six months old.

by Janetha on March 22, 2017

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dear stella,

six. months. old. half a year. whizzed right by in the blink of an eye. it really feels like we were bringing you home yesterday, and here you are.. trying to be all grown up and stuff. let me tell you about this past month of your life.

first things first, you are still the sweetest baby in all the land. your chill, happy demeanor has only been magnified as you learn and grow. always smiling, always squealing, and always just happy to be hanging out, where ever that may be. you are still coming to work with me three days a week, and staying home with your dad and fox on mondays and tuesdays.  you are happy to let anyone hold you. you have the biggest, cheeky smile and the most expressive eyebrows. you are seriously the prettiest. and the happiest. you’re a little social butterfly. you love kids, and if a little kiddo starts talking to you, you let out the loudest shrieks and giggles. especially when it’s your brother. you have a bond with him that makes my heart burst.

you talk nonstop. instead of little baby noises, you are shouting things like "babababa" "dadadada" and "mamamama". it is fun to hear you chatter, and you definitely are always saying something. you scream at the top of your lungs, just because you can. and then you giggle about it. it’s pretty funny and of course adorable. you like to kick your legs and flail your arms while you are chattering and shrieking.. you are always just wiggling and moving.

you are getting so strong! you love sitting in your bumbo. i also broke out the door jumper at work, and you like to bounce in there for a little bit at a time. you like to play in the exersaucer, and you absolutely love sitting in the high chair at the island in the kitchen. you like to be right in the middle of the action. i was hoping you would be sitting up by the end of march, because we have your six month photos coming up. we practiced and practiced, but you kept flopping over. then, about a week ago, you decided it was time to start sitting up on your own. i know it was what i was hoping for, but when you could actually do it… i got a little sad! it means you are getting bigger and older and my little baby girl is growing up a little too quickly! but now that you can sit up on your own, you are LOVING it. you still flop over and roll to your belly when you get tired, but i have noticed that with each passing day, you can sit up for longer and longer stretches of time. you like to have an array of toys in front of you while sitting up, and you grab them all and put them right into your mouth.

we haven’t seen any teeth yet, but i know they can’t be too far from poking through. you drool quite a bit, and chew on anything you can get into your mouth. you are always grabbing your feet and gnawing on them. you love to suck and chew on your thumb. you aren’t really into your binky, but you absolutely love sophie the giraffe. you hold onto that thing and chew it all day long. you try to grab our fingers and put them in your mouth, and i have to say you have a super strong bite! luckily you aren’t a biter when it comes to nursing, so thank you for that.

you are still a snacker in the nursing department. you like to eat frequently and just a little at a time. this typically leads to shorter naps when you are with me at home or at work, because you wake up after 30-45 minutes and want a snack. but when you are home with your dad and you get a bottle, you sleep for much longer stretches. you are napping in the rock n play, still swaddled in your halo sleep sack. you like that cozy spot, and you listen to your symphony music while you nap. if your phone dies mid-nap and the music stops, you will wake right up. you usually take three naps a day, still, but sometimes if there is a long one in there, you only take two.

night time sleep has been a little tricky this past month. you sleep in our bed, swaddled in your dock a tot. you like it there. you used to only wake up a couple of times and would go right back down after eating. you would also go right to sleep at bedtime. i am not sure if it was the daylight savings time change and it being so light at bedtime, or just your developmental changes, but you have had a harder time going down at bedtime. and instead of staying down for hours on end, you will often wake back up in as little as an hour after you go to sleep. also, you have been wanting to party in the night instead of going right back down. a few nights this past month, you woke up six or seven times! it was rough. i know some of that had to do with your belly hurting…

we started the month out with trying some new foods. you were always showing signs of wanting to eat whenever we were eating in front of you, so we decided to let you try some things. you’d had avocado already, but we added a few other pouches of foods here and there. you loved eating! but i don’t think your little insides loved it. you see, you started to get a little backed up. this wasn’t normal for you, as you’ve always had pretty good digestion and never had horrible tummy troubles like fox had. when you didn’t poop for a week, and started to grumble and cry, we realized that maybe you weren’t ready to be eating. we decided we should stop with the foods and stick to your liquid diet. it took about ten days for your digestion to get back to normal, but now things are great again. we will try introducing foods to you again in a bit, and probably lots slower than we did with fox. so, now you see us eating and get super jealous, but just know we have your tiny baby insides in mind, and this is for your own good.

the thing is, even when something is bothering you, you don’t really cry. there are short bursts of crying, but it’s such a mild cry so i don’t even know if i can call it that. it is more like a fuss or a grumble. and it never lasts for too long. it’s also pretty easy to figure out what is bothering you when you do cry. it’s always either time for some sleep or time for a snack. if you get one or the other, you are back to your happy self again! how did we luck out with such an easy little lady?

your hair is coming in more, and your bald spot in back is filling in with new, fuzzy hair. you actually had a super thick layer of cradle cap that we didn’t realize was as bad as it was. one day, your dad oiled and brushed your scalp for three hours! he got all the flakes off and washed your hair, and it has been growing much better since. we had no idea it was such a bad case of dry scalp, because it wasn’t flaky at all and was basically one solid layer, but i am glad you are all fixed up now.

we aren’t sure what your official stats are, yet, because your six month checkup isn’t until april 5th. but we did put you on the scale and you weigh about 15 pounds! that is up a couple of pounds from your four month checkup. you have theeeee chubbiest thighs, so many cute rolls, and a belly that is the softest thing ever. your cheeks are so chipmunky and everyone comments on them. they stick out about as far as your cute little nose! you are still a petite little thing, though. you are still wearing your 3-6 clothes for the most part, but can fit into 6-12 month pants and rompers. luckily they are still very big, though! you have been wearing lots of fox’s hand-me-downs, and it’s so cute to see you in them and compare that to photos of fox wearing the same stuff when he was your age. you guys couldn’t look any more different, it’s crazy.

like i said, you like to go and do whatever is on the agenda for the day. you are happy to go on adventures with fox and friends. we’ve had a fun month with warmer weather, so there have been plenty of park dates and basking in the sun. we went to the dinosaur museum/park, the children’s museum a couple of times, and liberty park lots of times. you celebrated st. patrick’s day and made sure to wear some green. you also went to a taping of good things utah, where you had to leave the set about halfway through because you were squealing, haha. you went to a wedding reception and a little friend meet up with me and really were just such a treat to everyone you met. you are just the life of the party!

we have a fun and eventful month coming up. a photo shoot and a trip to california to see your cousins, along with easter and lots more excitement. i look forward to every day i get to spend with your sweet little self. lucky momma, right here. can’t wait to have more adventures together. thank you for being the best, ever.

love, your momma



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