nine months old.

by Janetha on May 22, 2015

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dear fox,

nine months old! so, that means you have been on the outside longer than you were in my belly. crazy. raising a tiny human sure goes by a lot faster than growing a tiny human, that’s for sure.

this month has been a whirlwind! it really seems like just last week that we were taking your eight month photos.. which means you will be 16 and asking for the car keys, like, tomorrow. eep.

i have actually thought a lot about how quickly you are growing. it’s all i can think about when i am rocking you to sleep at night. i hold you tight and i stare at you and i realize that one day you will be old and big and i will tell you all about the nights i would rock you to sleep. and how you would clasp my finger so tightly with your chubby little hand. and, because of this, i will cherish each minute of those nights i still get to hold you and rock you. they are my very favorite.

i always take my sweet time putting you in your crib. i know you won’t sleep in my arms forever, so when you do doze off in them.. i just keep rocking. and rocking. and holding you tight. you’ll be bigger than me before i know it.

so, let’s talk about what you have been up to this past month!

you learned to wave and it’s basically the cutest habit you have. you wave at everyone, even if they aren’t giving you the time of day. when we go to a restaurant, you wave at the table near by and you give them your sweet, gummy grin. you sure are a big flirt!

you have been working so hard at standing up all by yourself. you would much rather stand than sit or lay. in fact, this post is a day late because you simply would NOT cooperate for the laying down photos. you still weren’t too stoked on them today.. you just wanted to stand up and wiggle around. you use your activity table to stand for a real long time. it keeps you entertained and you love to play with it. there was a split second where you stood by yourself, but quickly fell to your bum and got real sad about it. 

while you aren’t crawling yet, you are getting more mobile overall, and it makes me a little nervous. just yesterday you rolled from your back to your belly a few times, for the first time that i’ve known of. you usually hate your belly, which is why you’d never do it.. but i think you have figured out that once you are on your belly, you can move around better. you love to scoot around on your belly and if you are on your bum, you roll to your belly so you can scoot. or you will try to get on your knees and then wonder what exactly to do from there. a couple weeks ago i had you in your playpen and you pulled up from your bum to your knees. i quickly lowered the mattress of the playpen so you couldn’t hop right over the edge and out of it!

you. grab. EVERYTHING! seriously, your arms are always flailing, trying to grab whatever is within your reach. we have to keep a close eye on you so you don’t grab anything that could hurt you.. and so you don’t grab randy dog’s lips.. he does not like that. you love to grab your dad’s hoodie strings and those will usually keep you entertained for awhile.

you are making a lot more noise lately. you love to shriek and giggle. it’s not exactly music to our ears, but at least you are happy and squealing instead of sad and crying. you love to say “mamamamamama”, but you don’t know that i am your mama. it’s just a sound you love to make. you also say “babababa” and “rararara” and i have been trying to get you to say “papapapa”. you have this cute little whisper that you make when you are thinking real hard about something. it’s adorable.

you are growing like a weed! your hair is getting so much longer on top. it’s still stick-straight like mine when it is dry, but when it is wet, it gets a little curl in it like your dad’s. i wonder what it will be like when you get a little older?

you are quickly growing out of all your clothes! i swear, just in the past week, you’ve had a major growth spurt. we’ve had to go out and buy you 12 month pajamas and you fill them out a little too well! your pants have become capris and your belly spills over your diaper. it’s just the best. oh.. and your CHEEKS! they are the cutest chipmunk cheeks around! we have even just started calling you “cheeks” because they are the first things you see when we look at you. they are always so rosy. ahh, i love them.

i can’t wait to see what your stats are at your nine month appointment. it’s not until june 1, so we will have to wait a bit. but i know you are a lot taller and heavier since your last appointment. it will be fun to see.

you love, love, love to eat. it’s your favorite thing. there is nothing you won’t eat. and nobody can eat around you without sharing, or you get super mad. some new things you have tried lately are angel food cake, puffs, cheerios, chex, quesadillas, and spaghetti with meat sauce. but your favorite is still avocado. you would eat a whole one in one sitting if we let you.

i celebrated my first mother’s day as your mom, and it was awesome. you got me some sunglasses (with your dad’s help) and a dr. seuss card. you actually had your best night ever that weekend. you slept from 7:30pm to 7am, only waking up one time to eat at 4am. thanks, bud!

you are sleeping better overall, only waking up once or twice in the night these days. however, we have tried transitioning you out of your heavy merlin’s sleep suit these past few days and we have been putting you in a zipadeezip. i think you are missing the weight of the other sleep suit, and it’s making you wake up more often, but you are getting used to the new one. you will probably laugh at us when you are older.. all these silly things we get you to wear to try to get you to sleep!

you took your very first vacation! it was also your first road trip. we went to boulder, colorado for my blogging retreat. you did so well in the car! it was eight hours each way and you only fussed for a little bit of each trip. you had so much fun in colorado. being outdoors is your favorite and we were able to take you on a lot of walks. you love to look at birds and you REALLY like to watch airplanes and helicopters flying over your head.

you are growing up so fast, fox. you are really looking more and more like a little boy than a baby. it makes me want to freeze time, but i also love watching you learn and grow. you make me laugh and smile every single day. you are the light of my life. i am so glad i get to be your mom.. it’s the best gig out there!

i am excited to see what this next month brings. until then.. thanks for being so sweet. i love you.

love, your momma

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