palm springs: the everything in between.

by Janetha on May 18, 2011

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hey guys. i am still sick. i am surviving off saltines, coconut water, organic lemon lime soda and A LOT of frozen yogurt. my fever is gone (for now) and i am hoping to eat real food soon.. although surviving off fro yo for the rest of my life doesn’t sound half bad. thanks for all the get well wishes!  i had this post typed up but was too sick to even open my laptop.  i found some strength, so without further ado.. more palm springs fun.


when we weren’t eating in palm springs.. we were either shopping for food or talking about food.  here are some photos from in between the meals.

we hung out in the sun by the pool.


i flirted with deb’s cats.



and ellie.. who happens to have her own blog. what a smart cat!


we found the perfect healthy gift.


we went to the farmers’ market..


eden and i did some insanity..


she loved it.


we shopped a bit. i snagged some things from this EVERYTHING IS SIXTEEN BUCKS store.


yes, everything!

sonny bono grabbed eden’s butt.


what a flirt.


we went to trader joe’s.. the happiest place on earth. who needs disneyland?!


we made homemade pickles and eden made sure to keep them in the sun.


we went to a natural foods store called clark’s and it was MASSIVE. there was so. much. awesome. food.


and so much weird food.. like faux canned scallops.

erm, skallops.


there was time spent in the large and in charge shower. what?


i picked grapefruits to bring home to momma b.. straight from deb’s grapefruit tree!


it was basically the best weekend getaway ever.

special thanks to deb for letting me come and also to eden for hanging out. it was SO fun and i can’t wait to do it again. i just hope i don’t get stuck with the flu next time ;)

that wraps up my palm spring recaps… hopefully i will be back soon with back-to-normal life.

xo. janetha g.

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