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come on, you don’t think i could have gone without using that corny title this easter, did you?

the other day, i saw cathy talking about dying easter eggs.  i got real sad because i didn’t have easter egg dying on my agenda this year, and it’s something i have done EVERY year for the entirety of my life. i immediately called my mom and made a date to dye easter eggs.

it may have just been momma b and myself, but the tradition lives on!

we had a rousing game of rummikub beforehand, while the eggs boiled and cooled.  she won.. next time, remind me to play boggle. that is one game i never lose.  after she kicked my butt at rummikub, we laid out newspaper and prepped the colors.


we had two dozen eggs to color all to ourselves.

IMG_1734 let me tell you, we are real creative ladies.


packers egg!


cracked egg! (you can’t see, but it had lines all over it…)


meals + moves egg!


so colorful!


after our egg dying festivities, i packed up my eggs and took them home so the easter bunny could hide them at our house.


when i woke up this morning i saw that the easter bunny did a really great job at hiding the eggs.. they were still in my fridge.  i figured he had a rough night and let the fact that he didn’t visit our house slide.

we headed up to my parents’ house and were relieved to see that the easter bunny made it to their house and left us some fun easter goodies.


good thing! penny would have been sad without her easter doggie treats (that are shaped like kitty cats and mailmen, by the way!)


once the whole family arrived (minus the bills fam who lives in california Sad smile ), we embarked on our annual easter egg hunt!IMG_1780

when i was a kid, we always hunted for hard boiled eggs. yes, the ones that we dyed the day before.  we would get super sweet easter baskets full of candy and toys, then we would empty the baskets out and go find the hard boiled eggs.  there were always one or two eggs that wouldn’t get found, and we figured that it would turn up around july sometime.

these days, the easter bunny hides plastic eggs full of candy and quarters.  i remember always wishing i was one of those kids who got to find plastic eggs full of money, but i was always stuck with the hard boiled eggs.  looking back, i am real glad we kept it real with the hard boiled, dyed eggs.  it is a great memory and a great tradition.  that’s my trip down memory lane for the day.

anyway, back to the eggcelent egg hunt!  we were told to find 10 plastic eggs and 2 real eggs.  we hunted and gathered our little hearts out.


after all the eggs had been found (well, after we each had our 10 plastic and 2 real eggs), we noticed that there were still eggs all over the place.


hmmm.. peculiar… momma b just told us to find the rest and that she had no idea why there were extras.


after all the eggs were REALLY found, we had a few fun family photo ops.

can you believe these guys are only weeks apart in age?!






my little fam.


love my momma b.


and my dad.. he doesn’t get enough blog exposure, i know!


we basked in the sun for a bit.. just being glad that it is actually sunny for once! come onnnn summer.

everyone had to head to church, so marshall and i came home and did our insanity workout of the day.  today was day one of week four! we are still going strong.

when i got done working out, i looked at my phone and saw a text from my mom.


um. yeah. the reason there were so many extra eggs? because marshall and i were not supposed to find 10 fake and 2 real TOGETHER, but separately. and it took that long to figure it out.

and yes, now every time we forget something or do something real dumb, we say we’ve had a stroke. it’s all about being light-hearted, folks.

well, i am off to prepare an easter feast! you can be sure i will post about it later on.

HOPPY EASTER! i am so corny.


1. egg hunts: real or fake eggs?

2. easter candy: do you have a favorite? i am not big on candy but i like those egg shaped candy coated malted milk balls. i had a purple one last night!

xo. janetha g.

p.s. oikos winner is:


April 23, 2011 7:52 am

I don’t usually buy organic, but that’s only because I’m on a budget. I wish I could buy it more and when i’m done w/ grad school and not on limited funds, I plan on it :)

congrats, jessica p! send me your address!

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Christin@purplebirdblog April 25, 2011 at 8:12 pm

I seriously wish someone would hide eggs for me. I would hunt the sh!t out of them. LMAO that you guys say you’ve had a stroke now!

Rachel April 26, 2011 at 8:55 am

You’re family looks like so much fun! Glad you have a great Easter!

Holly at Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices April 26, 2011 at 12:11 pm

I love that you guys can laugh/ joke about what happened with Momma B. I know even though it was VERY serious & very scary, laughter / jokes always help :)
I love your family. You guys are so cute!

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