seven months old.

by Janetha on April 22, 2017

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dear stella,

you are seven months old. that’s way to close to your first birthday, if you ask me! you are growing like a weed. a chubby, adorable weed. and we can’t stop you.

you had your six-month checkup a little late, on april 5th, so we were able to check out your stats. you were 15 lbs 10 oz, which is the 44th percentile for weight. you were 26" tall, which is the 34th percentile. your head went down on the charts a bit, it was 16.5" and that’s the 34th percentile. i am thinking your head isn’t going to shoot off the charts like your brother’s did. we will see.

dr. ronda wants you to head to an opthalmologist because your right eye is a little droopy. it’s nothing to be worried about for now, but we are being proactive and getting you checked out. you will have that appointment in may.

you had your shots and, of course, they didn’t really phase you. you cried for a split second, but then you were back to your happy, rosy-cheeked self. i think your legs may have been a little achy in the couple of days that followed, but overall you didn’t seem bothered.

i know i say it every month, but i have to say it again.. you are such a dream baby. you are happy basically 98% of the time. you rarely cry, and if you do, it’s not for more than a minute or two. i am constantly baffled by how happy you are. it’s great. you have theeee cutest smile, with these giant cheeks that just puff up every time you grin your contagious, gummy grin. it’s impossible not to smile back at you. you’re the happiest. you have the most expressive features. your smile is one thing, but your raised left eyebrow is another. everyone comments on that eyebrow…it’s got a mind of its own!

now that you have mastered sitting up, it’s all you really want to do. you don’t love laying on your back for too long. you absolutely loathe being on your belly. when it comes to tummy time, you protest and bury your face in the floor. you refuse to roll onto your back anymore. you just lay there and holler until we set you back upright. stinker.

you are sooo dang wiggly. if i am holding you and sitting down, you like to arch your back until i let you stand up on my lap. if i am holding you standing up, you fold in half like a rag doll. you are always kicking your legs and swinging your arms. you definitely don’t want to stay still. you love hanging out in your exersaucer and bouncing away!

you have started taking baths regularly every night, unless for some reason it’s super late when we get home and you need to go straight to bed. usually you and fox will have a bath at the same time, but you are still in your baby tub. one day you guys will be able to be in the big tub together! you love playing with bath toys, putting them in your mouth, and splashing water all over the bathroom floor. you don’t like getting water poured on your head. sorry, girl.. it’s part of life.

you have been eating so many foods! you love everything you try. no teeth yet, but you seem to be able to do just fine without them. you have been eating lots of bananas lately, it seems to be your favorite thing so far. you also have lots of mixed baby food from jars and pouches. you love to suck down the pouches faster than you can blink! you are perfectly happy hanging in the kitchen, sitting up at the bar in your highchair. as long as you have a cracker or something to keep your mouth occupied, you will sit there while we cook, eat, color, clean or whatever else happens to be going on in the kitchen. penny and randy are pretty happy you are getting more food, because a lot of it ends up on the floor. you are getting better at gripping food and moving it from your hand to your mouth, but there is still quite a bit of practice to be had in that department.

aside from food, there is a lot of other stuff going into your mouth. like, basically everything. your hands, your feet, toys, paper, books, the remote, your binky… anything you can reach, goes right into your mouth. we need to be careful now to make sure nothing tiny is within arms reach of you!

stella, your giggle. can we just talk about how cute and funny it is? you are always laughing and screeching this cute, melodic giggle. you will laugh at most people who chat with you.. but when fox talks to you? you CRACK UP. seriously, nobody can get you going quite like he can. he loves to dance and sing for you, and you are mesmerized by his every move. he also likes to give you "tickles" and gobble up your hands and feet. seeing you two interact is the best thing in the whole wide world.

you are quite the little chatter bug, as well. much to my pleasure, your favorite thing to say is "mamamamama" and i like to think you know you’re saying mama, haha. you also say "dadadada" and "rararara" and lots of other funny, chatty noises. you aren’t super loud about it, but you do have lots to say. you do a funny thing when you get excited, where you start breathing in and out super fast and loud. you crinkle up your nose and just huff and puff with excitement.

your sleep habits have been regressing a little. not sure what’s going on there.. but it’s not as great as it used to be. you have been waking up an average of three times a night, and sometimes as many as five times. while it’s not ideal, i actually don’t mind too much. i think it’s because 1. your brother was much worse at sleeping, and we all survived and 2. i know it won’t last forever.. and you will be big before i know it. so nursing you and cuddling you in the night isn’t the worst thing in the world! you are still in your dockatot in our bed, and you have been sleeping in the zipadeezip suit. i think that may have a little to do with the frequent wake ups, because your startle reflex is waking you up and you aren’t swaddled tight anymore. i am not sure you will ever sleep in your own room…..

naps are going well. you sleep in your swaddle sleep sack for those, and are still napping in the rock n play both at home and at work. you average two naps a day these days. usually at least one of those is a lengthy one. but now you can go much longer between that second nap and bedtime, and don’t want much to do with a third doze-around unless we are driving in the car.

you are still nursing quite a bit and your dad gives you bottles on monday and tuesday. the nice thing is you are drinking less from the bottles now that you are eating more food.. so when i don’t pump quite as much at work, it’s not a big deal. there is usually something left over in the fridge for the next time you need a bottle, so that’s good. your nursing sessions are always quick and efficient. you prefer the right side to the left, and you usually can’t be bothered to nurse for too long because you have other business to attend to! you are a busy little bee.

so.. this has been one eventful month!

things started out with postponing our california trip because your great grandpa passed away. you were able to spend lots of time with you dad’s side of the family, and everyone just wanted to gobble you up.

we also had to postpone your 6 month photo shoot with jordynn because it was so super rainy that day. we ended up doing them another day, and it was deceivingly cold. you were wondering what in the world we were trying to do to you.. posing and wanting you to smile with such a nip in the air. i was worried the shots wouldn’t turn out.. but between you being so dang happy despite the conditions and jord being a photography wizard.. they turned out sooo dang cute! you are one photogenic baby.

we headed to california for a week on april 9th. this was your second trip, so the airplane experience wasn’t totally new. you were such a sweetheart and slept for most of the flights. everyone on the plane was commenting on how sweet and cute you are. that kind of happens everywhere we go. you’re a charmer.

california was the best! you played on the beach, you dipped your toes in the ocean, you ate some sand, you played with your cousins, you swung in swings at different parks, you took lots of naps in random places, you played at the swimming pool (but didn’t get in), and you were basically the best little traveler around. it was so much fun.

easter was the day after we got home, and you dressed to the nines. you got your first easter basket filled with toys, books, and snacks. you loved shoving the plastic easter eggs in your mouth, but didn’t really know what else was going on. you were just happy to be a part of the celebration!

every day is a fun adventure with you, whether we have something going on or we are just hanging out at work or at home. you make everything better. you are just a ray of sunshine and make my heart so dang happy. i feel lucky to be able to see you and cuddle you and squeeze you every day of my life. i am not sure how i ever lived without you!

stella bella boo, i love you so, so much.

love, your momma



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