pv.body 30 day challenge.

you may remember when i blogged about pv.body last month. they are the company that sends you a high-quality workout outfit each month for just $49.99. you can read my initial review of the company here.

the pv.body 30 day challenge is designed to help pv.body members kick start their new year’s resolutions! there will be a new challenge each and every day that include things like workouts, recipes, meal plans, group activities, and more! it is available to current members, so if you signed up last month then you ALREADY have access to the challenges. just click here to check it out.

if you are not yet a member of pv.body, you can use my discount code to receive 20% off your first box. that means you will receive a designer-quality workout outfit (a top and a bottom) for just $39.99! after signing up, you will gain access to the 30 day challenge.

you can document your 30 day challenge progress and see how others are doing through tweets, instagrams, or pins using the hashtag #pvchallenge. there will be prizes for participating!

to get going, follow these two simple steps:

  1. sign up here through my link and receive 20% off your outfit: http://pvbody.com/try/mealsandmoves
  2. take the pv.body 30 day challenge here to kick start your resolutions and receive tons of fun prizes: http://pvbody.com/challenge (IMPORTANT: please note that you will not receive the discount though this link; you have to sign up through the link in #1 to receive the 20% off.)

because i will be doing other challenges throughout the month, i won’t be doing EVERY day of the pv.body 30 day challenge.. but it will be fun to pick and choose the challenge days i want to do! it will also be cool to follow along with everyone else doing the challenge and use it for a little inspiration and motivation.

let me know if you decide to participate! we can help keep each other motivated!

xo. janetha g.

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