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yo! glad you guys liked my dinner post earlier today. here is one more quick + easy dinner idea. quite possibly my favorite thing: breakfast for dinner.

i got off work late today (stressful day!) and still had to workout. for my workout, i did another workout. i started with zuzana’s warmup again then did the workout. this one was called “hot mess workout” and it lived up to its name!


it reminded me of the game “add-on” that i used to play on the trampoline as a kid. you see, there was one exercise in round one. then in round two there was the first exercise plus another exercise. in round three, you would do the first, then the second, then the third exercise. you get it. there were five rounds. i don’t have a sandbag, so i used a kettlebell and a dumbbell instead. improvisation station!

here were the rounds:

  • round 1: 10 get ups
  • round 2: round 1 + 20 reverse lunge with overhead dumbbell press (15#)
  • round 3: round 2 + 20 kettlebell (20#) deep squats
  • round 4: round 3 + 10 burpees
  • round 5: round 4 + 40 toe touch crunches

this took me 15 minutes 59 seconds.

for the second part, i simply did the rounds again, but this time in reverse. i started with round 5 and worked my way back to round 1. this took 15 minutes 28 seconds.

for a complete breakdown, video and photos of the exercises, check out the workout on

after the warmup, workout and cooldown it was already 7:45 PM! i was in no mood to cook something complicated. i could have easily eaten protein cereal for dinner. marshall would never have gone for that! but lucky for me, marshall was definitely down with breakfast for dinner, so i made one of my favorites..


french toast!

i had a little his + hers action going on.

his bread: sourdough. her bread: spelt.


his eggs: eggs. her eggs: eggbeaters.


my french toast “batter” has always been the same 3 ingredients, learned this from my mom.  eggs, a splash of milk and a heavy shake of cinnamon.


i made marshall’s batter with 2 eggs and my batter with about 1/3 cup of eggbeaters. i used skim milk for both and LOTS of cinnamon.


for some added protein, i scrambled some eggbeaters for myself…


and fried three eggs for marshall.


his + hers!


ketchup for my eggs.


syrup for my french toast.


i also had a couple pieces with peanut butter and jam. marshall had it out and was using it for his french toast, so i  couldn’t resist. i really wish i’d had some powdered sugar. that is my all time favorite thing to put on french toast!

this dinner was prepared, eaten and cleaned up in 30 minutes flat. not bad, not bad at all.

now, because i have been slacking, how about i tackle another day from the 30 day challenge?


i am on day 7: talk about your zodiac sign and if it fits in your personality.


i was born on june 1. this makes me a gemini. i am not one for astrology, i never read my horoscope and i don’t know what my compatible sign is. shoot, i don’t even know what marshall’s sign is. apparently whatever he is is what i am compatible with!

whenever i do read my horoscope (usually in a monthly magazine like cosmo), i feel like it is right.. but i also read other horoscopes and find myself thinking those relate to me, too. i am convinced that some horoscopes are written in a way that they could apply to EVERYONE.

here are a few characteristics of a gemini that i think match me pretty well:

  • adaptable
  • versatile
  • communicative
  • nervous/tense (i get pretty bad anxiety for no reason)

here are a few characteristics of a gemini that don’t describe me at all:

  • superficial
  • eloquent
  • unreliable

i found a list of gemini likes and dislikes and.. what do you know.. i agree with it 100%:


while i think this list could apply to most people.. i definitely think it applies to me. so maybe there is something to this whole astrology thing after all.

finally.. there is one excerpt i read from this website that i feel fits me to a T!

They take up new activities enthusiastically but lack application, constantly needing new interests, flitting from project to project as apparently purposelessly as a butterfly dancing from flower to flower.

hahaha.. and you wonder why this 30 day challenge is taking me so long?


1. how do you feel about astrology? do you follow it or know a lot about your sign?

2. quick, pick one! french toast or pancakes?

xo. janetha g.

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Holly at Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices March 4, 2011 at 10:43 am

Ahhh! Marshall made French Toast with sourdough?! He is the bomb :) Haha! But seriously, sourdough is my favvvvvvorite. Delish!
I love having breakfast for dinner- I think it’s also because I feel like I could eat 5 bowls of cereal & not feel bad…since it’s dinner- lol!

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