blend retreat 2015.

by Janetha on May 19, 2015

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hi! i’m back from colorado and back to the daily grind. today was my first day back at work after six days off, and.. oof.. it sucked.

so instead of dwelling on my day job, how about i recap the wonderful weekend? yes, i think that sounds like a great idea. i am going to cram it all into one post, so this might be a little lengthy!

this past weekend was the fourth annual blend retreat. i am one of the founders, along with lindsay. lauren is our third partner, who joined us on the planning crew in 2014. we hosted this year’s retreat in boulder, colorado at the beautiful chautauqua park.

the weekend actually started on wednesday for us. marshall, fox, and i hit the road for boulder. i was so nervous about driving for eight hours with a 9 month old.. but he was actually really good! he only fussed for about fifteen minutes and was either happy or sleeping the rest of the time. we took two short ten minute stops (one where fox got his toe nails clipped on the gas station lawn, lol) and made it to lauren’s place in eight hours on the dot.

lauren and her husband treated us to an amazing meal at the post—best fried chicken, EVER! then we headed back to their house, gave fox a tubby in their sink, and called it a night. after a long day of driving, i just wanted to sleep. funny how sitting all day can really take it out of you!

thursday was jam packed! it started out bright and early with lauren’s body pump class at 6 AM. i almost didn’t make it in time, because fox decided to sleep in. of course, the one day he doesn’t wake up! and my alarm was set to the quietest setting. i don’t use alarm clocks these days, haha. life with a baby.

anyway, after an awesome time at body pump (lauren is an excellent instructor!) we ate breakfast, cleaned up, and headed to pearl street to visit the justin’s headquarters! justin’s was one of our breakfast sponsors and they are local to boulder. it was so fun to get a tour of their offices, get to know justin, and stock up on some goodies. we also got to meet several of the pups hanging out at the office! i wish i could take my dogs to work. hmmm…or do i? they can be a handful at times. ;)

after justin’s, we headed down the road to bhakti chai, our yoga sponsor. we had to pick up 100 yoga mats! we also sampled some of their tasty iced chai. if you like ginger, you have GOT to get your hands on some of this stuff. it’s so good!

thursday afternoon we had the chance to go to lunch with my dear friend, mylisa, and her boyfriend. she’s been my friend since we were twelve! but we lost touch and i hadn’t seen her in nearly a decade. as you might guess, we had a ton of catching up to do! it was SO great to see her! (side note, we went to the buff and they serve breakfast all day and it was SO DANG GOOD.)

the rest of the day and evening was spent prepping for the retreat. we took one trip to chautauqua to meet up with our official sponsor and unload some things.. but i mainly hung out with this cutie pie.

then it was back to lauren’s to pack the swag bags and load the cars up. the day before the retreat is always pretty labor intensive! but we had a ton of help (thanks, everyone!) and a lot of pizza and beer to fuel us through the evening.

friday we woke up and walked on a cute little trail to a nearby coffee shop to caffeinate. marshall and i officially want to move to colorado after experiencing all the awesome little trails and shops around lauren’s house.

we had breakfast and then hit the road to chautauqua to drop a few carloads of stuff off. it was a beautiful (but rainy!) day!

we unloaded all the swag bags and then turned right back around to fill up the cars again.

i stayed behind and hung out with fox and marshall for a bit. we headed to sprouts to get a few necessities for the retreat, like creamer and milks and water and whatnot.

we made it back to chautauqua about an hour before registration. we set up and were ready for action!

the attendees started arriving and registering and it was so great to see familiar faces and meet new ones. fox was happy to meet a bunch of the lovely ladies!

meighan & fox.. thanks for the photo, meighan!

our first sponsored event was a trail mix bar and trail run sponsored by general mills. they had the raddest set up! LOOK at all that cereal! and we were able to make as many mixes as we wanted.. you know i went back to make a second bag.

i didn’t go on the trail run, but i hear it was pretty fun (and muddy!) i stayed behind to tie up registration.

we had a short break to clean up before heading to the cocktail party. fox refused to nap.. whomp whomp.. which made him super grumpy. which meant he only made it about 15 minutes into the cocktail party before marshall took him back to our cottage. sad! but the baby is in charge, always.

i missed marshall, but had a great time mingling with everyone. i sipped on the most delicious watermelon cocktail made with watermelon raspberry WANU, prosecco, a rosemary sprig, and watermelon chunks. WANU (short for water+nutrition) was our drink sponsor. their water is the perfect mixer for a healthier cocktail!

our other cocktail sponsors, sizzlefish and 34 degrees, provided the delicious appetizers. we had sushi and cheese and crisps and salmon and fruit and, oh, the list goes on.. it was all so good!

dinner was equally as delicious. we had a spread of rolls, arugula salad, roasted chicken with pickled pepper pan jus, chimichurri grilled beef shoulder tender, baked polena with pesto and balsamic marinated mushrooms (my favorite part of the meal!!), and roasted brussels sprouts and fingerling potatoes. it was seriously the best dinner we’ve ever had at blend retreat! i was really pleased!

we had the chance to hear from our awesome official sponsor, quest nutrition, at dinner. they are such a cool company! they have so much passion for living and loving life.. it’s not just about selling products for them. i am thrilled that they came as our official sponsor—they really set an awesome vibe for the whole weekend. we all got together for a photo op—my first experience with a selfie stick. haha. i don’t think i will be buying one…

i took marshall a to-go container of dinner, since he was hanging with fox back at the cottage. so that made me miss the sundae bar, sponsored by arctic zero, but i hear it was incredible! i am sure you will be able to check it out on some other blog recaps. :)

saturday morning started with bootcamp sponsored by gnarly nutrition. it was a lot of fun! i had to sub out some moves to avoid making my diastasis recti worse, but i was able to do most of the workout.. even the travelling uphill burpees (oof!)

breakfast followed bootcamp, and i was h-u-n-g-r-y! between nursing fox and working out, i was ready to inhale my breakfast. saturday’s breakfast was sponsored by justin’s, flapjacked, and love grown foods. all colorado local companies! super cool.

the menu was incredible! pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, cereal, granola, yogurt, breads and biscuits, nut butter.. mmm.. it was all super good.

fox & lindsay’s babe, porter, LOVED flapjacked’s newest flavor of protein pancakes: carrot cake! you have got to get your hands on this mix.. it’s SO delicious!

after breakfast we headed for the hills for a hike! it was sponsored by detour bar. it was a little bit muddy, but really beautiful! i am so happy the weather worked out. it was the perfect hike.. not too easy, not too hard. i had a great time chatting with a bunch of the girls (and, apparently, only taking photos of marshall and fox.) i think the hike was my favorite part of the weekend.

fox passed out on the way back down. i guess it took it out of him.

after the hike we headed to a snack break sponsored by earth balance. there was also an expo going on with reps from ten of our sponsors. it was fun to get to know each brand a little better and hear why they do what they love to do.


the rest of the day and evening was open to do whatever, so after a short nap, i cleaned up and we headed to pearl street for an early dinner. we went to centro, a latin joint that lauren suggested. we split some appetizers (guac and queso) and i had a couple of tacos for my entree.. one chicken, one fish. both super tasty!

it started to rain, so we had to walk back to our car in it and got really wet and cold!  we went back to our cottage to put fox to sleep and warm up.. and i never made it back out! in fact, i fell asleep before 9 o’clock. oops!

sunday morning started out with a yoga session sponsored by bhakti chai. they served hot chai before the class began, which was perfect since it was a little chilly outside. i didn’t participate in the yoga class, but i admired the yogis from afar. it’s just not my thing!


after yoga was another awesome breakfast. this one was sponsored by the epic seed, barbara’s, goodbelly, and baobest.

the breakfast was delicious! a frittata, bacon, ham, cereal, granola, baobab muffins, granola bars, and my latest favorite yogurt: the epic seed. it’s greek yogurt mixed with chia seeds and it’s GOOD.

after breakfast we had a chance to pack up our luggage before the closing ceremony. we headed over to the closing ceremony+raffle, sponsored by nestfresh eggs, and had a ball handing out all the prizes. it’s great because EVERYONE gets a prize! our sponsors are the best!

imagephoto cred: carissa 

we heard from our official sponsor once more, and.. of course.. another photo op with the selfie stick! too funny.

after the raffle we said our goodbyes and got a group photo before hitting the road.


the drive home was not so awesome, but we made it back to utah, safe and sound. it was a whirlwind of a weekend and i can honestly say i loved every minute of it! i was sad that i was a little too busy with keeping things in order and caring for fox.. i didn’t get to talk to all the attendees and i really wish i had. but i absolutely loved the time i was able to spend with them!

after last year’s event, i wasn’t sure i wanted to keep on keeping on with blend retreat planning. i was pregnant. grumpy. stressed. over it. but i decided to do it again and i am SO glad i did. seeing everything come together and watching the memories made really just makes it all SO worth it. i am thrilled with the outcome of this year’s event, and i am so grateful to our fantastic sponsors, our energetic attendees, and (most of all!) my two partners in crime: lindsay and lauren.

no plans are in place for next year’s event (yet!) but i will be sure to let you know when we figure it out. for now, i plan to take a load off and bask in the afterglow.


1. where and when was your last road trip?

2. have you been to/would you go to a blogger event? which one(s)?

xo. janetha g.

some photos in this post were stolen from lindsay.

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Lindsay @ Lindsay's List May 19, 2015 at 7:50 pm

porter said he misses fox terribly.

Julie May 19, 2015 at 8:46 pm

Thanks again Janetha for all your hard work!

Lauren @ Me and the Mountains May 19, 2015 at 9:01 pm

Ah, I loved reading this! You took such great photos- something I slack on every year more and more.
Three things:
1. I love that you got a photo of the Bernese Mountain Dog from Justin’s!!
2. The cashier at Sprouts in that photo lives across the street from me (and she knows all about Blend because I’ve told her!)
3. YES you should move here. Right in my neighborhood, preferably. :)

Katie @ Talk Less, Say More May 19, 2015 at 9:05 pm

I’m SO SO SO appreciative of all the work you ladies put in to make Blend happen every year. It’s honestly something I look forward to year after year and am already looking forward to hearing about next year. <3

bryanna May 19, 2015 at 10:01 pm

Janetha Blend was absolutely fantastic! I cannot thank you enough for such a fun event. You three went above and beyond- everything was so organized and I felt so comfortable with everyone. I was worried that since I didn’t have a blog, I would be kind of an outcast. That is not the case! And now I want to attend each year.
thanks again!
PS you’re little family is even cuter in person :)

Meighan May 22, 2015 at 12:12 pm

YAY for loving Blend! It was great meeting you Bryanna, and us non-bloggers have nothing to worry about with the dynamic Blend group =] Hope to see you again next year x0

– Meighan

Erica May 20, 2015 at 4:49 am

WOW! What an event! Looks like you guys did an AMAZING job! Glad little man did well with the trip!! <3 <3

Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut May 20, 2015 at 10:20 am

It really was a great weekend but I thought the same thing..I feel like I wanted to talk to more people! We were all so spread out in our cabins BUT I did meet some lovely new friends and am SO happy I decided to go! Thank you thank you for all of your hard work and I can’t wait for next year! :)

Also your babe is so freaking cute!!

Erica D May 20, 2015 at 10:29 am

I love Centro! It’s probably my favorite spot on the Pearl Street Mall. I adore the ambience and decor, and the food (and margaritas) aren’t bad either!

Mollie @ Sprinkles of Life May 20, 2015 at 11:17 am

I didn’t realize Justin’s headquarters was right on Pearl! How cool!

Thanks so much for all your planning and hard work! I hope to see you next year!! Hugs! :)

Erin @ AGirl & Her Mutt May 21, 2015 at 11:15 am

This year’s Blend Retreat looked like so much fun! I’m so bummed I couldn’t make it. Lauren is sneaky at getting you to fall in love with Colorado, isn’t she?! I wanted to move there after I visited too! :)

Katie May 21, 2015 at 6:20 pm

Boulder is my favorite place on Earth! Thanks for posting the flatiron picture. I miss living there every day. The Blend Retreat looked awesome.

Meighan May 22, 2015 at 12:15 pm

Honored to be on your blog post with the mini prince himself! AMAZING weekend as always and basking in the memories and the SWAGGGGGG. Maybe next year, it’ll be an east coast Gallegos adventure? :) Have a great MDW!

Purelytwins May 24, 2015 at 7:45 am

so sad we couldn’t come….we wanted to see you so bad and the cute little Fox. Madison cannot wait to meet him ;)


Janetha May 26, 2015 at 1:08 pm

Next year! You guys have to come. I loved the beach pics! xoxo

Bonnie May 26, 2015 at 8:59 am

I go away for 6 days and come back and you have 3 blog posts up! Say what?! ;) Loved the recap, and glad you’re still in the BLEND game! Great recap and what an amazing event! I really wanted to attend this year but I was away the following weekend for 6 days (like I said, just got back) and then starting July we are basically gone for 2 months this summer! Fun, but making no money. ;) So it was the wise but less fun decision for me to stay back.

One thing I noticed – you do you. You always have. And I love that. If there’s something you don’t want to do, you don’t do it. You’re not trying to be a face that’s out there being like every other healthy blogger or doing it all. I’ve always appreciated that about you and love how real you are. Thanks for keeping up with Blend and OH MAN I want to squeeze that little man of yours. Love that photo of Marshall and Fox walking down – two studs. Lots of love!

Janetha May 26, 2015 at 1:08 pm

We all missed you! We talked about wishing you were there. Next year, please?! I’ve been seeing your adventures on IG and I hope you are loving them! Sounds like you have more fun in store.. yay! xo

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