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by Janetha on March 8, 2011

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happy shrove tuesday! i had to google what that actually meant. all i knew for sure is that it is a reason to eat a lot of pancakes. that makes it an awesome holiday.

today was a typical tuesday. i am going to tell you all about it, because it’s been awhile since you’ve seen my WHOLE day. and some of you like that. i am here to please, people.

i have been waking up early so i can enjoy a nice breakfast at home and i am loving my ability to actually wake up to accommodate this routine. maybe one day i will actually be able to wake up early enough to work out in the morning. don’t place your bets just yet, folks, i am not quite there.


this morning’s breakfast was monochromatic. but tasty.  my owl made up for the lack of color.. it’s just so fun to eat off.

2 egg whites + 1 whole egg [scrambled] & 2 slices of spelt toast + organic PB + sliced banana.


i loved the sweet and savory going on here. i couldn’t decide between the two, so i did both. i ate all the eggs first and then ate the toast.

IMG_9326 IMG_9325

<insert a bunch of work here..it was a busy day!>

i had leftovers for lunch.. as usual. i have been a bad blogger and have been eating out of the tupperware every single day. it’s good for saving dishes, bad for food photography. so, instead of showing you leftovers, i will show you the initial dish i ate last night!

black bean tofu + snap peas + broccoli + brown basmati rice.


yes, i eventually got off the couch yesterday and made dinner. it was all for marshall’s sake. i would have been happy eating cereal for dinner, but he wanted “a real dinner”. hmph! 

this was delicious and i will be making it again. maybe i will actually document the process and tell you guys how to make it sometime. but not this time.. i was too lazy last night.



braeburns are real good right now. the question is: are they ever NOT good? i love braeburn apples.

i also inhaled 1/2 cup greek yogurt + 1/4 cup love crunch granola upon walking in the door from work. no photo, it was gone in a snap. i love apples, but they aren’t so filling.


i didn’t work out yesterday. truth be told, my tendonitis is coming back in my ankles. running on sunday really did a number on them because i got up to 10 MPH and my feet thumping on the treadmill hurt real bad.  guess it’s time for new running shoes. i wanted to run today but played it safe and did the elliptical. i don’t like it, but it’s low impact and my motto in my older age is “better safe than sorry”.

speaking of my old age motto, here’s a fun fact! yesterday marked four years since i broke my humerus snowboarding!


my old motto was “go big or go home” and i chucked myself off a 65 foot jump, only to overshoot the landing and end up in the ER. i went big.. and then i went home.. after a pit stop and 8 day stay at the hospital. now i am better safe than sorry. and i am a robot. and i am OK with that.

anyway, my workout was 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical:

average pace 6 MPH

minute # resistance
0-2 10
2-3 12
3-4 14
4-5 16
5-6 18
6-10 repeat minutes 2-6
10-14 repeat minutes 2-6
14-18 repeat minutes 2-6
18-22 repeat minutes 2-6
22-26 repeat minutes 2-6
26-30 repeat minutes 2-6

the end!


dinner was strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

oh wait, no, that’s secret deodorant. my dinner was made for a woman [me] and a man [marshall]. but not for dogs. no sir.

sorry mister.


and miss.


steak + roasted fingerling potatoes + steamed cauliflower & broccoli.


sometimes the simplest meals taste the best. i seasoned the steaks and cooked them in my panini press (multifunctional, folks!). i tossed the potatoes in a bit of olive oil and seasoning, then roasted them at 425 degrees for about 40 minutes. i steamed the veggies. dinner was served, as my mom would say, lickety split! whatever that means.


i picked a bag of these potatoes up at costco. i love everything about fingerling potatoes! it’s fun to say “fingerling”, they are fun to eat and, best yet, there were PURPLE ones in the bag!


so pretty.

after dinner, my dad came over and helped us hang our new pot rack.


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and now i want dessert.

since i am way behind, how about i answer #9 of the 30 day never ending challenge?


bulleted list time!

things i want to see in my future:

  • 2 kids
  • some sort of degree in nutrition
  • a two level house with:
    • a big kitchen with an island
    • a living room that hooks right onto the kitchen with no walls separating the rooms
    • a basement with a green bay packers man cave so the cheese head doesn’t have to be on the mantle
  • a lucrative blogging career so i don’t have to work full time at an office
  • lots of trips to various parts of the world
  • more dogs
  • my own coffee shop slash doggie daycare
  • cereal and ice cream

is that too much to ask?

sheesh, talking about my whole day takes a long time. thanks for hanging in there.

i’m outta here. check ya later!


1. have you ever stayed in the hospital? what for?

2. what’s one thing you see in your future?

xo. janetha g.

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Erica D March 9, 2011 at 11:08 pm

I’ve been fortunate enough not to have spent much time in a hospital! “Go big or go home” might as well be the motto of rugby, but one of my best friends on my team just broke her wrist during a scrimmage, so I’m trying to play it (relatively) safe! I don’t want no injuries.

I would like to see a nutrition degree in my future, too! But one step at a time…I’m in my junior year of college, and just today my advisor convinced me not to chicken out of my non-mandatory thesis. Eep! I’m probably going to do something with how religious doctrines impact environmental conservation efforts, so my religion major gets its full share of hippie-ness :)

Shannon March 10, 2011 at 12:34 pm

umm, i dream of a b&b, where dogs are welcome, if not encouraged :)

katshealthcorner March 10, 2011 at 11:02 pm

I love your purple potatoes! :d We had potatoes for lunch today. :)


Holly at Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices March 11, 2011 at 8:47 am

OMG- Purple potatos?!? I NEED those for my wedding!! :)

Ashley March 11, 2011 at 10:32 am

Kinda crazy, but you outlined basically everything I want my future to be. Minus the Packers. Yea I’ll just do away with the whole of football.

I was in the hospital last August, right before my first Utah trip. Almost died. From a cat. Yes you read that right. A cat.

Mary (A Merry Life) March 12, 2011 at 12:46 am

Love the new pot rack!!

My future? Hard to say, really. I definitely see a couple kids in the future at least. :)

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