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by Janetha on March 9, 2011

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hola! wow, it’s late. 10 PM and this is the first time i have sat down on my couch today. how about a quickie? that’s what she said.

i was fortunate enough to have a lunch date today with not one but TWO lovely blogging friends. emily (formerly known as the experimentarian) lives here in utah and we get together as often as our busy schedules permit. sofia happens to be in the SLC this week, so we planned a lunch at blue lemon.


emily actually suggested this new-to-me restaurant. and i am glad she did! for you utah kids.. it is on 55 west south temple. their motto is “pure clean food with a twist”.  i really wanted everything on the menu. no, seriously, it all looked good.

i ended up ordering the hummus because i have to try hummus whenever i see it on the menu..


my thoughts? this was a chunky, thick hummus. good for spreading but not so much for dipping. the flavor was good, but i wouldn’t put it in my top five. that doesn’t mean i didn’t eat it. hello, it’s hummus.

i also got the roasted turkey avocado sandwich.  it had fresh roasted turkey, provolone cheese, lemon herb smashed avocados,  lettuce, tomato and sweet red onions and was served on a wheat ciabatta roll.


the smashed avocado was my favorite part.

no, i lied.. the company was my favorite part.


emily snuck out early (stupid work) so she missed the photo op. and the photo i did take of her is awesome but she won’t let me post it.


sofia is dope! i really love it when i meet people and there’s so much to talk about. what i don’t love is going back to work.. our time was too short. hopefully we can hang again before she leaves town.

i was at work wayyy late again today. past closing time, in fact. when i got home, i was about to work out when my mom asked for a ride home. she just flew in from vegas. since i had to run her up to her house, i decided to stop at the store for some essentials on the way home. and by essentials i mean powdered sugar to make liz’s peanut butter pretzel truffles.

by the time all was said and done, it was 7:45. i was bound and determined to try the bodyrock.tv workout i skipped on monday.


it was the marine corps workout and MAN it was a doozy.(i don’t have a sandbag so i used a dumbbell instead.) 45 minutes later and the warm up, workout and cool down were done. a good workout doesn’t take a lot of time, people!

i made piccata for dinner and then whipped up the pretzel truffles. they are in the freezer now… can’t wait to see how they turn out!

WHEW. that’s that. semi-speedy.

oh, and before i go.. winners! i asked what kind of restaurant you would want to own, and then i picked 11 winners. here they are.

bumper stickers:

random number generator picked 5 random winners..

  • marissa who said: “My mom is a baker so I think it would be neat to go into business together, as long as she is willing to go clean.”
  • paije who said: “My restaurant….I have about a BILLION ideas floating around in my head. I want to have an organic seasonal veg and vegan restaurant. ONE DAY.”
  • lauren who said: “If I was a restaurant owner, I would own an eclectic vegetarian friendly fusion bar. It would include a wide array of international inspired dishes, sushi, thai, french, mexican. The best of ALL the worlds!”
  • carmen who said: “i would cook the homestyle chinese food i grew up with!”
  • amy who said: “Honesty, I wouldn’t own a “restaurant” per say, but I would own a frozen yogurt shop/candy store. And not so much your typically candy, but more like “penny candy” ie: Swedish fish and home-made candy!”

bumper magnets:

random number generator picked 5 random winners..

  • tiffany who said: “A nacho restaurant!!!”
  • carly who said: “A bar with awesome craft beer and upscale pub food!”
  • elise who said: “I would own a dairy free diner. Because I love diner food, and can never eat half of it..”
  • mary who said: “It would be sushi bar”
  • sami who said: “I’d love to serve foods made with organic ingredients from local farmers and cook some of my favorite bloggers’ recipes for my customers!”

grand prize magnet & mug:

random number generator picked JANE who said “Mexican restaurant with free chips and salsa/guac!!! I love my mexican food.”

all 11 of you need to email me your mailing address and i will get your prize mailed out sometime in the next 4 months.

well, i have some balls to dip in chocolate. check ya later!



1. have you met other bloggers/blog readers in real life? do you love it?

2. what was your latest workout?

xo. janetha g.

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