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by Janetha on November 5, 2012

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dude, this time change must be kicking my butt. i am usually the person that rolls my eyes when i hear someone say that–i typically think the time change does nothing to how tired or awake i am.. wrong. it is 7:52 PM and i am more than ready for bed. totally beat.

although some of my lethargy could be due to the fact that it is monday and i have to be to work at 7 AM on monday. or perhaps it’s because i did what is probably the hardest GPP workout i have done to date. well, for me.. IT WAS FLIPPING ROUGH.

Screen Shot 2012 11 05 at 7 54 50 PM

suck. i almost simultaneously puked and passed out. but i didn’t.. and managed to get this done in 24:37. i also did my fastest half mile (800m) to date: 2:59! weeee.

anyway, i am tired, which means this is gonna be a short and sweet post. mmmkay?

so, i meant to post about november’s national food holidays at the beginning of the month, but somehow it all of a sudden was the fifth. sneaky november!


  • national georgia pecan month
  • national good nutrition month
  • national peanut butter lover’s month
  • national pepper month
  • national raisin bread month
  • national vegan month
additionally, november has a couple national WEEKS:
  • first week = national fig week
  • second week = national split pea soup week
each individual DAY has a food (or sometimes even two!) to celebrate. check it out:
  • 1st: deep fried clams day AND vinegar day (fun fact, i randomly made a balsamic vinegar pasta on november 1st without knowing this! no clams, though.)
  • 2nd: deviled egg day
  • 3rd: sandwich day 
  • 4th: candy day
  • 5th: donut appreciation day (so odd)
  • 6th: nachos day
  • 7th: bittersweet chocolate with almonds day
  • 8th: cappuccino day AND harvey wallbanger day AND cook something bold day
  • 9th: scrapple day AND cook something bold and pungent day.. yeah, make sure you add the pungent in there.
  • 10th: vanilla cupcake day (yum, i will be making some.)
  • 11th: sundae day (another yum.)
  • 12th: chicken soup for the soul day AND pizza with everything except anchovies day
  • 13th: indian pudding day
  • 14th: guacamole day AND pickle day. not together.
  • 15th: raisin bran cereal day AND bundt day
  • 16th: fast food day
  • 17th: baklava day AND homemade bread day
  • 18th: vichyssoise day (do not know what that is. googling it. sounds like a fishy soup.)
  • 19th: carbonated beverage with caffeine day
  • 20th: peanut butter fudge day AND beaujolais day (do not know that one either. i will stick to the fudge…)
  • 21st: gingerbread day
  • 22nd: cashew day
  • 23rd: espresso day AND eat a cranberry day (just one?)
  • 24th: sardines day (never tried one.
  • 25th: parfait day
  • 26th: cake day
  • 27th: bavarian cream pie day
  • 28th: french toast day
  • 29th: chocolates day AND lemon creme pie day
  • 30th: mousse day
whew! lots going on this month.
to get in the national food holiday spirit, i thought i would make a few suggestions for the upcoming days!
nachos day – november 6th: popchips nachos deluxe.
vanilla cupcake day – november 10th: jessica’s one bowl vanilla cupcakes for two. perfect sized recipe for me and marshall!
chicken soup for the soul day – november 12th: creamy (but healthy!) chicken noodle soup.
fast food day – november 16th: skip the fast food and make your own KFC at home.
gingerbread day – november 21st: holly’s pumpkin gingerbread oats.. yum!
cake day – november 26th: joy the baker’s cinnamon sugar apple skillet cake. cake in a skillet?!?
french toast day – november 28th: maple cinnamon french toast.
 i love a good reason to celebrate… with food :)
which national food holidays will you be celebrating this month?

xo. janetha g.

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