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by Janetha on July 31, 2011

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yo! i promise that things are almost back to normal here in meals & moves land. with the auction invoices almost all tied out, i should have plenty of time this week to type lots of normal posts!

can you believe it’s august already?! i am pretty sure july didn’t even happen. i was busy almost each and every day in july.

because i have been so busy, my organization and tidiness has suffered.  meals have been thrown together with whatever was on hand. i was going to the grocery store more times in a week than i was going to the gym. workouts were not planned nor regular. every single room in my house is cluttered. my bathrooms are both in need of a serious scrub down. my car is disgusting both inside and out since i haven’t had a chance to clean it since the tahoe road trip. my office looks like it was a victim of a paper explosion. and let’s not even talk about the laundry situation. the whole month of july has been on a wash-it-the-night-before-so-you-have-something-to-wear schedule.

typing that paragraph above just gave me major anxiety. i kind of feel like my life is a complete mess. oh, right, that’s because it is!

because i can’t magically snap my fingers and have everything neatly organized, clean and in order (wouldn’t it be nice)—i have to do something that makes me feel at least a LITTLE bit in control. otherwise, i may go crazy. for real.

the solution? make a list! lists make me sane. they give me a sense of security. i sat down and made a very detailed list for the week. so, even though my house is still in shambles and there is still a thick layer of bugs splattered on my windshield, i at least have a plan to save my sanity.

here’s hoping that by this time next week, i feel a tad more stable.

because i know a lot of you share my same passion for lists and planning, i decided to document my plan of attack for all to see. that way, i may actually stick to it. right?

daily to-dos.

  • drink 1 gallon of agua each day
  • remember to take vitamins + supplements morning & afternoon
  • go to be before midnight
  • stick to meals & moves plan [below]

you better get it done this week.

  • mail out TGFA winner’s package
  • clean the bathrooms
  • get car detailed
  • organize the heap of papers on top of the washer
  • fold the pile of clean clothes that is the size of mt everest
  • buy dad a birthday present
  • get at least 2 product reviews done for the blog

detailed meals & moves for the week.



  • breakfast: egg whites & oatmeal
  • lunch: sandwich [low sodium turkey, sprouts, hummus] + celery w/ PB
  • snack: chobani
  • dinner: tacos
  • dessert: faux frosty


  • lower body + stairmill



  • breakfast: berry + spinach protein shake
  • lunch: leftover tacos [salad style]
  • snack: crackers + cottage cheese
  • dinner: BBQ chicken pizza
  • dessert: greek yogurt + fruit


  • bikram



  • breakfast: berry + spinach protein shake
  • lunch: veggie-filled salad topped with grilled chicken
  • snack: chobani
  • dinner: salmon + broccoli + quinoa pilaf
  • dessert: faux frosty


  • back + shoulders



  • breakfast: protein oats
  • lunch: sandwich [low sodium turkey, sprouts, hummus] + celery w/ PB
  • snack: simply bar
  • dinner: greek salads + roasted potatoes
  • dessert: protein ice cream


  • biceps + triceps.. maybe some cardio



  • breakfast: berry + spinach protein shake
  • lunch: tuna sandwich + veggies w/ hummus
  • snack: chobani
  • dinner: black bean burgers + sweet potato fries
  • dessert: faux frosty


  • chest + back.. probably should think about doing cardio



  • breakfast: protein pancakes
  • lunch: BBQ chicken wrap
  • dinner: out to eat
  • dessert: fro yo


  • lower body + stairmill


plan it all over again!


i am off to tackle that pile of laundry. groan.

here’s to a productive week for all of us!


1. do you plan your meals & moves or do you just fly by the seat of your pants?

2. on many times do you go to the grocery store each week?

xo. janetha g.

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BroccoliHut August 1, 2011 at 10:05 pm

I plan out almost all my meals for the week, minus the weekend eats. I also grocery shop just once per week, but I’m starting to think that’s weird for a foodie like me!

Katie @ running4cupcakes August 2, 2011 at 8:31 am

Yeah for BBQ chicken pizza tonight! My husband made it for dinner last night – so good! I try to have an idea of what meals we could have during the week and then play it by ear a little depending on what we are hungry for on a given day!

penny August 2, 2011 at 10:52 am

Thank you for sharing! I love lists and schedules. Seeing your schedule of housework, exercise and meals was a huge encouragement to me and is helping me plan my week.

Sarah August 2, 2011 at 4:26 pm

I love making- and checking off- lists! I tend to keep a general idea of healthy meal options in mind, but I’ve found that planning out every single meal doesn’t really work for me (unless I’m on the go all the time, like you seem to be!)…and grocery store trips- I confess I go a little more often than I should. It’s my kind of retail therapy. (I’m not even sure how many times per week. It varies, depending on my mood and whether I REALLY want something in particular to eat.)

Juliette August 3, 2011 at 2:17 pm

I generally don’t plan my meals everyday. I do have the same staples on hand, but my appetite & mind change on like an hourly basis, so it’s hard to plan too far ahead. I am the complete opposite with my workouts though – very specific & structured.
To be honest, I go to the grocery store about 4 or even 5 times per week. Crazy I know, I just don’t do the bulk shopping thing.

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