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by Janetha on January 24, 2011

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happy national peanut butter day! did you celebrate? i think today is the first day in, like, a week that i haven’t eaten any peanut butter. i may have to have a spoonful before bed.

for those of you here for the meals & moves.. here are today’s:


breakfast: 4 egg whites + salsa; oatmeal + bananas + cinnamon + SF syrup; black coffee.

no photos.. but you can imagine what it would look like… typical monday sales meeting meal. i don’t want to bore you guys with the same photos every monday.

lunch: mediterranean wrap: low carb high fiber wrap + sun dried tomato hummus + herb roasted turkey + sprouts + spring greens + feta; 2 clementines; an adora calcium disc.


tin foil works wonders when packing wraps for lunch. plus, it looks so classy in photos. ha. right.


citrus is SO. GOOD. RIGHT. NOW.


snack: toasted double fiber english muffin + cream cheese + raspberry jam.


because i am addicted.

dinner: annies mac + steamed asparagus + diced chicken breast + fresh chopped basil + chobani + shredded cheddar.


this was fun, quick and new! and tasty. i simply chopped some pre-cooked chicken breast, fresh basil and a bunch of asparagus..IMG_6805

steamed the asparagus..


cooked this box of annie’s ancient grains mac & white cheddar..IMG_6809

then mixed it all together with 1/4 cup plain chobani greek yogurt, 1/4 cup shredded cheddar and some fresh ground salt and pepper. it was perfect!


the greek yogurt really added a kick and the asparagus was a fun addition. i am glad I steamed it prior to mixing it in, it created the perfect texture and chew factor.  also, dicing it into small pieces (smaller than the noodles) made the asparagus distribution work out real well.

dessert: we made ice cream AGAIN!


this time it was heath bar crunch from the ben & jerry’s recipe book.


teri, i am going to blame you when i die from ice cream overdose.


making it at home is just too easy NOT to make regularly and the ben & jerry’s book makes the ice cream way too delicious NOT to make every night.


seriously incredible.


jackie kicked my butt today! LOVE this DVD. i did it between my snack and dinner.


i had a huge glass of skim milk post-workout.

i can already feel the DOMS setting in.

now, for those of you here for an incredibly long ramble about my views on drugs and alcohol.. here you go. if not, skip to the bottom and comment about how amazing that ice cream looks.

i typed this post and erased it and typed it and thought about not posting it. but.. whatever. it is part of who i am today, so it should be posted. and maybe it will help people. i hope.

day 3 of the 30 day challenge: discuss your views on drugs & alcohol.

i don’t think i have enough time to really dive into all my thoughts on this topic. there are lots. i will try to put my views in a post shorter than moby dick. this is a topic that really hits close to home.. so this may get lengthy.

also, i am sure this post is going to make my mom cringe.. i am sorry in advance.

first up: drugs.

drugs are the worst. sure, lots of people will tell you drugs are bad.. but, chances are, the majority of people preaching “say no to drugs” haven’t done a whole bunch of drugs in their lives.

i have.

i really have never talked about my past drug use on the blog. partially because i don’t think that is something everyone needs to know about me and partially because that is behind me and i don’t prefer to reminisce about my drug use.  but—since this is a challenge, i will (wo)man up and say a few things about my views on drugs.

many of you know i was raised LDS (mormon) and, while drugs are not okay for ANYONE to do, they are extra not OK when you are raised in a very religious household. i grew up totally against drugs and never in a million years thought i would do them.  in my junior year of high school, half of the student body was doing all sorts of different drugs like it was no big deal.  back then, ecstasy was all the rage. not sure if it is now, i sure hope not.

anyway, while i refused to drink alcohol of any kind (“it would taste bad!”) or smoke cigarettes or weed like lots of kids (“that is disgusting, it stinks!”)—there was something about “just taking a pill” that seemed SO harmless. and so easy. i was around people all the time who were doing ecstasy every weekend like it was no big deal. eventually, i decided to try it.  i know they say marijuana is the “gateway” drug.. but not in my case. in fact, i know so many people who started out doing ecstasy simply because it was so accessible and, well, easy to swallow. quite literally. they’d take it willingly without a second thought, not knowing the damage that ecstasy can cause.

well, that opened up a whole different world for me. my teenage rebellion started and i ended up dabbling in more drugs than i can count on one hand. but less than i can count on two hands, luckily. not that there is a bright side to this, but if there was one.. it would be that i only used drugs recreationally. strictly recreationally. i never did them because i felt like i needed to or because i was craving a “fix”—i just did them for fun on the weekends. it seems like that was the thing to do.. nobody was getting drunk, everyone was just going to raves and doing drugs. what the?


i was 18 here. ravin’ it up.

after a few run-ins with the law and some serious situations with my parents.. i slowly but surely realized that drugs were lame. sure, they were fun for awhile.. but they were getting me nowhere. they were messing with my life. the were RUINING my life. so i stopped. i don’t even remember the last time i did those crazy drugs.. but i do remember that i just decided to quit one day. and can i just say THANK YOU, JANETHA, for not having an addictive nature. it was very easy for me to stop. i said “this is ruining my life. i am going to stop.” so i did. just like that.

it makes me crazy to think about the drugs i used to do and how careless i was. sure, everyone i knew was also doing the same drugs so i deemed it “safe”—but it wasn’t! getting drugs from who knows where and putting them into my body without a second thought? i am honestly surprised that i am not dead. or in prison. not even exaggerating. my ex-boyfriend of 5 years on and off just received a prison sentence. many, many, MANY of my friends (too many to name) have died from overdoses. thank goodness i stopped when i did.

i know that spilling my guts about my past with drugs is not really meals & moves standard.. but maybe someone out there reading this is in the same boat, doing drugs and getting nowhere because of them.  if that is the case, you should quit. using drugs will ruin you physically and mentally. they are bad for your body and bad for your soul. they’re good for nothing. this is what i firmly believe.

my two cents. take it how you will.

next up: alcohol.

this topic isn’t quite as heavy for me, but i will tell you my story.

as i mentioned, i grew up in a very active LDS family and the consumption of alcohol is against the religion. it’s funny, because i would go to various friends’ houses and see bottles of beer or liquor and think it was the WORST THING EVER. i would also think the same thing when i saw a coffee maker in a friends’ home, but that is a story for another day (mormons can’t drink coffee.)  anyway, i grew up being taught that alcohol was really bad and by no means should i ever consume it. i really never had the desire to try drinking alcohol at all. i thought it smelled bad and imagined it would taste just as bad as it smelled. i remember one time—i think it was my junior year of high school—i visited my old friend in colorado. her family is catholic and having alcohol in the house was normal. we thought it would be a good idea to try a few different liquors. it was ridiculous, because we mixed things like orange juice and dark rum. totally disgusting. i don’t think we got more than a few sips down before calling it quits.

i decided that alcohol wasn’t really my thing (but apparently, drugs were?) and so i didn’t ever drink. i would have the occasional zima (flavored with a watermelon jolly rancher) or a really, really watered down cocktail.. but i hated the way alcohol tasted. and by NO means was i willing to even take a SIP of beer. in my eyes, it was repulsive.

i remember the first time i decided to try beer. it was the day after my friends had had a keg. oh—back up. FYI, kegs in utah are a big deal. beer in utah is 3.2% alcohol by volume and kegs are illegal. wyoming is a short drive away and the “thing” to do is to go get a keg of beer, bring it back to salt lake city and charge all your friends $5 for a cup and end up making a bunch of money from the keg.. but it was money well earned due to the risk of driving the keg back into utah.. illegally. these parties are just referred to as “kegs”.. not sure how that goes in other states, but that is how it is here in utah. there, now you know. anyway.. it was the day after a keg and there was some flat keg beer left over. EVERYONE was bugging me to try it and i kept refusing. after lots of convincing, i ended up tasting it and absolutely hated it. looking back, this is no surprise. even the biggest beer lover would hate flat, warm beer! come on! that pretty much blew it on the beer front for me and i stuck to the mixed drinks.


HA. this photo reminds me of number five from yesterday’s post!

eventually i decided drugs were whack (thank goodness!) and stuck to drinking on the weekends. i developed a taste for beer and only drank the kinds that i deemed delicious. i slowly gave up liquor all together because it made me puke my guts out. so, beer it was, for several years.

imagealexkeg 020

i think most people go through the stage in their early 20’s of drinking a lot on the weekends. it is a part of life. it’s just sad when people don’t know when to stop and they have 19 DUI’s by the time they are 30. yes, i know someone in that boat. for me, and probably several other kids who were raised in my religion, i think the novelty of drinking alcohol is more intense than those who were raised around people casually drinking alcohol. my friends who were not mormon didn’t really feel the need to sneak around and get drunk. their parents drank alcohol in moderation and they knew that they would be able to do the same once they turned 21.

anyway, back to my drinking story. i would drink with friends and slowly the number of weekends that i would go out drinking became less and less. then one day i was over it. i just got sick of going to the bar and getting wasted all the time. i am not sure what happened or why i was suddenly over it.. but i was. when i started dating marshall, my drinking went from minimal to nearly non existent. he doesn’t drink at all. at first, i would try to drag him to the bar and i would get mad if he didn’t have fun.. but looking back, that wasn’t fair. i can see why he didn’t want to go and that was rude of me for trying to make him.

i ended up rationalizing that i would rather have a bowl of ice cream rather than a bottle of beer.  ice cream > beer. but that’s just me.

now days i will have an occasional adult beverage, but they are few and far between. i will drink beer or wine because i like the way they taste, not just to get drunk. i really do enjoy the taste of good beer. i am not so keen on wine as i don’t really have a palette for good vs bad wine.

finally, i want to just say that now that i am older.. i look back on my crazy younger years and have two thoughts:

1. i am genuinely sorry that i put my parents through what i did. however, i am so glad they were there for me through all the rough times.. they are truly heroes in my eyes. and i am a little scared to have kids of my own…

2. i am glad that i have a first hand opinion on this stuff. i learned a lot from my past and it has helped me become the person i am today. while i would take back several of the specific things that i did, i wouldn’t take back the life lessons.. they are solid gold.

so, in short.. my views:

drugs are bad.

alcohol is OK in moderation.

i am so glad that i am in the place i am today.

the end.

that was long. i need a nap.


1. what are your views on drugs and alcohol?

or.. if that is too much of a loaded question..

2. do you ever spruce up boxed mac & cheese? how?

and if that one doesn’t interest you..

3. how did you celebrate national peanut butter day today?

xo. janetha g.

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