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by Janetha on October 22, 2012

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ali posted this this morning. i needed to read it—i have been slacking and my future self is gonna be mad if i don’t get a grip.

this post isn’t about beating myself up or being hard on myself for slacking, so let me make that clear from the get go. (who the hell came up with the term “get go”? it’s so weird. is it supposed to be one word, “getgo”? i don’t think so.. hmm..)

lately, i’ve been beyond lenient with my eating habits. i think the whole two vacations, two weddings, and multiple birthday celebrations in the past six weeks are the reasons i have so easily let my healthy habits fall by the wayside. i just got more and more lax with my habits as the weeks went on.

i’ve been eating out more than six times a week. (i typically like to stick to two, tops. it’s friendlier on the wallet and waist.)

i’ve been eating tons of sugar all day long—chocolate, ice cream, sugary cereal, cookies, cupcakes, you name it.. i’m eating it. and if i could just stop baking it, maybe i’d stop eating it.. but i cannot be stopped!

i’ve been neglecting protein and, for the most part, have been eating carbs like its my job. pumpkin butter and strawberry jam sandwich with a side of honey nut cheerios? sounds like a perfect breakfast to me! oh, wait. that’s all carbs.

and, no, not the “good” carbs. i’ve been focusing on the white ones, the sugary ones, the liquid ones… i don’t think those are “bad”, but i also think i should probably be eating the carbs most of the population refers to as “good”. you know what i mean.

there are days i don’t eat a single vegetable. in fact, multiple days go by without a veggie in sight. it’s even worse now that our vitamix is broken which means i don’t even have my morning fruit & veggie juice. (the new part for the blender is on its way!)

again, i am not writing this to beat myself up. i really don’t get down on myself these days. i don’t think i am gaining weight (although i could be, i don’t weigh myself) so i am not writing this from an “i am so fat!” standpoint. (in fact, i love the way i am looking these days. no shame.) i am simply writing this to take accountability and say, “hey! self! you should probably eat a vegetable. and cut back on all those damn cookies. but the ice cream habit can stay.”

because i feel crappy. i feel lethargic. i feel like i NEED sugar all the time. i crave it. i have less energy. i just don’t feel very GOOD.

i have no problem eating anything and everything under the sun. and the moon. i don’t have any foods that are “off limits” or “unapproved” or in some way banned from my life. i’ve been there, i’ve done that. it’s not for me. but i also haven’t been using that whole moderation motto—which, i believe, needs to be in place if you are eating anything and everything under the sun and moon. know what i mean?

so, as the holidays draw near, i decided i better take a step back and seriously evaluate my all-over-the-board eating habits as of late. i can eat the things, but i should not EAT ALL THE THINGS. i just need to reign it in every so often… and now is one of those times.

i thought back to the last time i was actually doing well with my diet—it was in august, thanks to Rx+ week at my gym. i read two mantras from fellow GPPers that week and i remember LOVING those two mantras. today, i decided to look back to those mantras in order to give me a virtual kick in the butt with things.


it’s just ONE day.” – Jody

jody says:

Every year my extended family goes to Bear Lake for the day and when we are finished we get shakes. This year our trip occurred during Rx+week. My husband asked if I was going to get a shake. I said no. He replied, “Oh come on now. It’s just one day.” I passed.
I have been thinking about that statement, “It’s just one day,” and how just one day is holding me back from reaching my ideal health goals.

I started thinking about all the birthdays, holidays, annual traditions etc., that find me using the excuse, “It’s just one day” to justify poor eating choices. So I wrote them down. In my little family of five divine souls, there are 42 “just one days.” Start adding the annual vacation, camping trip and extended family functions and that’s a whole lot of just one days that usually spill over into one or more days with leftovers.

So anyway with the self-evaluation I have been doing this week, I decided to use “It’s just one day” as my mantra. I can choose to pass on the birthday cake, the shake, the smores, the second serving, the whatever….because after all, “It’s Just One Day.”

there are definitely special occasions. there are days—and even weeks—that i will eat all the things. like when i want to chicago.. holy crap, i added it up and i ate over 12,000 calories each day i was there. no, not exaggerating. i was living it up! when i am on vacation, i think you should definitely eat whatever you want—that’s part of the fun.

the rest of the time? you should be selective. as jody said—when you add up ALL the special occasions, that’s a lot of indulging. and i like that she points out the fact that those special occasions have leftovers and the celebrations spill over into the next day… or week. pretty sure the entire time between thanksgiving and new year’s day is spent celebrating one thing or another. with food, of course.

in the future, i will be mindful of which days are most important for me to really throw all caution to the wind. for me, that’s when i am on vacation. other specific days that come to mind are thanksgiving, christmas eve, christmas day, and my birthday. i don’t think every single family or friend get-together is reason for a 12,000 calorie day (okay, okay, i know going out to dinner and celebrating does not have to add up to 12,000… but when you factor in drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desert into the equation—it adds up quick!)

remember, i am all for having treats and dessert on a regular basis. the indulgences i am talking about here are the overboard ones.. not the bowlful of ben & jerry’s on a weeknight. i have those often.

okay, you got me, i typically don’t bother with a bowl and i eat it straight out of the container. like the other night.


pick your battles—or in this case, pick your days to splurge. don’t be stingy with your celebrations, but also.. don’t be a celebration whore when it comes to food. your future body will thank you. promise.

onto mantra #2!


i already know what that tastes like.” – Chantelle

chantelle says:

Last night I was at a school meeting and not eating the refreshments. My friend asked why, and I explained about Rx+ week, that I’m so close to being perfect, and how I’m not messing it up on Thursday night. She said, “that’s okay, you already know what a brownie tastes like.”

I do, I already know what a brownie tastes like, I have eaten one before. I’ve eaten cake and cookies and ice cream and chips and corn dogs and nachos and…and…and… It really, truly helped me last night. I’m sure it will in the future. I can say no because, “I already know what that tastes like.”

i think this one is particularly great as we head into the holiday season.

i am all for indulging in some holiday treats, but i swear there is a new tray of goodies every day for three solid months—i cannot justify eating everything! instead, choose your indulgences wisely! if it is some new, fabulous, treat (like those double chocolate covered pumpkin spice swirled cream cheese brownie cake cookies that your co-worker found on pinterest) that you have never tried and REALLY want to try—then by all means eat one! but if it’s a box of store-bought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that you have eaten year after year after year and have luke-warm feelings for? meh, skip it.


these next few months, we are all bound to be faced with endless delicious options. there are bound to be new ones. of course, there will be the old favorites. if the indulgences you face are something you have tasted and could go without, just tell yourself “i already know what that tastes like.” and skip it. if it is something you simply adore and LOVE what it tastes like, then, yeah, eat it. god knows i will be eating all the thanksgiving stuffing i can get my paws on—for days on end. i know what it tastes like and it tastes delicious and i am not willing to say no to it.

again, pick your battles. think about your choices before you aimlessly devour every single fun food you are faced with this holiday season. i promise, you will always have the chance to those things again. there’s always a holiday. there’s always a celebration. there’s always a reason.

feel free to put these two mantras to use in your own life. chances are, your future body will thank you.

in related news.. everyone should check out the article: “for the millionth time, i’m not hungry” on thought catalog. it is about turning down food without hurting feelings–which, in theory, should be a simple task.. but i know we all struggle with it. it’s a great read, check it out!


1. what is one of your favorite mantras in life? why?

2. any thoughts to add regarding keeping yourself in check during the holiday smörgåsbord? 

xo. janetha g.

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momma b. October 22, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Wow – did I ever need this post! I devoured more ice cream and popcorn and incredible chocolate candy this past weekend than any person should ever do (well I had some pretty healthy food as well!!) I came home feeling pretty sluggish. I welcomed coming home to a more “normal” eating style!

This is such a great reminder! I love the quotes you shared and I realized that sometimes just smelling the food is all I need (like brownies or even pizza).

I’m going to practice just a “small” taste if I really feel the desire!

Love you!


lindsay October 22, 2012 at 8:23 pm

i bought a cinnamon roll candle for that reason. LOL. plus i can’t find any GF cinnamon rolls and i miss them. It makes my home smell amazing!

LG October 23, 2012 at 1:26 pm
lindsay October 23, 2012 at 1:33 pm

oh thanks!

Katie @ Talk Less, Say More October 22, 2012 at 6:03 pm

I honestly think the biggest thing is to just be honest with yourself and check-in often and ask yourself how do you FEEL. I know when I don’t eat well or drink more often than I’d love, or have excess sugar, etc, I feel AWFUL. My sensitive tummy doesn’t feel well, my energy is lacking and overall I just feel off. I too don’t have any “off limits” foods because if I do that, I end up wanting them MORE.

Hannah N. October 22, 2012 at 6:09 pm

Excuse me, but HOLY CRAP! I needed this post. I’ve been snacking on my nut butter ALL day today. I mean, a scoop or two is all gravy but I’m eating it by the spoonfuls! Sometimes I feel like I’m indulging while feeling guilty. Something I need to work on. But yes, thank you for this post! I needed these mantras. ( :

Carrie @Shrinkingcarrie October 22, 2012 at 6:23 pm

I have to say this is one of the perks of being a SAHM. When I worked in an office we had Halloween candy for clients the entire month of October, and from Thanksgiving to New Years there were treats being brought in from sister companies and from clients (which I was always questionable in trying since I have a thing about eating food from people-I-don’t-know’s kitchen’s). Plus, the Boss’ wife LOVED to bake, but all of her children were grownup and not living at home any more so she brought us everything that she baked, and that was all. year. long. Now that I stay home with my daughter I can choose the way I eat during the day and I know there most likely will be no pop-ins with random treats!
I love the idea of “I know what it tastes like”, I need to burn that into my brain!

Michelle @ Eat Move Balance October 22, 2012 at 6:29 pm

Great post, Janetha! I LOVE the mantras you mentioned . . . can I steal them? :)

I have learned (from a bout with very restrictive eating) that I never want to miss out on my Mom’s homemade holiday treats again. Especially not for the sake of gaining a pound. Instead, I remind myself that all those store bought goods that are lying around the office every day are worth passing over. But I will not turn down the annual made-from-scratch pecan bar from my Mom ever again. And remembering this actually helps me now keep things in line on the day-to-day basis. :)

Jessica Corbin October 22, 2012 at 6:38 pm

1. what is one of your favorite mantras in life? why?
My favorite right now is, “let it go”. I know its not towards healthy eating, but when I am struggling with a situation or whatever, I just say let it go because it really helps to just let it go. I’ve had some hard times, like everyone, and this really speaks to me and helps me on many levels.

2. any thoughts to add regarding keeping yourself in check during the holiday smörgåsbord?
As for all the insane goodness that has probably started last month, my tip is to just stay away. Go a different way to the bathroom, not in front of the candy bowl. Put a few photos or your goals up on your desk so you always stay in check. Try writing all your cheats down, not all your food like clean eats, but all the cheats so you can see how much you did in the week and do better the following. And last, just say no to potlucks.

Janetha October 22, 2012 at 6:54 pm

I adore your tips.

Clare @ Fitting It All In October 22, 2012 at 6:51 pm

I am 100% with you. 100%. I have been totally slacking and can’t seem to get back on track. I needed this post – I love that quote “I already know what it tastes like!” October 22, 2012 at 7:26 pm

I really needed to read that–I’m hoping it will help me through this holiday season. Although I workout nearly every day and try to follow the 80/20 way of eating, I find myself following more of a 60/40 ratio and sometimes the 40 is the “healthy” eating portion!
I especially relate to the “you already know what it tastes like” lesson. Yep, don’t need to eat that just to eat it.

Lauren October 22, 2012 at 7:28 pm

That is so true! I think so many times people just eat to eat without ever thinking about the fact that if they REALLY want it or not. I know I do this a lot. The other day, I saw pumpkin muffins at the store and really want to buy them but then I thought, I know what they taste like, I’ve had them before and they didn’t rock my world. So why would i buy them again? I passed and glad I did because I ended up making my own muffins that were a lot healthier. I’m definitely all about eating what you want but I think more people just need to understand what it is their body not only wants, but needs. Great post lady!

The Healthy Hostess October 22, 2012 at 7:31 pm

This post says everything I have been thinking lately too. I have just let go of any will power and restriction which is fine for a little but not for months. It’s catching up and I am tired and feeling blah. I love your honesty and ability to say what you are thinking so confidently. You are so amazing!
My pants are all a little tighter and my arms a little thicker and I need to get back to normal – I needed that push and realization! I do think that it’s good to let go sometimes to see how great you really feel when you are treating yourself right. It makes hard work and determination so worth it when we follow through!
Thanks for the motivation girl! I go with the simple message and I love how you make it real! It was just what I needed! :)

Emily R October 22, 2012 at 7:35 pm

THANK you, I really needed to read this, as today was definitely one of those days where I came home from work wanting to eat ALL THE THINGS. “I already know what that tastes like” is a great mantra and one that I (try to) use often. And, as far as the holiday season goes, I’ve found that taking a VERY small portion of every dish I want to try, works wonders. Sure, it’s probably still more calories than I’d consume on a normal basis, but by the time I’ve made it through my one piece of turkey and 2-3 bites each of various casseroles, etc, I’m totally full, don’t need seconds, and don’t feel the least bit deprived!

BroccoliHut October 22, 2012 at 8:14 pm

My guideline is if it’s homemade and I want it, I’ll have a little bit of it (e.g., when my mom makes spice cake with maple frosting for my birthday), but I’ll pass on the store-bought stuff.

lindsay October 22, 2012 at 8:20 pm

we go through seasons. this is one. Get go? no, i say get er done! Fall is a time for change> let the old ways die and regenerate new growth, etc. I know, i am so fancy with my words. But i get it. I get you. I get that you do what makes you feel best at the time.

now, get er done girl!

Sarah October 22, 2012 at 8:46 pm

Great post, Janetha! Thank you! I’ve been giving myself the same mental kick in the butt the past few days and this was icing on the cake!

Kenzie October 22, 2012 at 9:06 pm

Wise wise words my friend. I remember reading both of those posts on the GPP blog and really liked them. The “I already know what that tastes like” one has crossed my mind several times. Unfortunately, I do know what it tastes like, and it’s frickin good so I eat it. The “It’s just one day” one seems to work good for me because it seems not as overwhelming to think “i’m going to go without a treat today” instead of thinking “i’m going to go without a treat for 2 weeks”. The latter is depressing and I usually don’t even have one successful day with that mentality. I liken the thought process to distance running. When the going gets tough and I think I want to stop and walk, I begin the thought process of picking an object in the near distance and think to myself “I can walk once I get to that mailbox”. Once I get there, I think “okay, i’m here and i’m not going to walk so I will run to that light pole”. Etc. Pretty soon, I have been able to run a long distance on a short term goal mentality.

As far as keeping myself in line for the holidays, I literally have to throw treats away. If I get a plate of cookies from a neighbor, it goes in the outside garbage can. It has to be the outside one so I don’t dig them back out later, because I would. If i’m at a family gathering, I just have to limit myself to one. I workout so I can enjoy times like the holidays. I just have to think if i’m being honest and reasonable with myself.

Corrie Anne October 22, 2012 at 9:14 pm

I love the — I’ve already tasted that. Totally makes sense to me. I tried to explain it to my husband, Kevin, during dinner and that didn’t work out so well. Haha. He says he’s already tasted it so he knows how delicious it can taste — definitely has enough sweet tooth for both of us! Definitely great reminders coming into winter, where you eat for parties, but also because it’s so dang cold! I was just on mini vacation, but didn’t want to splurge too much because I’m still in fitmixer boot camp. but i did pick one meal to have both appetizers & dessert. totally worth it, but now that i’m home, i’m not regretting a thing. but i am ready for cleaner eating tomorrow! we all need little reboots and small steps.

Sam @ Better With Sprinkles October 22, 2012 at 9:40 pm

I’m definitely loving the last mantra on your list! If I know what it tastes like and it’s not my favourite, then why bother? If it looks fantastic and I really want to try it – then yes, I am all for that. Everything in moderation and all that jazz.

That being said, it’s my birthday on Wednesday and I can pretty much guarantee a day similar to the ones you had in Chicago (and, I’m actually going to Chicago in less than a month so that might happen then too).

Abby @ Abz 'n' Oats October 22, 2012 at 9:54 pm

Those two mantras are awesome. I have never thought about all of the “its just one day” things that add up but it definitely puts it into perspective! I also love the idea of “you already know what it tastes like” especially with stupid store bought goodies. Why waste a treat on something so shitty? I mean, really. As far as keeping myself in check, I think I really just need to visualize how truly terrible sugary sweets and refined carbs make me feel not in an only sluggish way but also in a bloat city way. It also really affects my performance in workouts and now that I am back to a place where I can push myself to new limits again I don’t ever want to go back to where I was.

KaraHadley October 22, 2012 at 9:57 pm

I REALLY need to remember to be choosy about what I indulge in. It was almost easy in the past because I lived in a dorm, so I never felt the holiday spirit (or saw the holiday treats) until I went home a few days before Christmas. But this year I not only live in a house where I can bake all the time, but I’m hosting Thanksgiving (which means I’ll be stuck with all the leftovers). So remembering that store bought cookies and mashed potatoes aren’t all the special will be clutch.
And my only tip for not stuffing your face at holiday functions is to wear something tight. For me, tight clothes not only make me not want to eat as much (because a food baby in a figure hugging dress isn’t hot), but its almost uncomfortable if i eat too much, so it’s a nice reminder.

Neil October 22, 2012 at 10:19 pm

Love “Get-Go.” Use it all the time, but I’m old and I think there is a rule that says old folk must use it. Not sure, I’ll check the manual.

I do good on deprivation. I’m one of those guys who is all or nothing. I’m either dieting and watching what I eat, or I’m not doing a dang thing. Works for me.

Ready to start a No Sugar til Turkey Day thing. I need it. Need to gather up support, because it seems the only time I can stick to these things is if I feel you are doing them and I’m less inclined to let you down than to let myself down. Thought about making it a thing at the GYM. Would you go for something like that?

Brittany @Berries and Barbells October 22, 2012 at 10:29 pm

In my neighborhood it has become a tradition to bring all the neighbors a plate of sweet treats around the holidays! This usually amounts to 10-15 plates of goodies. A trainer at my gym once told me they are bringing the treats as a gesture to wish you a happy holiday, not because they care if you eat it or not! She said to thank them and then head to the trash can and throw them away before I get tempted! Unless its something that cannot be passed up!

amanda October 22, 2012 at 10:30 pm

two words, Janetha: thank you! (okay, a few more…just loved the post – you’re the shnizzle!)

Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner October 22, 2012 at 10:47 pm

I especially love that first quote. It is so true — doing stuff for yourself today can really make a difference tomorrow. :)

Carly @ Snack Therapy October 22, 2012 at 10:57 pm

Wow! Those mantras (and anecdotes) are freakin’ awesome! Really helps put things into perspective!

Sierra October 23, 2012 at 6:48 am

I TOTALLY understand the feeling. I feel like I was on a cupcake/champagne/cheese & cracker diet for some of September and it wasn’t doing ANY favors to my body. Great mantras, especially the one about already knowing what it tastes like. I am also an ice cream monster…can’t get enough. I have been freezing greek yogurt with some SF Jello pudding powder mixed in and it does the trick for a creamy, delicious snack at nighttime.

Corey @ When We Wander October 23, 2012 at 6:51 am

I totally know that “drained” feeling that comes from not giving our bodies the right nourishment — not a good feeling! But I think that just be waking up, starting your day with a big glass of water and a huge veggie omellette will immediately make you feel better.

betty October 23, 2012 at 7:20 am

you know how some people go to church and they say the sermon was directed toward them? i feel like this post was meant for me. i’m having SUCH A HARD TIME getting my habits under control.. i want to change so bad, but i keep talking myself out of stuff (early morning workouts, eating clean 6/7 days) .. stuff that I KNOW i can do, but i can so easily talk myself out of.. just by turning my alarm off.

so thanks for this! i needed it! hope you’re doing well!!

Tamara October 23, 2012 at 7:20 am

This is an INCREDIBLE post, Janetha! I usually do something along those lines at the holidays, only eating things I truly adore and/or that I haven’t tried before and look amazing, but I love that I now have a mantra for it. Thanks for sharing this and the awesome links. Very helpful and inspiring.

Heidi kokborg October 23, 2012 at 7:27 am

Great post!! :) I like you approched to not diet or think about being too healthy when you are on vacation. I too think that it is so important to relax and eat whatever you feel like when you are on vacation – like you say: it is part of the fun! :)

Dana @Muscles, Miles, and Meals October 23, 2012 at 7:39 am

Those are just what we need at this time of the year!! I’ve already felt myself start to slide and had a chat with my husband about it over the weekend. I’m certainly going to have some pumpkin pie, but I’m going to make it myself and keep it as clean as I can! My favorite mantra regarding sugar is “it just isn’t worth it”…and it’s not. It’s not worth how terrible I feel physically (headaches, sluggish, etc) or mentally (guilty, etc.). I remind myself of this anytime there are sweets sitting around in our teacher’s lounge!

Amanda @ Romancing the Unusual October 23, 2012 at 7:45 am

I soooo needed this! It feels like the end of the summer and beginning of fall has been a whirlwind of “celebrations” and vacations and why not just eat pizza again? It has totally left me feeling sluggish and over it. Thanks for the mantras! I will be incorporating them while I work on getting my eating in order!

Mollie @Sprinkles of Life October 23, 2012 at 8:07 am

Great post, Janetha! You said it all so well. I really liked the “I already know what it tastes like.” A few years ago I used to be much better at passing on things that I didnt *really* want. I’ve let that slide too many times. And a perfect time of year to keep repeating it in my head.

Shaunna@mamas13minutemile October 23, 2012 at 8:41 am

Hello…wake up call to Shaunna. I so needed this.
I quit counting calories 2 weeks ago when I started Crossfit. I know I am working out so much harder than I ever have but that doesn’t justify making outlandish food choices…especially if I want to reach the results I am shooting for! :) Thanks for posting!

Nicole C October 23, 2012 at 8:54 am

I really like that ‘you already know what it tastes like’ mantra! Brilliant thinking. I don’t have any personal ones but I think I should really look into that.

If I want to keep myself in check during the holidays, I should probably stop dating Ben. His Mom and her cooking skills are dangerous. Really though, I never used to like the typical ” Thanksgiving food” growing up so it’s never been a big deal to over eat. It’s more of “Hey Nicole, let’s make apple pie” that I need to be worried about. I think Fitmixer has helped me be more aware of portion size so I am hoping that sticks in my mind.

candice sherman October 23, 2012 at 10:04 am

Thank you Thank you for this post.
There are times when I am master of my diet – this past week is not one of those times. I love all these ideas.

Annette@FitnessPerks October 23, 2012 at 10:45 am

AMEN! And wise words spoken. This is how I (try hard to) live my life. I never am deprived anymore or live by rules –that was hellish for so long — but I am aware of how things make me FEEL. I used to worry about how I looked, but now, remembering how I feel when I eat something changes the thought of eating it.

But yes, I totally have the exciting stuff on a regular basis (2-3x/week), and I think that’s why it doesn’t appeal to me in the ways it used to. I can eat what I want, when I want, and so I don’t. Weird, yes, but it works!

And heck YES to eating what you want on vacation. I totally do, but then again, it gets old after a bit. Our bodies are smmmmaarrttt!

Great mantras. Great post, lady! xo

Paige October 23, 2012 at 11:41 am

Love the post, but I want to specifically comment on HOW AMAZING Milk & Cookies is. It might just be my new favorite B&J’s. Love, your fellow ice-cream-lover-addict.

julie October 23, 2012 at 12:59 pm

if it makes you feel any better i think you look freaking rockin haha i am insanely envious of your biceps. #justsayin. besides that give me a big fat rainbow cookie, canolli or a black & white cookie and this girl is going to TOWN on it

Janetha October 23, 2012 at 1:06 pm

haha.. thank you, lady! it is not really about how i look, i am cool with that, it’s how i feel. i feel like a sugar slug! headaches all the time. blah.

Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning October 23, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Hey- thanks for posting this!! It’s really good to know that you’re human and can be honest about stuff like this (not that I doubted that you were human, but you know what I mean…)
I feel like I’ve been “over-doing it” for about 2 years. I don’t know what it’s going to take for me to get a grip, but it’s got to happen soon. I’ve put on 20 lbs in 2 years- I definitely don’t want to add another 20!
I know it’s definitely okay to indulge and like you, I don’t make anything “off limits”- but I just need to back down and take better control over all.

Haley October 25, 2012 at 2:47 pm

I love these 2 mantras! Thank you for sharing :) These words will help in the coming holiday season!

Megan @ Fiterature October 26, 2012 at 9:50 am

My favorite mantra is “FOCUS”. It applies to every situation.

If I’m at a happy hour and everyone is ordering fried whatever, I think “Focus. Focus on your eating plan, all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Focus on your goals, and order some edamame.”

If my alarm goes off and I want to NOT go run but roll over and sleep for another hour, I hear “Focus. Focus on your training and on your heart.”

Totally works, (most of the time!).

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