snow day.

by Janetha on March 13, 2011

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didn’t have the big ol’ camera with me today.. so here are a few tidbits through the lens of my iPhone.

first, can we talk about daylight savings time for a minute?

i love it! i love springing forward and the fact that it stays light later. i work 40 hours a week. i work for a window company in an office that has no windows. (i know.) when i get off each day, i like a little sunshine in my life! so i happily spring my clocks forward. in fact, i reset all my clocks last night because i was so excited.

it drives me bonkers that, for the next week, people are going to be saying things like: “it’s nine o’clock but it’s REALLY eight o’clock.” no. it’s not. it’s really nine. happens every year folks, get used to it and stop bitching. sorry, but i‘m not sorry. just because one night is an hour shorter than the rest of them doesn’t give you a reason to cry about it and complain about “losing an hour of sleep” for the next week and a half. you should have gone to bed an hour earlier or slept in an hour later.

the end. thanks, i needed that!

pot-o-coffee in the AM.

iPhone 056

in addition to the coffee, i fueled my morning with some protein oatmeal+blueberries+chia seeds+almond milk. no photo because you’ve seen it here before.

i snagged sofia and her boy and we headed up to my stomping grounds—brighton resort.

iPhone 057

they skied, i snowboarded. we talked. for hours. these two new found friends from new york are SO much fun to be with. it’s too bad they live on the other side of the country and are catching a flight home tonight.

the sun was shining and the snow was fluffy. perfect day to ride!

iPhone 064

we took a break for lunch at molly’s<—the bar at brighton.

mary, bloody.

iPhone 061

chips + salsa.

iPhone 062

blue cheese burger + veggies.

iPhone 063

thanks for lunch, BT!

we went back out for another 5 runs or so, then called it a day. there was actually only one casualty all day and it had to do with a ski pole.

iPhone 059

a very bent ski pole. other than that, the day was perfect. actually, i think the bent pole incident made the day more perfect.

once i dropped sofia + BT off at their hotel, i made a quick costco run for the essentials (chobani, eggs, cottage cheese, you know.. the usual) and then went to visit momma b.

guess what she surprised me with?

iPhone 068

new kicks! houndstooth sanuks. love ‘em. thanks, ma.

i just ate marshall’s whole bag of chipotle chips + guac.

iPhone 066

he’s at the movies. hope he doesn’t mind.

and now.. the erin baker’s wholesome baked goods giveaway winner is…….


holy crud, that’s so weird because 22 is my favorite number! it was meant to be. and comment #22 was:


congrats, kate! send me your mailing address and your cookies will get out to ya stat.

thanks for everyone for playing along.

time for bed.. after all, i lost an hour of sleep last night. better catch up!


1. do you participate in any winter sports?

2. best thing you ate over the weekend..ready, go!

xo. janetha g.

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katshealthcorner March 16, 2011 at 2:25 pm

Looks like you had fun! :D


Emily March 16, 2011 at 2:57 pm

I love the Instagram shot! I’ve become sort of obsessed… right in line with all of my other super geeky web/tech/social media obsessions I suppose. ;)

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