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by Janetha on April 5, 2012

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oh man. i am loving all the comments rolling in on my spelling and grammar post. you guys are PASSIONATE about that stuff. i thought of a few other really common mistakes and a few more were pointed out by some of you. i can’t resist listing them:

  • voilà. <—that is how it is spelled. not viola (an instrument) or walah (what?) but if you don’t put the little ` over the a, then i am not bugged. i leave it off sometimes, too. it’s lazy of me, but at least i am not unintentionally blogging about a string instrument.
  • without further ado. <—this is right. don’t write “without further adieu” unless you are trying to say “without further goodbye”. the word “adieu” means goodbye or farewell. the word “ado” means trouble, difficulty, or fuss. so when you say “without further ado” you are implying that you are done rambling and are ready to get to the point.
  • supposedly. NOT supposably.
  • capisce. not kapeesh. it’s italian.
  • anyway. not anyways.
  • try to. you “try to” do something, not “try and” do something.
  • once in a while. not “once and awhile”.

oh, grammar and spelling, you are fun.

two things real quick!

so, it’s thursday.. do you know what that means?!


today i have the biggest babe ever posting her three tips. enjoy!


Hi friends!


My name is Katie and I have my little ray of sunshine blog called Healthy Diva Eats, and I am honored to be sharing some tips on Janetha’s blog! I have been reading her blog for a long time now and I have even had the pleasure of meeting Janetha, she is a damn awesome person! Thanks Janetha for asking me to share some tips, lets get started!

1. Date nights are essential and much needed in relationships, especially when you are married lovers.

Sometimes life can get super busy and we tend to feel like we never see our significant other, so it is nice to take one night a week or however many times a month to set a date night!

Wine is always a good idea on date nights too!


2. When you want a little pick me up, paint your nails!

I don’t know, there is just something about making my nails look pretty that makes me very happy! I do paint my nails often at home, but I treat myself to manicures too, I think all girls should treat themselves to that here and there!


3. Life is SO short, my motto is to live life to the fullest every single day and I want all of you to take that tip to heart!

Live each day in a positive way, no matter what struggles may come, just find the silver lining and stay positive. Life is beautiful but it can have its ugly times too, but let the beauty outweigh through it all!


Hope you guys enjoyed my 3 tips! I could go on and on but Janetha said only 3 and I am going to listen ; )

Peace, love, and rock out!


Q for you~

what do you do when you need a quick pick-me-up?

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