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by Janetha on July 11, 2014

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hi! happy 7-11! anyone snag a free slurpee today? or any of the other random free food that happens to be available this week? (didn’t you hear? check this article to find out.)

it’s been a minute since i published anything, hasn’t it? back in the day when i went weeks between blog posts, it was because i was OMG so busy. but now? guys, not gonna lie, my life is boring! being almost 8 months pregnant is a big snooze-fest and i really don’t have a ton to say, so i just don’t.

i do get the itch here and there to come ramble and tell you what i’ve been up to, which is exactly what i am doing now. but, for real, i take a look back at the past week and realize just how boring things really are! it’s fine, though, because i know in 7 weeks (give or take) my life is going to be turned upside down with a newborn.. so i am soaking in the boredom while i can. you can usually find me on the couch with these three yahoos…

so, a few highlights from the past week have been mister randy dogs NINTH birthday last saturday!

his favorite food is bread, so i made him a bread/honey/apple sandwich (he can’t have peanut butter anymore because nuts are high in copper and we are trying to regulate his copper levels.)

we sang to him and, of course, penny tried to steal the show. as she does.

on the randy health front, we have been given his special low copper diet recipe and we will start making the homemade food on sunday (each batch makes a week’s worth of food.) there are a bajillion different pills we have to crush up to add to the food to make it perfect for his condition.. so i spent a good chunk of his birthday packaging up the pills for easy access down the road. it was a labor of love, folks.

since this is a food and fitness blog, let me tell you about my meals & moves. as far as moves go.. well.. they really aren’t. as i have mentioned, i quit working out basically right after i got pregnant. i am the exact opposite of those #fitpregnancy folks. sorry if you come here for inspiration to stay fit while pregnant. look elsewhere! except i don’t think i am in terrible shape. i mean, taking a load off and growing a human is perfectly fine. the gym will be there when i am back to my non-pregnant self.

i have been sporadically going to prenatal water aerobics, but now that my BFF is no longer preg (she had her cute baby last week!), i don’t see myself going to the pool too much. it’s more fun with a friend, ha!

on the meals front, i have to say that it’s honestly become a chore to eat. i LOVE food, so you know how hard it must be for me to struggle to eat. i think it’s just because all my insides are crammed up my trachea and any time i take a bite of food it feels like i can’t swallow it! it’s a really weird feeling.

but, of course, i’ve still got to eat! so i do. breakfast is usually a hard boiled egg or two, some babybel cheese, and then either toast or oatmeal. (and coffee. always coffee.)

i don’t typically eat oatmeal in the scorching hot month of july, but general mills randomly sent me this box of chex oatmeal (thank you!), so i thought i would give it a go. it’s pretty tasty and convenient, except (and this may sound weird) it’s kinda salty. i don’t want my oatmeal tasting salty. but it’s not overpowering enough for me to not enjoy the oatmeal.. it’s just a tad too salty, ya know? deep thoughts, folks.


oh! even though it sucks to eat, i have been enjoying some locally grown produce! there is nothing better than corn from skinner’s, a local produce stand, and they now have the ripest, most delicious tomatoes! we have been eating both almost every day this week!

the other day we had burgers + corn.. this one is marshall’s, he put an over-easy egg on his burger. yum.

and we also had BLTAs + corn.

i have been taking leftover ears of corn to work for lunch, too. corn on the cob may be the best summer food there is!

oh, are you wondering what that weird blob of stuff next to my chicken is? it’s hummus mixed with mustard. hummustard.

i actually learned that from HEABs, oh, a good four or five years ago, and forgot about it until just recently! it’s really a delicious combo. you should try it.

other random things..

i got my eyelashes filled yesterday! and promptly freaked out when i realized i only have two more fills before my due date. EEP!

i got a purse for christmas!

ha, yeah, christmas in july! actually the christmas gift my mom got me back in december was a jacket that didn’t fit, and i returned it and never found anything to get instead. until i found this cute purse! let’s face it, buying clothes sucks when you are pregnant, but purses are fun! so, yep, that’s a highlight of my week.

i also got some cute nursing tanks from leading lady. YOU GUYS, what is my life coming to? i just said a highlight of my week was receiving cute NURSING TANKS.

don’t mind me, i’m just over here becoming a lame mom.

well, would you look at that.. i told you my life is boring and i had nothing to blog about, but i managed to ramble for a real long time. i guess i had a lot to say about nothing!

i will leave you with this penny pic, because i love her and it and i think you will love it, too.

have a great weekend! i will be having a baby shower with the church peeps i grew up with, i am really excited for that! i also might head to a lake.. or just head to my couch. it’s up in the air. hope you have fun doing whatever you decide to do! chat sooner or later, i am sure.


1. what was a highlight from your week?

2. what’s your FAVORITE summertime food?

xo. janetha g.

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