top ten reasons i’m not doing a top ten post.

by Janetha on December 29, 2011

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oh man. i opened my google reader today and was overwhelmed with the “best of” and “top ten list” and “my ten favorite posts” and “greatest moments” for 2011. i am all about lists. i love them! but count me out on this type of list.

instead, here are my top ten reasons i will NOT be posting a top ten moments/posts/recipes/etc of 2011:

  1. i am positive that you already have enough 2011 recap posts to read from other bloggers.. and you probably are busy writing your own, too.
  2. you’re busy. you have a life. it’s already hard to find time to read one post from me. i get it. i don’t want to do a whole post devoted to linking other posts of mine.. you really don’t have time to go back and read them all. especially if you already read them the first time around!
  3. i’m busy. i have a life. i don’t have time to sift through the 300-some odd posts from 2011 to see which ones were the raddest. most rad? that sounds like a lot of work. too much effort.
  4. my recipe posts weren’t consistent enough to actually have 10 amazing ones to point out to you guys. i really need to be better about recipe documentation. maybe i should make a resolution out of it.
  5. a lot of cool stuff happened this year! i sure am glad i have my blog and i blogged about it when it happened! yay, technology. if you (or i) have the desire to reflect back on the year’s events.. that’s what the archives are for. knock yourself out.
  6. writing a blog about my life already makes me feel pretty self-centered. i don’t want to write a self-centered post about all the self-centered posts i wrote this year. that’s just too much me for even me.
  7. i have the worst memory EVER. i don’t remember the best thing that happened last week let alone the best thing that happened in march. furthermore, the best thing that happened in march 2011 isn’t relevant to the here and now. live in the moment!
  8. i have a backlog of things that i haven’t blogged about that i want to blog about. in fact, i have a whole list in my phone with blog topics that i haven’t found time to write about. i have a folder of photos labeled “to be blogged.” why waste time compiling a list of crap i already managed to write about and you already managed to read about? i have fresh content that i can’t even find the time to write about. one of these days…
  9. i have to use my time to make a top ten goals for 2012 list, duh!
  10. let’s face it: the only thing that happened on my blog this year that was FOR REAL life-changing (not life-changing like a new brand of peanut butter or a state of the art blender) was the fact that we, as a community, raised almost $30k for susan’s chemotherapy bills with the great fundraising act. that’s the only thing that would go on my list if i did one.. and so it would be a top one list. not a top ten list.

because this list was all in fun and i really do see how reflecting on the year is super enjoyable for 90% of people and everyone probably achieved a lot of things they are really proud of.. i will ask you all one question:

what is the best thing that happened to you or that you accomplished in 2011?

xo. janetha g.

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Barbara December 30, 2011 at 7:01 pm

THIS is one of the reasons I love you. You and a few other blogs are the only ones I bothered to read. Top 10 of the year list also sound (**SOUND-not “are”) kinda self absorbed. One word: archive! If I wanted to read everything from the past year post-wise, I would just go through the archives. although I do like the lists where people review their favorite moments of the year–events/days that really impacted them etc.
their happiest memories/days etc.
HAPPY NEW YEAR (a bit early)!

Shannon December 30, 2011 at 11:20 pm

THANK YOU! I’m going through my damn rss feeds going “really, was eating froyo in x city REALLY important enough to do a yearly recap about?” and junk like that. I’m pretty sure if I want a recap of everyone’s breakfasts and such I can go to the blog and scroll back. I do plan on doing a hiking recap so I can put all my 2011 miles in one place (for reference for next years goals), but I don’t think that’s as obnoxious as some of the posts I’ve been seeing. Hey, if commenters think it is, I’ll just make it private so I can see where the heck I went ;)

My best thing was moving back “home” to California (Canada is really home, but this is second best) and leaving an abusive work environment. GO me!

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