ten months old.

by Janetha on June 21, 2015

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10 months old

dear fox,

ten months old! we are in double digits, buddy. and it happened in the blink of an eye. man.. you have had quite the adventurous month, i don’t even know where to start.

how about with food? because we all know food is the best. nobody knows it more than you, actually. your favorite thing to do is eat. if anyone is eating in front of you and not sharing, you shriek at the top of your lungs until they decide to share. it’s not the best for restaurant situations.. but we are glad you like to eat. once food is placed in front of you, you can’t shovel it in fast enough. you use both hands and we often have to remind you to swallow before shoving more food into that little mouth of yours. in fact, you don’t stop eating until we stop putting food in front of you. i need to figure out what kind of serving sizes you should actually be getting.. because you just don’t stop!

you basically love everything you try. the two exceptions are arugula and cauliflower. it’s okay, those are acquired tastes.. i can’t fault you for that. some new foods you have tried this past month include turkey, mushrooms, penne pasta, hamburgers, potato salad, watermelon, baked beans, celery, arugula, broccoli, cauliflower, cottage cheese (i think that was new this month? you love it), strawberry mum mums, cheerios, and brisket. i wonder what your favorite food will be when you get a little older and decide to play favorites.

as far as nursing goes.. you are still nursing and you are still biting.. every once in awhile. ouch! you still only have your bottom two teeth (no idea when any more will pop through!) but you sure can bite down hard with them when you want to! you nurse about five times a day and once in the night. i am still pumping while at work and you get bottles at home with dad, your nanny, or nana sue. you can definitely go longer without a bottle or nursing, thanks to all those solids you are eating. you have started to drink water, but can’t really get the hang of the sippy cup. you are great with a straw!

let’s talk about your growth. you are getting so, so big.. you don’t even fit on your tree blanket anymore! it’s hard to believe! we took you to your 9 month checkup on my birthday, june 1. everything with your health checked out great at the appointment, you are super healthy and growing right on track and we are very happy about that.  we were eager to learn your stats. you were 20 pounds, 14 ounces, which falls in the 60th percentile for weight. you were 27.25″ tall, which falls in the 25th percentile for height. your head was 48 cm.. which actually happens to be off the charts as far as percentile for your age goes. yep, you have a big noggin! and it’s perfectly round and adorable and i love it. however, it’s hard to find a hat that fits you.. but that’s okay, you hate hats, anyway. your hair is growing like crazy, too. it’s a different kind of messy every single morning, and we love to just leave it and let it be crazy. it’s so cute.

something else that happened on my birthday is you started to crawl! just out of the blue! i was actually pretty surprised when it happened. now that you have been crawling for three weeks, you can really haul across the room. we have to keep a close eye on you; you get into everything! you are extra curious and love to explore. you love textures and playing outside in the grass and dirt is one of your favorite things. we got you a water table and you really like splashing in that, too. another favorite outside activity is watching for helicopters and airplanes. they are the best! you spot one and you can’t stop staring at it in the sky.. and you will always wave!

waving is actually your signature move. it’s all you do. you wave at everyone you see. it’s the cutest little wave, it looks like you are trying to turn a door knob. you will wave at objects and then looked puzzled because they don’t wave back. your favorite object happens to be a ceiling fan. you scope out the ceiling where ever you go, just to check and see if there is a fan. when there IS a fan, you get ridiculously excited. of course, we turn it on for you, and then you are in seventh heaven. you could watch ceiling fans spin around all day long. and sometimes you do!

bath time is still super fun for you, for the most part. we have to put the faucet on lockdown with an elastic, because you love to turn the water on full blast. but you don’t like water in your face anymore. we used to be able to dump water on your head or squirt your face with the faucet, but now you flip out and try to dodge it at all costs. it makes washing your hair a chore. but you still love splashing around and you REALLY love your bath letters, particularly the D, T, and X. it’s so cute how you have favorite toys and things. watching your little personality develop is the absolute best.

as far as toys out of the tub go, your favorite thing is actually not a toy at all, but the bose remote control. you like any remote control.. but especially the bose one, probably because it is little, like your hands. you also love playing with your wooden blocks, reading board books (you like to turn the pages), and you still really are loving your stand up activity table. you are getting close to standing up on your own, but aren’t quite there, yet.

your sleep has improved quite a bit over the past month. you’ve actually had a lot of changes! we got rid of the rock’n’play once and for all.. you don’t use it for naps or for desperate nights anymore. it’s stored away in the garage. you sleep in your crib and you nap in your crib at home, and in a pack n play at nana sue’s. you go down for naps much better for everyone but me. not sure why that is, but i am glad you cooperate for them! your nighttime sleep has progressed quite a bit. you went from being in the merlin’s magical sleep suit, to the zipadeezip (which is another cute, silly suit that you will laugh at when you are older), to sleeping in just your jammies… no suit required! we are pretty jazzed about this–no swaddle, no suit, just your jammies and a blanky. now that you aren’t in a suit, you prefer to sleep on your side (like me and dad!) or your tummy.

it’s so awesome that you can move around more. before, you couldn’t roll from your back to your tummy (only your tummy to your back). and now that you can roll, it’s so much nicer for you at night time, because you can move around and get comfy. however, when you FIRST started rolling around, it was a problem! you had learned this new skill and it’s all you wanted to do. i would put you down to bed on your back in your crib, and you would roll onto your belly. then you would scoot all the way to the bottom of your crib and would start wailing, because you would be stuck there, with no idea what to do next. you would also do the same thing, but instead of scooting to the bottom of the crib, you would sit up or pull yourself up to stand (needless to say, we have had to lower your crib mattress!).. and you still don’t know how to lay down by yourself, so you would wail until we came to help you lay back down. luckily these shenanigans have worn off, and you are sleeping much better. here and there you will sleep through the night, but for the most part you wake up once around midnight and again around 4 AM. your dad handles the midnight wake up and soothes you back to sleep. i handle the 4 AM wake up and nurse you. you always, always wake up for the day at 6 AM, no matter what time you went to bed the night before. that’s great on the weekdays.. the weekends? not so much. but one day you will love to sleep in!

your cute sounds are music to my ears. you still love to make the “motorboat” noise all the time, especially when you are getting sleepy. you shriek, happy or sad, and it is loud. it’s not our favorite, but it’s your way of communicating, so that is good. your laugh.. OH.. YOUR LAUGH. it’s my FAVORITE! you have this snickering giggle and it’s absolutely hilarious. you laugh the hardest when we tickle you under your chin. your belly is also super ticklish. papa randall seems to be really funny, too, because you always giggle at him. you love to jabber, especially in the morning. you say “mamamama” most often, but i think you say that when you are hungry. i will pretend like you are saying it because i am your momma. :) you also say “babababa” and “rararara” and the occasional “dadadada”. it’s so fun to watch your speech develop.

you had a bunch of firsts this past month! you went to the zoo for your first time with lindsey, your nanny. you weren’t sure about the big animals, but you loved the little ones that you could get up close and personal to through the glass. you went to tracy aviary for your first time with me, your dad, jess, and stevie. you weren’t too enthused about the birds, but you really didn’t understand what was going on. you went swimming for your first time! you were skeptical at first, but warmed up to it. i took you a second time and you still aren’t quite sure about this whole swimming thing. but the more you go, the more you will love it.. i am sure! you also had your first craft! you fingerprinted a canvas for your dad for father’s day (which is today!) you had fun with it and your dad loved it. you went on your first gondola ride, which you thought was pretty cool. any time you are outdoors, you are loving life.

it’s hard to believe there are only two more months before your first birthday. it’s so true what they say.. the days are long, but the years are short. i am going to remember to soak up every single second with you, because you are going to be old and grown before i know it. for now, stay little.. and keep loving life. i’m so happy i get to witness it all and help you along the way. you’re the very best, fox man.

love you, love you, love you!

love, your momma

10 month

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