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by Janetha on August 22, 2015

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dear fox,


one year old?! ONE YEAR? i got butterflies in my belly just typing that out. i cannot believe you are a whole year. it’s true what they say, it went by in the blink of an eye.

reflecting back over the past year makes me feel so many emotions. it’s been the most exciting, love-filled, challenging, fantastic year of my life. all thanks to you and your sweet, spunky personality. you’re my favorite.

this letter is a day late, because we had a ball yesterday, celebrating you. we had a great day! you got a basketball hoop and some clothes and some jammies. we took you shoe shopping and found you a couple of pairs for your chubby, little, wide feet. we took you to the toy store and you picked out a keyboard with LOTS of buttons. you love buttons. you had pizza for dinner and a huge peach for dessert. we saved the cupcake for your party, later today. we will have a celebration at the park with your family and friends. you had a great first birthday! it was so fun.

as always, it’s time to look back on this past month of your life and tell you all about the things you have been up to, have been loving and hating, and everything else about you, my handsome little guy.

let’s start with things you are loving. first and foremost, i would have to say light switches are your very favorite. you see one and you become OBSESSED with it. you squeak and shout and point until someone picks you up to flip the switch. you flip it on and off (and on.. and off..) and point to the light as it changes. you are smart.

you like to play with my makeup, and any time i put it away, you get mad. you pull it right back out. each piece is nice and small, perfect for your little hands to play with. you are always pulling everything out of whatever drawer or cupboard you can get into.

you are also super into buttons of any kind. your latest trick is turning nana sue’s printer on and off, over and over, until someone takes you away from the button. you love to point, and lots of times we have no clue what you are pointing at. but you are a very good pointer, that’s for sure!

like i said, you are smart. when we ask you where mama, dada, randy, or penny is.. you point to the right one. most times. you also can point to noses.. everyone’s nose except for your own.

you LOVE story time, which comes right after your bath and your PJs. we will be sitting together on the floor, and your dad sits in the chair in your room and tells you it’s time for a story. you can’t crawl over to him fast enough! it’s the cutest thing, and you get SO excited to read a story with him.

you are chattering more than ever! you aren’t saying words, just yet, but you often will just ramble on to us, i am sure you think we understand what you are saying. one of these days, we will! for now, you can just keep on chattering, because it is very, very cute.

something not so cute is your shriek. you do it a lot. any time you are frustrated, excited, happy, sad, mad, glad.. you shriek. SO LOUD. ear-piercingly loud. when you want something, you just point and shriek. it’s not the greatest. it will be nice when you can talk, and communicate, so you don’t have to shriek.

you have been sleeping really well lately! your daytime sleep is great, and your night time sleep has been a lot better than it used to be.

your naps have been longer, and some days you have cut back to two naps instead of three. a couple days ago, you took a 2 1/2 hour nap! in that same day, you took an hour nap, and also fell asleep every time we went somewhere in the car. you must be growing! i can’t wait to see what you weigh and how tall you are. your 1 year checkup is on monday, it will be fun to see how much you have grown! but shots will not be fun, at all.

you go to bed around 7:30 or 8 at night, and you usually will sleep all the way until 4 AM without making a peep. if you do make a peep, your dad will get up and either give you your binky, or pick you up and rock you if you need it. when you wake up around 4 AM, i pick you up and nurse you back to sleep. you then will sleep in until 6 or 7 AM. i know you aren’t quite ready to drop that nursing session, because we have tried to skip it, and you just cry, cry, cry until i feed you.

as far as other nursing sessions go.. you have basically dropped them all. you eat three main meals a day and have lots of snacks. milk just doesn’t interest you too much, anymore. you will occasionally nurse when i get home from work. when you are with others, while i am at work, you will sometimes take a bottle or sippy cup of cow’s milk.. but usually you just prefer food. you have recently switched to cow’s milk in a bottle at bedtime, that was a change we made just this week. it’s weird that i have gone from nursing you 5-6 times a day to once, maybe twice. you are really growing up!

on the topic of food.. you are still loving most things you try. eating is your favorite activity, next to switching light switches on and off. you basically eat whatever we are eating, but you aren’t a fan of vegetables (of any kind) or tomatoes. you LOVE string cheese, yogurt, toast with peanut butter, avocado (always), cottage cheese, and ravioli. you do really well at feeding yourself, but aren’t sure how to use a spoon.

you drink lots of water! you use a straw cup and can hold it yourself. you won’t use a sippy cup by yourself, though. must be something about having to hold it up in the air. you don’t understand that just yet.

you have quite a few teeth coming in, all at once! you are a trooper, because i know it must hurt and you haven’t been super duper cranky about it. we can feel at least four that have poked through your gums, and i am sure more are hiding under there.. just waiting and wanting to come out.

we have had a lot of fun this past month! summer is winding down, but it is still super hot outside. we have gone to the lake so many sundays in a row. we have been to jordanelle and pineview. pineview is way better, there is a nice, sandy beach and you love to play in the sand. you hate getting in the water. i don’t blame you.. it’s not nice and warm, like your bath.

we had a yard sale last weekend because we are going to be moving. it is weird that you won’t remember the house you spent your first year in! kind of sad, but you will love the new house. you had so much fun helping out at the yard sale! that was probably the dirtiest you have ever gotten in your life, but it was also such a good time. you crawled all around, dumped lemonade all over yourself, played in the dirt, and had a big grin the whole entire time.

you are extra clingy these days. you always are wanting me to hold you, pick you up, or be right next to you. you scream if i put you down or walk away. you have a hard time going to strangers or people you’ve only met a few times. but you get really excited when you see familiar faces! you love playing with your cousins and your BFF, stevie. you really enjoy your fridays with nana sue, too.

you are trying to figure out walking, but haven’t been able to do it on your own. you are practically running, though, when someone is assisting you with their fingers. you are always wanting to stand up and will use whatever prop you can in order to do so. you have a cute and funny crawl—you only use your left knee and push off with your right foot. uncle doug calls you “one leg”. it’s the cutest crawl. you can’t figure out how to crawl up stairs, but that’s probably for the better. i am sure you will be running around in no time! you are always on the move, and these one year photos were basically impossible to get! you are a busy guy.

it’s been a fun month. it’s been an amazing year. thank you for coming into my life and making me a mom. i never knew how incredible life could be, until i had you. and now every day is extra exciting, seeing you change and learn and grow. it’s the best. you’re the best. i love you, oh so much.

happy, happy birthday, fox. and many more.

love, your momma

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