top 6 fitness instructor pet peeves.

by Janetha on January 31, 2013

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hey! i am on the beach. while i am gone, i have a series of guest posts lined up from many of my fabulous blogging friends. enjoy!


Hey there!

My name is Annette-and I feel super lucky to be posting on Janetha’s blog. I totally love her blog! And, I feel pretty cool that I’ve actually met Janetha a few times too.


Now you know I am cool by default, yah? ;)

Anyways, while Janetha is out soaking up the sun, I’ll be here freezing my butt off.

Oh, and sharing some pet peeves I have as a fitness instructor with all of you.

You’re welcome.

{Real quick about me: I blog at & also offer services through FitnessPerks, LLC via that site–coaching, plans, analyses & more. For my ‘real’ job– I am a full-time health coach by day, and a fitness instructor by morning & evening. I am obsessed with caramel, my husband, ice cream, reading, drinking spinach smoothies from my new blendtec, swimming, laughing, Swiss chocolate, and sleeping.}

Top 6 Pet Peeves of a Fitness Instructor

As someone who looooovvves teaching fitness (I teach anywhere from 8-11 classes per week, and I freaking love it! oh and I get to eat a lot because I do. Yesssss), there are some parts that are just annoying.


I thought I’d share a few, ya know, since some of you might be instructors and some of you might go to classes.

1. When people won’t listen to the safety cues.

I teach BodyPUMP & it drives me NUTSO when I say certain cues to help people move safely & they totally ignore me. I really do want them to have a good workout and get results, please listen up!

Besides, why would we be talking otherwise?

2. When members just ‘do’ their own thing.

If you come into a group exercise class, you’d think you’d DO the class, right?!

I for reals have people who do their very own thing –on purpose– during the class–and I’m like what?!

I don’t care really, but it just is annoying & distracting. Go outside the class & do your jumping jacks there!

{This is different in Zumba–when I have new people in my class, they’re often doing their own thing, but not necessarily on purpose…. ;) }


3. The members who set up RIGHT in front of me.

It’s unsafe if people can’t see me and we’re moving heavier bars or equipment.

Just give me a bit of space, mmmkay?


{But then again, there’s the people who refuse to come even close to the front & all stand in the back. It’s okay, I was there many years ago too! hah}

4. When class members chat throughout & during the class.

I totally get talking between sets or exercises or songs, but throughout the whole class?

…..Pretty sure talking about your dinner plans or kid’s soccer game can wait just a fewwww more minutes.

And to be honest, you’re not working hard enough if you can have long conversations throughout a class. For example, when I coach GRIT, it’s so high in intensity, that hardly anyone says anything….they’re just trying to breathe & not die.


5. Leaving early or coming late.

This one drives me bonkers. I totally GET that the gym is not people’s lives, but if you’re going to commit to going to a class, try to be on time & try to stay the whole time.

Of course I understand emergencies & rare situations of needing to leave early or coming late (hello horrible weather in UT these past 2 weeks!), but when it’s a regular occurrence, that drives me bananas.

6. When people don’t wear deodorant…….

Do I need to explain this one?


But when it all comes down to it, I love what I do!!

I am pretty lucky in that I actually don’t see these things that often (except the ‘do your own thing’ <–seriously-what the?!), so I am grateful for the awesome people who come to all my classes.

And if you are newer to group exercise classes (yay!!), come a bit early & tell the instructor that you’re new –he/she should then help you with equipment & such.

NOTE: My life changed once I started going to group x classes, and then got even better once I began instructing. I am one lucky girl.


*p.s. If you’re in the SLC area, come try out some classes–just let me know (BodyPUMP, CXWORX, GRIT, or Zumba)

**And wherever you are, connect with me on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, or my blog. YAY!

Well, have a GREAT day–and thanks Janetha, for having me! <3


What are some of YOUR pet peeves if you’re a fitness instructor??

And if YOU attend classes, what are some things that YOU see in group exercise classes that drive you nuts??

What is YOUR favorite group exercise class ever??

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DonnaMarie January 24, 2015 at 11:07 pm

I noticed you said it bothers you when someone “does their own thing” during your class. Here is an example of what I experience at most classes …the instructor and class take frequent breaks during the class. My level of cardio is very high, and I dont need breaks. If I keep stopping my heart rate drops and I am used to a full 45-60minutes of cardio without a break. So when they take rests, I do jumping jacks or something else to keep my heart rate up. I know it probably bugs people but why should I ‘water down’ my workout so someone else doesnt feel threatened? Some of us are fitter and shouldnt have to tone it down to coddle fragile egos.

Janetha January 26, 2015 at 1:42 pm

Hey, DonnaMarie! This was a guest post and so I don’t think the author will see your comment–just wanted to let you know since she wouldn’t be back here to reply! But her email is if you want to reach out to her :)

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