a year & a half old.

by Janetha on February 22, 2016

in fox


dear fox,

i thought i better check in, since half a year has whizzed by since i stopped your monthly letters.

these halfsie-birthday ones will be shorter, and sweet, just like you.

you are 30 pounds, 2 ounces. 90th percentile. you are 33” tall. 75th percentile. your head.. well, your head is still off the charts.

you love doing things yourself. you insist on feeding yourself, putting your own shoes on, and throwing away your own trash. you are very independent, except when it comes to bedtime. then you want someone to hold your hand through your crib rungs until you fall asleep. and then you always come to our bed around 2 or 3… whatever it takes to get you to sleep until 6 or so.

you love bath time, as always. when you take a bath, you practice your words and body parts.

you can say: hi, bye, yes, no, mama, dada, nana, ball, belly, eye, moo, nose, close, and the first half of goldfish. you try to say everything else, you give it a fair shot. and you say a LOT of things that we can’t make sense of.

you can point to your: eye, nose, ear, hair, mouth belly button, foot, hand, bum, and weenie.

the only animal sound you will tell us is what a cow says… “moo.” it’s a cute moo.

you love kefir out of your straw cup in the mornings, carrying a container of cereal around the house, mac n cheese, vegetable soup, rice, jamba juice, fruit snacks, avocado, and meatballs with marinara.

you have eleven or so teeth. all front eight teeth, and then a few molars have come in.

you love books. reading is your favorite thing to do. the very busy spider, dog food, and hand hand fingers thumb are three of your favorites.

you love daniel tiger. and dancing to the theme song. and dancing in general… you bust out your moves any time you hear any music. you love listening to records with your dad.

you are taking two naps a day, most days, and they’re usually around an hour.

you love to be outside. you love to go places. you love waving at cars and people and anything at all. you are so happy.

you are the light of my life, and watching you grow and learn is truly a wonderful thing. with every week that goes by, i swear things get more and more fun. you’re the very best! i love you.

love, your momma

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