friday lists of four.

January 9, 2015

hi! how about some nonsense today? linz tagged me in a Q&A post (a LONG time ago!) and i can’t resist a good survey. that was the best part about myspace, amiright? the survey had a play on words title using the word moustache and it so happens to be one of my irrational pet […]

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things i’m loving lately.

January 8, 2015

i may not have much time to create new recipes or try awesome workouts, but i definitely use STUFF every day, and some of that stuff i absolutely love! let’s talk about it. lush’s sandstone soap. i went into lush before christmas to get marshall his deodorant to put in his stocking (their deodorant is […]

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happy new year!

January 6, 2015

hi, guys! happy new year. i hope you are all enjoying your first week of 2015. i have decided i really want to make an effort to blog more often. while i am super busy with a baby and a full time job, i realized i really miss taking the time to ramble—it’s something i […]

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festive fun.

December 29, 2014

hi! happy last monday of the year. did you all have a fun christmas? i decided to pop in and post about my holiday because i want to be able to remember it in years to come, and my brain struggles to do that whole remembering thing these days. ;) christmas and the events leading […]

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four months old.

December 21, 2014
Screen Shot 2014 12 21 at 6 24 16 PM

dear fox, FOUR months old?! how did that happen? you are one third of the way to your first birthday.. that is crazy! you have had a great month and i fall more and more in love with you each day–is that possible? i guess it is, because i do. this month you have actually […]

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December 18, 2014

hi. nearly three weeks has whizzed by since i last posted. crazy.. it seriously feels like it was just yesterday. life is flying by in the blink of an eye! can we please slow it down? a year ago tomorrow i found out i was pregnant, and now i have a nearly four month old! […]

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FTM series: baby stuff for the first three months.

December 1, 2014

hi! long time no blog. how was your holiday weekend? we had a great thanksgiving on thursday. my little fam went to my parents’ place for dinner, dessert, games, and naps. it was perfect! today i am going to ramble about baby gear, as part of my (clueless) first time mom series. i have been […]

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three months old.

November 22, 2014
Screen Shot 2014 11 22 at 9 50 57 PM

dear fox, i can’t believe you have been here for three whole months! the best three months ever, that’s for sure. this past month has been exciting.. you have learned and grown so much. it pains me a little to tell you that you have grown out of that newborn stage.. and now you are […]

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