eight months old.

by Janetha on May 22, 2017

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dear stella,

you are eight months old! you are the biggest you have ever been. and also the littlest you will ever be again. it is a very sad thought, because you are just growing up right before our eyes and we can’t even stop you. i keep telling time to slow down, but it doesn’t.

as usual, you have been loving life. you are the ray of sunshine that lights up the mood of anyone and everyone you come in contact with. you seriously are just the sweetest girl in town. people are always asking, "is she EVER not happy?!" and i answer… "basically always happy." because you are. you’re the happiest. just so glad to be hanging out and part of the action.

you are the cutest little roly poly bug. you are getting so chubby and round. your cheeks are perfect little rosy round balls that get even rosier and rounder when you smile your sweet, crinkled smile. when ever you smile, your nose bunches up and you squint your eyes, it’s the cutest. sometimes people think you might be getting mad, but in reality.. you are just so stinking happy that your face can’t even handle it and it gets super crinkled. it’s a pretty contagious grin.

your laugh is equally as contagious. you giggle and squeal and have a high pitched shriek that is especially reserved for laughing at your big brother. he still is the one who can make you the happiest. you love his voice, his singing and his dancing, and basically just being near him. it melts my heart to see how much you guys love each other.

you have been eating more and more food lately. you ate two whole bananas the other day. TWO. gobbled them right up. you are a big fan of chicken and broccoli casserole. you love watermelon and crackers. you tasted mustard for your first time, and you weren’t sure about it. don’t worry, it will grow on you. loving mustard is a requirement in this family. avocados aren’t that exciting and you aren’t super interested in them. your latest fave is cucumber slices, they are perfect for your tiny hands and equally as tiny mouth. you are ready and willing to try whatever food we put in front of you, and you also want to try OUR food.. but it’s not always something you can eat. you’re not impressed when we have to tell you, "no".

due to your increase in food consumption, you have been nursing less often and drinking less milk when you are home with your dad. you usually only nurse for a few minutes, and not nearly as frequently as you used to. probably every four hours or so. you don’t need to nurse or have milk right before sleeping, but it definitely doesn’t hurt the situation.

your naps haven’t been awesome. you had a few days in there where you only took a single nap for the whole day! the weird thing is, you’re happy even if you haven’t had much sleep.. so we aren’t forcing it and just roll with whatever you decide to do on any given day. you are napping in the rock n play still, and are still swaddled up tight in a swaddle sack. you don’t seem to fight it, so we keep with the swaddling for naps. not sure how naps will go once you are too big for the rock n play…

night time sleep isn’t stellar, stella. see what i did there? ha. you wake up two, three, four.. sometimes more times in the night. the other night you woke up seven times. seven. i think it’s because you are teething. yep! you have one tiny, sharp tooth poking through your bottom gums. you are ridiculously drooly. you aren’t cranky about it, but we can tell it’s not your favorite experience. so maybe that’s why night time sleep is spotty.. who knows. the night you woke up a whole bunch, you didn’t even want to nurse. you just wanted to be held. so i held you. you’ve got me wrapped around your pinky, tell you what.

you haven’t started crawling just yet, but you realllllly want to. if we leave you sitting in one spot, we will come back and you will have scooted on your bum all the way across the room! you bend forward in half, wanting to creep and crawl, but you can’t quite figure it out. sometimes you will lean forward so far that you end up face down on your belly, and that makes you pretty mad. from there, you holler at us so we will plop you back upright.

you love to be in the standing position, and there have been a couple times where we can prop you up standing by an activity table and you will stay there for a little bit.. but for the most part you want us to hold you while you are in the standing position. you stiffen up, arch your back, and insist on standing on our lap.

you also like to bounce and jump! when music comes on, you get super excited and start flapping your arms, bouncing in place, and shaking your head. i think you will be just as music-obsessed as fox is! it’s so cute to see how much you love hearing some tunes.

you are still going to work with me, three days a week. you are happy to be there, don’t cause a ruckus, and basically charm everyone at the office. i am surprised you still do so well, and i will take you until you prove otherwise. it is a lot nicer to have you there with me, rather than having to pump and leave you with someone else. it’s nice that there are a couple days you can stay home with your dad, and then come with me to the office a few days. it’s a good balance for everyone, and i will be a sad momma when those days come to an end.

you had an ophthalmologist appointment this past month. they had to dilate your eyes and check your vision. it turns out, your vision is super sharp and developing nicely, which is great! nothing is wrong with your eyeball or eyelid, but your left brow seems to sag down a bit, obstructing your view. they diagnosed it as "brow ptosis", or a saggy eyebrow with weak forehead muscles. it’s nothing to worry about, but they do want to monitor you every 6 months to be sure the obstruction isn’t hindering your vision development. so you will go back in november! you were so good for the doctors and nurses, and i am really proud of you!

speaking of eyes.. you broke a blood vessel in your left eye. we aren’t sure how it happened, you just woke up one day and it was super red. it looked much more painful and sad than it actually was. in fact, it didn’t even phase you and eventually it went away. i am glad it wasn’t a problem for you.

you had some first this past month! you took a shower with your dad, and weren’t really sure what was going on. you definitely prefer the bath. you took your first front-facing stroller ride, and you are sooo jazzed about that milestone. you love facing front and seeing what’s going on in the world. we went to the zoo and it was very exciting for you to be a part of the action!

this past month was mother’s day, and we went to my friend lindsay’s cabin on saturday night. your dad was sick, so he stayed home and you headed there with me and fox. you had fun with the other kids and were a perfectly pleasant baby. the only downside for you was the car ride, which you weren’t stoked on. we have a road trip to st. george coming up.. hopefully you don’t hate it too much.

it has been a lot warmer these days, so we have been spending a lot of time outside. and a lot of time naked. well, you, not me. you can often be found just hanging out in your diaper on a blanket in the sunshine. you are going to love summertime! we have been to the park quite a bit this past month, and i can’t wait to take you to the pool! it’s going to be the best.

i am so excited to have more fun with you, all summer long. i always, always say it.. but it’s true.. you are a dream baby! thank you for being such a treat, all day, every day. i simply could not live this life without you, stelly bean.

love, your momma


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