two months old.

by Janetha on November 22, 2016

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dear stella,

you are two months old! as expected, this past month whizzed by in the blink of an eye. although it went quickly, we have had the best time watching you learn and grow. and, my, have you grown!

at your two month check up, you weighed 9 pounds, 14 ounces. this was up from 7 pounds, 1 ounce at your two week checkup. you’re in the 15th percentile for weight. you are 21″ tall, which is just the 3rd percentile for height. short like your mama, we will see if that changes. your head was 15″ around, which is the 45th percentile for head circumference. you are getting so big!

you had your first round of shots, and it wasn’t awesome. you cried to the heavens when they poked your little legs. you cried for quite a bit afterward, too. but when we went home, your dad gave you a tubby and swaddled you up. you ended up zonking out and sleeping for nine straight hours before waking up to eat… so i guess those shots really took it out of you.

the rest of the appointment went well. you are healthy and thriving. your head looks good, thanks to that tummy time paying off. you don’t love it, you will tolerate it for a few minutes, but then you get mad, mad, mad. but it’s just something you have to do… as you will find in life, sometimes you just have to do things, even if you don’t want to!

you are the spitting image of your dad. you look absolutely nothing like me, it’s funny, because the benson genes have proved to be super strong in the past. i guess not with you! but you are the most beautiful babe. your eyes are a deep, dark brown. you are starting to go bald on top (like your dad, haha!) but you have a cute little mullet in the back. you have a pretty, olive skin tone and you really haven’t had any dry skin or baby acne.

you are the sleepiest lady in town. you absolutely love to sleep, and for that we are grateful. i keep wondering when that is going to change, but for now, i will take it. you go to sleep around 7pm, but that can fluctuate depending on what we are up to that evening. once you are asleep, you have been sleeping between six and eight hours straight before waking up to eat. this is lovely, and i should really be going to bed earlier to take advantage of that long stretch! when you do wake to eat, you go right back to sleep for another two or three hours before waking up again to eat and wake up for the day.

when you do wake up for the day, you have the biggest struggle. you yawn and stretch and doze off and repeat the process for at least twenty minutes. it’s my favorite thing that you do, and i can totally relate to this struggle! i knew it was going to be hard to get you up and going in the morning when we went back to work, and i was right.

i went back to work on november 7th, and you started a couple days later. you stay home with your dad and brother on mondays and tuesdays. those first couple of days, your aunt ree was in town to snuggle with you and help out. you did pretty well without me, but you don’t love taking a bottle. you are quite the snacker, meaning you like to eat often, but in short little spurts. so having a bottle every three hours like we did with your brother doesn’t exactly work with you. but you will get the hang of it, and so will we. the following week, you started going to fox’s music class on monday and gymnastics class on tuesday . you do pretty well in your infant seat, and are content for the most part, but you have given your dad a run for his money here and there.

when you go to work with me, we have to leave at 7am. you don’t love that. you have no consistency, and sometimes you will sleep for a few hours when we get to work. other times you will be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the first hour or two. you nap in a rock n play under my desk, and you seem to like it in there. i was worried that would mess with you sleeping flat on your back in your dockatot at night, but it hasn’t seemed to cause a problem, so that’s good!

you don’t have a consistent nap schedule, yet. you typically take a few cat naps throughout the day and one long, hefty nap. sometimes it’s four hours long! we are just letting you do your thing, knowing you will get into a groove sooner or later.

you mainly like to be held, which poses a little bit of a problem while i am working. but you are getting more used to hanging in the bouncy seat or laying on your play mat and listening to the music while looking at the mobile.

you have found your smile, and it is so adorable! you have also been cooing a lot and making the cutest baby noises. you have just recently found your hands, and you like to fist pump. you will suck on your fists every now and then. it’s so fun to watch you discover the world around you. you like to be outside and get fresh air. it has been a super warm november, so we have been able to be outside quite a bit. i am wondering how you will like the cold winter, though!

you have still been spitting up like nobody’s business. you are growing, though, so it’s nothing to worry about. it doesn’t bother you, which is good. i just need to remember to always have a rag on hand. and a change of clothes for you. and a change of clothes for me. hopefully it’s something you grow out of, soon!

this past month hasn’t been quite as jam-packed with events like your first month was. but you did celebrate halloween! you were the tiniest little skeleton and went trick-or-treating for a (very) little bit. it got kind of chilly when the sun went down, so we bundled you up in your bear bunting.. which totally passed as a costume.

we left you with nana sue twice this past month. once for a jazz game and another time for a wedding. you were a perfect little angel, which is not a surprise. you are pretty easy, breezy most times. you are great at tolerating being the baby sister of a toddler, who sometimes demands more attention than you do. we are grateful for your  easy-going nature. fox loves to give you kisses and hold you. he is good about sharing bath time and story time with you. oh, and you still LOVE the bath. it’s your happy place. you are basically happy 92% of the time. you only cry if you need to eat or need to sleep, which is normal for any human, ha!

stella, you really are the chillest baby there ever was. you are a dream to have in our family. the perfect addition, for sure. i am looking forward to celebrating the holidays with you, and seeing how you change this next month. until then, my sweet little bug. i love you!

love, your momma


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