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by Janetha on October 22, 2016

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dear stella,

already one month old?? how? why? time seemed to stand still while i was pregnant with you, and now that you are here, time is going way too fast! it was just yesterday that we met you, smitten with your sweetness and beauty. and with each day that goes by, we are all more and more smitten with every bit of you.

you are one chill baby. we aren’t quite sure what to think, because you are just so easy going and relaxed.

first of all, you love your sleep. clearly that means you are my child! you don’t like your arms swaddled, but you do like to be swaddled from the armpits down. you haven’t been up for a stretch in the night a single time, you wake to eat and go right back down. you have the hardest time waking up in the morning, and it’s adorable to watch you try. you stretch and yawn, make cute gurgley sounds, and doze off again at least twice before getting up for the day. you sleep smack dab between your dad and me, in a cozy bed called a dockatot. you love it, we love it, and we are hoping it helps you learn to love sleeping flat on your back so you will love your crib when the time comes.

you are a pretty great napper, too. you take several cat naps throughout the day, here and there, and then you also take two longer naps – one mid-morning and one late afternoon. i have to say, i have been soaking up the newborn cuddles, so you usually nap in my arms or on my chest. (or your dad’s arms or chest.) but you also will keep sleeping if put down to nap in the swing or on the bed. but.. yeah.. we are probably going to keep holding and cuddling you for naps while you are teeny tiny!

while you do sleep really well overall, you have started fighting bedtime a little bit, you will be dozing off to sleep around 9 PM, and suddenly you will start crying for awhile.. then you settle.. and then we repeat that a few times before you’re out for the count.

speaking of your cry.. it’s something else. it’s quiet and maybe even kind of sweet sounding. you never cry for long, and you don’t even cry very often. basically only when you wake up from a nap hungry, here and there on longer car rides, when you can’t get a stubborn burp out, and then just before bed which i just told you about. like i said, you are one chill baby.

you love the bath. love love love it. you didn’t even cry during your very first bath in the hospital. you love the warm water poured over your hair and you just love laying in the water, relaxing. you get a bath every two or three days, but we will probably switch to nightly baths to start a bedtime routine here in the next month or two.

you took right to breastfeeding. it was slow going at first, simply because you did not want to wake up to eat. girl, i get it, the only thing better than eating is sleeping! you are what i call a snacker, because you eat quickly and frequently. it probably takes you less than ten minutes each time you eat, and more often than not you will start to doze off before finishing. sleepy stella.

i am not sure how much you weigh today, but at your 2-week appointment you were up to seven pounds, one ounce. that’s the 13th percentile for weight. you are still 20” tall, which is the 17th percentile for height. your head is in the 30th percentile, and we are all wondering if it will eventually go off the charts like your big brother’s did. you are growing each day, we are noticing your cute little newborn clothes filling out a bit more each time we dress you.

we have to dress you a lot. a whole lot. because you spit up a lot. a whole lot. we are constantly changing our clothes and your clothes. you are gaining weight, so we aren’t worried about it. but it is definitely still sad. you will spit up every time after you eat, and then occasionally you will suddenly spit up before feedings, just out of the blue. the worst is when it happens while we are driving, and i can’t do anything for you right away. i am hoping this is just a phase that you will grow out of soon, and that your little baby insides will mature and the spit up will slow down, and hopefully stop. it will make for an interesting time when we head back to work in two weeks.

yep, that’s right, you will be a working woman in just a couple of weeks. you will come to the office with me and i hope you love it. you really like to be held as often as possible, you are a big cuddler, so working might prove to be a challenge.. but we will figure it out.

you look just like your daddy. you have his dark hair, his beautiful skin, his dreamy eyes.. in fact, you look so much like him, and nothing like me, that had i not given birth to you.. you’d never know you were my girl. we love comparing you to baby photos of your big brother. it’s crazy how you two can look so similar, but you also look so different from each other, you are each unique. it’s hard to explain.

speaking of your big brother, he loves you so, so much. while it’s been a little hard for him to adjust to not being the only kiddo in the family, he has been nothing but nice to you. he loves to help us with anything you may need. he is concerned when you cry, telling us that “baby’s sad” in a concerned voice, and he always tries to put your binky in your mouth for you. he kisses you every morning and every night, and always asks to hold you. it’s all very sweet and tender. it’s my hope that he is always such a helpful, protective big brother. i look forward to watching your bond strengthen and grow over the years.

you have already had quite a few adventures with him. since we are more confident and comfortable having a newborn this time around, we have been out and about a number of times. we went to oktoberfest up in the mountains, we went two two different pumpkin patches, and we visited wheeler farm. we also visited the library the other day, you slept right through the whole thing. we go to the park lots, and also take walks around the neighborhood. we are trying to soak up as much outdoor fun as we can before winter comes!

stella, you are just as wonderful as we could ever have hoped for or imagined. i feel so lucky to be your mom, and i know we will be the best of friends – just like i am with my mom and she was with her mom. i promise to love you forever and always, and let you learn and grow and live life to the fullest. thank you for choosing to come to our family, you’ve made us complete. i am looking forward to see what your second month has in store. until next time, little lady. i love you.

love, your momma

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