicious!

weekend meals 008

and no trip to the old spaghetti factory is complete without the signature free spumoni ice cream.. um, if you know me.. i DON’T pass up free ice cream. ever.

annnnd it is now sunday!

today has been the perfect balance of productivity and laziness.  this morning i started things out with a bowl of cereal & coffee and then my mom, dad, marshall & i went to my house and loaded up 90% of my stuff.

we moved it all over to my new house in one big trip (with two pickup trucks and my mom’s SUV).  it was nice to get all the furniture moved and most of my belongings.  i still have some clothes and odds and ends to move this week, but at least it is all stuff i can move with my car.

moving from start to finish surprisingly only took about two hours!  i still have to put my bed back together and unpack.. but that is a job for another day.

marshall & i went to eat at blue plate diner~ a breakfast favorite!

weekend meals 009

for some reason i was not that hungry.. weird, and totally not like me.  i ordered the classic blue which was 3 eggs over medium, dry wheat toast and a side of fruit (instead of home fries).

weekend meals 011 weekend meals 012 weekend meals 013

the fruit was out of season and i only ended up eating half of it.. and then i realized that it wasn’t even tasty and stopped.  no use in eating something that isn’t good just because it is there, right? however, i did polish off every last drop of my runny yolks! eggs: one reason i could never be vegan.

weekend meals 014

the rest of my sunday was spent being incredibly lazy.  marshall & i watched the latest episode of the office and the final episode of true blood season 2.  and now i am typing this!  i am really not ready to go back to work tomorrow, but honestly i think ridiculous amounts of time could go by and i would never say, “oh boy, i sure am excited for monday morning at work!”  so.. i guess i will grin and bear it.

tomorrow should be good.. in addition to a full work day i will be going to the gym, shopping with my mom and out to dessert with the fam for my sister suni’s birthday.  another busy week ahead, starting out with a busy monday!

well.. this is long enough! hope you all enjoyed your weekend, only one more left in the month of october! crazy!


1. do you have any goals this week? now that i am back to my healthy self, i aim to workout consistently for the next 6 days and i also aim to get my gallon of water in every day. i have been slacking!

2. what is your “go to recipe” that you always find yourself making and taking to social functions? i always make my peanut butter bars.  i also have a spinach poppyseed salad that i always fall back on. i sometimes wish i was more creative at times but you can never go wrong with a recipe you already know people love!

xo. janetha b.

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ellie October 26, 2009 at 6:21 pm

The filling of oreos is the only reason to eat them! I swear, if they sold the filling alone, I would be very happy. If we ever get together and have oreos, you can totally have my cookie part (I have a feeling though that when we do finally meet, oreos won’t be included? Protein oats, maybe!)

My goal for the week…not freak out about all the tings I have to do once I fly home and just enjoy my last 2 days in the city.

My go-to sounds weird. It’s ratatouille! Not just any ratatouille though…’tis special ;) Though if I was going to some kind of party, would be the brownies from the Ben and Jerry’s cookbook. Too good for words!

Emily October 26, 2009 at 6:23 pm

love the costumes!

1. goals include dominating my to-do list, and having some fun. fun may just be making some tea and curling up with a book (leisure book, not school book!). I need some me time.

2. hm, I usually make caponata, which is maybe my favorite food item in the world and ensures that I will have something to eat at given function (when vegan eats may not be readily available); or chocolate chip cookies, which never fail to amaze in their soy-free vegan-ness. they are total soft batch clones.

have a great week! hope you are feeling better!

Alison October 26, 2009 at 6:29 pm

The mouse and cheese costume is so stinking cute. One year Zak and I used make up to give ourselves black eyes and then each wore a shirt with the letter “P” painted on it – and went as black eyed peas! I think I was destined to be a foodie.

I make hummus A LOT to take to parties – that’s usually my stand by!

Your halloween party treats look so good and so cute. I would totally eat a PB bar right this very second if you set it down in front of me. I’m waiting!

hayleycepeda October 26, 2009 at 7:11 pm

You may think your weekend wasn’t very exciting but a lot more went on in yours than mine! Do you live close to all your family? That’s so cool…I wish I had that many family members and friends close by. You are VERY creative in the kitchen! I love all the desserts you made, except now I have to clean up the drool on my keyboard. YUMM-O! I LOVE Apples to Apples and Catchphrase. Who am I kidding? I love getting together with people and playing games. I never do that anymore!

I think I live vicariously through you in a lot of ways…you always seem to do fun stuff! The mouse & cheese costumes were so cute. :)

Anne K. October 26, 2009 at 9:24 pm

Oh my gosh, I love your halloween baking creations! They look amazing. I love your couple’s costume, too. What a cute idea!

1) Get through it alive! Haha. To do well on my bio practical, and also get enough sleep.

2) Haha, I’m the “fruit salad” girl ;) No one else brings it!

katecooks October 27, 2009 at 4:14 pm

omg you are a baked good goddess. those halloween treats look amazing! i have some favorite no-fail recipes of my own but experimenting is always fun too!

Tiffany S. October 28, 2009 at 12:16 pm

Averie had the best suggestion for the Oreo bottoms, and I hadn’t heard about the crumbs but they do sell chocolate wafers (not sure what they cost). Just trying’ to save you the trouble. Everything looks super yummy!

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