a day in the life…

September 25, 2014

…while on maternity leave. with a 5 week old.  fox is 5 weeks today! i have to go back to work on october 6th, so i am just enjoying these last bits of my leave, hanging out with him and trying to get him into a routine so when we go back to work (yep, […]

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newborn photos.

September 24, 2014

when fox was two days shy of two weeks old, we had kacee preston and her awesome assistant, tori, come take some photos of our little man in his nursery. no time for words today, just lots of cute photos. i think they did an amazing job! thank you, kacee and tori! (and thank you, […]

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one month old.

September 22, 2014

my sister in law writes letters to her kiddos on her blog each month (and then each year once they are older.) it is something i admire and love, and i want to do myself. however, it’s more of a thing for me rather than for you. but i don’t want to start a personal […]

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on life with a newborn.

September 19, 2014

i started typing this post last saturday. it’s now friday and i am finally finishing it up. i’m not editing it to make it look like i typed it all at once, because it’s kinda comical how long it actually took! hopefully i will find the time to blog more frequently.. but right now, my […]

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fox’s birthday.

September 7, 2014

hey! well, i meant to get this post up sooner than now, but this whole newborn thing is wayyyy too much fun and i really don’t want to take any time away from hanging out with fox. you know, i always said i felt uncomfortable around/holding newborns and i would rather skip to the toddler […]

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the ten best days. ever.

August 30, 2014

hi! so, i had a baby last week. meet fox! yep, he decided to come early. one week exactly. i will have to share that story sometime soon! i was in labor for almost 22 hours.. and then he was here! august 21st at 6:21 pm was the best moment in my life thus far. (and, […]

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FTM series: the hospital bag.

August 20, 2014

i was super happy to hear that you guys are excited about me rambling about my experiences as a first time mom. i love that you agree that none of us have it all together, and we can learn from each other and what works for us individually. today i want to talk about my […]

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monday meals & the birthday babe!

August 18, 2014

hi! how was your monday? i am hoping this is the last monday i had to work before having this baby.. i know, i know, i am still 10 days from my due date.. but i am totally OK with him coming riiiight now. i was feeling camera happy today, so i snapped photos of […]

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