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by Janetha on February 18, 2013

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hi! another monday bites the dust. hope you had a nice one–mine was just another monday at the office. i know lots of people had it off due to the holiday, but that actually just made our phones busier at work! everyone was at home and decided it would be a good time to call in about windows. can’t complain, though, it’s better than being slow!

after work i went to my weekly training meeting at GPP. i am working on learning all there is to know about being a trainer. now that i have learned all the basics, i am learning about anatomy and the different muscles and movements. today we learned about the three cardinal planes. i took an anatomy class back when i was in community college and the information came back to me a bit–but it’s still pretty fuzzy. should have paid more attention back then, aye? 

after class it was time for the workout. it was AMRAP SSBT (sprints, shoulders, bis, tris) and i tried to ramp it up but ended up finishing with the same exact number of rounds as last time. oh well, better to match my previous record than to fall short! after GPP i headed to gold’s for some treadmill-walkin’ and shit-talkin’ with my lady friends. we attempted to do the body attack class but opted to chat instead. that was much needed on this monday. 

i was really looking forward to dinner tonight: burrito bowls!

IMG 7059

i had been craving one of these chicken burrito bowls since the last time we had them.  to make the chicken (well, marshall made it) you put 1 pound of boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the slow cooker with a jar of trader joe’s salsa verde and 8 oz of tomato sauce. cook it on low for a few hours and then shred it before serving. seriously, this is the tastiest mexican chicken ever! and the easiest.. bonus.

IMG 7060

while the rice was cooking for the burrito bowls, i had to run to the store to get a few essentials for dinner because the avocado i had was bad. you can’t have a burrito bowl without avocado, not allowed. i picked up a few other needed items while at the store (chobani, milk, apples) but OF COURSE i walked away with a few impulse buys. i am the impulse buy QUEEN.

IMG 7065

although, today’s impulse escapade wasn’t too bad. coconut flour (because i’ve been wanting to make ANY of heather’s pancakes for ages and many of them call for it), chopped cauliflower because i am lazy, and salt & vinegar popchips since i was having a text conversation about them with my friends while i was at the store.

we were actually talking about those foods that are either all or nothing. you either LOVE them or LOATHE them.. there is no middle ground. i got to thinking about this topic after reading my comments from yesterday’s post--lots of you talked about how you despise black licorice and that it is one of those all or nothing foods. 

i made a mental list of other foods that seem to be ones people either go bat shit crazy for or won’t touch with a ten foot pole. i brainstormed myself, read the comments from my post, and asked marshall and my friends to chime in on the subject. here’s the list i came up with!

 Screen Shot 2013 02 18 at 9 02 41 PM(source)

black licorice. obviously this one is on the list because it is what brought this whole topic to my head to begin with! i personally love black licorice and anything licorice flavored. yep, you bet i was a BIG fan of jagermeister back in the day!! i also was really good at enforcing my friends to drink it with me. 

Screen Shot 2013 02 18 at 8 54 20 PM

circa 2007. hah.. but, yes, back to licorice! i love it. good’n’plenty, nibs, nips, red vines (shouldn’t they be called black vines??) and even the old favorite gum, blackjack.



OH BOY, i am cuckoo for coconut.. along with the rest of the world. it seems like coconut is one of the IT foods of the moment. step aside, peanut butter and almond butter, coconut butter is in the spotlight. (i still owe you guys my recipe for that goodness, by the way.) when i ask people if they like coconut, they either start professing their love for it and count the ways they like to eat it, or they wrinkle their nose up and shake their head quickly, hoping to shake off the memory of that one time they accidentally ate that cupcake that was coconut flavored. 


(source, source)

ketchup and mustard.

these two stand on their own in the love it or loathe it battle, but i put them together since they are both condiments. personally, i love ketchup. i put it on everything from eggs to fries to–yes–baked sweet potatoes. people think i am weird for that one. marshall absolutely HATES ketchup. if i am eating it he can smell it from the other room and lets out a groan while muttering, “ketchup…” 

mustard took me awhile to hop the fence on. growing up, i loathed it! if my sandwich accidentally had a speck of mustard on it, i considered the whole thing tainted and refused to eat it. i was a picky kid. now days, i love mustard so much! any kind–yellow, dijon, sweet, spicy.. you name it, i love it. although i still know lots of people who will turn away any item that has been graced with the presence of mustard.

Screen Shot 2013 02 18 at 9 12 35 PM(source)

candy corn.

sick. you people who love candy corn are just straight up crazy. ;) i hate the stuff. when halloween rolls around, i see candy corn crazed individuals coming out of hiding talking about how they can’t wait to eat BAG AFTER BAG of the stuff. good thing it’s a seasonal item!



i live in a household with a mushroom hater. it’s a hard life, guys. i absolutely LOVE mushrooms. raw, cooked, in a recipe, on their own.. yum. marshall, on the other hand, isn’t a fan. consequently, the majority of my recipes do not contain mushrooms so i rarely get my mushroom fix. i do always order mushroom-filled menu items (like last friday) and there are a few dishes i can get marshall to eat, like my healthier mushroom stroganoff.



ohhh.. bacon. you trendy food, you. i think that if i had to pick one food that people go crazy over, it’s gotta be bacon. not sure what it is about this salty little number, but people flipping love it! 

i could go on, but it’s getting late and i have some black licorice to eat. have a happy tuesday!


1. what are your thoughts on the foods above?

2. do you have any other foods to add to the all or nothing list?

xo. janetha g.

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melissa February 20, 2013 at 6:40 pm

love coconut, bacon, and mushrooms. I love gourmet flavored mustards

I can’t stand candy corn or black licorice. BLECH

brandi February 22, 2013 at 7:30 am

1. that trader joe’s green salsa is one thing i always stock up on whenever i get to go. it’s so good!

2. i HATE candy corn. blech. i don’t understand people who like it. it’s gritty! not good.

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