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by Janetha on August 22, 2017

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dear stella,

i am in denial as i write this.. but you are eleven months old. that means your days as a baby are numbered, and it makes my momma heart ache a little. ok, maybe a lot. you are the most delightful baby, and i know you will be the most delightful toddler (well, i hope).. but i just want to freeze time with you as a baby for a little longer. it’s true what they say.. the second baby grows up wayyyy quicker than the first. time. it’s a funny thing.

and with that said, it really seems like you have grown up SO much this past month! your little personality is so distinguished and your sense of humor shines through. you really are a clever girl, learning more every day and surprising us with everything you do.  you are quick to mimic anyone you are watching, you are a very observant little lady. and of course you are so, so sweet. you always have a smile for anyone and everyone you see. you have this squeaky, screechy giggle that makes us all laugh. you scrunch up your nose and breathe really fast when you are excited. you click your tongue. you always say "tikkatikkatikka". you like to wave with both hands, using lots of wrist action. i love all these little quirks of yours.

i am not sure how much you have grown this past month, but i know you have gotten taller. your legs are so long and really leaning out, not sure where those stems came from. definitely not from me. probably you dad- you also have his olive skin.you have not really grown out of any clothes lately, though.. i wouldn’t say you have plumped up much more than the last month. it will be fun to see what your stats are at your one year appointment. (but, really, no rush.. you don’t need to turn 1, just yet!) your hair has been getting lots fluffier, especially in the back! it is starting to curl up at the ends. it makes us wonder if you will end up with curly hair like your dad.. or stick straight, like mine. only time will tell. your dark, brown eyes are so beautiful, as are the long lashes to go with them. you have a twinkle in your eye and squint those baby browns when you smile at us. you are one pretty lady.

you have alternated from sleeping in your dockatot in your crib, to just your crib by itself. you can never really make up your mind on what you prefer. you do this not so awesome thing where you wake up, roll over, sit on your bum and holler until someone comes to rescue you.. and help you lay back down. this is something you have started doing over and over, many times each night.. it will be good when you figure out that you can lay back down on your own. sometimes you will be shouting at us in the middle of the night, and i will come in to find you scrunched down at the foot of your bed, not sure what to do from there. i remember this same exact thing happened with your brother.. it’s all part of learning new skills and being mobile. you will figure it all out soon. i hope.

you actually have become quite the stinker when it comes to both night time sleep and napping. you don’t want much to do with naps, and while you definitely NEED two naps a day.. you often only take one. you do this thing where you flip out righhhht before zonking out for your nap. so if whoever is putting you down can power through the flip out, you will snooze happily for over an hour, most times. it’s actually kind of cute, in a way, and a funny little habit you have. a lot of times you will snag your nap in the car, because this summer has been full of going and doing. one day we drove all the way to ogden.. over an hour round trip of driving, just because you REALLY needed a nap! you are still in your infant car seat, which is kind of surprising. you aren’t the heaviest baby, so we just roll with it. i am sure we will switch you to a new seat in a month or two.

you, my friend, loooove to eat. you love it to bits. you always want to be eating something. meal time is your jam. you love to sit up at the island in the kitchen and eat whatever we are having. you also can often be found with a snack in your hand. i usually find bits and pieces of your snacks around the house, because you like to carry them around with you. you are a big fan of watermelon, string cheese, bananas, meatballs, tortellini, and blackberries. oh, the blackberries. we have a blackberry bush out back, and you eat those things like there is no tomorrow! you are happy as a clam when you are munching on those things, and you always end up covered head to toe in purple blackberry juice. it’s pretty dang cute.  oh.. and.. you are OBSESSED with la croix. it’s hilarious! you see a can of la croix and you start chirping really loud until someone cracks it open and gives you a sip. you do really well at drinking out of a sippy cup all by yourself, too. we usually put some of your very own la croix in a cup to keep you happy.

you like to hang out in the bathroom for some reason, so we have to be careful to keep that door shut. fox has a potty chart on the wall, with stickers, and you love to book it into the bathroom and pull the stickers off the chart and try to eat them. fox usually forgets to keep the bathroom door shut, so then it’s go time for you to get to the bathroom and eat those stickers! you are a quick little crawler, too. it’s funny to see you try to get away from us, when you know you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing. you’re hilarious.

you still hate getting your hair washed, but it’s just something you need to deal with. you do love sitting and splashing in the tub, though. you are still in your baby tub and we set it up on the counter so you can see yourself in the mirror. i am not sure how much longer that will last, it’s almost time to move you to the big tub. you have this game now, where you plop your face straight into the water and try to drink it. i make you pull it back out… and then you put it back in.. and i tell you to get it back out.. and then you laugh hysterically at the situation. fox will also say, "stewwah! don’t dwink the wadder!" and that makes you laugh even harder. bath time is actually pretty fun with the two of you, these days. when you are a little bigger and more stable, you’ll be able to hang in the big tubby. it will be fun to see what you think of that!

with summer coming close to an end, we are hanging on to all the fun outdoor fun we can get! we have done lots of exciting things this past month. we celebrated the 24th of july, you loved to watch the bigger kids do sparklers. you also loved gnawing on corn on the cob. you checked out the parade and had fun there, but weren’t as interested in it as you were the snacks everyone was eating.

fox took swimming lessons and you came along to watch, playing with the foam blocks on the sideline and trying to crawl into the pool. not to worry, you did get lots of pool time in! you love to be held in the water, but aren’t a huge fan of the infant floating raft. you would rather be in someone’s arms.

we went to lagoon a handful of times, including our work lagoon day which you had a blast at! it was the longest we’d ever stayed at lagoon, and you were a trooper. you took a couple doze-arounds in the stroller and ate all the watermelon you could handle. it was perfect.

we also had a day at the lake! you loved playing on the beach of pineview and watching all the action. you came on the big raft and thought that was pretty cool. but you mainly hung under the shade canopy with your dad, eating watermelon.. of course.

you are always a good sport about going along for the ride with your brother’s plans. you hang out at gymnastics and at soccer, and for the most part enjoy watching your surroundings and scouring the floor for any snacks that may be left behind.

we had a few park dates with friends. you love to swing. we also hit up craft lake city where you enjoyed a refreshing watermelon coconut juice. girl, you love watermelon. we checked out the davis county fair where you tried cotton candy for your first time – obviously it was a hit. you also went to my friend haley’s wedding and loved dancing to the music! it was so cute to see you bobbing your head and shimmying your shoulders.

the month ended with fox’s third birthday, which was fun! we had family and friends over for cake and ice cream, and a pinata, and you just charmed everyone with your giggle and scrunchy nose. you are so much fun.

it was such an exciting month, and this next one coming up will probably be the same! you really do make life so much fun, you are the light of our lives and we all love you to pieces. i am sad that you are growing up, but i am so grateful i get to witness it and help you along the way. being your mom is seriously the very best. i love, love, love you, stelly belly boo!!

love, your momma


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