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by Janetha on August 11, 2015

in meals

hey! so, it’s been quite some time since i’ve actually documented a whole day of meals & moves. i thought i would do that today.. even though my life is totally lacking in the moves category!

i had my usual wakeup call from fox at 4 AM. i am still nursing him once in the night (and hardly at all during the day.. but more on that, later.) so i quickly fed him and put him back down, and was back in bed by 4:12.

wakeup call two came around 7 AM, when fox decided to be up for the day. not bad, not bad at all. beats the old days, when he would wake up at 5 AM for the day.

we hung out together while i got ready and fox got into my bathroom drawers. one of his favorite activities. marshall was busy in the kitchen, making a smoothie for fox. he never eats veggies, so we decided to try out a green smoothie. the first one had spinach, cucumber, kale, ginger, berries, ice, and water.. all blended in the vitamix. fox wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole, haha. i had marshall make another one, this time with whole milk, berries, and spinach. a little more mild.


but, to our dismay, fox wanted nothing to do with that one, either! he was perfectly content shoving his face with pancake, though.


i headed out the door at 8, green smoothie in hand. mine was the first batch of ingredients.


i got to the office and made coffee, top priority, folks.


i also filled up my 32 oz cup of water.. which turned out to be the only time i filled it up all day. whoops. i suck at drinking water these days.


i worked for a couple of hours, had a handful of nuts…


…and then decided to eat some food. i made a couple of eggs topped with frank’s hot sauce, toast, and some sliced white wisconsin cheddar. not glamorous, but tasty.


i worked some more, and gave my boss a ride somewhere.. i swear, i am a chauffeur more often than i care to admit. once back at the office, i got to work on making lunch.

marshall and i love hello fresh, a meal subscription service that delivers ingredients for three meals each week. we don’t get it every week, instead probably about once a month. so far, we have LOVED LOVED LOVED everything we have tried! it is such a fun way to try recipes that we would otherwise never make.

actually, sad story, last night, marshall made one of the hello fresh recipes. it was one of the more labor-intensive recipes. once he had it done, it was time for fox to go to sleep.. so we did his bedtime routine before we ate. while we were in fox’s room doing that, penny jumped UP ON THE COUNTER and ate our dinner!! ugh!! oh, man, she was in so much trouble. she has been naughtier and naughtier since fox arrived. it sucks and it is sad and i wish she would behave.. but she’s like the middle child who has decided to rebel! so, we didn’t get to eat that hello fresh meal. boo.

but today, for lunch, i made the shrimp and chorizo paella. marshall isn’t a fan of shrimp, but i love it.. so i took the tripe to the office to make for amanda and myself. i love having a full kitchen at work, so i can fix meals right there!



the recipe took awhile, but it was super simple. i had never made paella before, so i wasn’t sure how it would turn out. it was actually super tasty! we loved it!


i plan to do a whole post sometime about hello fresh and the meals we have had. but if you are interested in trying hello fresh, i do have a discount code so you can get $40 off your first box. a box that has 3 meals for 2 people (so 6 meals) is $69.. so with the discount code, it makes your box $29. that’s less than $5 a meal and it’s gourmet food! totally worth a try. anyway, the code is 246NM9 and you can just enter that on checkout. let me know if you try it!

i got this photo from marshall, who was home with the boy today. looks like we are in trouble!


i worked some more, and then i had to give my boss another ride! this took about an hour round trip, pretty boring to just drive around and wait.


on the upside, i got off a half hour early and made it home around 4:15.. only to see everyone sleeping! (the dogs were sleeping on the bed, too, not in the pic.)



you may have noticed i didn’t pump at all while i was at work. thank god that’s over with! i hated pumping! but i have enough milk in the freezer to last until fox’s birthday next week, and then he can have cow’s milk. i have noticed that my body is adjusting really well to dropping the pump session, and i have also dropped a nursing session during the day. so far, things are regulating pretty well and i haven’t noticed discomfort or anything.

i checked the mail and noticed a box on the porch. i wasn’t expecting anything, but saw that it was a special delivery from general mills.


turns out, they have formulated five kinds of cheerios to be gluten free. i am not personally gluten free, but this is really cool for those who require it! naturally, i had to have a bowl of honey nut cheerios, one of my favorite cereals, ever.


i started typing up this post while eating my cereal, just wondering when fox would wake up. i missed him! marshall woke up and came out to chat with me. we couldn’t believe fox was still snoozing. every once in awhile he will surprise us with a long nap. this one turned out to be almost two hours! marshall made a short list for stuff from trader joe’s and took off with his backpack on his motorcycle. gotta get those motorcycle rides in when he can!

he took off and i decided to clean up around the house. it’s basically in shambles right now. i am trying to pack things up for our yard sale on saturday and we are also wanting to fix the house up so we can sell it (more on that another time). i swear it is so hard to keep things organized and tidy when you have a little, tiny tornado crawling around, pulling things out of every nook and cranny! but we do what we can to keep it clean.

i finished tidying the house and fox was STILL asleep..



..so i decided to try to exercise. i did 25 push ups and then 25 sit ups and.. BAM.. fox woke up! of course. but it was 5:45! i couldn’t believe it.. almost 2.5 hour nap! when he did finally wake up, i nursed him for a minute, but he didn’t seem interested. i think he’s slowly self-weaning. it’s a good thing, since i wasn’t sure how this weaning thing would go down. but he eats a LOT of regular food, so it makes sense that he doesn’t want as much milk. while i am glad to not have to breastfeed around the clock anymore, part of me is a little sad! but, for the most part, i am excited to be done.

i was sad that he slept so long, since i hadn’t seen him all day.. so we got straight to playing! i wanted to go to the park, but a sudden thunderstorm struck right before he woke up. luckily marshall got home right before the rain.. that would have been super bad on the motorcycle!

while fox and i played, marshall fixed dinner. he does that more often than me, these days! he is the best.

dinner was mushroom ravioli with mushrooms, ground turkey, and marinara. we also had a spinach side salad. i love these semi-homemade, quick, easy dinners. it hit the spot.


fox LOVED the ravioli, too. side note.. we are obsessed with these EZPZ mats to use for meals. they are a placemat and plate/bowl all in one. they suction onto the countertop, too. they make for super easy cleanup, and he can’t throw the dishes, haha!


i thought we could keep him up a little longer to hang out, but he began to rub his eyes. we took his cue and started his bedtime routine. he LOVES bath time so much. although i think he is growing out of this tub and we may have to move him to the real bathtub soon!


so, we had a hilarious catastrophe during bed time. we let fox play naked for a little bit before we put his diaper and PJs on. he was standing at his baby gate in his room and we were chatting about how tall he is getting. then, suddenly, marshall yells, “he’s pooping! he’s pooping!” hahaha.. i tried to grab him quickly, but he managed to step in it before i got to him. oh, man. that was funny and smelly and just a disaster. we aren’t seasoned in poop issues.. he’s never had a blow out or anything, so that situation was new for us. funny.

marshall read fox his story and then handed him off to me. i nursed fox one more time as he was going to sleep, making it a total of four times in the day. but, really, only three.. because one of the times he really didn’t want to. i rocked him for  about 40 minutes just because i really didn’t get to see him much today. sad.

i had big plans to put him down and then try to tackle an at-home workout, since it was still early, but when i went out into the living room i saw marshall had rummikub set up! i couldn’t pass that up!


we played a few games (i won two out of three, woot!), and eventually we needed dessert. i fixed some vanilla bean ice cream + crushed up oreo thins. i love the thin oreos! they are way better than the originals, in my opinion, because they have less cream filling. i am not a huge cream filling fan.


i used our awesome ice cream bowls we got from katie years and years and years ago.




i just finished typing this up and inserted the pics into this post.. and am gonna call it a night. it’s 9:30 and i am beat!

so.. as you can see.. just meals, no moves. i guess i could have exercised SOMEWHERE in my day.. but i didn’t. i need sleep and i love playing with fox and i enjoy a tidy house and i like relaxing with marshall. one of these days i will figure out how to also squeeze in a daily workout as well. today was not that day.


1. what is the last piece of fun mail you received?

2. have you tried a meal subscription service? which one? thoughts?

3. when do you squeeze exercise in to your day?!

xo. janetha g.

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Momma b August 11, 2015 at 9:54 pm

Fox’s birthday invite!!
No, but I need to get off my butt and subscribe!!
I go to my gym in the morning, but I need you to get a real exercise plan going so I can get in shape!!

I love reading and seeing your day in print! You’ve got your priorities in order and I love you!!

Erica August 12, 2015 at 4:41 am

I adore those ice cream bowls! They’re so so cute! Life of a mom is nuts. I always amazed by people that have 3,4, or more kids. Have you tried shredded vegetables into his pancakes? Might work? Could make carrot cake muffins? Or spinach muffin/cupcakes? He is getting so big!

Janetha August 12, 2015 at 11:26 am

that’s such a good idea! duh! thank you thank you.

julie August 12, 2015 at 5:42 am

first of all – i don’t think i can keep reading anymore now that i know you don’t like the oreo filling. WTF is wrong with you.

second of all – who give a flying f about working out when you have an adorable little baby to play with. #beatmode #motherrunner #fitmom will always be there but they’re only babies once! i wish more people would realize this, but whatever. not my life (thank god – i can’t even imagine)

Janetha August 12, 2015 at 11:26 am

hahaha love your comment. the cream filling leaves like this weird filmy layer in my mouth.. maybe it’s just me? it’s the same reason i hate frosting! but worse!

Tamara August 12, 2015 at 8:29 am

Unlike Julie, I can totally relate… I don’t hate the cream filling, but I prefer less of it. Oreo thins all the way! xo

Becky @ The Bex Factor August 12, 2015 at 8:47 am

Too funny about the poop incident! I’m sure I’m going to have some moments like that as I start potty training. I’m not excited.

Last piece of mail I got was investment statements. Boring.

I don’t think there are any meal subscription services in my city, but I really wish there was. I would totally pay to have healthy meals show up at my door because cooking is the worst. When I have limited time in the evening with my little man, I don’t want to spend most of it trying to make supper.

I workout as soon as I put little man to bed. Just a quick half hour so I can have a bit of time to relax and shower before bed. Sometimes I will go for a run on my lunch break at work too.

Janetha August 12, 2015 at 11:26 am

I feel like you do an awesome job at working out! I love all your snaps!

Alyssa August 12, 2015 at 7:18 pm

I feel like I’m always saying this when I comment but I love your blog because your experiences are so similar to mine. My son is also still nursing at night (he will turn one next month) and really losing interest during the day, he’s a huge eater. Do you worry at all about dropping that night session as part of weaning? And also, did you stop pumping as soon as you had enough in the freezer to get to a year? I do have enough but I am constantly wavering on when to stop, I’ve had awful problems with clogged ducts and I’m concerned about what will happen if he nurses on weekends. Sorry so many questions, I just don’t know that many working moms who actually made it a year! It’s so hard! But CONGRATS because it is a huge, amazing accomplishment. No one can understand how hard it is unless you’ve lived it.

I’m so freaking sick of these babies needing so much sleep. WAKE UP AND PLAY WITH ME. It’s the worst. Just stop it. But the daddy and baby sleeping pictures are adorable. I have about 6000 in my phone.

Janetha August 13, 2015 at 10:27 am

The night session is going to be the hardest! Because that’s the ONLY time he really wants to nurse, and will go RIGHT back to bed after it. I feel like if I don’t do it, it’s going to be a hell of a time getting him to go back to sleep. I did stop pumping as soon as I had enough in the freezer, which was the last week of July. I had tapered from pumping 3x a day to only 1x a day, and so dropping that one pump wasn’t a big deal. However, I rarely get clogs–probably just 7 or 8 over the year. But I would just start by pumping less and less as far as the duration of your pump session. Clogged ducts are nothing to mess with, holy crap.. they hurt! I cut my pumping out, and I still nurse on weekends and the milk is there. Bodies are crazy. Congrats to you as well for plugging along! It really is such a pain, but worth it in the long run. xoxoxoxo

Alyssa August 13, 2015 at 5:44 pm

Agreed to all of this regarding the night feeding. I’ll just be like ok I’ll just give in tonight because I’m exhausted and that’s how people end up breastfeeding till their kids are five. Good to know! Thanks for the info! Maybe I just need to pull the plug (aka pump). I live in terror of weaning because I do not need my boob to swell up to my collar bone again.

Jessi @ Our Midwest Nest August 12, 2015 at 8:17 pm

SO. I took a break reading half way through your post to go sign up for Hello Fresh!!! :) I’m super excited!! I’ve fallen into a routine with our meals, so I’m looking forward to some new inspiration! And heck, for $29 I couldn’t pass it up! Thanks for sharing!

Janetha August 13, 2015 at 10:14 am

Yay! Let me know how you like it!

Sara August 14, 2015 at 7:25 am

Love you blog; I find I can relate so much with you! And I love looking at the day in the life of other working moms. How, oh how (?!?!) did you get Fox to sleep past 5 am? Was it luck? My 9 mo has been waking at this ungodly hour for weeks now and refusing to go back to sleep. So exhausting!

Janetha August 14, 2015 at 12:15 pm

Oh, totally luck! I haven’t changed anything.. he just started to decide to sleep later. BUT he does have that 4AM feed. So I am terrified to night-wean,because I know he won’t make it much past 5 if I take that feeding away. It’s such a crap shoot! Thanks for your comment :)

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