nine months old.

by Janetha on June 22, 2017

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dear stella,

you are NINE months old. how in the world did that happen?! you’ve officially been on the outside longer than you were on the inside. these months are flying by way too fast, much faster than pregnancy went, haha.. and you are changing so much each and every day. this past month has been a busy and exciting one.

first and foremost – the biggest milestone of all: you can crawl! you had been scooting around the room on your bum quite a bit, and were pretty good at getting from point A to point B with your scooting. you would try to crawl here and there, but you couldn’t quite figure out how to support yourself on all fours AND be mobile. but right around june 16th, you started to actually crawl. now that you know the concept, you are really starting to get the hang of it and are getting faster and faster as the days go by.

another new thing is a second tooth, on the bottom, that has pushed its way through your gums. you are too cute with your two bottom teeth. it’s not so cute when you start chattering during a nursing session, because those cute teeth are SHARP, and they don’t feel great when you bite down on me. at least you aren’t purposely biting (yet) and it doesn’t happen all too often.

you are growing like a weed, and we can’t stop you. you weigh 17 lbs, 14 oz which is the 44th percentile for weight. you are 27 inches tall, which is the 23rd percentile. and your head is 17.5 inches around, which is the 66th percentile. you are healthy as can be, and hitting all the expected milestones for your age.

you have developed a little bit of stranger danger, and definitely remember those people whom you are around often. and if anyone else tries to get a hold of you? forget it. you want to be back in the arms of someone you are familiar with. you especially love your parents, which is definitely a good thing. when one of us has been away for any amount of time, and you see us, you start flapping your arms SO hard and SO fast- it’s adorable. i think you might take flight one of these days!

you have still been coming to the office with me three days a week. i am not sure how you have managed to sucker me into bringing you along, still.. but you have. it’s getting harder to keep you entertained, though, so i think we will call it quits come july. i don’t like to think about it, but i know it needs to happen and i am just grateful you have been sweet and cooperative enough to come as long as you have! you really are just the sweetest girl and charm everyone at the office.

in fact, you charm everyone everywhere. literally any and every time we are out and about, at least one person comments on how cute you are. and then you give them this crinkle-nose smile you are known for, and that just seals the deal. you are happy and charming and lovely and just the very best!

you are super into eating – anything and everything. you will try whatever we put in front of you, and there is nothing you have turned your nose up at. you especially love popcorn and popsicles. they are definitely two of your very favorites, and we can’t eat either around you without you squawking for a bite. it’s pretty funny. you also recently tried quesadillas, pizza, yogurt drops, rotisserie chicken, and garbanzo beans. one of your favorite things to eat is chicken and broccoli casserole. you could eat it all day long. you’re still really fond of crackers and bananas, and love to have one (or both) in hand as often as possible.

your sleeping habits leave something to be desired. you are not the best at sleeping through the night. you like to stay up late with me and your dad.. we don’t mind. you will go right down, but after about three or four hours, you will wake up and want to be held. after that it is hit and miss. sometimes you only wake once before the morning, and other times you wake up four or more times. definitely all over the map! but the nice thing is, you go right back to sleep after nursing you. you never wake up at a consistent time in the morning, either. it’s anywhere from 6 AM to 8 AM. you’re just doing your thing.

your naps are also not consistent. some days you take one, other days three. sometimes they’re long, other times super short. today you took an hour nap and then an hour and a half nap. it would be nice if that was the regular occurrence, but there is nothing regular about your naps. lots of time i will drive around for awhile if you happen to fall asleep in the car, just so you can catch some Zzzzs. the nice thing, though, is you are always happy – no matter how little sleep you have gotten in the day. you are very, very rarely cranky, and you hardly ever cry. it’s lovely.

you’ve had a fun month! summer is in full swing, and you are loving it. you went to lagoon a couple of times, and managed to sleep through part of it. but you did go on the carousel and LOVED it. it was adorable! you were so excited and your eyes lit up. i actually got a video of it and posted it to instagram, and lagoon reposted it.. because you are just that darn cute.

it’s food truck season, so we have been heading out to those for dinner quite a bit. we also hit up the liberty park farmer’s market one evening, and the bountiful car show another night. you do really well if you stay up past your bedtime, so it’s been fun to enjoy the extra hours of daylight at things like that.

you’ve also become quite the little water baby! we have been to the pool many times, and you love sitting in the shallow end and splashing your hands in the water. you look so dang cute in your swimsuit, too. there will be lots more pool days to come!

oh, stella you are just such a joy. i am having the best time watching you learn and grow, and you really add such a perfect touch to our family. thank you for being the sweetest baby in all the land. i love, love, love you.


your momma



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